The 225th Hunger Games: Bloodshed

The Quarter Quell:

President Raven's POV:

"That's enough, Alexandria, I can take it from here," I barked.

My stylist gave a meek little bow and left. I finished brushing my shoulder length black hair. I had on a black dress with a white jacket. I had to look my best. I was going to be in front of all of Panem in a few minutes after all. I sat down and waited for my call time. Hopefully this year's games will be a success. At least, they had better have a wonderful twist. Last year's games, the 224th, were a complete disaster!

The arena was a complete normality. It was a big forest. Like that hasn't happened before. Most, if not all, of the tributes were little kids afraid to fight. Pretty much all of Panem watched kids go hide in trees for two weeks. The only tributes that stuck out were the district one girl, the district three boy, and the district seven boy. The rest of them were young, timid, and couldn't fight to save their lives, which they didn't.

I was rooting for the District Three boy. I usually picked a favorite in the Careers, but there was only one and she was, well, a tad bit insane. The district one girl was huge and went a little bit crazy in the arena. The District Three boy knew a ton about knives and killed a bunch of kids. The victor was Streak, from District Seven. Pretty much he hid in trees and then would jump down and slit the throat of whatever tribute walked under the tree. Great strategy, but dreadfully boring to watch.

"President Raven, we are here to escort you to the stage." I spun around and saw two guards. I smiled at them and let them lead the way. I usually would have been the one to lead the way, but it was their job after all. I was a fairly independent woman, being the first female President. Most people didn't think I would be able to pull it off… Let's just say most of them didn't get a chance to voice their opinions again.

We reached the stage and I walked onto it. The crowd cheered, and I smiled coyly to all of Panem.

"Hello, and welcome to the Quarter Quell reading." I then started my huge speech that I had memorized by heart. Every President had to have it memorized.

"Let's take a look back at some of our more successful Quarter Quells. There was the 150th Quarter Quell that only Reaped those of a victor bloodline. Then there was the 175th Quarter Quell that changed the Games completely. If you killed someone directly, such as with a weapon or in hand to hand combat, you would also die. That was quite an exciting game! Now, let us get to the drawing of the card." I waited for the boy with the box and the girl with the key to make it to the stage.

I remembered the last Quarter Quell was a sad excuse of a Game. It was before I was President. Otherwise I would have changed it without hesitation. It was that the age limit for reaping was lowered to five year olds to eight year olds.

You do realize how boring that would have been! I mean, watch a bunch of five year olds run screaming for their lives, and one sadistic eight year old chase them down and kill them all? Let's just say the Capital was not pleased.

They finally made it, and I took the key from the girl. I unlocked the box, and drew out the envelope that had 225 on it. I showed it to the audience and could feel the suspense thick in the air. I opened it and slowly drew the card out. I quickly read it and almost laughed out loud. Oh, this was too good to be true! Now this, this was pure genius!

"To all of Panem, I must delay reading this card. It specifically says it may not be read to the public until the tributes stand on their chariots in the City Circle." I heard awws and sighs of disappointment. "One thing I can assure you of, Panem, is that this will be one of the best games yet. The Head Gamemaker, Lavender, finally got to design her own arena this year! She also has worked her fingers to the bone on a special muttation and when we mix it with this Quarter Quell, it will be quite a show. Thank you Panem, and have a good night!" I walked off the stage with a smirk. This would be so entertaining!

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