Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None
Summary: A conversation beside the lockers about Oeros.
Words: 400
A/N: I can't believe no one has done this already. Silliness, really.

"So Oreos are gay." Kurt leans against the locker beside Blaine and examines his nails.

"Huh?" Blaine only glances up from the books he's sliding away.

"Oreos are gay."

"Oreos are cookies, Kurt."

Kurt rolls his eyes and falls into step beside Blaine as they head towards the cafeteria. "Yeah, but they came out as supporting gay rights as part of pride week."

Blaine looks at him. "That's…cool?" he tries.

"I feel like we should support them."

"Because they support us?"

"Because they're delicious."

They come to a stop suddenly and Kurt bumps his hip into Blaine's, shifting them into one of the alcoves between lockers. There's an open packet of Oreos in his hand suddenly.

"Have a cookie Blaine," Kurt says, voice a low whisper and his lips quirked up.

"A gay cookie?" Blaine holds an Oreo up for inspection.

Kurt simply smiles a little wider and crosses his arms.

Smirking back, Blaine twists the cookie apart and takes a lascivious lick across the creamier half of the two. He takes another, working his tongue hard to get the heavy white filling into his mouth.

For his part, Kurt doesn't react beyond swallowing once hard and, just slightly breathless, admonishing: "You didn't have to eat it like that."

Blaine smirks again and takes a bite of what's left. "It's a gay Oreo," he explains, licking his lips. "Of course I had to split it open and lick all the cream out."

"Blaine!" Kurt's voice slips high.

"What?" Blaine responds, playing innocent. "You got anymore. Sometimes I like to eat two, three at once. Or the double stuffed ones?" His eyelids flutter and he moans. "Oh god, Kurt all the extra cream."

"Blaine!" Kurt hits him in the arm and glares even as he swallows and ignores the sudden tightness in his pants.

"What?" Blaine asks again, broad, shit-eating grin belying his innocence. "Oreos have always been gay, Kurt." He makes sure to wrap his voice around Kurt's name as he steals another cookie. "'Cause they're awesome." He splits the Oreo in half again and offers the cream-covered side to his boyfriend. "Lunchtime?" he asks as Kurt bites into the cookie.

"Quickie in the car time?" Kurt retorts.