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"Wow," Jess gasped, too tired to move.

Becker nodded in agreement, still trying to catch his breath. They lay still for several minutes, before Becker heard his stomach growl, making Jess giggle again.

"We forgot about the pizza," she said.

"I wanted you more," he admitted, making her smile.

"Well, you've had me, so let's get some food in you now," she ordered, forcing herself to slide out of the bed. She reached down to the floor for her clothes, slipping them back on. "Besides, I think your baby is hungry too."

Becker chuckled, quickly slipping his pants on and moving around to grab her hand. He placed the other on her stomach. "Are you hungry, little one?" He said, making Jess smile. Her stomach growled, and they both laughed. "Guess so."

He led her back to the couch, making her sit down. Grabbing the plates, he headed for the kitchen, telling her he'd warm the food back up. Popping it in the microwave, he waited for it to warm up and then brought it back, sitting everything on the table between them.

Jess grabbed the pizza off the plate, taking a large bite. She looked up to see Becker grinning at her. "What?"

"Nothing, just happy," he replied, echoing her statement from a few weeks prior. He grabbed his own food, taking a large bite and sighing in contentment at finally having real food.

Jess smiled back at him as they continued their meal. "Me too." Once she was done, she set her plate down beside his and leaned back against his chest, snuggling against him.

"So you're happy?" She said suddenly. "About the baby, I mean?"

"Are you?" Becker countered.

"I was shocked at first," she told him. "But the more I thought about, the more comfortable I became with the idea. I was just terrified that they would never know their father. I always wanted kids; I just didn't think it would happen this soon." She looked up to meet his gaze, silently telling him it was his turn.

"I honestly never thought I would have any of this," he divulged. "Before I met you, I never really wanted any of it." He reached out to gently touch her face. "I'm scared too," he admitted. "But we chase dinosaurs for a living. I think we can manage a baby," he joked.

Jess chuckled, scooting forward to kiss him. They separated after a few seconds, both breathing heavily. Becker leaned forward, resting his forehead against hers.

"Marry me," he whispered.

Jess jumped back, her eyes widening. "What?"

"Marry me," he said again, giving her a hopeful look.

Jess didn't speak, but tears appeared in her eyes as she stared at him in shock. Becker began to worry, wondering how he had managed to upset her. "Jess?"

"Are you only doing this because I'm pregnant?" She asked, her lip quivering.

"No," Becker replied, rougher than he intended, feeling horrible when Jess winced at his tone. He stood up suddenly, reaching for her hand. "Come with me."

Jess looked at him with confusion, but nodded. He took her hand, leading her back to the bedroom. He released her when they reached the door, and walked quickly across the room to his side of the bed. He pulled open the drawer of the nightstand, pulling something out before returning to her side. Taking her hand, he turned it palm up, and placed the object in it.

Jess gasped, looking at the ring lying on her palm. She felt more tears falling down her face as she glanced back up at Becker. "I don't understand."

"I was going to take you to dinner, somewhere nice," he started, leading her to the bed to sit down. "And ask you properly." He knelt down in front of her, taking her hand and looking up at her. "Jessica Parker, I love you, and I want to marry you." His eyes dropped to their joined hands, worried about her reaction.

Jess stared at him, still shocked. Eventually she realized he was still waiting for an answer, and took in a shaky breath before speaking. "Yes," she whispered. She grinned widely when he raised his eyes to meet hers, looking stunned.


"Really," she said, handing him the ring so he could slide it onto her finger. Jess gazed at the diamond for a moment before throwing her arms around his neck and leaning forward to meet his eager kiss.

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