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Chapter 12

Severus ignored Dumbledore. He was explaining to Pomona about the slips he'd cut for her from the plants in the conservatory at Witches Moon. When he was finished talking to Pomona, he looked up at Dumbledore and said, "I am sorry, Headmaster. Did you say something?"

At that moment Lily came storming up the aisle with the invisibility cloak in her arms. She threw it on the staff table in front of Dumbledore. "How dare you give Harry this cloak? You've been warned by Professor Snape and myself about trying to manipulate him, but you're too arrogant to listen so …" Lily pointed her wand at Dumbledore and said, "Ignecso!"

Dumbledore looked around him blankly for a moment as if trying to figure out what she'd done and then suddenly gave a loud screech.

Severus had never seen Dumbledore move so fast. He literally shot around the head table, down the middle aisle and out of the Great Hall. He grinned, having gotten a late Christmas present in the form of seeing Dumbledore streaking down to the Black Lake with his bum on fire.

All the students sat in shock for a moment and then suddenly the Slytherins started laughing and soon everybody was laughing including the professors who were attempting to keep their chuckling to a minimum.

"Whoa!" Greg said to Harry. "Remind me never to make your mum angry!"

"Mum's got a temper; that's for sure," Harry replied. He felt very good. All of his friends were surprised by his new look, but accepted the blood adoption explanation without any problems.

Severus came around the head table and over to Lily. "I've been hoping to see that since September."

"I hope he isn't going to fire you or anything over Harry's blood adoption," Lily remarked worriedly.

Severus shook his head. "He will not. Not to brag, but he will never find another potion master of my quality."

Minerva tapped her goblet with her knife and said, "May I please have your attention? I don't believe the headmaster will be returning to dinner so please finish your meal and adjourn to your houses when you are finished.

"Minerva, please owl that item to Potter Manor with a note saying I don't want to see it popping up as another surprise present for Harry anytime soon or next time I'll burn it!" Lily threatened, pointing to the invisibility cloak still lying heaped in front of Dumbledore's plate.

Minerva nodded and said, "Accio cloak." It floated over to her and she stowed in under the table. "Don't worry, Lily. I send it off with Mystic tonight."

"Thank you." She returned to the Ravenclaw table and sat down to finish her meal while Severus returned to his at the head table.

Page ~*~*~*~*~* Break

James and Sirius were relaxing in front of the fireplace in the library after practicing offensive and defensive spells for two hours. "When do you think I'll be ready to take the test to re-enter the Aurors?"

"I'd give it another month just so we can make sure you can cast the spells as fast as possible," Sirius answered. "You still need to work on getting your speed up."

They were interrupted by a sudden tapping on the window and recognized Minerva's Tawny Owl, Mystic. She appeared to be carrying a large package. James got up to let her in. She flew in, dropped the package and flew back out the window.

"I wonder what Minerva sent me?" James said aloud as he untied the string and pushed the brown wrapping paper aside. "Hey! It's my invisibility cloak. Albus must have asked her to send it back."

"About time," Sirius replied. "Looks like there's a note with it," he added pointing to a piece of parchment lying on the floor."

James bent and picked up the note, unfolded it, and quickly scanned the contents.

"What does Minerva have to say?" Sirius asked.

"Lily told her to tell me to keep my cloak away from Harry or she'll burn it next time it turns up at Hogwarts. What the hell is she nagging on about now?"

"I'm afraid it's my fault, James," Dumbledore replied coming through the floo.

"You're soaking wet, Albus," Sirius remarked. "Is it storming outside? I didn't hear any thunder or see any lightening."

"No, this is due to your wife setting me on fire because she was angry I gave Harry the cloak as a Christmas present. I was trying to encourage him to close his books and explore the castle after hours …to be a little more proactive and curious." He cast a drying spell on himself and then sat down in one of the squashy armchairs. "If you wouldn't mind, James I could do with a cup of hot tea."

"Of course, Albus," James said and then shouted, "Dazzy!"

The little elf popped in and squeaked, "What can Dazzy do for Master Potter?"

"Bring a pot of tea and some food too. We're hungry."

"Dazzy will have it here right away, Master Potter," she promised.

Within a few minutes, Dazzy and two other elves had brought in platters of sliced chicken, sliced ham, sliced roast beef, bowls of mashed potatoes and vegetables plus a platter of sliced Christmas cake accompanied by brandy sauce.

"Help yourself, Albus," James urged. "There's plenty more where that came from."

"I am rather hungry as I didn't even get to eat dinner before Lily attacked me." He poured himself a cup of hot tea, sipping it gratefully.

"How come you're here, Albus?" Sirius asked.

"Well, I have some bad news. Severus performed a blood adoption of Harry over the holidays and …"

"What!" James yelled, dropping his plate and jumping to his feet. "He can't do that without my permission. I demand that Harry be given another potion and changed back to how he looked originally!"

"Calm down, James. I don't know if it's possible to reverse it. I'll need to consult with another potion master."

"I suppose Lily thought her and Snivellus could do it without my permission – not that I would have given it if they had asked."

Albus finished dinner and got up again. "I will let you know what I find out, but do not do anything in the meantime." He tossed some floo powder into the fire and called, "Headmaster's office, Hogwarts," and disappeared into the green flames.

The next morning Dumbledore fire-called his good friend, Nicolas Flamel and invited him to breakfast in his office. If anyone knew how to reverse the blood adoption, it would be him. He'd have to move cautiously though as Severus had apprenticed under Nicolas and he was very fond of Severus and might take offense to what he considered Albus' meddling. He had been rather suspicious when he'd ask to borrow the Sorcerer's Stone and even more so when he suddenly returned it.

Nicolas came through the floo and shook hands with Dumbledore. "It's been too long, old friend." He looked to be in his mid-sixties and had white hair and a white beard neither being as long as Dumbledore's and lively brown eyes. He sat down in one of the squashy armchairs in front of Dumbledore's desk.

"Yes, it has," Dumbledore agreed. He poured him a cup of tea and then called his personal elf. "Twinky, please bring breakfast for two."

"I be right back, Mr. Headmaster Dumbledore," Twinky said and popped out. Secretly, she was happy Master Potter was no longer in residence at Hogwarts. He was a pig!

"So how is Severus doing, Albus?" Nicolas asked taking a sip of his tea. "I have not heard from him in awhile, but that is to be expected as I imagine teaching and his research keeps him very busy."

"He's doing well and yes, he very busy teaching and with potion research."

Twinky popped back in with a large tray with plates of eggs, pancakes, porridge, bacon, sausages and fried potatoes on it. She lowered it down on a table by Albus' desk and then popped back out.

"Please help yourself, Nicolas."

"Thank you, Albus," Nicolas replied. He filled his plate and Albus did the same. As they sat down again, Nicolas asked, "Now what is the problem you referred to when you called me?"

"It involves the usage of the Familia Sanguis potion. It seems this student was adopted by his mother's second husband and they decided to do a blood adoption instead of a standard adoption at the Ministry. Well, recently the student found out his adoptive father is a Death Eater and no longer wants to look like him and asked me if I could find a way to reverse the potion."

Nicolas looked puzzled for a moment. "Did you consult with Severus about this problem?"

"No, it arose over the holidays and Severus has been at his manor home in northern England."

"In order for the Familia Sanguis potion to work, you would need the biological father's blood, but it is a very tricky to attempt to do it again because chances are that the body cannot do a full genetic change a second time without some serious mishaps. The student may end up deformed in some way. I would dissuade him against attempting it a second time."

"I see. Well, the student will be very disappointed when I tell him he has to remain looking like a person he despises."

"It's unfortunate that one or the other of his parents didn't do the proper research they should have before giving him the potion," Nicolas remarked as he finished his cup of tea and got up. "I would have liked to see Severus, but I know he's probably not free until later this afternoon. Will you give him my best wishes and ask him to contact me. I believe I've got a few ideas for projects which he might be interested in."

"Of course, Nicolas. I will be most happy to extend your best wishes," Dumbledore agreed while feeling secretly relieved that Nicolas was not going to speak to Severus. He had no intention of even allowing Severus to know he'd been here.

After Nicolas flooed out again, Albus fire-called James to give him the bad news.

Page ~*~*~*~*~* Break

Severus, Lily, and Harry were having lunch in Severus' quarters the next day when the floo sounded. Severus left the table to see who it was. To his surprise, he saw his former master, Nicolas Flamel's head sitting in the fire. "Nicolas! Come on through," Severus said. He stepped back so Nicolas could step out of the fireplace.

Nicolas waved his wand and vanished the ash from his robe and then stepped out into the living room. "Hello, Severus. I thought I would pay a short visit to my former apprentice.

"Nicolas, it is always good to see you and I do apologize for not keeping in closer contact. How is Perenelle?"

"Busy as always. You know Perenelle; she is always busy inventing something new whether it be a potion or a spell."

"Yes, she does love discovering and inventing. Did Dumbledore finally return the stone to you?" Severus asked as they walked into the small dining room where Lily and Harry were seated.

Nicolas grinned. "He never actually had the real stone. I have it well hidden and I am not about to turn it over to Albus no matter what he said about You-Know-Who trying to get it."

"Very clever, Nicolas," Severus complimented him. "I should have known."

"Well, you do not live over six hundred years without learning a few things," Nicolas joked.

Harry's eyes widened at the sight of Nicolas. Of course, thanks to his dad telling him about the Sorcerer's Stone and further research on the subject by Hermione, he knew that Nicolas Flamel was the creator of it and that he was over 600 years old even though he looked younger than Professor Dumbledore.

"Lily, Harry, I would like you to meet Master Nicolas Flamel. I was apprenticed under him, studying for my potion mastery. Nicolas, this is my son, Harry Evans-Snape and my best friend and Harry's mother, Lily Evans."

"I see now," Nicolas said mysteriously as he sat down and poured himself a cup of tea. "I did think there was something off about Albus' story."

"What is that?" Severus asked, sitting back down at the table.

Nicolas explained about the breakfast meeting he'd had with Albus the previous morning. "I had wondered why he had not asked you about the Familia Sanguis potion. You, of all people could have told him about its properties so I did not understand why he would not consult with you even though you were at your manor house, but I see now he did not want you to know what he was planning."

"Yes, I did figure him, Potter, and Black would be plotting about a way to turn Harry back into his former appearance."

"How were they planning to do it?" Harry demanded angrily. "Were they going to kidnap me and administer the potion? Do they really think I don't have any say in it?"

Lily got up, clutching her wand. "I'm flooing over to Potter Manor and believe me when I'm through, the headmaster won't be the only one running for the nearest lake! How dare they think they can control Harry's life in whatever way they want to!"

"Take it easy, Lily, Harry," Severus urged. "They can bluster and whine all they want, but there is really nothing they can do about Harry's adoption now." He turned to Nicolas. "Thank you for letting me know about this. We will be ready for anything they may try."

Nicolas shook his head. "I have always been a great admirer of Albus' and we have worked and made many discoveries together, but he has become obsessed with that alleged prophecy and now that is all that concerns him. The fact that he would lie to me to protect it is very upsetting to me."

"I'm sorry too, Nicolas," Severus said.

"Please keep in touch, Severus. Perenelle and I are always happy to hear from you. She will be so happy to hear you have a family now," Nicolas said as he stepped into the fireplace, threw down the floo powder and said, "Flamel Estate, Kent."

Severus went back to the table to find both Harry and Lily had calmed down. Harry was impressed with the fact that he'd met Nicolas Flamel who was over 600 years-old. "Gee, Dad, he doesn't look a day over 65.

"No, he does not and you have met one of the most brilliant wizards in our time or any time for that matter – he puts Professor Dumbledore to shame frankly."

"Wait until I tell my friends I met Nicolas Flamel. Hermione will probably want every last detail she can wring out of me," Harry laughed.

The month passed quickly and one night Severus entertained Harry and Lily with the story about how he and Professor McGonagall while on patrol the night before had caught Ron Weasley and Seamus Finnegan attempting to smuggle a half-grown dragon up to the Astronomy Tower. "It turns out they were smuggling it the top of the tower so his brother, Charlie, who's a Dragon-Keeper in Romania, and two of his friends could fly it back to the dragon reserve where they work."

"Where on earth did they get a dragon, Dad and where were they keeping it?" Harry asked.

"The dragon was one Hagrid was attempting to raise in his hut so they were doing him a favor by having Mr. Weasley's brother take it. That is why neither of us were very hard on them. Professor McGonagall took 25 points each from them and gave them three nights of detention with Mr. Filch. Why they did not ask somebody to cast a feather-light spell on the cage I will never know. That is what attracted our attention in the first place; the loud thumping sounds coming from the Astronomy Tower staircase."

"I can't believe Hagrid would keep a dragon in his hut," Lily said with a shake of her head. "They're huge, they roar, and they breathe fire. How on earth long did he think he'd be able to keep it without somebody finding out?" Lily asked.

"I guess he was just not thinking. He told me once that he has wanted a dragon ever since he was a little kid, but he is very lucky that Mr. Weasley and Mr. Finnegan were able to talk him into letting Charlie Weasley take it because if anybody from the Ministry had found out; Hagrid would have been in big trouble."

"Well, it's nice to know those two aren't nasty to everybody," Harry said.

"I think the only thing stopping Professor McGonagall from sending a note home to his mother was that he was helping out Hagrid."

"Well, for Arthur and Molly's sake I'm glad to hear Ron has some redeeming qualities," Lily stated.

"Yes, and I am thankful we will be spared another Howler from Molly Weasley. Merlin knows we have had to listen to quite a few of them since the twins have come to Hogwarts."

Harry finished his dessert and got up. "I'm meeting up with my friends to study in the library." He gave Lily and Severus a hug. "I'll see you both at breakfast tomorrow."

"Okay, Harry," Severus said. "Don't stay up studying too late and get a good night's sleep."

"Pleasant dreams, Harry," Lily called.

"Thanks Mum, Dad."

After Harry had left, Severus yawned and got up to get a cup of coffee. "I had better get a start on my grading. Thank Merlin; I do not have to patrol tonight. It always puts me behind. I was up until one this morning finishing essays."

"Yes, I've got essays to grade also," Lily replied getting up. "I'll see you at breakfast tomorrow, Sev."

"Okay, have a good night and do not stay up too late," he joked.

"You, either," Lily responded.

The next morning at breakfast, Severus strolled into the Great Hall, nodding at his snakes as he passed the Slytherin table. He spotted Harry and his friends sitting at the Hufflepuff table today. He could see Harry was involved in a conversation with Mr. Diggory.

He sat down between in his usual seat between Filius and Minerva. Pomona and Poppy sat on the other side of Minerva. If Poppy had no patients in the hospital wing, she usually came to meals in the Great Hall.

Minerva leaned to over to Severus and remarked, "Everyone seems accepting of Harry's new appearance."

"With the exception of the headmaster," Severus replied in a low tone with a glare at Dumbledore. "Nicolas Flamel informed me that Dumbledore was picking his brain on how to reverse the blood adoption."

Poppy gasped. "It's impossible to reverse it without the risk of genetic damage."

"That's what Nicolas told him."

Minerva shook her head. "That ridiculous prediction Sybill made has completely addled Albus' brain!"

"There's no reason to think You-Know-Who will return anyway," Pomona said. "I for one am not going to be a pessimist and assume the worst!"

"Nor I," Severus agreed. He knew from Mad-Eye keeping him abreast of their search for the horcruxes that they had found a ring once belonging to Salazar Slytherin at the old Gaunt place in Little Hangleton. The Gaunt's had been the last descendants of Slytherin's. They were all dead now. Moody had told him the research that Kingsley and Ned were doing, strongly indicated that You-Know-Who had had a fixation with the Founders and they suspected he might have turned other known items belonging to the Founders into horcruxes. They were looking at Helga Hufflepuff's cup and Rowena Ravenclaw's diadem. Godric Gryffindor's sword had always been kept in a locked case in the headmaster's office and the lock on the case had been made impervious to the Alohomora charm. They were certain that had been untouched. Kingsley and Ned were former Ravenclaws and knew the story about Helena Ravenclaw stealing the diadem because of the spell cast on it by Rowena that gave the wearer great intelligence.

Severus had the ring stored in a specially designed bag that had strong magic suppressors cast on it. At the moment, nobody knew exactly how to destroy a horcrux and he had wanted to consult with Healer Dordt first to see if there might be a way to remove the piece of Voldemort's soul without destroying the object it was stored inside. He had pointed out to them that in addition to the ring, Salazar had also possessed a locket. He was wearing both of them in the portrait hanging in the common room and You-Know-Who had seen the portrait constantly in the seven years he had spent in Slytherin House.

However, nobody had any idea where the locket, cup or diadem might be. Severus broached the subject of the diadem to Filius one night when he was invited to the Head of Ravenclaw's quarters for dinner. Filius had a new recipe he was trying out and wanted Severus' opinion.

"This meal is excellent, Filius!" Severus complimented the small professor. "If you will be so kind as to copy the recipe for me; I would appreciate it."

"Of course, Severus; I'd be happy to," Filius replied cheerfully.

"What do you know of the Ravenclaw diadem? Lily and I were discussing what we knew of it from our time as students one night and found we knew very little."

"Very little is known about it," Filius replied. "The Grey Lady refuses to speak of it. You of course know of the sad endings of Rowena, Helena, and the Bloody Baron involving the diadem?"

"Yes," Severus nodded.

"Rumor has it that Helena went to Albania after she stole it, but nobody's ever been able to verify it and as I said her ghost never speaks of it."

"Was there ever a description of the diadem printed anywhere?"

"I don't believe so, but I have heard it described by others. There's a statue of Rowena wearing it in the Ravenclaw common room. I can describe it better if I'm looking at the replica. We can certainly take a look at it when we've finished eating."

"I have been promising Harry I would visit his house, but sadly I have been so busy with classes, brewing, and the other duties we must perform as professors and Heads of House that I have not had the opportunity."

"Well then, I'd say there's no time like the present."

They had dessert and then Severus followed Filius to the entrance to Ravenclaw. "What is the difference between man and beast?" The eagles' head on the entrance questioned.

"Man walks on two legs while most beasts walk on four," Filius answered.

"Acceptable answer," the eagle's head replied and the entrance swung open.

Harry was studying with Michael Corner, Anthony Goldsmith and Hermione and looked up as Filius and Severus came in.

"Dad!" Harry said in delight. He put down his book and got up.

"Filius and I were having dinner and I decided it would be a good time to take you up on your offer to see Ravenclaw Tower," Severus explained. "I do apologize for leaving it so late."

"That's okay, Dad. I know you have a lot on your plate being head of house and the main brewer for the entire school."

"Why don't we start here? Filius was telling me about this statue of Rowena Ravenclaw."

"Now as recall from what I've heard about the Ravenclaw diadem; it was crafted from Goblin made silver which of course is the purest silver. The big oval in the center was a sapphire," Filius said. "These two smaller ovals hanging down on her forehead were diamonds and smaller diamonds covered the bands you see in and surrounding the oval sapphire in the middle."

"My goodness!" Hermione exclaimed. "How much would that be in today's Galleons, Professor?"

"More Galleons than we could calculate, Miss Granger," Filius answered.

"Probably more Galleons than are in the Prince, Malfoy, and Potter vaults combined," Severus said to Harry.

"Wow!" Harry replied.

"Unfortunately, it disappeared centuries ago and nobody has since it since," Filius explained.

"Rowena's daughter, Helena took it," Hermione said. "I read about it in Hogwarts: A History. She never told any of the other Founders, not even her good friend, Helga Hufflepuff about it because she too embarrassed to admit her daughter had stolen it."

"Yes, it was a great tragedy," Filius replied, nodding. "Rowena had cast a charm on the diadem that would give the wearer great intelligence. Helena was jealous of her mother's intelligence and thought if she stole the diadem and wore it; she would more intelligent than her mother. Five points to Miss Granger for knowing some of the history of Ravenclaw House."

Hermione beamed. "Thank you, Professor."

Harry took his dad through the rest of Ravenclaw, showing him all the books in the common room and taking him upstairs to show him his dorm room.

"I must say the view up here is enviable," Severus remarked looking out the windows in Harry's dorm room. "I sometimes wish Slytherin was not under the lake. It always looks the same no matter the season."

"But Dad, you get to see the Giant Squid swim past occasionally and the Merpeople," Harry pointed out.

"Yes and the Squid does occasionally make a right pest of itself, showing off for the students who are crowding the window to see it."

Harry grinned. "Every house location has its good point, Dad. According to Neville, Greg, and Vince; one of Hufflepuff's main attributes is that it's near to the kitchen and Gryffindor, according to Dean has a great view also."

"Yes, it does," Severus nodded. "I went up with your mother one time our first year and I spent so much time staring out the windows in the common room that she became quite annoyed with me."

Harry laughed. "I take it mum was a pistol even back then?"

"She had a right bloody temper even at the age of nine," Severus replied with a grin. "But do not tell her I told you or I may be the one running to the lake with my bum on fire!"

Harry made a locking motion at his mouth. "Your secret's safe with me, Dad."

After Harry finished showing his dad around the rest of Ravenclaw Tower and Severus gave him a hug and bade him a good night, saying he would see Harry in the morning at breakfast.

Severus went down the spiral staircase to the fourth floor which brought him directly in front of Lily's quarters. He had promised to keep her posted on the search for the horcruxes and this seemed like a good time. He knocked on the door and Lily answered. "Sev! Come on in." She directed him to the couch. "Sit down. I just opened a bottle of elf wine and I purchased some more of that sharp cheddar cheese you like from the Cheddar Emporium in Diagon Alley."

"Sound delicious," Severus replied sitting down. "I was discussing the Ravenclaw diadem with Filius. As I told you previously; Kingsley's and Ned's research into You-Know-Who has convinced them that he might have of used objects belonging to the Founders to turn into horcruxes. Well, Mad-Eye and Orion found the ring Salazar is wearing in his portrait in Slytherin House at the old Gaunt house in Little Hangleton. I have it stored in a magic suppressing bag until they find all of them so they can all be destroyed at once by Fiendfyre."

"How was he getting them, Sev?" She asked, pouring him a glass of the wine and setting a platter of sliced cheese on the coffee table in front of him.

"That they do not know, but it is obvious he did his own research and knew where to find them. Kingsley and Ned did find out that he was employed by Borgin & Burkes for a year after he graduated and he might have gotten a lead on them working there," Severus replied taking a sip of the wine and a bite of the cheese.

"What other things do they think he might have turned into horcruxes?" Lily asked.

"They are looking at the Ravenclaw diadem and Helga Hufflepuff's cup because they were imbued with special powers which You-Know-Who was likely aware of."

"Didn't Helena run off to Albania after she stole the diadem?" Lily asked.

"Yes, that is what Filius said and that is also reportedly where what was left of You-Know-Who fled after the killing curse backfired and hit him. My belief is he went there because he spent time there before and it was familiar to him."

"That means he must have stumbled across the story of Helena fleeing to Albania with the diadem and spent time there looking for it."

"That is what I believe happened and I also believe he may have found it."

"But where would he hide all these horcruxes?"

"In places that meant something to him, I'm guessing. For instance, the old Gaunt place may have represented to him how superior he was to them."

"That makes sense," Lily replied nibbling on a slice of cheese.

"But as to where he hid the others; it is anyone's guess."

"Could he have hidden them here at Hogwarts? I remember Dumbledore telling us at a meeting that You-Know-Who considered Hogwarts his real home since he grew up in an orphanage. He said You-Know-Who came back here in 1956 and applied for the Defense position, but Dumbledore who was the deputy headmaster at the time, wouldn't give it to him. That's where the story that the position was cursed came from. He supposedly cursed it after Dumbledore refused to hire him."

Severus had never heard this story as he had not been a member of the Order of the Phoenix not wanting anything to do with an organization that contained Potter and Black. "It is very possible he may have hidden one here at that time, but I don't think there would be more than one in any hiding place. You-Know-Who does not seem like the type to put all of his eggs in one basket."

"But where on earth would he hide it?" Lily asked. "Hogwarts is huge and he could have hidden it anywhere."

"That is the million Galleon question," Severus replied, putting down his wine glass and getting up. He was due to start patrolling at 11:00 with Minerva and needed to get a start on grading his essays. "I will see you at breakfast. If you have any ideas where we can look, you can floo me."

"Okay, Sev. Have a good night."

"You too, Lily." He walked back down to his quarters in the dungeon. He was no sooner seated behind his desk and had just dipped his quill into his bottle of red ink when the floo sounded. He looked up to see Mad-Eye's head sitting in the fire. "Severus, we've found reliable information on Slytherin's locket. Can you step through to 12 Grimmauld Place?"