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Chapter 13

"Yes," Severus answered. He capped his ink and got up. He threw the floo powder into the flames, turning them green and stepped in, saying clearly, "12 Grimmauld Place." When he stepped out into the kitchen, he saw Mad-Eye, Orion, and Lucius with an elderly looking elf whose name Severus knew was Kreacher, and Reg, looking somewhat guilty sitting at the kitchen table.

"Kreacher, please tell Professor Snape what you've told us," Orion instructed. He turned back to Severus. "What Kreacher is going to tell you happened thirteen years ago."

Severus nodded and waited for Kreacher to begin.

"Years ago, Master Regulus sent Kreacher to Diagon Alley because his practice snitch had died and he needed a new one …"

Severus knew Reg had been a Seeker on the Slytherin team since his second year and he noticed Orion frowning at Regulus whose face was flushed.

"Kreacher was happy to do this for Master Regulus, but when Kreacher was coming out of Quality Quidditch Supplies; Mistress Bellatrix saw him and said she needed Kreacher so Kreacher went with her willingly. She took Kreacher to the Dark Lord who said he needed Kreacher's help and Mistress Bellatrix told Kreacher to do whatever the Dark Lord commanded. He took Kreacher to this seaside cave where he cut his hand and smeared blood on a wall. The wall opened into a room with a big lake. Kreacher and the Dark Lord took a small boat across the lake to a small island with a basin on it. The basin was filled with a potion and the Dark Lord forced Kreacher to drink it until Kreacher could see a locket with an 'S' in green stones on it at the bottom. The potion made Kreacher very thirsty with belly pains and he saw terrible things! The Dark Lord laughed and disappeared, leaving Kreacher alone. Kreacher was so thirsty and tried to get a drink of water from the lake, but these terrible creatures tried to pull Kreacher into the lake! Only because Master Regulus had told Kreacher to come back home could Kreacher leave that horrible place!"

"Kreacher, I'm sorry you had to go through that horrible experience and it's my fault for not making it clear to you that you needn't obey any orders given to you by Bellatrix, Rodolphus Lestrange, Cygnus or Druella Black. If you see any of them when you're doing errands for your Mistress; you're to immediately return home," Orion said and then fixed his son with a glare. "Regulus knew better than to send you out for an errand he could easily done for himself."

Regulus' face flushed again and he said, "I'm sorry, Kreacher. Dad's right; I shouldn't have been so lazy and gone myself. I'm sorry for what you had to suffer all those years ago."

"Kreacher was happy to be of service to Master Regulus." It was obvious Kreacher did not have any hard feelings about his experience.

"The potion Kreacher described sounds like the Drink of Despair, but I will need to do further research to verify this and to find if there is an antidote for it," Severus spoke up. "Kreacher can apparate us to the cave once I have found an antidote so we can retrieve the locket and destroy it." He turned to Kreacher. "You will need to apparate us there if you are willing."

"Kreacher is willing."

"You have helped us very much, Kreacher," Orion said. "You may return to your Mistress if you feel up to it."

Kreacher bowed and popped out.

Reg shook his head. "I thought Kreacher looked a bit off when he came back with my snitch, but I never imagined anything like this. He never said a word in all this time. How come You-Know-Who never worried about Kreacher knowing his secret?"

"Most likely because he assumed Kreacher died as the result of the potion," Lucius answered.

"But if this is a potion You-Know-Who invented, it won't be in any book," Moody pointed out.

Lucius shook his head. "It won't be because the Dark Lord never had a talent for inventing his own potions unlike Severus and that's why he tried to get Severus to become a Death Eater."

"He's also the reason I was in hiding for almost two years. He put a death sentence on my head when I refused his final offer to join him," Severus added.

"The creatures Kreacher mentioned," Orion said. "Could they be Inferi?"

Mad-Eye nodded and replied, "Merlin knows You-Know-Who created enough of them in the last war."

Severus agreed to contact them when he found out more about the Drink of Despair. It was best to find out as much information as they could before they attempted to retrieve the locket horcrux. Severus flooed back to his quarters and immediately went over to his wall of bookcases. He waved his wand at the very top shelf of one section which had previously appeared empty and a row of previously disillusioned books appeared. Severus kept them this way because they were dangerous books that he didn't want Harry to get hold of. He took one off the shelf with the title, Moste Evil Potions by Phineas Bourne who also had written another book entitled, Moste Potente Potions which was in the restricted section of the library.

After disillusioning the shelf of books again, Severus sat down at his desk and opened the book. If the recipe for the potion was in any of those books; it was most likely be in this one. Fortunately, the potions were listed in alphabetical order as wizarding books did not have indexes. While he had heard of the Drink of Despair, he did not know exactly what ingredients it contained although after hearing Kreacher describe his symptoms, he could make an educated guess. He found it and ran his finger down the page. As he had suspected there were only two ingredients, Deadly Nightshade which caused the extreme thirst and hallucinations and Mistletoe which was the cause of the stomach pains.

Severus replaced the book on the shelf and disillusioned the shelf. He searched on the next section of shelves and on a shelf further down to find his copy of the Encyclopedia of Universal Antidotes that was an extremely thick book. He pulled it off the shelf and was about to open it when a soft chime sounded. He sighed and placed the book on his desk. He had set the chime to sound at 9:55 so he would be on time to meet Minerva in the Entrance Hall and begin their patrolling. They would be patrolling until midnight.

Their patrol went smoothly. He was thankful that there hadn't been any miscreants attempting to drag an illegal dragon up to the Astronomy Tower tonight. Severus returned to his quarters and sat down behind his desk. As much as he wanted to continue researching an antidote for the Drink of Despair; he knew grading papers had to come first. He finally finished up at 1:30 and went to bed, deciding he would rise at 6:30 rather than his usual 5:30. Once all the plans for retrieving the horcrux locket were in place; he would tell Harry and Lily what was going on as he had promised Harry he would not keep things from him or lie to him.

After sleeping deeply, Severus rose at 6:30 feeling refreshed. He did his morning ablutions and went into the kitchen just as Blinky popped in with breakfast. "Thank you, Blinky," Severus said as he picked up the Daily Prophet sitting beside his plate.

"Does Mr. Professor Severus require anything else from Blinky?"

"No, this is fine. Thank you."

Blinky popped out again, leaving Severus to peruse his paper. It was the usual dribble the paper routinely reported. He tossed it aside and started on his breakfast. He smirked as he wondered what Potter's reaction had been when Dumbledore had informed him of Harry's blood adoption and he was certain Dumbledore had. He had not seen an obituary for him so he obviously did not die of heart failure.

Severus finished off his breakfast and piled his dishes in the sink. He brushed his teeth and got ready for his first class of fourth year Slytherins and Gryffindors. He glanced at Harry's schedule he kept pinned on the bulletin board next to his desk, but he knew Harry had Transfiguration first today.

He entered the Great Hall to check on his Snakes, his cloak billowing. One of the most important rules of Slytherin House was that everyone was required to eat three meals a day, especially breakfast and Severus insisted on nutritious food. He's even visited with the elves about it. He wanted his Snakes to excel academically as well as at Quidditch and nutritious food would help with both. He and Poppy kept an eye on the older witches to make sure none of them were developing the eating disorders that were often seen in Muggle teen-aged girls. He was pleased to see everyone, even Pansy Parkinson, was present and eating a nutritious breakfast.

Severus walked over to the Ravenclaw table where Harry and his friends were sitting today. He knelt down beside Harry. "Good morning, Harry."

"Morning, Dad. How come you weren't at breakfast this morning?" Harry asked nodding his head towards the high table.

"I was up rather late grading essays after Professor McGonagall and I finished patrolling and I decided to sleep later and have breakfast in my quarters."

"Sounds like a good idea," Harry replied smiling.

"I will see you later in Potions," Severus said, straightening up.


As he made his way out of the Great Hall, he ran into Lily who was just coming into breakfast. He stopped. "Good morning, Lily."

"Good morning, Sev."

Severus lowered his voice and asked, "Can we meet later? I have got new information regarding what we were discussing last evening."

"Of course, Sev. Why don't you stop by my quarters after your last class?"

"I will do that."

Lily smiled as he walked away, his robe billowing out behind him. Potter and Black could never figure out how he did that as he had done it while he was a student. They swore he must be using some type of dark magic.

Severus had a free period before lunch and he spent the time searching the Encyclopedia of Universal Antidotes. He found there was an antidote for mistletoe poisoning, but after looking through a few other books; he concluded that the wizarding world did not have an antidote for deadly nightshade and since that was the main ingredient of the Drink of Despair, the antidote for the mistletoe would not be effective. He thought for a moment then went back to his shelves. He had a few Muggle medical books too as he liked to keep up with what Muggle scientists and doctors had discovered. He pulled one off the shelf that he had bought when he had taken Harry to Diagon Alley for his school thing, but hadn't had a chance to look at yet. It was called The Poison and Antidote Sourcebook 1991. He opened it at the back to the index and ran his index finger down the D column. Yes, there it is …deadly nightshade. Severus turned to the page listed and quickly read the information. The treatment used for deadly nightshade was to induce vomiting, lavage, and to administer activated charcoal. It was also used to treat mistletoe poisoning.

He wondered if you could buy it from a chemist. He checked further and found it was available at Muggle so-called health food stores. He recalled there was one in Edinburgh because he had purchased something there when he was a student and the health food movement was just getting started. He would need to consult the telephone directory when he got there as there were many more stores by now. He decided he would visit Edinburgh this weekend and ask Harry and Lily to go with him. They could have a day out without worrying about running into Potter or Black.

After his last class of the day, he went up to the fourth floor to Lily's quarters. She admitted him and called her elf, Ninnia to bring tea. Lily poured the tea and handed Severus a cup. "What's up, Sev?"

"After I came back to my quarters last night; Mad-Eye fire-called me and asked me to floo over to Grimmauld Place." He went on to explain what Kreacher had revealed and what his research uncovered so far. "I am planning to floo to Edinburgh on Saturday to find activated charcoal and I thought you and Harry would enjoy coming with me. We could have a day out without worrying about running into Potter and Black."

"That sounds wonderful! I know I would enjoy it and I'm sure Harry will too as neither of us have ever been to Edinburgh."

"Good. We will leave immediately after breakfast."

Page ~*~*~*~*~* Break

James and Sirius were casting a series of spells quickly, seeing who could get their shield up the fastest and avoid getting hit by the others spells. After being caught three times, once by a Jelly-Legs Jinx and had his wand ripped out of his grasp twice by an Expelliarmus, Sirius held up a hand. "Okay, Prongs, that was great! You've gotten much faster."

"You think I'll be able to pass the tests for re-entrance into the Auror Corp in two weeks, Pads?"

"Well, I'll keep working with you right up until the day of the tests. Mad-Eye's the one who conducts them and you know what a hardass he is."

"Yeah, him and that 'constant vigilance' crap like he thinks a Death Eater's going to jump out of every dustbin we pass and attack us."

"Best to show him you follow his rule of thumb religiously," Sirius advised.

The floo in the library sounded and James went in to see who it was. Sirius followed behind him. Albus head was sitting in the flames. "Come on through, Albus," James said. "We've been practicing defense, but we're going to quit and have lunch."

Albus stepped out of the fireplace and followed James and Sirius into the dining room. The elves were just finishing up getting food and drink on the table. They disappeared with a pop back into the kitchen. James smiled. Ever since he'd laid down the law to those lazy elves and told them they would be getting clothes if they didn't do a better job; they were almost frantic in making sure things were exactly the way he wanted them to be.

Albus poured himself a cup of tea and said, "I'm afraid I have some bad news, James. I consulted with my good friend, Nicolas Flamel, and he said there was no way the blood adoption could be reversed – at least not without possible genetic damage."

"Well then I'm going to disinherit Harry," James declared. "I'm not going to have a son that looks like Snivellus!"

"Now James, let's not be hasty," Albus said. "Harry's still your son no matter what his appearance."

"Yeah?" James replied. "I'm beginning to wonder if he was ever my son."

"You mean you think Lily was screwing around with Snivvy behind your back, Prongs?" Sirius asked.

"From what I know now; it wouldn't surprise me," James insisted stubbornly.

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves here," Albus said. "I'm sure Harry is your son, James. But what is important is the prophecy that says Harry is the only one who can defeat Voldemort."

Both James and Sirius winced at the pronouncement of the evil wizard's name. "If Snivvy keeps babying Harry and making him into a boring bookworm; he'll never be ready to defeat You-Know-Who," Sirius said.

"Not to mention that my former wife is backing everything Snivellus is doing," James growled.

"It will be difficult; I won't pretend to you that it will not be, but we must continue our effort to make sure Harry is ready to fight Voldemort when he returns or the wizarding world as we know it will be lost."

"But now we have to fight both Snivellus and Lily," James complained. "We won't be able to get near Harry much less teach him how to fight."

"I suspect things will change once Harry gets older and definitely once Voldemort returns. I believe he'll be coming to us wanting our guidance."

"Why do you say that, Albus?" James asked.

"I'll keep that to myself for now," Albus replied.

Page ~*~*~*~*~* Break

Severus, Lily, and Harry flooed to the wizarding section of Edinburgh on Saturday morning. It was called Arbuthnot Wynd. They were headed into Muggle Edinburgh and Harry was disappointed not to be able to look around, but Severus promised Harry they would come back once school was out.

"Maybe Draco, Aunt Cissa, and Uncle Luc can come with us then," Harry said.

"I think they would enjoy that," Severus answered. They made their way into Muggle Edinburgh where Severus consulted a phone directory at the nearest call box to get a list of the health food stores. When they arrived at the first one, he was delighted to find activated charcoal that was in a liquid form. He bought all they had which was ten bottles. That would make it much easier as he could spell the liquid into the stomach of whoever drank the potion rather than trying to get them to eat activated charcoal in its granule form.

They had lunch in a restaurant that specialized in Scottish gourmet and then returned to Hogwarts.

"Dad, what do you need this activated charcoal for?" Harry asked as they sat down to dinner. They were having dinner in Severus' quarters. After dinner Severus took his coffee and Lily her tea into the living room and sat down in front of the fireplace.

"Do you recall the first day of school after you had seen the paper and I explained why you were famous?"

"Sure. You explained about Voldemort and you said you didn't think he was gone for good because somebody that afraid of dying makes sure he doesn't. You also said that there were hideous evil ways of becoming immortal and you wouldn't be surprised if he'd used one of them."

"Yes and when your mother and I talked with Healer Dordt about the piece of Voldemort's soul that was in your scar; he gave us the distinct impression that even though the horcrux in your scar was accidental; Voldemort might have made other deliberate horcruxes. I turned over what information we had to the Rufus Scrimgeour, head of the Aurors and he and four of his best Aurors have been investigating Voldemort. They found that he was the last heir of Salazar Slytherin and that he favored things belonging to the Founders."

"How do you create a horcrux, Dad?"

"It requires the evilest act of all, murdering someone which then tears the murderer's soul and encasing the piece in an object of your choice with an unknown spell. From what we have learned so far; Voldemort chose artifacts belonging to the Founders."

"What do the Aurors do when they find them?" Harry asked.

"They destroy them with Fiendfyre. The only other thing that destroys a horcrux is Basilisk venom and that is not readily available, I am afraid."

"How many have they found already?" Lily asked.

"They have found a ring that once belonged to Marvolo Gaunt who was Voldemort's grandfather. He and his family were the last descendants of Salazar Slytherin. How Voldemort acquired it nobody knows. We think he may have hidden one of his horcruxes here; either the Hufflepuff cup or the Ravenclaw diadem. There is also another one we have located, but it is going to take some maneuvering to get it free."

"Where is it?" Harry asked.

"It is in a seaside cave behind a wall and in a basin in the middle of an island in the middle of an underground lake. It is in the bottom of the basin containing a poisonous potion which can only be drunk in order to get to the locket. That is why I need the activated charcoal. The potion is called the Drink of Despair and its main ingredients are deadly nightshade and mistletoe. We have no treatment for such poisoning, but the Muggles do."

At that moment the floo sounded and they saw Lucius' head sitting in the fire. "May I come through, Severus?"

"Yes, of course."

Luc stepped out of the floo and as always elegantly dressed. Under his arm he carried what looked like a book. He nodded at Lily and said, "Hello Lily, how have you been?" He chuckled suddenly. "Draco wrote me about you setting Dumbledore's posterior on fire. I must say Narcissa and I got quite a chuckle out of picturing that."

"I warned him about trying to influence Harry into doing something dangerous, but he refused to listen so he needed a reminder," Lily replied smoothly.

"What brings you to Hogwarts, Luc?"

Lucius extended the book he'd been holding out to Severus. "I think this might be another horcrux. The Dark Lord gave it to my father shortly after I joined and told him to keep it safe for him. I had forgotten completely about it until Narcissa found it hidden in a trunk in the attic. I can feel a slight tingle in the mark when I handle it."

Severus took the book from Lucius and went over to his desk. He opened it, dipped his quill into the ink bottle and wrote on the first page of the diary. 'My name is Tiberius Pence and I am a first year Slytherin, but I am homesick and sad.' Severus was shocked to see what he had written sink into the parchment and disappear.

"What the hell …" Lucius muttered.

Suddenly writing appeared. 'Hello, Tiberius. How did you get my diary?'

'Who are you?' Severus wrote.

'My name is Tom and I was also in Slytherin.'

Severus quickly quit writing and closed the diary. "This is definitely not a normal diary." He dug through his desk and then pulled out a bag that Lucius recognized as having magic dampening properties and placed the diary inside of it. "I will get this to Mad-Eye and Orion so they can dispose of it."

"There was something else. I also recalled Bella constantly bragging about the Dark Lord entrusting her with something special."

"You think he gave her one of his horcruxes?"

"I would bet one of my vaults on it," Lucius answered.

"Where do you think she is keeping it?"

"I'm betting it is in her vault. She has one vault that she keeps for herself and does not share it with Rodolphus."

"Would you be able to get into it?"

"Narcissa is able to. As I am sure you already know since Bella is in Azkaban she has lost the right to her vaults and they automatically reverted to Narcissa since Andromeda was disowned."

"We will need to check out that special vault as soon as possible," Severus decided. "Lily and I think there also might be one hidden here at Hogwarts too since he seems to have hidden his horcruxes in places he felt a link to." He then told Lucius what Dumbledore had told the Order about Voldemort applying for the position in 1955 and being rejected by Dumbledore. "Dumbledore felt that is when he cursed the position so no professor currently can hold it for more than a year. He also could have hidden the horcrux at that time."

"That makes sense," Lucius admitted. "But we need to get into Bella's vault first and see whether she has the cup or the diadem and then we will have a better idea of what we are looking for there."

"Let me know when Cissa wants to do it. I can have Mr. Endicott take over my class for that time. He is one of my NEWT students and does a very good job of it. I am thinking of taking him on as my apprentice."

"I'll call you or send Conqueror with a message once I discuss it with Narcissa and we decide on a time."

Severus nodded. Lucius said goodbye to Harry and Lily and then flooed back to Malfoy Manor. Severus returned to living room and sat down in his recliner. "We now have another horcrux, know the definite location of one, and a possible location of two others."

Lily looked horrified. "With Harry that makes six horcruxes."

"I am assuming he intended to make seven as you know from Arithmancy; seven is a very powerful number if not the most powerful."

Harry shook his head. "Why would anybody want to stay alive forever?"

"To somebody of Voldemort's mentality; it's the ultimate power trip," Lily said.

"How will you get the locket, Dad?"

"Kreacher is going to apparate us there because apparently Voldemort was so arrogant he made it so magical people could not apparate or disapparate there, but ignored elfin powers. There is a small boat we can take over to the island the basin is on, but from there I have not discussed this any further with Mad-Eye and Orion."

"You won't be drinking that potion will you, Sev?" Lily asked in alarm.

Severus shook his head. "Since I am a Medi-wizard; I will be immediately treating the one who does drink the potion and after that Kreacher will apparate him to the hospital wing where Poppy will do the rest."

Harry breathed a sigh of relief. "I'm glad because that potion sounds horrible!"

"I have no doubt it is exactly that, Harry."

Harry decided to spend the night with his dad and after he went to bed, Lily returned to her quarters on the fourth floor, saying that she would let Filius know that Harry was spending the night in Severus' quarters.

After breakfast the next morning, Harry returned to Ravenclaw Tower and Severus sent his Patronus, a black panther, to Mad-Eye and Orion. They flooed over to Severus' quarters within minutes. "What do you have, Severus?" Mad-Eye asked as he stepped out of Severus' fireplace. Orion followed him out.

"I have another horcrux that needs to be destroyed and a possible lead on two others."

Mad-Eye and Orion sat down. "Let's hear about it," Mad-Eye said.

Severus explained about the diary Lucius had bought over, the possible horcrux in Bellatrix's vault and his and Lily's suspicions that Voldemort may have hidden another at Hogwarts.

Mad-Eye nodded. "I remember Albus telling us about that. He believed it was then that You-Know-Who cursed the Defense position."

"So Lily told me. Changing the subject; I have done a lot of research on the Drink of Despair and there is no cure for it in the wizarding world. I can try and invent an antidote, but it would take months, however the Muggles do have treatment for it." Severus went on to explain what he would need to do once the potion was swallowed. "The treatment is unpleasant, but effective."

"I'll take the potion," Orion decided. "We can't risk Alastor; he's the best Auror we have."

"That's not the way we do things, Orion," Moody argued. "You have a family and I don't so I'll drink the potion." He saw Orion was about to say something more and added, "It's settled. I'm drinking the potion."

"When do you want to do it?" Severus asked.

"Why not right now?" Moody asked. "There's really no point in delaying is there?"

Orion shook his head. It was obvious he was still unhappy with Mad-Eye's decision.

"Give me a minute," Severus said and hurried into his bedroom. He grabbed three bottles of the ten he'd bought and placed them in the pocket on the inside of his robe. He sent off his Patronus to Lily explaining they were going to the cave to retrieve the horcrux and asking her to let Harry know. He came back out, carrying a bag and a book. "I'll need to stop at the hospital and explain to Poppy what to expect once Kreacher apparates you back here."

They made a quick trip to the hospital wing where Severus cast his Muffliato Spell and informed Poppy about the Drink of Despair, gave her the book which was a Muggle medical textbook which detailed the protocol for treating deadly nightshade and mistletoe poisoning and gave her the bag containing the remaining seven bottles of activated charcoal.

Orion called Kreacher's name and when he popped into the hospital wing, Orion requested that he apparate them to the cave where Voldemort had taken him previously.

Kreacher apparated Severus and Mad-Eye first and then went back for Orion. Severus shivered as the cave was cold and he could hear the waves pounding the rocks outside of it. Undoubtedly, later in the day it would be inaccessible due to the tide coming in.

Kreacher popped back in and pointed to the wall in front of them. "The Dark Lord cut his hand and smeared it there and it opened."

Orion cut his hand and smeared his blood on the wall. Severus healed it with a quick Episky. The wall had opened, revealing the lake and in the distance the island with the basin in the middle of it. They walked in with Kreacher following them and wringing his hands. The room had a greenish cast to it and there was no movement or sound to the water of the lake. There was also no boat in sight anywhere.

"Where's the boat you told us about Kreacher?" Orion asked.

"The Dark Lord used a spell and a chain came out of the water. He took it and pulled on it and then the boat appeared," Kreacher said.

"Do you remember the spell he used Kreacher?" Orion asked.

Kreacher knitted his already wrinkled brow for a few minutes and then said, "Kreacher thinks the words he said were, 'Ego Nutus Vos Riviso'."

"I command you to rise," Severus translated. He stepped to the edge of the rocks and held out his wand over the water and said in a commanding voice, "Ego Nutus Vos Riviso!" A chain suddenly rose out of the water and wrapped itself around Severus' arm. Mad-Eye and Orion jumped to his side, tugging on the chain which caused a small boat to rise out of the water. They pulled on the chain until the boat was level with the rocks

Orion climbed into it and started to help Moody, but the boat began to rock wildly. "There must be some sort of spell on it that only allows one person at a time," he surmised. "We'll have to take it in turns." He bent and took up a long pole with a snake's head on top of it and began steering the boat towards the island. When he reached the shore he got out.

"Ego Nutus Vos Reverto," Severus commanded. And the boat returned to his location and he helped Mad-Eye into it. Mad-Eye steered the boat across the lake all the while keeping his eyes peeled for Inferi. He got out and waited with Orion.

Severus issued the command a second time and agilely got into the boat as it docked. He kept a close watch on the water in case the Inferi had been aroused by the boat crossing three times. He got out and joined Orion and Mad-Eye around the basin. The potion was murky, but they could see the outline of Slytherin's locket at the bottom. Mad-Eye took a goblet out of his pocket and dipped it into the potion. He held it up to Orion and Severus saying, "Here's to You-Know-Who's permanent defeat!" He drank it down and then dipped it into the basin again. He managed three goblets himself before collapsing. He started moaning and clutching his stomach. "Water!" He gasped.

"Force him to drink the potion," Severus ordered a pale Orion.

Orion picked up the goblet from the edge of the basin and continued to force Mad-Eye to drink it while he moaned, occasionally screamed, and constantly begged for water. When the basin was finally empty Severus used his wand to move the horcrux out of it and lowered it into the magic dampening bag he'd brought with him. He then turned to Mad-Eye and said, "Revomo!"

Mad-Eye began vomiting furiously. Orion kept his head raised so he wouldn't accidentally choke. When he was done, Severus said, "Aguamenti Penitus."

"What the hell are you doing filling his stomach with water, Severus?" Orion yelled.

"His stomach has to be washed out and this is the only way I can do it." Severus waited a few minutes then said, "Revomo!"

Moody began throwing up again and when he was done he fell back, gasping for breath. Severus waited until his breathing evened out and then spelled a bottle of the liquid activated charcoal into his stomach. He figured that would be enough to absorb whatever of the potion might be left in Mad-Eye's system. "Kreacher," Severus called across the lake.

Kreacher popped onto the island. "Kreacher is ready."

"Please take Mr. Moody to the Hogwarts hospital wing and inform Madam Pomfrey that I have done the initial steps in what we discussed and then return here."

"Kreacher will do as Master Snape asks." He took hold of Moody's arm and disapparated.

"Let us see if we can get back across the lake at the same time. You steer and I will ride shotgun," Severus said.

"Pardon?" Orion asked.

"Muggle expression. It means I will keep a watch for Inferi in case they try to prevent us from crossing back."

"Good idea," Orion said getting into the boat. Severus got in after him. At that moment hands rose out of the water and prevented the boat from moving and then the Inferi begin rising out of the water. Severus quickly took a bottle of cooking oil out of another of his pockets and poured it all around the boat.

What's that supposed to do?" Orion yelled as he shot spells to keep the Inferi away from the boat.

"Amplector Ac Permoveo," Severus whispered the spell and then called out, "Incendio!" The oil caught on fire and flames shot up, surrounding the boat. "Okay start across the lake," he said to Orion.

Orion picked up the long pole in the bottom of the boat, placed it in the water and pushed off. The flames moved with them, surrounding the boat and keeping the Inferi from attacking them. When they reached the rocks and got out, the boat once again sank into the water, leaving the flames burning and preventing the Inferi from climbing out of the water. Kreacher was waiting for them in the outer cave and quickly apparated the two back to Hogwarts.

They went immediately to the hospital wing to check on Mad-Eye who they found was awake and grumbling about Madam Pomfrey and having to stay in the hospital wing for a few days so Severus and Madam Pomfrey could make sure the Drink of Despair was completely out of his system.

"By the way, Severus thanks for helping me with that potion even if it was rough."

"Anytime," Severus replied and then laughed as Mad-Eye snorted in response. He returned to his quarters to find Harry and Lily waiting anxiously.

"Dad!" Harry yelled, flinging himself into Severus' arms. "I was so scared!"

Lily gave him a hug too. "Sev, we were so worried."

Severus returned their hugs. "I am sorry I scared and worried you, but as you can see I am fine. However, I do not care to repeat the experience."

"It's lunch time. Why don't we go upstairs?" Lily suggested.

Severus grinned. "After the morning I have had; I could eat a Hippogriff!"

A/N: Revomo - Vomit, Aguamenti Penitus -water internally,Amplector ac Permoveo - Surround and move.