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Carly stared at the ceiling of her bedroom waiting. The sound of the wailing snowstorm was just barely audible through her closed windows. She was under 3 blankets already and still felt cold.

She shivered. Stupid freak weather storm she thought to herself. When she woke up this morning she felt great, the sky was clear and it was still above 0 despite it being a colder winter than usual. But by the time school ended the freak snow storm had already begun. By the time she got home she felt like an icicle, covered in snow. Carly frowned. I even checked the weather, I did nothing wrong. Nothing at all. I shouldn't be sick….Carly's thoughts were interrupted when the door opened. She smiled seeing her best friends walk in.

"Hey" Freddy and Sam said in unison, walking in as Freddie walked up to Carly and held her forehead. It was burning. "You feel any better?"

Sam quickly slapped his hand away. "Don't touch her with your nasty nub germs. That's probably why she's sick." Freddie just shrugged and disregarded it.

Carly smiled and gave a small laugh, but her face showed she was worn out and tired. "I'm fine, really you two need to go sleep. It's late"

"Are you sure?" Freddie said with a worried look on his face.

"Yeah, Carls you don't look so good." Sam added.

"Yeah, I'm seriously fine. I just need to rest." Carly insured.

"Well if you say so. If you need anything I'm just across the hall." Freddie said

Carly nodded and Sam and Freddie started to leave. "Well, see you tomorrow Carls."

They started to head to the door when Freddie stopped and smiled, walking back to Carly's bed. He leaned in and moved her hair to the side and kissed her forehead. "Good night Carly, hope you get better soon."

Carly gave a tired smile. "Thanks Freddie."

Sam shrugged in disgust. "Benson, let's go before I have to drag you out. She needs to rest. "

As they walk out the door they started to whisper to each other. "You're such a nub"

"What? My mom does it to me before I sleep"

As the door closed their voices disappeared and suddenly Carly felt lonely and the darkness and wailing winds started to make her afraid. She turned to her side and tried to sleep, then she realised how cold she still was. I guess I won't be sleeping anytime soonshe thought to herself.

A few minutes passed and Carly lied there awake, bored, and most of all sick. It was agonizing.

She thought to call Spencer when the door slowly creaked open. "Spencer?" Carly said in a weak voice. She turned to the door and was surprised to see that it was Sam.

"Oh sorry Carls, you're still awake. Momma forgot her keys." She said playfully picking up her keys and dangling them.

Carly returned a questioning smile, "Wait how'd you get in?"

"I picked your lock…" Sam looked away and fiddled a little. "Ok I was worried about you. Are you ok? I've never seen you this sick before."

Carly giggled a little, still feeling exhausted. "I'm just a little cold, Sam it's so late. Go home"

Sam laughed. "Its nine thirty, I can go home whenever. Mom never cared before, why would she now." She walked up to Carly and noticed her shivering. "Carls" She said, her voice filled with pity.

Sam slid under the blanket beside Carly. "Sam what are you doing?"

"Taking care of my best friend. I'm sleeping here tonight." Sam replied smiling.

"Sam you don't have to do-" Carly began before she was interrupted by Sam's hug. "Wow you're so warm" Carly said in shock, hugging her back, nuzzling her head into Sam's chest.

Sam's heart started besting faster, I can feel her breathing. She thought before speaking again. "I think I should be the one saying that, you're on fire, like that one guy who tried to sue me last month because he spontaneously burst into flames."

Carly giggled. "Pretty sure that was your fault." Her voice sounded sleepy.

There was silence for a few moments. Carly pressed her head closer to Sam's. "Sam. Thank you."

Sam felt her cheeks redden, "No problem. I'd do anything for you Carls."

Carly smiled, and cuddled with her friend closer. "Your heart sounds so soothing. It's like a lullaby"

"Thanks….I think." Sam said feeling a little flustered.

"Hey Carly, can I tell you something." Sam said a few moments later.


"Well, I'm kind of jealous of Freddie. He so easily shows his love for you with no shame. As nub as he is, I'm jealous…Its just…I wish I could do that. Show that I love you. I love you Carly. More than I should. I really mean it….Carly?" Sam moved her head to see that Carly was asleep. She just smiled.
"You were really out of it today, weren't you?" She whispered with a small laugh, pushing Carly's hair aside as she adored her beautiful sleeping face.

"Well, I guess I still won't get to show you how I feel yet, but this will have to do."

She leaned in and kissed Carly's forehead. "Good night Carly, I love you" Soon, Sam too, fell asleep.


Carly woke up, her clothes soaked in sweat. She noticed something different about her bed and removed the blanket to see Sam and smiled. She breathed in and stretched. That's when she noticed. She wasn't sick anymore.

"Sam I'm feeling better." She said feeling ecstatic, shaking her best friend.

Sam groaned. "Urghhh My head hurts. I feel awful"

"Oh My God, Sam I'm so sorry. Did I get you sick?" Carly apologized and stopped shaking her.

"Urghhh, I don't know. Don't worry about it. I'm glad you're feeling better." Sam sat up and smiled. "That's all that matters to momma."

A few minutes later Sam was lying in Carly's bed with a thermometer in her mouth, Carly returned to her room with some water and medicine. Carly pulled the thermometer and read it and frowned. "You are so sick. Here take this."

Sam swallowed the medicine and smiled. "Well chiz happens." Sam said laughing.

"Oh yea, Sam were telling me something last night?" Carly questioned.

"Uhhh don't think so, why?" Sam lied.

Carly gave it a moment's thought. "I don't know, I feel like I missed something important. You sure?"

"Yea Carls, you fell asleep for a while, maybe it was a dream?"

Carly nodded. "Yea. I guess it was."

Carly walked out saying "I'll make you some soup" Yeah, there's no way Sam would have said that.She thought.

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