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This chapter is pretty long like over 4,000 words! also please check out Little Lady by Ed Sheeran And Mikill Pane because it may help you understand the story better xo. It isn't going to be the same as the song, it's just inspired by it and has some of the lyrics in there too xo.

Barely teenagers, Bella Swan, Alice Brandon and Rosalie Hale know nothing other than life on the streets. One day, a visit to the local clinic will change everything. ExB RxEm AxJ CxEs Inspired by Little Lady By Ed Sheeran and Mikill Pane. References to Rape and Abuse.

I own nothing except the plot.

I hate my life.

Laurent buttoned his jeans up and gave me money.

"Thank you Isabella, That was very enjoyable." He smiled wrongly. There was something wrong with that smile, smiles were supposed to mean you're happy, but not for Laurent Nomad, The only time he ever smiled was when he got something he wanted: young girls.

He reached down to kiss me but I pushed him away.

"Just give me it!" I yelled. It had been less than ten hours since my last fix, and I needed more.

"Oh but dear Isabella, your uncle will be wanting your… wages" He smiled sadistically.

"Fuck You!" I all but screamed at him. I scrambled to get out the car, but Laurent pulled me back in.

He grabbed my hair and I started punching blindly. I had to get out of here now, or else.

"Now, now Isabella. What have I said before? You have to be polite to get what you want mmh?" I tried to hit him, to get away. My attempts finally succeeded as I kicked him in the balls.

"You little Bitch!" He growled. The last thing I saw was his fist pull back.

Then there was blackness.

Beep Beep Beep

I groaned loudly to myself and hit the off button. I considered going back into sleep, but knew if I did, James would kill me.

James was my uncle, and my pimp.

I rolled out of bed and walked over to the bathroom and locked the door. Who knew what would happen if I didn't lock it? I flipped the light on and walked over to the big mirror on the counter.

"Shit" I muttered to myself as I saw my reflection.

Before my `visit` with Laurent, my face had cleared up significantly, with only a small portion of my face yellow. Although now, a huge angry purple bruise covered the right side of my face.

There was no way I'd be able to cover it up, no matter how much make up I used.

There was a knock at the door and I pushed myself up against the wall, not that it would help, but at least I was as far away from the door as possible.

"Bells? It's just me and Ali." A muffled voice said from the other side "Unlock the door"

Rosalie Hale and Alice Brandon were my best friends. I met Rose on my first week here, then Alice about a year later. Rose had run away from home because her brother, Royce, was abusing her, and had been since she was eight. When she told her parents, they didn't believe her, she left that night. She was twelve years old. Alice's boyfriend Mike was an addict, he got her hooked. When his parents found out, they cut him off, but Alice refused to leave him, so her parents kicked her out, told her to not come crawling back once he dumped her. Once Mike ran out of money to buy drugs, he made Ali go out on the streets to sell herself, and she done it. She was so blinded by love; she thought he would do anything for her, until James came along. He was Mike's seller, he offered to give him drugs in exchange for Ali, he done it and never looked back, not even when Alice started screaming bloody murder when James tried to take her away. She was eleven.

I opened the door slowly, just to make sure they weren't being forced to say they were alone. I peeked out the door and grabbed them inside.

"What the hell happened?" Rose hissed angrily once she seen my face. We had to be quiet, if James heard anything from our rooms, we would get a beating.

"Laurent Nomad." I sighed "I'll never get anyone tonight, there's no way I'll be getting a fix anytime soon, the stupid thing won't even begin to hide, no matter how much make up I wear. I had an appointment at the clinic to get tested today, I'll have to call and cancel, they'll know something's up if I turn up like this."

"I swear to god Bella, it looks like he's broken your cheekbone! We have to take you to the Whittington, you have to get it looked at." Alice said sadly.

We all knew what would happen if we were caught, James would automatically assume we had told someone, he'd kill us, but, if I didn't get this looked at, it would set wrong and then James would get no money at all, because no one would want me.

"Okay" I whispered. I looked at the clock "But we need to go now, I have to see Aro Volturi tonight at 11pm."

"Yeah" Rosalie said in disgust "I have to see Caius"

"And I have to see Marcus as well" Alice piped up sadly.

The Volturi brothers were horrible. They were all in there fifties and the way they saw it, the younger, the better. They hung around with James, and got `Freebies` occasionally.

I grabbed my bag and we were out the door. I couldn't even change, I had slept in the same clothes I wore during the day for the past week, and I stank.

The Whittington was a hospital about a mile up the road. We had to alternate hospitals, so they didn't get suspicious. "Okay guys, here's the story: we were all at a bar yesterday and we got our drinks spiked, we all woke up and Bella's face was like that. Okay?" Rose was best at making up lies; she had to lie to her parents every single day for years. We both nodded as we went into the hospital.

I checked in and sat down. The scent of bleach and cleanliness assaulted my nostrils. We only had to wait a few minutes then we were called in.

"Isabella Swan?" A nurse asked.

"Yeah." I replied.

"Doctor Cullen will see you now."

"Thanks" I muttered as I grabbed Alice and Rose and followed the nurse through to one of the rooms.

She closed the door and I hopped up on the bed, knowing the procedure off by heart.

A moment later a man in a long white coat entered. He must have only been about 28. He had blonde hair and was quite tall.

"Isabella, I presume" He said as he shook my hand "My name is Doctor Cullen."

"Bella" Rose corrected which caused me to smile, she knew I hated Isabella.

"Okay then Bella, that's a nasty bruise you've got there, what did you do?" Doctor Cullen asked me.

"We were at a bar and our drinks must have been spiked, we woke up this morning and her face was like that" Alice butted in.

Man I love my best friends.

"Yeah. We thought it might be broken." I told him.

He checked over it and then excused himself from the room.

"Do you think he noticed something?" I asked terrified. If he knew something, we were all screwed.

A minute later, there was a knock at the door and a woman with caramel hair entered alone.

"Hello girls. My name is Esme. My husband is the doctor that is treating you." She smiled gravely "Girls listen to me; I understand what is going on, don't worry, you haven't done anything wrong, but there are people that will help you, like me for instance. I specialize in looking after young girls who have been mistreated. I am the owner of Cullen's home for girls" Esme spoke gently and calmly, motherly I guess; considering I hadn't seen my mother for two years, so I didn't really know what `motherly` sounded like.

I looked over at Rose; I had no idea what to say, no one had ever guessed that quickly before. "What are you talking about?" Rosalie laughed "Sorry sweetheart but you seem to have the wrong end of the stick" she laughed nervously.

"What age are you dear?" Esme asked Rose "fifteen? Sixteen?"

"Fifteen." Rose said bluntly "Why does it matter?" She accused.

"Still a child then. How did you get into it? Your boyfriend promise to love you forever and always if you done it for him? And what about you sweetheart?" She asked Alice "What's your name"

"Alice." She said quietly. Alice was the youngest of us all; she was only twelve, so she was more easily intimidated.

"And what age are you dear? Eleven? Twelve?" Esme asked gently.

"Tw-Twelve" Alice said her voice breaking.

"And Bella, it said you are thirteen." I nodded "Okay girls, listen to me. I know what you're going through; trust me I've been in your position before. I know that you are terrified of what will happen if you do speak out, but trust me girls, whatever you tell me will not leave this room unless you want it to, but just know you can talk to me.

It was silent for what felt like hours, but in reality was only a few minutes.

"My boyfriend was an addict. He told me he loved me and he needed me to sleep with some of his friends so he could get the drugs. Then he sold me for heroin."

I whipped my head round to Alice, and then looked at Rosalie in shock.

"Shit! Ali!" I yelled "What the hell?"

"We swore to never talk about it to anyone! You promised!" Rosalie yelled.

"I'm so sorry guys! I can't take this anymore! I want out! I want clean and I want my life back! I want to go to school like a normal girl and grow up and go to college and get a nice boyfriend and have babies and get a nice house! I want to make something of my life! I don't want to be stoned half the day, even if it is only the escape! I don't care if they catch me, I'd rather be dead!" She screamed.

"Don't you think I want that too? Ali I would give anything anything, to have a normal life!" I yelled.

Alice started sobbing and I rushed over to hug her. Rosalie hugged us both.

"It's okay sweeties, we can help you. We'll get you away from him, you'll be safe." Esme promised "But we can only help if you all agree."

I looked over at Rose. I knew she wanted out, more than the rest of us. She had been on the streets for four years, and an addict for three.

"Please Rose." I whispered "He won't get to us. She needs out. Do you want her to end up like us?"

She shook her head no. I looked at Esme "We want out of it all. The prostitution, the drugs, all of it. Just tell us what to do and we'll do it."

Esme's face broke out into a giant grin. "I'm not going to lie, it will be hard. You'll have to report your pimp; go through therapy, tell everything and see a counsellor on a regular basis. You have to give up the drugs, all of them. If you succeed, we will get you into a proper school and you will not have to see or hear from the pimp again, until the case."

"W-what case?" Alice stuttered.

Esme's face softened "A court case sweetie. You won't be in the room, your all still minors; you would give evidence by video link. You would finally have peace of mind and no other girls would have to go through what you went through."

"Okay. We'll do it." I said, and then a thought struck me "Will we be together?" I asked, afraid of the answer.

"Yes. We won't ever split you up." Esme smiled softly "so you're sure you want to do this? You need to be positive."

We all nodded.

"Yeah. We want this over" Rose said.

Esme nodded and left the room. She came back a few minutes later with a police officer.

"Hi girls, my name is Jacob Black, I'm a police officer. Now I know this is going to be really hard on you, but you have to tell me the names of everyone you think should get sent down. Be it your pimp, or any punters, and also the names of any other girls belonging to your pimp.

"James Higginbotham. He was my mother's brother. He's our pimp" I stated.

"Was?" officer Black enquired.

"She died when I was eleven, a few weeks after she gave me to James to Help me." I shook in disgust as I remembered him telling my mother that he would help me.

"Why did your mother think that he could help you? What was wrong with you?" Officer Black asked gently.

"I was drinking heavily, and had been since I was ten. My best friend, Irina had been abducted and I just couldn't deal, and neither could my mother apparently. Turns out Irina had just ran away, she came back a month later, safe and sound, pity the same thing couldn't be said for me. She didn't even care. I just sunk down, I hit rock bottom and my mom called James. Their sister, Sasha, had gone through the same thing, and James had Helped her. Turns out he had been selling her too; except she died when she was seventeen. James claimed he had gotten her back on track, that she was clean, but she must have not been able to deal, so she overdosed. He didn't tell them that he had forced the drugs down her throat. After about a year, he got me hooked too."

"And your parents never found out?" He asked softly.

"No. He only ever bragged about it to us." Rose interrupted.

"Okay" He said as he wrote down something on his notepad "Rosalie, you're up next" He said softly.

Rosalie blinked a few times then looked at Officer Black "my brother abused me since I was eight years old; he raped me and hit me. I told my parents when I was eleven and they threw me out, James found me and offered me food and a warm bed, he didn't tell me that there was someone in it. He told me to take the drugs, that it would help me to forget." A single tear ran down her cheek.

"What is your brother's name Rosalie?" officer Black asked gently.

"Royce Hale." Rose said, her voice void of any emotion. I knew she hated him, who wouldn't? He hit her and raped her for years. When she should have been playing with dolls, she was trying to think up an excuse as to why her face was swollen.

Officer Black looked shocked "Royce Hale? What age would he be now?"

"Twenty-three. Why? What does it matter?" Rosalie snapped.

"It matters because I dealt with his case a few months ago. He was arrested for sexually assaulting two teenage girls, aged ten and eleven."

"That's sick!" I yelled "There just babies!"

"But haven't you been a prostitute for years?" Officer Black asked confused.

"Yes I have been a prostitute since I was ten, but I had a choice! James told me that it was either me or Ali. She was so young! I couldn't let those men near her! So I took her place." I trailed off at the end; the heartache inside of me was going to burst soon. All the emotions overwhelmed me then; and I just couldn't stop the words spilling out of my mouth. "I remember James telling Alice that she had to do as she was told, Rosalie was already out with a punter so she couldn't have helped. I told James that I would step in. It was Laurent Nomad; I couldn't let that bastard anywhere near Alice." I whispered.

"Okay so James Higginbotham, Laurent Nomad, Royce Hale, any other names?" Officer Black said.

"Aro, Caius and Marcus Volturi. They're brothers; they sell heroin and pimp young girls as well as sleep with them." Alice whispered hoarsely, her voice was raw with emotion.

"Okay, anyone else? Did James pimp any other girls?" He asked

"This is important girls, we need you to think. Is there any other girls?" Esme asked us kindly. I had forgotten she was even in the room.

I tried to think, yes James left multiple times throughout the day, but that was for `meetings` and such.

"No. There weren't any other girls." Rose said.

"There was one. Remember? Veronica?" Alice said. I couldn't remember a Veronica.

"Victoria you mean?" Rose asked "The redhead?"

"Yeah! She wasn't old, maybe thirteen? Fourteen? Anyway she disappeared one day without a trace, we had no idea where she had went. She had no money and was an orphan; no one went looking for her." Alice spoke sadly, remembering the feisty young girl we met a year ago.

"She was pregnant." I whispered.

Four pairs of eyes looked at me in shock.

"What? How do you know?" Rosalie asked shocked, but also curiously. I had never spoken about her before.

"I caught her one day, the day she left, six months ago."

I had just gotten in the door when I heard crying. I wandered through the hallway and stopped at Victoria's room. It wasn't unusual to hear the girls crying; sometimes it was through physical pain, sometimes through emotional pain.

I knocked on the door tenderly, I just wanted to make sure she wasn't physically hurt.

She opened the door. Her usually clear, pale skin was red and blotchy, her hair, the colour of fire, stuck up in different directions and to her face.

"What do you want?" She snapped viciously.

We tended to stay out of Victoria's way. She had come here a year ago when she was thirteen. Her parents had died in a boat accident with her brother on a family vacation. She was supposed to be with them, but had stayed home to tend to her elderly grandmother. Everyone just assumed she died with them. Her grandmother had taken a heart attack once she was told her son and grandson were dead, they couldn't retrieve her. Victoria hid outside her house, terrified that she would be put into care, little did she know at the time that would have been the best thing for her.

"I heard you crying okay? I wanted to make sure you weren't too badly hurt!" I looked round her and saw clothes strewn about the room and a half packed case in the middle of the floor. "Your leaving?" I asked shocked.

Even if we had left and James never caught us, where would we go?

Victoria pulled me inside. "I gotta get out of here Bella. I'm pregnant." She looked terrified "I think it's James'" she whispered.

"What?" I whisper-shrieked. James was our pimp but not once had he tried anything with us. Ever. He said that he didn't know where we'd been.

"Shhh!" She whispered "He'll hear you!"

"When?" I asked, confused.

"I don't know! I think it's his, I don't want it to be but I think it is. Remember that time I was sick? James never let me leave the room, said he didn't wasn't the rest of you getting it then he'd be outta business. He also said that it was a waste, so he slept with me, and the condom broke.

"Shit" I said, pinching the bridge of my nose. "Where you gonna go?"

"I have no idea. If James finds out, he'll kill me! You gotta help me Bella! I can't have a baby here!" She grabbed hold of my arm, the sight of desperation shone in her eyes.

"Okay. I'll distract him, you go out the back door." I whispered. I was so gonna regret this.

"She got out. I don't know how she did it but she got out. I never heard from her again" I said.

"Anyone else?" Officer Black asked us.

"We rarely knew the punters names, and, even if we did, it was only first names." Alice said.

"Okay girls, thank you for all your help. Mrs Cullen has my number if you remember anything more.

We all said goodbye and Esme lead us to a people carrier at the front of the hospital.

Once we were all strapped in, Esme explained what would happen when we got to the house.

"There is currently seven other girls in the house right now, ages ranging from ten to seventeen. We have the captivity to hold fifteen girls. You will share a room with three other girls in the same age group as you. The house is split into three age groups. Ten to twelve, thirteen to fifteen and sixteen to seventeen. My husband Carlisle who treated you earlier lives at the house with me and my three sons, Emmett, who's fifteen, Edward, who's thirteen and Jasper, who's twelve. My boys have been taught to treat ladies with the utmost respect, so you need not worry about them misbehaving. Mrs Cope will come in every day except on weekends to teach you until you are ready to go to school."

"Breakfast is served at 7am, lunch at 1pm and dinner at 6pm. I am your counsellor and will be until you leave Cullen home for girls. You will have an hour's session with me three days a week but I am available to talk to whenever. When we arrive you will get an extensive medical examination for which I will be present for. Any questions?" Esme asked.

"Have all the girls been addicts?" Rosalie asked curiously.

"Not every one of them no, although the majority have been. For example one of the younger girls was abused and her family didn't believe her, even though the medical proof was shown to them." Esme replied "She was only ten, and is now eleven and extremely shy." She continued sadly.

The rest of the drive was silent.

When we arrived fifteen minutes later, the house looked like a mansion. We walked inside and there was a bunch of girls sitting at the table eating what I assumed to be lunch.

"Girls, we have three new girls joining us today. This is Rosalie, Bella and Alice. Three of the girls are at school right now but should be home with the boys shortly. I'll leave you to get acquainted, the girls should be happy to answer any questions you may have." Esme smiled and waved at the girls before leaving the room.

A girl with curly brown hair and blue eyes ran up to us then. She looked taller but was probably only about 5"1.

"Hi! I'm Jessica. I'm fourteen. What about you?" She said.

"Well I'm Bella, I'm thirteen, this is Rosalie, she's fifteen and this is Alice, she's twelve." I replied friendlily.

"Okay well this is my best friend Tanya," she pointed over to a tall strawberry blonde "she's fourteen too, and this is Angela" a girl with brown hair and glasses waved "she's fifteen. Over there is Leah who's eleven, and Bree who's ten." She pointed to a girl with short black hair and dark olive skin and another girl with long wavy dark brown hair.

"Before she completely bores you to death, I'm Carmen and this is Emily. Emily is sixteen and I'm seventeen, I'm the oldest. And over there is Kate. She's twelve. Sorry we missed your arrival, we were at school." Carmen said with a grin. She had long black hair and pale skin. Kate had pale skin and pale blonde hair. Emily had dark hair and olive skin like Leah but the right hand side of her otherwise smooth skin was marred with scars.

"I got these when I was trying to escape from my pimp" Emily smiled sadly. I went to apologize for looking but she stopped me "it's okay, honestly. I'd be curious too." I smiled in an apologetic way and looked over to the door as it was opening.

Just then three boys stepped into the room, followed closely by Doctor Cullen.

The first boy was huge. He had curly black hair and had to have been Emmett as the other two didn't look old enough. The second one was really tall with honey blonde hair that looked the youngest, so he must have been Jasper. The third boy who entered the room had the most unusual shade of bronze hair and emerald green eyes.

"Hello, I'm Edward Cullen."

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