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Chapter 1: City of Evil

He pulled the ratty, disheveled cloak more tightly around his shoulders and flipped up the hood to hide his golden locks and deep indigo eyes, as if the thin fabric could protect him from the filth of his surroundings. He couldn't risk the chance of anyone recognizing him for what he was, especially in a place like this. A bounty hunter would just be dying to apprehend him... He tried to stick to the shadows, out of the way of the others that shoved their way through the non-existent hustle of the trading street. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of two well built men that looked about as suspicious as he felt. They look out of place.

"Hey gorgeous, how much?" a large man headed him off and caught his shoulder making, him turn to face the other man.

"Aw, yer a man. Whatever. How much?" the pig truly was disgusting. He he possessed a scraggly, receding hair line and a bushy graying beard; skin darkened by the sun in an uneven tone peppered his body. There was a vicious scar that split his face, marring the flesh and rendering one eye dead and rotting. A destroyed nose was the centerpiece of the face, the blond deduced it must have been broken multiple times. That wasn't the bad part, no of course not. He had pieces of food stuck in his beard and smeared into his shirt. Sticky liquids of unknown various origin dried and clumped his facial hair, and further soiling his garments along with a large spill that looked like a form of alcohol. He had a grotesque pot belly sprouting a coat of hair that failed to completely cover his torso, leaving it half naked. Matthew tried not to think to hard on the possibility of what the strange, congealed substance on his pants was.

"W-What are you talking about?" he squeaked, taking a frightened step backwards.

"Come on honey, don't play coy with me. I need a good - ing right now," when he spoke the slug licked his rotting teeth in a predatory manor and raked his eyes up and down Matthew's slim, young body.

"But I'm not a prostitute!" he objected, finally catching on to what this man desired from him. No, not desired. Desire was to weak of a word. It was more like lasciviousness.

"I'll pay you double! Yer a whore, yer to pretty not to be!" the... man pulled out a handful of coins from his pocket and shoved them at his victim. It was the most money Matthew had seen in weeks. His stomach seemed to rouse itself at the possibility of acquiring a meal, but the blond was in far from even considering the horrendous offer. In fact, when he managed to escape this man, he was going to go in an ally somewhere and empty his stomach of the bile it was currently circulating. Matthew shook his head vigorously and began backing away. A snarl built up in the predator's throat and he made a grab for the smaller man. The blond squeaked in surprise and dashed off to get as far away from the man as possible.


By the grace of the gods Matthew had found edible food in the garbage of a shop-owner. The hunger that gnawed at him was far from sated, but at least food rested in his stomach. His current goal was to get a real meal, get a few supplies, refill his canteen, and depart from this wretched place. It would take a few days since no one in this city even had a heart to dole kindness out of. He prayed to Mercury and Vesta* that he would make it the next city over, wherever that may be.

Thrice Matthew had been rejected by shop keepers when he offered his assistance as a handy man or cashier, (this was understandable, considering the resident town and he was a stranger here,) and so far his only employment options seemed to be whoring himself out. And Matthew wasn't that desperate. Yet.


Matthew was still on his quest to find a temporary job, combing through kiosks, and otherwise trying to stay out of the way and unseen, when over a large sand dune that isolated the city from the rest of the world, a thundering war cry broke the congested hum in the atmosphere.

Roman soldiers, an enemy's worst nightmare, poured over the horizon and into the confines of the sub-metropolis. People began to scream and run for cover, only concerned for their own lives. Matthew was mowed over by a large man and fell face first to the compacted, sandy ground. In the excited frenzy he was nearly trampled by the heard of people running to escape their eminent fate. Some one's sandal made harsh contact with the blond's forehead, painfully splitting the skin. His head snapped back in shock, and he cursed his back luck, trying to rise to quickly. The too-fast motion made him swoon, and he collapsed back on to his hands an knees. Blood streaming in his eyes, he finally rose and followed the crowd. I can't be found, I can't be found, they can't find me! Behind him he could hear the dying screams of those who didn't or couldn't escape fast enough.

Matthew contributed to the melee, shoving and pushing his way through the crowd. I have to... I need to-! Frantic and heart beat in his ears, the blond ducked into an ally way to his right, out of the flow, so he could take the side way out of the city and get away.

In the next street over, Matthew lost his resolve and dread began to choke him when he saw it had already been infested with Roman soldiers, pillaging buildings and slaughtering their victims. What really caught his eye though, was a certain warrior with a strange appearance: he had white hair and pale skin. The man made short work of the resisting ones, and others alike. He moved with superhuman speed and strength, executing blows so fast and precise it was impossible. At least it would have been if he was actually human, that is.

It was fascinating and terrifying. Matthew knew there was no way this man was normal. He had never before seen another one of his kind in action, except of course, for his brother. The combination of his head wound, and Matthew's mesmorization with with the unknown man was just enough for his sense of awareness to be hindered, and was oblivious until the weak stone wall directly to the right of him collapsed.

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*Mercury and Vesta: Better known as Hermes and Hestia, the god/goddess of commerce, travelers, and thieves (Hermes; also messenger to the gods and soul carrier) and of the hearth and home (Hestia) in Greek mythology. Ancient Greece and Rome had the same beliefs and and culture more or less. The Roman gods are also said to be the more war-like aspects of the Greek gods. Lupa is my favorite :3 she's the Queen-mother of the wolves.