"Master Rito, I have discovered something!" Kimberly yelled as she gazed through the telescope.

Rito hurried over to Kimberly and she stepped aside, "Look at how Laura's mind is distracted!" she said in an excited voice. "She seems to be grieving over leaving a sister behind in her former home."

Rito peered through the telescope and saw Laura sitting on a couch with her backpack on the floor while she gazed at a picture with a sorrowful expression on her face, "Ah, you are right," he replied cunningly.

As Rito continued to watch Laura, he saw Tommy come over to the couch and sit down next to her.

"Oh ho ho!" Rito cackled in an amused voice. "Kimberly, I believe Laura has stolen your Tommy."

Her eyes widening, Kimberly shoved Rito aside and peered into the telescope; she was horrified and angry to see that Tommy was sitting next to Laura and they looked like they were very friendly.

"That Laura will pay for stealing Tommy," Kimberly hissed angrily. "I'll just steal away her sister from her."

"Can I see what you're looking at, Laura?" Tommy asked as he made himself comfortable on the couch.

Laura sighed and showed the picture to Tommy; it was of her and a younger blonde girl dressed in matching outfits and hugging each other, "This was taken at the mall the last time we snuck out of the apartment to have fun," she explained in a somber voice. "We took it in one of those photo booths."

It had been a week since Laura had sprained her ankle and now, the day after Tommy had been released from the hospital, she was waiting for Dr. Oliver to come let her know where Lt. Stone had placed her.

"You must miss her a lot," Tommy commented as he suddenly lay back. "Sorry, I'm still a bit tired."

Nodding, Laura took back the picture and held it against her chest, "It's all right, you've got the weekend to rest before you go back to school on Monday," she replied in a gentle voice. "And yes, I do miss her."

Tommy yawned and sighed, "I still have a lot of that makeup homework to do," he replied even though he showed no sign of moving from where he was at. "Uncle Frank made me take it easy last week."

"Did I hear someone mention my name?" Dr. Oliver asked in a gentle voice as he came into the room with Adam at his heels and a clipboard in his hand. "How do you like the common room, Laura?"

Laura quickly put the picture back in the box at her feet, "It's nice, Doctor Oliver, sir," she replied in an almost mechanical voice as she looked at Dr. Oliver and Adam. "I'm assuming I have to get my things?"

"Yes," Dr. Oliver replied, making a mental note to talk to Laura about putting emotion in her voice.

Laura sighed and grabbed her box as she got to her feet, "It's been nice talking to you, Tommy," she said in a voice full of hopelessness. "Maybe we'll see each other at school next week. Anyway, bye."

"Tommy, why don't you have a little nap on the couch?" Dr. Oliver suggested as Laura walked over to him and Adam. "I'll come wake you later on after I get Adam and Laura properly situated, okay?"

Exchanging a confused look, Laura and Adam followed Dr. Oliver from the common room and were surprised when he went down the hallway to a door that was closed, "Laura, this will be your bedroom," Dr. Oliver said, smiling as he opened the door. "Why don't you go in and look around while I show Adam his room? If you get tired of being in there, feel free to have a look around the house."

Speechless for the first time in her life, Laura entered the room and saw a large bed in the corner of the room and a dresser, armoire, and mirror in another corner, next to a decent sized closet. She set the box on the dresser and walked over to the bed; was all of this just a dream or had she really been taken in and given a chance at a hopeful future?

"Angel Grove Terminal," a brisk voice said over the bus intercom. "This is the last stop on the route."

Ashley Hammond sighed and winced as she got to her feet. She placed a hand over her stomach and slowly grabbed her backpack from the seat beside her; it was time to go find where Laura was.

Swallowing hard, Ashley slowly made her way to the front of the bus and slowly got off, ignoring the looks she was getting from the other few passengers and the driver over the bruises on her pale face.

"Nice terminal," Ashley commented as she gazed at the small brick structure. "Now, where do I go?"

Quickly realizing that nobody was going to answer her, Ashley started walking away from the terminal with her backpack. She was sore, hungry, and tired; hopefully it wouldn't take long to find Laura.

"Aw, poor little Ashley, are you lost?" Kimberly asked in a mocking tone as she suddenly appeared.

Ashley froze as Kimberly approached her, "You're Laura's sister, right?" Kimberly asked mockingly.

"Where's Laura?" Ashley asked in a scared voice as she gripped her backpack. "What do you want?"

Kimberly cackled, "You will never see Laura again, my dear," she hissed as she moved closer to her.

"Tommy, are we early?" Jason asked as he and Malcolm came into the common room and found Tommy asleep on the couch. He smiled at Malcolm and the two quietly left the room to let Tommy sleep.

Malcolm grinned, "I wonder how Laura and Adam took the news?" he asked as they made their way down the hallway to Dr. Oliver's kitchen and saw that Laura was sitting at the kitchen table. "Hey."

"Malcolm, what are you and Jason doing here?" Laura asked in a surprised voice as she stood up.

Jason smiled, "Did Doctor Oliver show you your new digs?" he asked in a pleasant voice.

"He didn't tell me how much rent I'd have to pay," Laura replied, still unable to believe that Dr. Oliver would offer a free room to her in his house with no conditions attached. "I'm just waiting…"

Jason gave Laura a look, but before he could say anything, Tommy came into the kitchen looking rested but slightly groggy, "Tommy, did your uncle say how much rent I'd have to pay?" Laura asked in a gentle, very uncertain voice. "I only have a very part-time job at the Juice Bar a couple of days a week…"

"Rent?" Tommy asked in a groggy voice, not quite understanding what Laura was asking him. "Huh?"

Malcolm hurried over to the fridge, opened it, and pulled out a bottle of juice, "Drink this," he said as he handed the juice to Tommy. "It'll wake you up a bit so you can answer Laura's question about the rent."

"What rent?" Dr. Oliver asked in a pleasant voice as he entered the kitchen with his clipboard in hand.

Tommy frowned, "Laura's going on about paying rent," he said groggily. "I'm not sure what she means."

"For heaven's sake, Tommy, sit down before you fall down," Dr. Oliver said in a concerned voice.

Nodding, Tommy sat down at the kitchen table just as Adam came into the room, "Right, Adam and Laura, now that you have your rooms, you need the rules," Dr. Oliver said as he took two pieces of paper off the clipboard and handed them to Adam and Laura. "You'll both also have simple chores to do on the weekends and curfew around here is 9 P.M. on school nights, 11 P.M. on weekends, right Tommy?"

Tommy nodded and took a sip of the apple juice, "Homework must be taken care of right as soon as you get home from school, but you may have a snack while doing it," Dr. Oliver continued. "Also, since I am a full-time school counselor, I sometimes have to stay late to counsel students and am too tired to bother with dinner when I get home. So, because of that, you three will also take turns making dinner for everyone each night. Now, I understand that your Ranger duties might sometime interfere with this schedule, so just let me know when they do. Otherwise, I expect you all to do your best in school."

"I'm guessing we also have to meet with the school counselor once a week?" Adam asked nervously.

Dr. Oliver nodded, "We can take care of that later," he replied. "For now, I thought a little get together with all available Rangers and friends of the Rangers would be a nice housewarming present."

"What time is Kat getting here?" Malcolm asked in an eager voice. "I want to show her some moves."

Jason snickered, "You totally have a thing for Kat, bro," he commented in an amused voice.


"What is it, Zordon?" Tommy asked, suddenly becoming alert as he raised his Communicator.

Dr. Oliver scowled at Tommy, "Tommy, teleport to the Command Center immediately," Zordon's voice replied in a grave tone. "Jason, Laura, Malcolm, and Adam, also teleport to the Command Center."

"Be careful, Tommy, I mean it," Dr. Oliver said as he reached into his pocket, took out the White Falcon Ninja Coin and the Morpher, and handed them to Tommy. "Do not try and overdo it, understand me?"

Tommy took the items and suddenly felt a surge of energy run through his body, "I understand," he replied as he gazed at Malcolm, Laura, Jason, and Adam. "Are you guys ready to go?"

All of them nodded and as they teleported away, Dr. Oliver sighed and gently massaged the black gem embedded in an arrowhead that he wore around his neck. There would now be time for David to arrive and think about what he wanted to say before Tommy and the others came back from their mission.

"This is totally a weird place," Ashley murmured to herself as she walked around the Dungeon of Despair and was annoyed to see that the only source of light came from barred windows. "Is anyone in here?"

A faint coughing sound suddenly caught Ashley's attention and she saw Skull lying in the corner of the room facing one of the stone walls, "Hey there, are you okay?" Ashley asked in a concerned voice.

"Who's there?" Skull asked as he rolled and saw a form with a backpack standing nearby. "Hello?"

Ashley slowly walked over to him and saw that he was wearing a hospital gown, scrub pants, and hospital slippers, "Your arm's bleeding," she commented, suddenly noticing blood on his left arm.

"I guess the IV was pulled out," Skull replied in a faint voice as he looked up at her. "Who are you?"

Setting her backpack on the floor, Ashley knelt down next to Skull, "Ashley Hammond," she replied in a gentle voice. "Hey, why are you dressed up like a hospital patient? You look kinda sick."

"I have cancer and I was getting a treatment when I was kidnapped by Kimberly," Skull replied in a tired voice as he forced himself to sit up and look at her. "Why do you look as if you got in a fight?"

Ashley sighed, "My parents and their mean friends beat me up a lot," she replied in a matter-of-fact voice, not thinking that she would ever see the light of day again. "I stole some money from my parents' stash and caught a bus to Angel Grove to be with my sister, Laura. I got kidnapped right away…"

"Nobody's parents should actually WANT to beat them up," Skull replied in a shocked voice, suddenly feeling very sorry for both Laura and Ashley. "You are so pretty and kind, how can anyone…?"

A wave of nausea suddenly hit him and Skull bowed his head, "Just a sec," he said quietly. "Nausea."

"Do you want some of my water?" Ashley asked as she took a bottle of water from a side pocket on her backpack and opened it. "It's only water, but it might help you feel a bit better…who are you, anyway?"

Skull lifted his head, "Eugene Skullovitch," he replied faintly. "I go to Angel Grove High School."

"Oh cool, my sister goes there I think," Ashley replied. "Anyway, Eugene, did you want some water?"

Skull nodded and took the bottle with a shaking hand. He slowly drank for a few seconds, and then stopped, "If I drink any more, I'll just get sick again," he replied, offering the bottle back. "Take it."

"I'm only a little tired, you have cancer," Ashley replied. "Just lie down and rest, okay Eugene?"

Skull gave Ashley a look, "What are you, ten?" he asked in a tired voice. "You're pretty bossy."

"I'll be eleven in a few weeks," Ashley replied in a soft voice. "My sister says that sick people should lie down and rest so they can conserve their energy. You said you were resting before Kimberly kidnapped you."

Skull sighed, but before he could lie down, Kimberly and Rito appeared in the cell, "How does it feel knowing you'll spend the rest of your miserable lives here?" Kimberly sneered at Ashley and Skull.

"Hey, Kimberly, what's that coin around your neck?" Ashley asked in a curious voice, suddenly seeing a gold coin with a Crane symbol on it around Kimberly's neck. "Do you think it could help Eugene?"

Kimberly made a face, "Be quiet, you annoying little brat!" she hissed angrily as she looked to Rito.

"I'll silence her for good," Rito promised as he aimed his bone staff at Ashley. "Say goodnight."

As Rito raised his sword, Skull jumped up and pushed Ashley out of the way as the sword came down on him. Skull groaned as he felt some of his energy slip away and Ashley aimed a hard kick at Kimberly.

"Why you little…" Kimberly hissed as Ashley's shoe grazed her cheek. "You'll pay for that."

Instead of backing off, however, Ashley kicked Rito's sword away from Skull, "Enjoy your time in the Dungeon of Despair, children," Kimberly hissed through gritted teeth. "Master Rito, I have a plan. Let's go find Katherine and her helpless brother. Prince Zedison has the magic we need to conquer."

As Rito and Kimberly disappeared, Ashley knelt down beside Skull, "Eugene, are you okay?" she asked in a worried voice as she took one of his trembling hands in her own. "Eugene, please wake up!"

Laura, Adam, Jason, Tommy, and Malcolm touched down in the Command Center to see that Billy was already there with Alpha, "I told Rocky and Zack that we'd meet at Doctor Oliver's later," he said in an informative tone as the others gathered near him. I think Katherine's coming with Mark and David."

"Rangers, Kimberly and Rito have captured a little girl and are holding her in the Dungeon of Despair with Skull," Zordon stated in a serious tone. "She's in very bad condition as is your friend, Skull."

Laura's eyes widened and she hurried over to the Viewing Globe; she could see Ashley kneeling next to a very still form that she assumed was Skull, "How did Ashley even get to Angel Grove?" she asked.

"Laura, you will have time to find those answers later," Zordon replied. "Now, you must focus."

Laura nodded and turned back to the others as she took out her Morpher, "It's Morphin Time!" she said.

"White Falcon Ninja Power!" Tommy yelled in an energized voice as he whipped out his Morpher.

Jason grunted and whipped out his Morpher, "Red Lion Ninja Power!" he yelled.

"Blue Wolf Ninja Power!" Billy yelled in an excited voice, eager to get another shot at Rito.

Suddenly, Billy's Morpher exploded, sending Billy backwards into one of the consoles. The Coin flew out of Billy's hands and landed on the floor near the secret doorway to the Chamber of Light.

"Billy!" Laura yelled as she ran over to where Billy lay and found him unconscious. "Oh Billy…"

Alpha hurried over to Billy, "I'll take care of him," he said. "The rest of you need to go!"

"Orange Tiger Ninja Power!" Malcolm said in a reluctant voice even though he knew Alpha was right.

Adam was silent for a moment and then got out his Morpher, "Black Frog Ninja Power!" he yelled.

"Rangers, you must hurry," Alpha said as the five remaining Rangers teleported out of the Center.

Two heavy grocery sacks weighed Dr. Oliver down as he headed back to the house from the nearby grocery store after picking up food for the little gathering that day. He saw Rocky and Zack walking towards his house on the other sidewalk and waved to them in hopes they would come help him.

"Hey Doc O!" Rocky called out as he ran across the middle of the road. "Let me give you a hand!"

Dr. Oliver smiled as Zack followed after Rocky, "Let us help you with those," Zack said in an insistent voice as he and Rocky took the grocery bags. "Picking up some supplies for the party, Doctor O.?"

"Yes and I didn't want to drive since it's such a nice day," Dr. Oliver replied in a pleasant voice.

As Rocky grinned, a truck came driving by them, "Hey, that's David, Katherine, and Mark!" Zack said, eager to get a ride to Tommy's place. "Guys, pull over and give us a ride! This stuff is heavy!"

The truck pulled over just a few yards away and Katherine promptly got out, "You guys can sit in the back with the groceries," she said in an amused voice. "Mark's in the back seat trying to study."

"Studying's good," Dr. Oliver replied, pleased that Mark wasn't letting his disability defeat him.

Before Rocky, Zack, or Dr. Oliver could approach the truck, however, Rito appeared in front of the truck and caught sight of Mark in the back seat, "Ah, Prince Zedison!" he crowed. "I must reclaim you!"

"My name's Mark Hillard," Mark replied, confused to who was talking to him. "Not Zedison…"

Rito cackled and aimed his bone sword at the truck, but before he could touch it, Dr. Oliver got right in Rito's face in a fighting stance, "Get out of here you creepy bag of bones," he hissed in an angry voice.

Deeply amused by Dr. Oliver's spunk, Rito scoffed and moved towards the door where Mark was sitting, but Dr. Oliver grabbed Rito and gave him a hard shove away from the truck. Katherine's eyes widened and she quickly moved over to Mark's door to guard her brother from possibly getting hurt by Rito.

Rito growled at Dr. Oliver and promptly punched him in the face with the bone sword, sending Dr. Oliver flying backwards on to the sidewalk, "Now, Katherine, be a good girl and let me have Zedison back."

"His name is Mark!" Katherine yelled as she pushed Rito away. "Leave him alone! I MEAN IT!"

Dr. Oliver groaned and slowly sat up with a bad bruise under one eye and a cut on his forehead above his eyebrow. He watched as Rito pushed Katherine aside and reached for the truck door handle.

"Get away from me, whoever you are!" Mark yelled anxiously, suddenly feeling darkness wash over him.

Rito cringed and quickly moved away, "This is not the end," he hissed right before he disappeared.

"What was that?!" Lieutenant Stone asked as he got out of his car and walked towards the crowd. He had been driving around doing patrol when Rito appeared and had started attacking innocent people.

Katherine didn't respond; she opened the door and quickly threw her arms around Mark, who was trembling from Rito being so close to him, "Relax, Mark, it's Kat," she whispered, hugging him gently.

"Doctor Oliver, you're bleeding," David commented as he turned and saw his uncle sitting on the sidewalk with blood trickling down his face. "I do not understand what that bone monster wanted."

As she continued to hold Mark close, Katherine said nothing; she knew that Rito would try and get Mark to come back to the Dark Dimension, but she didn't know why Rito had suddenly decided to leave. Had Mark chased him away?

Jason, Tommy, Laura, Adam, and Malcolm immediately found themselves surrounded by walls of stone with the only light sources being from barred windows. The air was cold and the floor was even colder.

"Ashley?" Laura said in a nervous voice, silently hoping that her sister was still alive in this awful prison.

There was a faint coughing noise and then Ashley came into view, "Wow, the Power Rangers are actually real!" she said in an excited voice as she looked at all of them. "I didn't think they were."

"Where's Skull?" Jason asked, worried that Skull might have become too weak and passed away.

Ashley sighed, "Eugene's resting in the corner using my backpack as a pillow," she replied in a worried voice as she hurried over to where she had left him to rest. "He was dizzy, so I gave him some water."

"That was good thinking, Ashley," Laura replied in a deeper voice. "We've come to rescue you both."

Before the Rangers could go over to Skull, unfortunately, Kimberly appeared and grinned at seeing the Power Rangers were there, "I thought you and Laura would still be on the couch, Tommy," she sneered in an angry voice as she gazed at Tommy before walking over to Laura. "You stole my man, Yellow."

"Kimberly, what are you talking about?" Laura asked in a surprised voice. "I'm not dating Tommy."

Kimberly laughed and suddenly grabbed Laura by the collar of her Ninja suit, "Your battle is with me," she hissed in an amused voice as she placed her hands around Laura's throat. "Let us begin!"

As Kimberly and Laura vanished, Malcolm and Adam hurried over to where Skull lay, "Ashley, go with the Black Ranger and the Orange Ranger," Tommy said in a commanding voice. "They'll get you two to safety and the Red Ranger and I will go after the Yellow Ranger. You were brave in helping Skull."

"Did you think I would let you get away that easily?" Rito asked as he suddenly appeared before them.

Before any of the Rangers could react, Rito pointed his sword at Ashley, "Back to your parents you go, little girl!" he said as he twirled the sword around. "Naughty little thing you are, running away!"

"Ashley!" Jason yelled as Ashley lost consciousness and vanished from the Dungeon of Despair.

Malcolm knelt down next to Skull, "Adam and I will get Skull out of here," he said as he looked at them.

"Tommy and I will go find where Kimberly took Laura," Jason replied. "Take Skull back to the hospital."

Malcolm nodded and he, Adam, and Skull quickly teleported out of the dungeon, "Would you like to see your yellow friend, boys?" Rito asked in amused voice. "She is being entertained by Kimberly!"

Before Jason or Tommy could reply, they disappeared from the dungeon.

Her power suit and Morpher were gone, Laura realized as she appeared in a wrestling ring surrounded by darkness and cold. Kimberly stood in the far corner of the ring with Rito standing beside her. They were both in sneakers, jeans, and she wore a yellow t-shirt while Kimberly wore a pink t-shirt.

Jason and Tommy suddenly appeared outside the ring, "Kimberly, why are you doing this?" Jason yelled, wondering why Kimberly would think Laura and Tommy were dating when she was just living at Dr. Oliver's house with Adam. "Please listen to us. Tommy and I care about both you and Laura a lot."

"If you cared about me so much, Jason, why did you and the other pathetic Power Rangers leave me behind?!" Kimberly yelled in an angry voice as she glared at her former friend. "Rito saved my life and gave me love and trust! I saved his life and now we're working together to destroy you Power Punks!"

Letting out a violent roar, Kimberly lunged towards Laura and knocked her to the ground, "You're just a nobody who always needs to be saved!" Kimberly yelled as she pulled Laura's hair. "Fight back!"

Not wanting to harm Kimberly because she was under a spell, Laura rolled and pulled herself into an upright position while Kimberly lay there fuming, "Kim, please, I still care about you," Tommy said as he climbed into the ring and walked towards her. "Let's get out of here and go home where we can talk."

Kimberly narrowed her eyes and Tommy suddenly demorphed before collapsing to the floor, "Tommy!" Jason shouted, annoyed when he couldn't seem to get into the ring. "Kim, what did you do to him?"

"He's just drained of his powers," Kimberly replied in an amused voice. "You're lucky I didn't kill him."

Jason quickly demorphed and glared at Kimberly, "What did you do with Laura's sister?" he asked.

"Ashley's gone?" Laura asked even though she knew she had to focus. "What happened to her?"

Rito chuckled, "She's been sent back to Los Angeles with no memory of what happened today," he replied in an amused voice. "You three are never getting out of here without a fight, you know."

Suddenly thinking of something Zordon had once said, Jason managed to get into the ring, "Let's combine our powers and Tommy's," he whispered into Laura's ear. "It will help us to escape."

Laura was about to say that she didn't have her coin or Morpher when Jason reached into his pocket and pulled out her Eagle Coin, "I took these before you were teleported," he whispered, slipping the Coin into her hand. "Let's work together and get Tommy's. If we combine our powers, we'll be safe."

"Okay," Laura whispered as Jason slowly walked over to Tommy and knelt down beside him.

For a moment, Laura was unsure of what to do and then, thinking hard, she assumed a 'damsel-in-distress' expression on her face, "Oh, Kimberly, I fear that you are right about Tommy and I," she said in a helpless voice, silently hoping that Kimberly and Rito would buy it. "Would you please permit me to say some last words to the fearless Falcon before I engage you in a fight to the death like you want me to so much?"

"I suppose," Kimberly replied crossly as she crossed her arms. "Hurry up about it, though!"

Ignoring Jason's bewildered expression, Laura walked over to Tommy and knelt down. She pressed her Power Coin against his and gave him a reassuring look as Jason silently added his coin to theirs.

"We are the Power Rangers," Jason whispered. "Fearless strong warriors who work together…"

Suddenly, Laura, Jason, and Tommy teleported away. "NO!" Kimberly and Rito roared furiously.

"…As a team," Tommy whispered as he, Jason, and Laura appeared in the Command Center.

Alpha hurried over to the three of them, "Rangers!" he exclaimed worriedly as Tommy slowly sat up.

"Are you all right, Tommy?" Jason asked in a concerned voice as he helped Tommy stand up.

Tommy nodded and looked around for Laura, only to find her over near the bed where Billy was laying with his eyes closed, "Zordon, how's Billy doing?" she asked, not wanting to focus on how badly she humiliated herself just to get out of the Dungeon of Despair. "Why did his Morpher explode like that?"

"At this time, Alpha has not been able to determine that," Zordon replied in a grave tone. "However, we will keep Billy here for observation in case there are any lingering side effects. For now, he is sleeping."

Laura nodded and sighed, "I think I'm gonna go back to Doctor Oliver's and go to bed," she said as she turned to Jason and Tommy. "It's been a really long day, I'm tired, and I really want to be alone."

"May the Power protect you, Laura," Zordon said in a gentle voice. "Your rest has been well-earned."

Laura nodded and quickly teleported out of the Command Center before Jason or Tommy could speak, "I am also happy to report that Adam and Malcolm returned Skull to the hospital," Zordon stated in a less somber voice. "Rito did also try and capture Mark Hillard, but luckily, he failed in the attempt…"

"Why is Rito so intent on capturing Mark Hillard?" Jason asked, confused. "Isn't Zedison's power gone?"

Zordon nodded, "As long as Rito doesn't capture him, Mark remains free of the spell that made him a servant of Rita and Zedd's," he replied. "From what I observed, Mark has chosen to be afraid of Rito and of anything remotely evil even though he is now blind. Mark became blind as a result of Ivan Ooze."

"No wonder Katherine's so protective of him," Jason commented. "He's got no memory of that."

Tommy sighed and Zordon gave him a look, "Tommy, before you go home, I want Alpha to run a quick scan on you to make sure that Kimberly didn't inflict any permanent damage on you," Zordon said in a no-nonsense voice. "Jason, you can go home. Malcolm is already there like nothing has happened."

"My Uncle Frank told me not to overdo it," Tommy mumbled as Jason teleported out. "He'll be upset when he sees that I'm really tired."

Relieved to finally have a moment alone, Laura touched down in Dr. Oliver's kitchen and was very surprised to see it completely clean. She sighed; perhaps the party had been called off.

The clock hanging above the kitchen sink read 10:45 and Laura sighed and silently moved down the hallway towards her bedroom. Seeing Ashley, not being able to tell her who she was, losing her again, and then facing a brainwashed Kimberly in a life-or-death situation had made her extremely tired.

"Who's out there?" Dr. Oliver's voice asked as Laura suddenly passed by his slightly open office door.

Laura froze and remained completely silent for a moment; she didn't want to talk to anyone just yet.

Swallowing hard, Laura turned to the door, "Laura, sir," she replied in a nervous voice. "I was just…"

"Why don't you come in?" Dr. Oliver's voice replied. "Tommy's just been filling me in on things."

Fighting the urge to scoff or roll her eyes, Laura pushed open the door and was immediately enamored by the handmade furniture and décor in the room. Dr. Oliver was seated in a black plush chair behind a desk with a computer on it. Large bookshelves filled with books and tiny trinkets lined the back walls.

"What happened to your eye, sir?" Laura asked as she walked into the room and saw his black eye and the bandage on his forehead. "And your forehead?"

Dr. Oliver smiled patiently as he touched his bruised eye, "Just got into a little mishap while I was out walking," he replied gently. "I heard about your sister and I am really sorry. I do think, however, that you shouldn't go looking for her and that you should stay here and grow. There will come opportunity to help her soon enough and please do call me Doctor Oliver, child."

Laura nodded silently, "I also cancelled the party in light of what happened today," Dr. Oliver continued in a gentle voice as he picked up an icepack up off the desk and pressed it against his eye. "We'll plan one for another time, but I think now is the best time for you both to go to your rooms for the night. It's been a long day for everyone and Adam's already asleep in his room."

Swallowing hard, Laura nodded and quietly walked out of the office; she was still very much embarrassed about Kimberly's insinuation that she and Tommy had feelings for each other. She didn't have the courage to show love to anyone right now, Laura thought as she disappeared into her bedroom and closed the door; it was hard enough trying to find love for herself.

Tommy, meanwhile, was very much disturbed by the fact that Kimberly was now evil, no longer cared for him, and had tried to hurt him and those thoughts consumed him as he disappeared into his own room and shut the door. He needed to sleep and meditate on all that had happened since Kimberly had been captured and brainwashed, especially on the events of the day.

Dr. Oliver, meanwhile, remained seated at his desk deep in thought as he silently rubbed the gem that was embedded in the special arrowhead necklace he had gotten as a gift; the Rangers would soon need extra help to continue on.

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