The ship landed on the ground, and the turtle climbed off. The doors opened for both the ERT and the girls. Before they all stepped off, Shinobu said, "Good luck everyone. Come back with Keitaro safely." Naru gave her a thumbs up before sprinting with the others to the sewer hatch. With the door closing, Shinobu took a seat in one of the chairs assigned to her, Sarah and Su.

The little girl clasped her hands together as she whispered, "Please bring them back safely, and please bring back Sempai safe and sound".The girl was brought out of her prayer as a loud rumble was heard. Nentou had already begun the bombardment upon the tower. The Racers and Cyber obliterated one after another like a domino effect.

Down on the ground, the two squads of the "ERT" and "Hina Girls" sprinted for the sewer hatch. Now that Nentou and Su began their assault, it opened up a window for them to sneak in. However, that window of time could be a very short one for all they knew.

Using small portable plasma laser pens (James Bond Style), Shirai and Haitani made short work of the bars to enter the sewers. Once clear of the blockage, it was a matter of popping on a flashlight and sprinting through the sewers.

Like most sewers, there was always a manhole for someone to drop down simply by removing the heavy lid. In Han's case however, the lid was easily popped off with a well aimed punch. The copper top popped of and rolled across the ground like an enormous coin before at last settling flat across the room. The wild dogs jumped out of the hole and searched the room, laser scoped weapons ready.

"Clear", Shirai spoke.

"Clear", Haitani followed.

Once the okay to move was given, the others emerged from the manhole one after the other.

"Skinny this is Tokui, we're in."

"Okay Captain, I'm tracking your signals", Said Keitaro's Martin. "You're in the front right corner of the smaller buildings. I'm guessing Keitaro is in one of those towers."

"Lead us to the front entrance, we'll drop Mutsumi and Kitsune off there first", Tokui said.

"Alright, look to left of the room. There should be a door, take it", Skinny instructed.

"I see it", Tokui responded as he and the rest of the ran for the door.

The rest of Skinny's instructions were fairly easy to follow. Either enter this door, turn left here, stay quiet because of the horse of Cybers up ahead. Despite having such a large group, the team was able to sneakily make it to the front entrance.

"Skinny, we're here in the front", Tokui spoke through the commlink.

"Captain we've got a problem", Skinny shouted. "The Ultimate Systems in the tower have activated!"

"WHAT", Yelled Tokui.

"The Ultimate Systems", Naru asked. "What does that mean?"

"This tower has three key pointed to being impregnable", Tokui dreaded. "An impenetrable energy shield, heavy fire antiaircraft weapons, and a factory to create Cybers for ground combat."

Tokui pulled at his hair while trying to think of a plan.

"This is bad, this is bad! This is very, very bad", Tokui continued. "The way this is going, they'll shoot down Su and Nentou, and they'll overrun us with factory made enemies before we could reach Keitaro."

"What do we do now", Motoko asked.

Once again, Skinny'a voice rang through the commlinks for everyone to hear.

"Okay boys and girls listen up, I'm gonna sneak in through all the chaos and shut down the Ultimate Systems! You do your best to reach Keitaro! Sarah will guide you through the base to find him!"

"Understood", Said Tokui. "Good luck, and run! Run you clever, clever boy!"

Skinny cut off his commlink to start on his virus job. The Martin avoided telling them that Shinobu was needed, as it could weigh heavy on their minds during the mission.

Tokui faced Mutsumi and Kitsune as he handed them an arsenal of weapons.

"Kitsune, Mutsumi, we're counting on you to have the doors clear for us when we make our getaway", Said Tokui.

"Don't worry about us Sugar", Kitsune told them. "We'll take care of 'em."

"Just bring Keitaro back safely okay", Mutsumi spoke.

"We'll get him back, I promise", Tokui assured them.

The ERT captain led his team deeper and deeper into the heart of the enemy base, leaving Kitsune and Mutsumi to guard the door. In their hands were large pulse rifles. Most likely very high tech, and very powerful machine guns.

"Kitsune", Mutsumi questioned, "How do we use these things?"

"Honey, I have no idea", Was all Kitsune could say as she looked over the weapon for any clue on how to use it.

Sarah at the time was busy checking over a monitor screen as she remained in the flying turtle with Su.

"Okay, take a left up ahead, there should be a large room with some stairs.

"Okay, I see the door", Tokui said.

In a fraction of a second, the steel door was kicked in before Shirai and Haitani tucked and rolled into the room. After a quick inspection of the room using the scopes of their guns, the wild dogs confirmed the room was clear. The room was about the size of a basket ball court, and dark...Very Dark.

"Sarah, we need eyes Sarah", Tokui said.

"Center, dead ahead, there should be some spiraling stairs.

Naru was in charge of holding the flashlight. With a few zigzagging rays of light, Naru spied the stairs. No time was waisted before they all single filled up the stairs.

Suddenly, Sarah's monitor began blinking a red light. The blue lights were her friends, but the red light was something else.

"Woah wait a minute, there's something else in the room with you!"

Sarah's warning would come a little too late. In a blinding light, a great surge of electricity lit up the whole room. The group either closes or shielded their eyes for protection. This would be a near fatal mistake. The bolt of lightning bounced back and forth against the walls. Along these bounces, the electricity hit the too of the stairs.

Thankfully, the metal used for these stairs did not hold and electrical current. None of them had to worry about being electrocuted, but now they had to worry about falling. During one of the bounces, the stars broke apart from their hinges. With no support, the spiraling stairs began to tip over. A fall from his height would do significant damage to anyone. Still, they had trained soldiers on their sides.

Han was the last in line to take the stairs. Before he could start climbing, the super strong soldier grabbed hold of the stair railings. Han supported the stairs in place for his comrades.

"Go, hurry", Han shouted while holding the stairs in place.

Knowing Han's intention, the entire crew stepped off the stairs to reach the top level. Only a few remained, and all seemed set, until the bolt of lightning came back. The electricity hit Han dead in the chest. Up above, Naru was the last one on the stairs. Farther and farther away the stairs separated from the platform. In a last ditch effort, Naru jumped for the platform. She would have fallen down to the floor below if Motoko and Tokui were not there to grab her arms.

The electricity continued to push back Han. Somehow, he managed to grab the electrical current and throw it over his shoulder. Being able to grab electricity was indeed, a very odd thing. It only got weirder as the electricity took form. Standing before them was the "Lightning Bolt" project subject, Zeus.

"Aw, the Mighty Han", Zeus thundered. "I've been anticipating our next battle."

Han stared down the larger man as Tokui and Motoko helps Naru back to her feet.

"Motoko", Tokui said, "Take the others and find Keitaro! I'll stay here with Han."

"No Captain", Han spoke. "I'll take care of Zeus!"

Han took a fighting stance preparing for whatever Zeus threw at him.

When no one moved Han shouted, "Go now, Keitaro doesn't have a lot of time!"

Tokui's captain instincts kicked in again. Ordering everyone to follow, the team moved on...All except for Kanako. Naru was the first to notice how the black haired girl never budged.

"Kanako", Naru asked. "Kanako c'mon let's go."

"I can't", Said Kanako.

Keitaro's adoptive sister pulled out a sleek black rope from some mysterious hiding spot.

"Kanako, what are you doing", Naru nervously asked.

Naru screeched the name "Kanako", as she watched her dibe from the platform. Tokui and Motoko rushed to the edge alongside Naru. By using her mastery over a rope to rapidly lower herself to the floor below, Kanako landed safely behind Han. The bigger soldier was quite startled by who he saw in his confrontation with Zeus.

"Kanako, what are you doing here?! I told you to leave Zeus to me!"

"You need a partner", Kanako argued.

"No Kanako, he's too powerful!"

"You're right he's too powerful! Think of what he did to you last time", Kanako pointed out.

Han suddenly remember the scar Zeus left on his right rib cage. It was something he didn't want to see happen to Kanako or anyone else. Looking Kanako in the eyes, he now knew that she also didn't want him to suffer any more injuries from Zeus. Together, they had a better chance of taking down their opponent with less injuries. Even so, Han knew deep down no matter what he said to her, she wasn't going to back down.

"Naru, please", Kanako pleaded, "Save my brother! You're the one he needs the most, I've seen it in his eyes!"

"Kanako...Okay, Kanako", Naru told her. "I'll bring him back, I promise!"

As Naru and Kanako exchanged words, Tokui pulled out a plastic cylinder about the size of a soda can. He called to Han before tossing it to his comrade.

"Be on your toes soldier", Tokui said as Han caught the object.

With that, Tokui left Han and Kanako to their battle. Both glanced back one more time before returning their gaze to Zeus. With a smirk on his face, Zeus recharges the electricity around his body.

The shields for the tower had now been shut off, leaving the base open for assault. The guns for aligned on the base were powerful, but could be taken out with heavy missiles or ship artillery.

"How are you holding up there Su", Nentou called through the microphone.

"I'm aye okay", Su gave a thumbs up.

Sarah on the other hand wasn't feeling so well. Inside the flying turtle, the poor blonde staggered left and right as swirls took place of her pupils. Su was laughing like mad man, too obsessed with destroying the machines. Sarah got hold of her commlink as she heard an emergency plea through the speaker.

"Sarah, Su, we got trouble here", Kitsune could be heard over a thunderous boom.

Currently, Mutsumi and Kitsune hid behind a fallen pillar. On the other side of the pillar, the two were barraged by a whole squadron of Cybers.

"They're everywhere", Kitsune yelled.

"What do we do now", Asked Mutsumi.

The two were fresh out of ideas, defenses, and places to hide. It would only be a matter of time before they were completely overrun. Kitsune held her shaking hands together and prayed for a miracle. Wether it be a god, or Angel, or Keitaro, or a sheer spit of luck, Kitsune prayed.

It was then the firing noises changed to the sound of clashing metal. From the other side, the Cybers began to fall at the hands of a mysterious stranger who either bashed, or sliced the enemies to pieces.

"What did this", Mutsumi asked dumbfounded.

"I don't know", Kitsune said as she leaned on the wall, thankful to be saved by whoever destroyed their enemies for them.

The remaining team listened to Sarah's orders on where to go next. This new pathway was lit up by very little lights. Naru looked back as he ran, worried about who Kanako and Han were dealing with.

"Han, Kanako, please be careful", Naru mentally ordered her friends.

In the front of the pack, Tokui led them as best as he could in the dark. A small flicker with the sound of a quick wiz zing noise caught his attention. Tokui immediately responded by drawing his tanto. With expertice speed, Tokui blocked three flying daggers. Immediately, everyone took a defensive position. A pair of hands slowly clapped, causing an echo effect in the corridors.

"Well done", A feminine voice cheered.

Standing above them, upside down, with no climbing gear, was the project Venom subject, Viperous.

"Aw, so it's you again", Said Tokui. "I knew I should have killed you back in Baghdad!"

Viperous chuckled, "Oh me, oh my, that's such a cute way of sayin hello. Still, this hello is also going to be goodbye."

The floor beneath began to crumble. Crawling out of the hole, was another reptile like opponent, Draconian. Tokui took a defensive stance as Shirai and Haitani readied their blasters. However, Tokui held his arm up, prevented them both from firing.

"Shirai, Haitani, take the others and save Keitaro. I'll handle them."

"Those are some pretty bold words for such a little man", Draconian hissed while liking his jaws.

"Tokui, you can't take those two on alone", Naru deducted aloud.

They all knew about Tokui'a phobia of lizards. Having him panic in a critical situation like this, could be the end of him and everyone else.

"Naru, I meant what I said when I told you that you may be the key to getting Keitaro back", Tokui said. "It's up to you now to lead the rest of them to Keitaro. I'll watch your back, and the rest of the team will cover you. You have Shirai, Haitani, and Motoko to guard you. you must guide them though."

"Correction", Motoko said stepping in, "She'll need Shirai and Haitani to guard her. You'll need me to guard you."

About twenty question marks popped over Tokui's head.

"Motoko wait, this isn't your job. I have to handle this on my own", Tokui said.

"Tokui, you're a great soldier, and an even better warrior", Motoko complemented. "But, you're still family. Keitaro is family, we're all family, and family doesn't face their problems alone. You and Keitaro taught me that."

Tokui closed his eyes and smiled.

"You've grown up since the last time we met."

Motoko snapped, "Now don't go talking like you're MY commander. I'm still YOUR Sempai!"

"You're right", Tokui answered, "Let's go!"

"What about us Captain", Shirai called.

"Shirai, Haitani, it's up to you two to lead the assault. Keep Naru safe, we'll catch up to you."

"Yeah Captain", Haitani saluted.

Tokui watched the three take off without them. Naru would definitely be safe. She was in good hands. However, he wasn't entirely sure if he would be as okay as her. He gulped slightly as he faced Draconian. Despite being trained for battle, he still had a phobia of lizards, and Draconian was no exception.

"Stay alert", Motoko warned. "Fear can consume a person if they let it."

"Right", Said Tokui as he drew his Tanto.

Looking at this on a brighter side, maybe he would be ok. He did have Motoko on his side.

The chaotic battlefield outside of the base was in a whole new scale of insane. Su's rockets had now destroyed a turret on top of the building.

"That's scratch one bogey", Sarah shouted.

"There's still one to go", Nentou spoke on her monitor

The brave ERT pilot followed a dot on his monitor. "Huh", He asled himself. A large object caught Nentou's attention. This object was way too big to be a missile, or a helicopter, as it dwarfed his own flying machine. It was heading for Su's turtle ship At an astonishing speed.

"Su watch out! You got a bogey heading for you, fast!"

It was too late. The massive object revealed itself as it appeared in Nentou's front windshield. What awaited Nentou's vision was something astonishing and frightening. A massive, long, black and white, dragon like ship not only crashed into Su's turtle, but it seized er tiny ship in it gaping jaws.

"Aw, I'm hit", Su screamed.

On all of their monitors, an ugly face, matching an ugly laugh spoke from inside of the dragon ship.

"it is now time to discipline the naughty children for the last time", Darius dad as he worked more of the levers and knobs at his control panel.

The jaws around Su's tiny ship began to increase their pressure. It slowly crushed the aircraft with a sound that was similar to someone crushing a soda can.

"NENTOOOOOU", Sarah cried in fear.

With two less people on the assault, it was now up to Shirai, Haitani, and Naru to lead the rescue for Keitaro. One room after another, Shirai and Haitani bashed the door down and searched thoroughly.

"Sarah, can you hear me", Naru asked through the commlink. "Sarah! She's not responding!"

As Naru fiddled with the commlink trying to get a signal, she neglected to watch where she was going. There was a corridor to their left, in which an enemy waited for their prey. Naru was dead in their target zone. The one to react faster than any of them, was Shirai. The Wild Dog tackled Naru out of the firing zone, as ammo from a Gatling Gun zoomed past them. The firing continued for sometime as an all too familiar voice called them.

"Is this all that is left of the ERT", Neon said.

"Yep, this is all", Yelled Haitani.

"Aw, tsk-tsk-tsk, so disappointing. I was hoping there would be more", Neon said as he reloaded his weapon. "Taking you down will be all too easy."

"Yeah...Well how bout both of us?! HUH?! What do you say about that", Haitani yelled. He looked to the opposite end of the hall, back to Naru and Shirai.

"What do you think of that Shirai?!"

Shirai grinned, "We ride together, we die together!"

Haitani shouted, "Bad boys for life!"

"If you go, we go", Shirai loudly responded.

"It ain't easy having pals", Said Haitani With a sigh.

He took another look to Naru.

"I'm sorry Naru, looks like this is where we split."

"What do you mean", Naru asked with a hint of fright.

"Naru, it's up to you now", Said Haitani. "You're our last hope to save Keitaro."

"No, I can't", Naru tried to reason. "I can't save Keitaro by myself. I couldn't even do anything when they took him away! I'm not strong enough! I can't..."

Shirai grabbed her shoulder and looked her dead in the face.

"You CAN do it Naru...He believes in you...Heck, we all believe in you. I believe in you more than I believe in this guy", Shirai said pointing to Haitani.

"Oh yeah, great motivation Shirai", Haitani sneered.

"The point is, you can do it Naru", Shirai reassured her.

The soldier pulled out a Glock 26 handgun, before handing it to her.

"Here, just in case", Shirai said.

Shirai saluted her before signaling to Haitani.

"Okay, here we come you Sonuvabitch", Haitani yelled.

Both Wild Dogs tossed in a smoke grenade. The gas blinded Neon as Shirai shot the panel to shut the door closed. As the door slowly slid shut, Shirai and Haitani unloaded everything in their M-16s. This was the perfect opportunity for Naru to slip away, and go after Keitaro. She only prayed that she wasn't too late.

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"We ride together, we die together!"

"Bad boys for life!"

"If you go, we go!"

"It ain't easy having pals!"