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Kim Possible: Dance Fever

By LJ58


Shego was sitting and staring at the second, or was it third cup of coffee she had poured when she heard something slam against the outer door.

Someone outside howled in agony, proving it wasn't Kim, and Shego was instantly on her feet even as she glanced down the short hall toward the bedroom. Knowing diversions were an all classical part of the usual formula, she ignored the door, and headed right for the bedroom door.

Bonnie screeched as Shego plowed through the wooden barrier like it was tissue, took her in at a glance, and then faced the window.

"Off the bed," she snapped, and put herself between the bed and the window. "Get down, woman!"

Bonnie barely rolled off the bed, dropping her magazine, when a burst of bright blue evaporated the safety bars, glass, and a good section of the wall in front of Shego.

"Boy, did you guys come to the wrong place," Shego smiled as she raised her hands, and let the raw, cosmic might flow from her hands as the four henches in a hover pod gaped at her.

"No one said she was here," one of the men complained.

"Screw this bonus," the man at the wheel huffed, and spun the pod around, and flew off.

"Smart guy," Shego muttered as the noise from the living room increased. She idly wondered if she had ever worked with the guy. It was always possible.

Right before an explosion sounded that almost deafened her.

She wasn't, of course. She knew, because she heard that second screech from the girl cowering by the bed as another six men in Henchco Red poured into the bedroom.

"Shego," one of them exclaimed. "What are you doing here?"

"I might ask you the same," she demanded. "You're really making me regret this favor, and the last time that happened….."

The man swallowed hard as a beefy man in black chinos and a yellow tee bulled his way through.

"What is the holdup? Honestly, if you want something done, you really must do it yourself. Or, at least, get someone on the payroll that is competent."

"Junior," Bonnie and Shego both sputtered.

"Shego," he exclaimed. "You're after my ex, too?"

"Too," Shego and Bonnie both echoed.

"To be honest, I don't really care, but if you'll just let me complete my business, I'll be….."

One of the six men suddenly went down hard, and before the other five could react, a redheaded figure landed where the man had been, and put herself between the invaders, and Bonnie.

"I hope you have good insurance, Junior," Kim hissed, both fists clenched, and ready. "Because I intend to be compensated for the damage you've done to my home."

"Her home," another of the men grimaced. "This is….her home?"

"And Shego's here?"

"Man, you did not pay us for this kind of grief," another of the henches complained. "We are out of here."

"Yep. Later, Mr S. Call us when you have a real caper."

"No offense, Ms. Possible, we'll just be going," another said, holding up his hands. His empty hands, as he pointedly dropped his stun baton.

"Are you kidding me," Shego complained, watching the five conscious men flee at her outburst.

Leaving Junior standing there alone with one unconscious hench at his side.

"You have five minutes to explain…. No," Kim cut herself off as she stepped over the unconscious hench, and glared at Junior. "You have ten seconds. Explain yourself."

"I just needed Bonnie's signature. I'm sure she is ready to sign my papers now, since my clever plan has obviously led her to rediscover her lost love by now."

All three women stared at him incredulously.

"So," Shego smirked. "You still don't make any sense," she told the playboy.

"Junior, what are you talking about," Bonnie complained as she regained her feet, and tried to regain her composure.

"I think I can guess," Kim said quietly now as she eyed the pampered rich boy. "He's probably behind the attacks he used Brick to carry out against you."

Bonnie turned to gape at her.

"Brick? It was Brick?"

"It was," Kim nodded as she kept her eyes on Junior. Just in case.

"Brick Flagg," Bonnie asked once more just to be sure.

Kim nodded.


"That's a very good question," Kim said, pushing Junior out of her bedroom, and back toward the ruined living area where it was quickly evident that his men had given up trying to break down the door, and simply smashed through the wall.

It made Kim all the angrier as she back Junior toward a chair.

"Sit. And start talking."

"Well, I do favor talking," he readily agreed, seeing just how angry all three women were just then.

"Let me get this straight," Bonnie cut in. "Brick was attacking me? On your orders?"

"Well, it was all part of my clever plan," Junior remarked, sounding a bit smug over his apparent cleverness.

"This, I have to hear. Junior, with a plan?"

"Hush, Shego," Kim grumbled. "And, you," she told Junior, one fist still raised. "Spill it. But make sense for a change. Or I'll call an ambulance, instead of the cops."

"Why would you call an ambulance, Kim Possible, when no one is even…. Oh," he said, her gloved fist shoved just a half inch from his nose. "Well, it is quite simple…."

"It'd have to be," Bonnie and Shego both quipped as one.

Fifteen minutes later, Bonnie just stared at him as Kim asked, "And Brick agreed?"

"Well, he has his own problems, and he felt my plan would benefit him if he worked it to his benefit."

"How does killing me benefit him," Bonnie sputtered.

"But he wasn't going to kill you," Junior protested. "He was just going to scare you into marrying him."

"That so does not make sense," Shego groaned. "Just call the harpy, Princess. I'm ready for this night be over."

"She's got a team on the way."

"What harpy? Why did you call….?"

"GJ," someone shouted as five men in blue uniforms burst into the room. "No one move!"

"Doy," Shego muttered as five armed men trained weapons on the room.

"Behave, Shego," Kim said curtly.

"Possible," a familiar, dry tone sounded as the redhead turned to face a sixth figure in blue. "And….Shego. How….surprising."

"What can I say," Shego quipped. "I live to keep you amused," she told the ramrod stiff sixth man in blue.

"She's a houseguest," Kim added quickly. "She wasn't doing anything."

"I can tell," Will Du drawled, eyeing the destruction around her.

"Actually, that was Junior's doing. There's a downed hench in the bedroom, too."

"Junior," the agent said doubtfully.

"Well, his henches," Shego added. "You just missed them. They all ran away when they realized he didn't mention he was breaking into Kimmie's crib."

"Except the unconscious one," Bonnie pointed out.

"Indeed," the man remarked dryly as ever. Then nodded at Junior, telling his men, "Get him out of here."

"Don't forget the hench in my bedroom," Kim called.

"But she hasn't yet signed the papers," Junior wailed as he was dragged away.

"Tell me you interrogated him already," Will demanded of Kim. "Because I do not want to spend the rest of my night trying to get that imbecile to make any sense."

"Unfortunately, while I put the pieces together after he gave me…..something of a confession, it still won't make any sense."

"When did he ever," Shego asked, rolling his eyes.

"Just give me the summary," Will Du snapped.

"The summary is, he was using Brick Flagg to apparently try to scare her into marrying him."

"The same young man you had arrested earlier tonight?"

"The same. How they expected that to work, or what Flagg wanted out of this….stupidity, isn't known. I did figure out Junior's role, though. Apparently," she said, eyeing Bonnie. "When Bonnie parted, Junior signed a very generous, and ongoing alimony agreement with her. The kind that has his father a little upset with his son as he was so overly generous. Said alimony would only end with her death, or remarriage."


"The wording," Kim said discreetly, "Implied she would marry a man. Without embarrassing her, let's just say that wasn't going to be likely anytime soon, and the older Senior was apparently upset about that loophole. Hence, Junior's plot to scare her into marriage. Or, at least, into signing a waiver on the alimony," she said, holding up a paper taken from him that was rather clumsily written out that stated that the former Mrs. Senior would give up his 'magnanimous gesture of support' as unnecessary.

"So, he remains an idiot," Will sighed, taking the paper to scan it.

"Yes. You'll need to see Flagg to ascertain his own motives, or thinking."

"Indeed. Well, Ms. Rockwaller, it looks like you should be safe enough. Once we ensure the elder Senior wasn't a part of this….fiasco, I'm confident your life will return to normal soon enough."

"Thank God. But I still want to know why Brick hurt Jaime so badly if he was supposedly only trying to scare me."

"That one does concern me," Kim agreed.

"I'm more concerned with where Shego went," Will suddenly frowned, looking around as he abruptly realized the green-skinned woman had just vanished.

"Uh, out," Kim offered.

"Tell me, Possible. How is it you were even able to contact her? Did you, or did you not tell me you weren't sure about her location the last time I asked?"

"Well, at the time, I wasn't," Kim pointed out reasonably.

"Indeed," Will eyed her. "We'll be discussing this one, Agent Possible. My office, Monday morning. Nine sharp."


Nine. Sharp."

Kim only sighed as the man walked out of the ruined apartment.

"Man," Kim groaned.

"Is it really over," Kim was asked as Bonnie looked to her.

"I think so. If Senor Senior were involved, it wouldn't have been such a sloppy operation. Still, it won't hurt to call him up, and find out if he knew what his son was doing." Her expression darkened, and she added, "Besides, they owe me for what Junior did to my place. No way am I paying for fixing this mess."

Bonnie just stared around her.

"Well, I'm going home. I don't think this is a very safe place to be anymore."

"I'll stay with you until we're certain you're really in the clear," Kim told her as she followed her to the bedroom.

Bonnie huffed.

"You're just saying that because you don't have an apartment any longer," she commented.

Kim said nothing to that as she went to pack her own bag.


The debriefing was rather anticlimactic once they put Junior and Brick's tales together. Junior was trying to ease his father's ire over his very generous alimony settled on his former bride. Brick, who had blown out his knee in college, found himself fearing a long slide into obscurity, and saw Bonnie's rising star as his ticket back to fame and fortune. Only he didn't think his wedding plans would be accomplished when he realized almost at once that she and Jaime were obviously more than just friends.

He followed Junior's plans to 'scare' Bonnie into cooperation long enough to give him a way of taking Jaime out of the picture. He then felt a few more scares would make her come running to an old friend who would offer her safety, and security.

Instead, she had hired Kim Possible.

His ire at both women had him ranting as loudly as any real villain over Kim getting in the way of all his 'clever' plans. Said plans being conjured by Junior, and backed by the shallow playboy.

In the end, though, Kim chose to make an offer to the injured Jaime that shocked Bonnie, but made her beyond hopeful as she spent all of her new free time in the hospital with her 'more than a friend.'

Kim told the brunette of how her friend Wade, and a few backers, might be willing to take on her friend as a patient in a highly experimental, but very promising operation that would ensure the woman got back on her feet without problems.

Bonnie had first been hesitant only due to her natural suspicion, but Jaime had jumped at the chance since her injuries had her facing life in a wheelchair at best.

Three weeks later, Bonnie joined Kim at the hospital where a groundbreaking operation was already underway in a private wing of the facility.

"How's she doing," Bonnie asked Kim as she ignored the tall, muscular teen standing nearby in an antechamber, advising doctors on the surgical implants as he studied a laptop he held while he sit in the observation booth on the far side of the theater.

"She's doing fine," a one-eyed, graying brunette told her as she entered. "And we are very confident that the new prosthetics are going to make your friend better than ever."

Bonnie nodded at Dr. Director, and eyed Kim. "I don't know how to thank you. Jaime…. She means a lot to me," she admitted.

"I figured that out a while back," Kim told her. "I'm just glad I could help."

"I'll be in touch, Possible," the one-eyed woman told her curtly. "We still have to discuss that other matter you keep ducking when you return."

"Sure, ah, Betty," she said, and only nodded at the woman in a plain, blue dress who walked out without looking back.

She knew Betty was upset at her for covering with Shego. Not half so angry as Shego for getting sucked into the dumbest sitch in her entire life. Shego's words. Their tentative truce was going to need some serious TLC after this one.

"Is she your next job?"

"Betty? She's….an acquaintance. She's actually helping finance my lab, and this surgery," she told her blandly, knowing Dr. Betty Director wouldn't want her cover blown to a ballerina with a huge press following. GJ, after all, was still mostly a covert agency that operated best in the shadows behind their own public image. Which was why so few people knew, or even realized that Dr. Kim Possible was one of their special top operatives.

Bonnie stared at the shrouded figure beneath sheets obscured by what had to be a dozen doctors and nurses. "And she's just doing this out of the goodness of her heart?"

Kim understood the brunette's cynical remark. "This is….admittedly all experimental, Bonnie. But if it works, Jaime is going to go down in history for revolutionizing cybernetic prosthetics in a big way. It could be the answer to prayers for a lot of people who have lost limbs, or suffered varying degrees of paralysis."

"Just as long as no one expects her to start running off to play hero, or something silly like that," Bonnie huffed.

Kim smiled. "I'm sure that's not likely to happen," Kim told her firmly as they waited for the surgery to end, and Wade to confirm, or deny its efficacy.

Ten hours later, Wade turned a weary gaze toward the waiting women, and offered a thumb's up.

"She's going to be fine," he told them though the intercom. "In fact, she's going to be better than fine," he smiled knowingly as the laptop he closed showed the implants and prosthetics operating just as their theoretical designs had intended.

Jaime Summers had just become the world's first truly cybernetically-enhanced human. Wade couldn't wait to see just what she could really do.

Never the End…..