A/N: Sorry the first chapter took so long. I typed it out before, but my computer shut off before I could save it… So, I'm trying again and I hope this works! I also hope you like the story! Here we go!

Note: This was written before I knew about QWERTY's improvement/update.

Setting: Countertop

(Bob is standing with the Boyz in the Sink)

Bob: Hi, kids! And welcome to VeggieTales! I'm Bob the Tomato.

Larry: And we are…

Boyz: The Boyz in the Sink! (they pose while a picture is taken)

Bob: Uh…who?

Lunt: Our brand-new boy band!

Junior: Yeah. A rock band!

Bob: (still a little unsure) Okay... Um, what are you doing here?

Larry: Helping you with the letter for the day!

Lunt: But instead of a letter, we have QWERTY! (hops to QWERTY with the Boyz)

Bob: Oh, no… [if he could face-palm, he would right about now.]

Jimmy: And we have an email from someone who needs our help.

Bob: Wait a second, wait a second. We have an email? What happened to-?

Larry: (a letter appears on the screen) This email is from Tracy from New York, New York. Oooh! They named it twice! It's kinda catchy, too. It should be the title of a hit song!

(Bob just looks at the camera like, "are you kidding me?")

Larry: She writes, "Dear Bob and the Boyz in the Sink, I am a huge fan of your show and your songs." Hey, thanks!

Junior: We made a CD! Get it if you didn't already!

Lunt: (holds up the BITS CD) Sold at your local Stuff Marts. :)

Bob: (rolls his eyes) Oh, boy…

Larry: "I'm in a talent show at school and I have a problem. I'm in a group with some of my friends and we put together an act for it. My problem is that I want to do something different, but everyone doesn't like my ideas. Should I just quit and go solo for the talent show or try to work with my friends again?"

Bob: Oooh, that's a toughie.

Jimmy: No, it's not. I have the answer, uh…I think.

Junior: Really? That was fast.

Lunt: This must be a record for the shortest episode ever. Hey! We'll be in the Guinness book of Records!

Jimmy: The answer is: if no one accepts your ideas, who needs them? Go on your own!

Bob: What?! Jimmy, I don't think that's right.

Lunt: It's not right! We had a problem like this once. (looks at Larry) Didn't we, Larry?

Larry: What? Why are you staring at me?

Lunt: Oh, really? How quickly we forget the time the band split up!

Bob: Umm...when did-? Okay, I'm officially lost.

Larry: I officially lost something, too! I lost my new hairbrush. Have you seen it, Bob?

Bob: (sighs and shakes his head)

Lunt: (looks at the camera) Look, Tracy, since you're such a big fan of ours, we have a special Boyz in the Sink story just for you!

Bob: But, I thought we-

Junior: Roll it!

Bob: Now, wait a minute!

Lunt: Either we start the story or you're going to hear your favorite song for 45 minutes.

And so what we have learned-

Bob: Ahhh! ROLL IT! ROLL IT! What're you waiting for? Roll the film!

Lunt: (chuckles) I knew that'd get him.