Chapter 1

The Beginning

"Reincarnation… do you believe that only the human body dies but the soul relives in another form?" Alice read loudly.

"What? That's nuts!" Claire answered. They both laughed.

"But what if it's true? Hm… I wonder who I am in my past life." Alice muttered.

"Who knows? Hey wait! I told you to look for a place t stay in at Raccoon City, not to read stupid articles!"

"Ooops! Sorry… it just caught my attention." Alice smirked.

"What should I expect from a supernatural fanatic?" Claire smiled.

"Well, who wouldn't be interested?"

"Oh, I do!" Claire answered and they both laughed.

Alice continued reading the article before doing what she was assigned to do. They were checking out Raccoon City because Claire was assigned to do some work there.

"Look! Awesome!" Alice shouted.

"What? Found something... Oh, hm… a centennial house?"

"Yeah! And it's also a hotel." Alice's eyes widen as she look closer to the monitor. Then she turned to Claire and gave her a big smile.

"Oh no. What's with that smile? You're not thinking of staying there, are you? Tell me!"

"Oh please! Claire, it's so beautiful and it's cheaper than the other hotels. It's a nice place to stay." Alice begged.

"No! Look at it! It's so creepy, who would want to stay in a place like that?"

"I do! Please Claire… or else, I won't come with you!" Alice demanded.

"What? Blackmail, huh? That won't work."

"Oh really huh. You're going there alone?"

"Why not? I can handle it by myself!"


Alice knows that Claire can't. In just a few seconds, she will be begging Alice to come with her. And just like what she expected.

"Oh Alice, don't do this to me. You're my partner."

"Well, all I was just asking…"

"Fine. We'll stay there if that's what you want."

"Great! You're the nicest person ever!" Alice went to Claire and gave her a hug.

"I know. Besides, it's only for a month. What could happen in a month?"