Chapter 11

The Confusion

Matt was about to leave when the door flung open.


"Claire…" Alice was surprised.

The redhead gave her a look that was not hard to decipher. She wants her to invite Matt inside, but Alice was not going to give in, just as Claire guessed so she did it for herself.

"Matt, right?" Claire greeted. "Why don't you come in?"

"Er, I do—"

"Don't be silly, come inside. I haven't thank you for helping my friend yet."

"No, it's okay…"

Claire dragged him inside, leaving Alice no choice but to just follow and close the door.

"By the way, I'm Claire." She offered her hand. "We met at the church, remember?"

"Yup, I never forget that. I'm Matt." He took her hand and shook it.

The redhead gestured him to sit down. Alice proceeded to the counter and unloaded the paper bags.

Claire and Matt stayed at the living area and chatted. Alice tried not to listen but Claire's voice was just so loud. Her voice was full of so much happiness, happiness that Alice would've shared with her if it wasn't about of Matt.

She sighed.

"Will it be too much if I want to be with Matt even if my best friend likes him too?"

"Of course, silly! She has been there for you since you know when; she shared everything with you and tried to give you what you needed."

"But she also has everything, friends, money, work and family…"

"You also have friends, and family, she's your family and everything she own was yours as well."

Alice closed her eyes and let out another long sigh. Two pairs of eyes were staring at her when she opened her eyes. Matt was trying to keep himself from laughing.

"What?" Alice asked, puzzled.

"Are you okay?" Claire replied.

"Uh, yeah. Why?"

"You've been standing there and making faces…"

"Oh. Really?" the blonde bit her lower lip."Er, well I was actually thinking which sandwich taste better.

Alice raised two kinds of sandwiches on both hands. This time, Matt wasn't prepared and a loud laugh emerged from his throat.

"Hey! What's funny?!" Alice shouted.

Matt was literally rolling on the floor, unable to answer the blonde. Alice looked at Claire who was mouthing something she can't understand.


Claire pointed on one of the sandwiches Alice was holding. She ducked under the counter when she finally realized what she was holding. It was indeed a sandwich, but with different purpose.

"Oh crap!" she shouted. Claire approached her.

"Are you really okay? You seemed occupied, Alice. Maybe you should take a rest, now." Claire winked.

Alice immediately caught the hidden message, Claire wants Matt all by herself.

"Yeah, I think so too…" the blonde got up and put the 'sandwiches' back in the paper bags.

Matt was regaining composure and was just giggling when she looked at him.

"Sorry, 's just you took me off guard." Matt said, wiping tears in his eyes.

"Very funny. I'll go ahead!"

"The time of the month, huh?" Matt chuckled.

"Stop it! Ugh! Goodnight!"

"Goodnight, Alice." Claire said.

As soon as Alice was out of the living area, Matt stood up.

"I better go."

"No, stay. Please." Claire pleaded.

"Er, it's late."

"Well, yeah… you're right. Go ahead. Sorry,I didn't mean to force you…"

"No! it's not that I don't want too. But—" Mattwinced."You know, I think I'll stay for a while…"

"You will? Oh, I'm sorry. Please don't force yourself in this…"

"I'm not forcing myself." Matt smiled.

"You sure?"

"Yes. Why? You've changed your mind? I can go now." Matt joked.

"No!" Claire laughed. "Sit, please. What do you want?"

"Anything edible, I guess." Matt smirked.

"You don't say…" Claire laughed and took a big box of pizza on the counter. "So, you and Alice look so close to each other."

"Yeah, actually, I just met her a few days ago but—"

"Just like me…"

"Uh, yeah. Just like you…"

"Tell me how you seem to get along with each other so well."

"Well, there's something about her… No, something about me that feels like I already knew her for a long time…"

The sound of Matt's voice as he describe his feeling made the redhead's chest ache.

"I actually feel that on you, too." Matt continued.

"You do?" Claire's face lightened up.

"Yes, I think we all met each other on our past lives." Matt laughed at his statement but his words struck Claire.

"Yeah… hmm, reincarnation, right?"

"Haha, yeah! I wonder what we are back then."

"We're lovers." Claire's thought made her smile. Matt noticed it.

"Hey! What are you thinking?"

"About who or WHAT you are in your pastlife…"

"And what's up with the emphasis on the WHAT word?"

"Nothing." Claire grinned.

Alice was awaken by the rays of the sun. She was able to ignore the voices coming from the living area last night and was successful in forcing herself to sleep. Unfortunately, she can't escape from her dreams. Waking up, screaming from a nightmare was much better because eventually, she'll be forced to wake up and won't have to wait until emotional pain kills her in her sleep.

Claire was still sleeping, probably having a wonderful dream. The blonde got up and went to the bathroom to wash away the memories of the night, including her dreams. After that, she continued on the kitchen and made breakfast.

"Good morning!" Claire greeted her.

"Hi, how's last night?"

"Well, we talked all night! He's so fun to be with!"

Alice smiled and tried to focus on cooking.

"By the way, we'll hang out later…" Claire watched Alice, waiting for her reaction.

"Oh, r-really. You have a date…"

"Well, I guess…" Claire giggled.

"Uhm, actually I was planning to explore Racoon City tonight. Tell me what time he's going so I can leave you two alone." Alice gave her a smile.

"Oh, okay. Thanks…" Claire was about to let go of the conversation but thought of something. "So, he's coming with you?"


"Matt… your Matt."

"Oh, uh, no. I-I think he already left… I can't find him here anymore." Alice lied.

"Oh. That sucks." Claire smiled as she walked to the showers.

Obviously, her best friend will give way for her feelings. Claire felt a sudden guilt, but ignored it.

"It's better this way, Matt is destined to be mine, anyway." She thought.

Alice began to walk away from the mansion; she didn't even wait for Matt to come. She doesn't really know where to go but she's certain that she don't want to go back their room. And besides, Claire made it clear with the "WE" word, and that means her and Matt only.

She walked until her feet hurts, she was fortunate that a park was nearby when she finally grew tired. The park was covered with beautiful blanket of greens, accented by a couple of flowers that vary from yellow to purple then red. Alice immediately felt relaxed. The sea of green was interrupted by a long stretch of crystal clear water perfectly reflecting the beauty of the moon set on the sky with the stars.

Alice shrunk on the bed of grass and savoured herself to the beauty of nature. It almost helped her in diverting her attention out of her best friend. Matt, her secret love triangle. Her mind drifted so far she didn't notice that she fell asleep. Drops of rain and a cold shiver brought her back to reality.

The blonde tried to look for a place near the park where she can stay until the rain stops but failed. She found nothing but tress. She was about to run in the rain when something caught her sight; a small cabin hidden on the thick bushes that are now sagging because of the rain.

Alice immediately ran to the cabin and fortunately it was not locked. She went inside and struggled in finding the light switch. Finally, she found a cord and as she pulled it, she was surprised to find that it wasn't empty. Everything was covered in white blankets. Unfortunately, there were holes on the roof. Alice pushed the stuffs inside the cabin away from the drips from the roof.

After securing everything was dry, she found a place at the corner of the cabin and waited. It was only a few seconds when she noticed that she was shaking. And as if the anaesthesia lost its effect, she immediately felt cold. She decided to take one of the blankets and went back to the corner but when she finally settled on her position, it was only when she realized what the blanket was covering. A set of teeth with a smile flashed on her that immediately set her whole system frozen except her heart.