A small poem set after the events in The Mark of the Golden Dragon




Across the Stars

I feel the need to be alone tonight

My dearest Jacky

They've finally let me be alone tonight.

Higgins understands

Not entirely, of course.

Sidrah stands close guard.

Though Richard takes a bit more persuasion

To go belowdecks.

They fear the madness might set in again

Sometimes I fear it too.

The Black Cloud has not come over me

But it's something similar

I no longer wish to jump overboard

To die and be beside you

I just think of you

How I miss you

Though I wish I could swim

and be right there with you

Once again a sea and a half

Separates us

You're on your ship

I'm on mine

As we sail away from each other

I look up at the stars

The stars are beautiful tonight

There's Orion

There's the Evening Star

The name of one of your ships,

If I recall.

And there, the North Star

A sailor's guide and friend

And the North Star

Ever constant, ever faithful

Across the skies

It is the one that

Everyone relies on

You must be using the star

As everyone does

You're probably

Gazing at the stars

Finding your way

We might be gazing

At the same stars

Even across the world

The same stars shine

As you head your way

and I head my way

Across the stars

I feel you beside me

We are joined

As I gaze at the Northern Star

I love you, Jaimy



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