"Tantei-kun… Shinichi… Shinichi…" a figure in white sobbed over a dark mass. The crying man's clothes were rumpled and there were more than a few bullet marks in the silk. A hat rolled a few feet away; it would have looked innocent if not for the blood splatter that covered it. The dead man in the white figures grasp had a smile on his face, one of relief and affection, but his eyes that stared at the crying man were blank, dead. A large red mark covered the place above his heart, confirming what the pale skin and cold touch were trying to convey.

But the figure in white continued to cling, his tears never pausing, as if he hoped he could bring the man to life again. In his hand sparkled a small, clear diamond and in the pale light of the moon that flouted through the window the small stone seemed to glow a soft red.

'… Little dove, do you have a wish?' the voice echoed around the room, hollow and feminine. The man continued to sob breathlessly.

'Oh, my poor broken little dove. So sad, so sad. Please tell me your wish.' The stone's glow pulsed causing the man's cries to slowly stop but he still did not answer.

'Anything, my stained little dove, anything I can do I will. To see you so sad shatters me.' The voice was mothering, comforting and the man slumped sadly against an invisible presence.

"Shinichi…" he whispered, the heartbreak clear though his mask tried to hide it.

'You want the boy to return to you, little dove?' His hair seemed to shift as if someone was running their fingers through it.

"Y-yes. You can do that, can't you? Bring him back to me?" the broken (oh so broken) man almost couldn't bare the hope that seeped into him.

'No one can bring back the dead, little dove.' The man deflated, his mask breaking even more. 'But. But, I can do something.'


'Death may collect him now, but life is a cycle. He will return in due time. If a life with this one is what you want, what you truly need, I can help you wait for the day he returns.' The voice paused as the man began to chuckle darkly.

"You want to grant me your tear? Your immortality?" The figure's voice sparked with anger.

'You can remind him, little dove. The little red string that connects you will not let memories die as long as one is alive and though death can cut that little string it can only connect you to the one you have chosen. A simple retying of that thread can guarantee your life together. Little dove, I want you give you that which you deserve.' The voice was soothing, placating. 'You have searched and searched and searched for me. And now that you have found me will you allow me to reward your determination?'

"… Fine." The figure whispered one arm hugged the still body to him as he raised the other into the stream of moonlight. The little stone's soft glow turned to a blaze that seemed to lick and curl around him. "Give me your tear."

'Of course, my little dove.' The voice softened. In the moonlight another stone shone inside the diamond. The other stone, that stone-within-the-stone, cracked and spread into its clear container. The diamond filled with the red color. All of the clear focused at the bottom point before it condensed on the outside and dripped onto the figure's face. The liquid sat on his skin for only a moment before it disappeared into his flesh.

Warmth flashed over his entire body. The voice began to sing quietly and all he knew was comfort. He was in his mother's arms. His father's hand was ruffling his hair fondly. He was wrapped in his lover's embrace.

'Sleep, little dove. You shall wait for a long time, but you will see your beloved again.'