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There is darkness all around as if he is standing in a pitch black room; although, when he looks down he finds that he can see his body without any problem as if he is being lit up from the inside. A small gleam beneath him makes his sharp gaze shift to study the ground.

He lets out a gasp when he registers the shine of the glass floor he stands on. Tentatively he crouches to spread out his weight, not knowing the strength of the flooring, as his eyes scan around him, trying to find the edge of the glass. As he looks he notices a small flicker that has him whipping around before he knows it.

"…Hello?" He calls. The sound of his voice causes him to frown in confusion. The noise springing from his lips is too high, more like a child's than anything, although if he listens he can make out the deeper sound that he knows is his. He feels dread start to enter his heart as he slowly looks down to stare at his reflection.

A small boy gazes up at him, his expression sad despite the confusion on the original's face. The boy sits in a cross-legged position, as opposed to his own crouched posture, glasses glimmering in the light that radiates from the original's form.

The boy opens his mouth as if to speak-


Blue eyes flew open as Shinichi jerked in his seat. His back immediately straightened and he jumped when the bedroom door opened to reveal a pretty, young brunette who poked her head into the room.

"Time to wake up.~" The young woman skipped into the room. She frowned when she reached him, spying the papers on the desk and the bleary sleep in his eyes. "Late night?"

"Mmnh." Shinichi nodded, stretching his arms over his head.

"Did you solve any of it?"

"No." Shinichi grumbled, glaring at the girl when she grinned. "Shut up."

"I didn't say anything." The girl glanced away teasingly.

"No, but you were thinking it."

"Thinking what?" She asked. "Thinking that my baby brother bit off more than he could chew, demanding that no one try and help him because he'll 'have this wrapped up by dinnertime'? Is that what you thought I was thinking?" She smiled at him. "Well I wasn't."

"What was it then?" Shinichi asked moodily.

"I was thinking that Yuu-chan will have drunk half of the coffee pot by now and he did so while hacking your phone."

"…" Shinichi stared before jumping up with a yelp. "Damnit, Yukiko! Tell me that sooner!"

"I couldn't. You told me to shut up." Yukiko pouted but Shinichi was already out the door and thundering down the steps.

"Yuusaku! Don't you take another sip of that coffee!" The teen shouted as he entered the kitchen.

"Um… Too late?" A teen with dark brown hair and eyes raised an eyebrow at Shinichi's dramatic arrival. Shinichi ignored him, choosing instead to stare at the empty coffee pot.

"Uh oh.~ Looks like Shin-chan was too late!~" Yukiko breezed past her brother, ignoring the look of utter devastation on his face. She waltzed over to Yuusaku, giving him a peck on the cheek. "Why don't I start another pot while you go and get ready, hm?"

Yukiko looked at Shinichi expectantly but he seemed unable to comprehend that she was talking, his eyes glued to the pot. After a moment he turned around slowly and shuffled off towards the stairs. There was a small 'thunk' from upstairs before the shower turned on.

"Yuki." Yuusaku started warily.

"Yes, Yuu-chan?~"

"There hasn't been a pot of coffee yet." Yukiko beamed up at him with a wide, innocent smile.

"I know."

"… Ok."

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Shinichi glared at Yuusaku as he rested his chin on his arms. His chocolate brown hair drooped slightly from the moisture still collected there. His uniform's jacket hung off the back of his chair and the white shirt he wore was ruffled in an untidy way. His overall presentation was the polar opposite of Yuusaku, whose uniform was perfect and pristine.

The neater teen was looking down at the smart phone in his hand, sipping from a glass of water (Shinichi had refused to let him have any coffee from the still making pot) as he did.

"So," Yuusaku glanced over at the younger teen teasingly, "what you're saying is you've got nothing?"

"Shut up…" Shinichi scowled.

"Now, now Shin-chan. Play nice." Yukiko placed a steaming mug in front of her little brother, making him perk up like a child. "You too Yuu-chan. Tell us what you've got!"

"Well, 'velvet barricades' is obviously a museum. Most likely the Beika Museum as it is the closest. I'm not sure who Anesidora is but the word 'disciples' makes her some sort of Goddess or at least a priestess. 'Sanguine' is another word for res, same as 'beryl' is for green." Yuusaku pinched his chin slightly in thought.

"I know all that." Shinichi sighed, hands wrapped around his already half empty mug. "But who is this consort or the confectioner? And who is this guy anyway?"

"You're kidding." A monotone voice said, making the three teens jump.

"Shiho-kun! Good morning!" Yukiko cheered as she ran over to give the girl in the doorway a hug.

"Good morning Sempai." Shiho hugged the excitable girl back.

"What do you mean 'You're kidding'? You know who he is?" Shinichi deadpanned.

"Kaitou KID is a gentleman thief who steals artifacts from all over the world. Last I heard he was in England. He's infamous." Shiho hefted her bag over her shoulder while nodding pointedly at the clock. "I've been waiting outside for 15 minutes."

"Oh, sorry." Shinichi got up and stretched. "I was trying to decode that note all night long."

"Well, hurry up. I don't want to be late because you are having trouble with a love note." Shiho rolled her eyes and headed for the door.

"'Love note?' Hey!" Shinichi shrugged on his gakuen's jacket and grabbed his bag before running after his friend. He caught up to her at the front gate where she waited while he finished putting on his shoes. "What's this about a love note?"

"My cousins got their hands on the note you forwarded to me and they said that it sounded like a love note." Shiho paused to look back at the house. "Are Yukiko and Yuusaku walking with us?"

"No, they're skipping." Shinichi waved a hand dismissively. "You need to guard your phone better."

"Says the guy who just left his phone at the mercy of his older sister and her boyfriend." Shiho frowned. "Weren't they wearing their uniforms?"

Shinichi smirked before holding up the cell phone in his hand. "Snagged it when you walked in. All I know is that Yukiko was talking about a student discount at the zoo."

"Are you even going to try to pay attention in class today?" Shiho groaned as Shinichi unlocked his phone.

"Darn it!" Shinichi stopped, making Shiho turn around to look at him. "He changed my wallpaper again."

Shiho rolled her eyes at him and began walking again. "Why do I even bother? Come to think of it, since when are you interested in thieves?"

"I- I just had an urge. I've had a smaller amount of cases this week so it's not too bad." Shinichi shrugged. It was too hard for him to try to explain the sudden rush of excitement that had come with the note.

"Uh huh." Shiho deadpanned. "And the kidnapping case on Monday and the murderer chase yesterday wasn't enough? And what about the box of cold case files you have stored somewhere?"

"Shush." Shinichi frowned. When he saw Shiho roll her eyes he smiled. "It's not that I don't think school is important, because it is, it's just that this is so much more interesting. I mean, not only is this guy a thief that hands out warning notes, but he is also smart enough to breach the police stations firewalls and send a message to every point of contact in the network! Then he just slips out again and made it so no one could track him. Let's not forget he did it in under five minutes too!" Shinichi's eyes practically glowed at the prospect of a genius rival.

"…" Shiho stared at him. "How many hours of sleep did you get? Two?"

"Shut up." Shinichi frowned at her.

"You really did only get two hours didn't you?" Shiho sighed. "And I bet you only had one of those weird dreams you're always getting. Why am I even taking you to school? You should be in bed."

"It's because the thought of doing a chemistry lab with one of the 'lesser minds' gives you a headache." Shinichi smirked.

"True." Shiho nodded. They walked in silence for a moment before she spoke up again. "So did you have one of those dreams again?"

Shinichi looked down and nodded. "Exactly the same."

"I'm concerned, Shinichi. You've been having this dream for weeks now. It has to mean something."

"They're just dreams, Shiho. Nothing but images to keep the mind active during sleep." Shinichi shifted uncomfortably.

"I'll believe that when you do." Shiho sighed. "Come on, we're going to be late."

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The walk to the school was a long one that took the two students through the shopping center when the stores were still in the process of opening. A few of the owners called out 'hello's to them and one even came out for a quick chat. They all knew Shinichi and Shiho during their childhoods when the two of them would play hide and seek amongst the stands and stores as Yukiko shopped.

"Good morning, Fuuma-san." Shinichi waved to the woman butcher as he and Shiho passed. The woman waved back happily before pointing across the street. Shinichi frowned in confusion, turning to see what had caused her excitement and stopping. "Oh."

"What?" Shiho glanced up from her phone, where she'd been rereading the note. Shinichi simply pointed at the building across from the butchers. "… Well that's not flamboyant."

"We haven't had an antique store here in a while." Shinichi observed. The store front wasn't really flamboyant, it just didn't fit in with the theme of the street around it. As the young detective studied the shop, itching to go inside and explore, Shiho sighed.

"One mystery at a time." She tugged at him arm and held up her phone. Shinichi nodded after a moment, letting her lead him toward the school while mentally swearing to come back when the shop opened.

(It's on their route to school~)

The school's halls were packed with students, chatting as they waited for the school bell system to cue the start of class. Shinichi wove in and out of the crowds easily, creating room for Shiho to sneak through as well. Just as they reached their classroom someone called out making the pair stop and turn around.

"Shinichi-kun! Shi-chan!" Two young brunettes jogged up to them. The girls were identical in almost every way, save their hair styles as one had a messier style than the other.

"Ran-chan, Aoko-chan, good morning." Shinichi smiled.

"It's not as good as you think, Shinichi-kun." Then less messy girl sighed.

"Otou-san didn't get home until five in the morning! And that was only to grab some new clothes!" The messier one said loudly. "What is going on?"

"Well, a phantom thief did send a heist note to the station late last night." Shinichi said a bit defensively. "He's going to steal something from Beika museum soon and the station needs to know when."

"Heist note? You mean that love note Shi-chan had on her phone?" The messy haired girl asked.

"It's a heist note." Shinichi frowned. "Not a love note."

"So it's this thief's fault that he didn't come home?"

"I told you, Aoko. It's just work." The girl's neat look-a-like said chidingly.

"Fine, fine. You were right, I was wrong. Happy?" Aoko said with a pout.

"Ecstatic." The other girl, Ran, smiled. "I don't envy whoever sent that note either, Okaa-chan was pissed."

"She was?" Shinichi groaned.

"Very angry." Ran nodded.

"And she'll be even angrier if her two daughters are late to class because they were chatting in the hallway. Again." The group jumped and turned to see a woman glaring at them from the classroom's doorway.

"We won't be late." Aoko smiled.

"Oh?" The woman smirked as the bell rang. The two girls paled and darted off.

"Were you waiting for the bell before you talked to us?" Shiho asked blandly.

"Made I was. " The woman glanced at Shiho. "Get in here before I count you late."

"Hai Eri-obasan." Shiho smirked and slipped inside with Shinichi following quickly behind her.

"That's Tsuyoi-sensei to you!" Eri frowned after her niece. Shinichi and Shiho slipped into their seats just as the other students filed in.

"Your family is so strange, Shiho." Shinichi said, shaking his head.

"You're just learning this now?" Shiho turned in her seat to face him with a sarcastically bland look.

"No, I'm just wondering how their brand of insanity is so different from yours." Shinichi deadpanned.

"Maybe it's because I was raised by Ojii-chan." Shiho shrugged. "It's a different kind of insanity."

"No kidding." Shinichi chuckled, eyeing the front where their sensei stood with a student he hadn't seen before. Eri turned suddenly to face the class, slamming a book down in the process.

"Quiet!" She ordered making the entire class stop talking instantly. Eri glared at them before smirking smugly. "We have a new student joining class today. Say help to Mustang Saguru-san."

The class murmured out a greeting, mostly out of fear of one of Tsuyoi-sensei's detention sprees. Shinichi tipped his head to the side ever so slightly, narrowing his eyes.

Mustang Saguru was a young man with shaggy dark blond hair, mahogany colored eyes, and a generic northern Europe shaped face though Shinichi could spy some hints of Japanese ancestry. He stood in an almost military-like fashion but occasionally shifted to the side as if he was waiting to be jumped. His uniform was neat, like Yuusaku's had been, but the fabric looked ruffled as if the teen had been in a fight. His overall form was a bit larger than normal, suggesting that he had been a part of a sports team. 'Probably wrestling or boxing.' When the boy reached up a hand to run his fingers through his hair ('nervous habit') Shinichi could see the stain of hair dye on his scalp. 'Odd, he doesn't look the type.'

"Good morning." Mustang bowed formally, his British accent curling around the words in an interesting fashion. "As you heard my name is Mustang Saguru. Pleased to meet you all. I hope we can be friends." Mustang smiled. The smile was perfectly polite but when Shinichi looked closer he could see that boy's eyes darting around, analyzing the class. It was the same kind of look that Yukiko said that Shinichi got while studying case suspects. When Mustang's eyes passed over Shinichi he paused and looked him over again.

"Fujimine-san, raise your hand." Eri ordered breaking Mustang's concentration. Shinichi obediently held his hand up while still studying the new boy. "Mustang-san your seat will be behind Fujimine-san."

"Thank you, Sensei." Mustang smiled and nodded to Eri before walking down the aisle. As he sat down Shinichi caught Shiho giving the boy an irritated glance. You see Shiho liked privacy. She liked sitting at the back of the class and chatting with Shinichi while Eri went over things the two already knew. She detested talking with anyone she was unfamiliar with. Her cold disposition had even earned her the title 'Ice Princess.'

Mustang caught her glare, blinking in surprise before offering her a charming smile. Shinichi snickered at the face Shiho made in reply as he turned to face the new student.

"Hello Mustang-san. My name is Fujimine Shinichi, if you have any questions feel free to ask. I'll be happy to help." Shinichi stretched out a hand, the standard greeting coming easily. Mustang's eyes widened slightly before he took Shinichi's hand in a firm handshake with a small smile.

"Thank you, Fujimine-san. I'll be sure to remember that." Shinichi gave the boy a smile before turning in his seat to face the board. As Eri started the lesson the detective looked around before taking out his phone to stare at the heist note.

A small grumble behind him made him glance back to see Mustang frowning at a page in his notebook. The boy flipped to another and twitched before turning to the back of the book. He smirked and fished in his bag for a pencil. Shinichi quickly looked back at his phone, eyebrows furrowed in thought.

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It seemed like only minutes had passed but when Shiho tapped on Shinichi's head, bringing him back to Earth, students were already milling around for lunch. As Shinichi blinked, refocusing his eyes, the girl placed a bento in front of him.

"So you got anything?" She asked as she dug out her own lunch.

"…No." Shinichi groaned, opening the box moodily. "I just can't figure it out. Who is Anesidora? And what's his target? He isn't planning to steal a real woman!"

"Maybe you should just let the police handle this one." Shiho said mildly. Shinichi glared at her, opening his mouth to snap something.

"Excuse me." The voice of the boy behind him made Shinichi start, like he'd forgotten about him. "But I think Anesidora is another name for the Greek goddess Demeter."

"Eh?" Shinichi turned to look at Mustang.

"Who asked you?" Shiho grumbled. Shinichi threw her a disapproving glance.

"May I see?" Mustang gestured to the phone. Shinichi blinked and studied the boy's innocent expression before handing over the phone.

"…" Mustang's eyes scanned the text on the phone before he smirked. "Yes, I'm positive that KID is referring to Demeter."

"You know KID?" Shiho's eyebrow rose.

"He did one of his sprees in England when I was young." Mustang shrugged.

"Who is Demeter?" Shinichi asked.

"She is the goddess of agriculture. She is the cause of the season changes. The story goes that her beloved daughter was forced into a marriage with Hades, the god of the underworld. Demeter struck a deal with him saying that every autumn her daughter stays with Hades and every spring and summer she stays with Demeter. That's why plants wilt in autumn, because Demeter is mourning the loss of her daughter."

"That's pretty vague for a heist." Shiho said.

"But when it's paired with the other clues it makes sense. If Anesidora, or Demeter, is the goddess of agriculture then her disciples are farmers. I'm sure what the 'famed confectioner' part is in reference to the legend of the rabbit in the moon that pounds mocha. If that's the case then the most notable moon associated with farmers is the harvest moon."

"September 30th." Shinichi nodded.

"How do you know all of this?" Shiho narrowed her eyes at the boy.

"I have experience with KID's notes. My father is a lawyer with Scotland Yard and he used to bring the notes home with him." Mustang smiled. "And my mother told me the story of the Rabbit in the Moon when I was a child."

"Well that's the date covered. His target is this consort…" Shinichi snatch back his phone.

"Shinichi, have you tried the museum's website for exhibits?" Shiho asked as she took a bite of her lunch. Shinichi looked at her blankly, making her scoff. "Honestly, Google is there for a reason."

Shiho took out her own phone and within seconds she was on the museum's website surfing through the exhibits.

"The only one that fits the bill is this opal called 'the Flame Queen.'" Shiho turned the phone so the boys could see. On the screen was an enlarged picture of a smooth opal that had two distinct colors. The edge of the opal was ringed with a deep green and the center was a bright red.

"… It looks like a fried egg." Mustang said after a moment.

"A weirdly colored fried egg." Shinichi nodded in agreement. Shiho just rolled her eyes with a sigh.

(The Flame Queen is a real gem! Google it!)

The rest of the day passed by quickly enough. Class ended with Tsuyoi-sensei's usual dismissal of 'what are you all still doing here?'. Students spilled out of the classroom, murmuring and laughing about unimportant things.

"Why didn't you try the internet before?" Mustang asked while packing up his things.

"I just didn't think about it." Shinichi shrugged. "Using the computer isn't always my first thought. I want to test myself."

"Which is stupid to do with this sort of thing." Shiho shrugged her bag onto her shoulder. "Kaitou KID is a thief and he strikes quickly."

"But September 30th is a few days away. I had time." Shinichi shrugged.

"Baka, the preparation that goes into a stake-out needs planning, which needs time." Shiho scolded.

"KID tends to take it easy on the first heist." Mustang said easily, picking up his bag. "Afterwards he goes through codes and riddles like a savant.

"You sound almost admiring." Shinichi led the three of them out the door.

"Well you have to admit, he is smart. Creating and cracking codes comes easily to him." Mustang shrugged with an odd look of annoyance on his face, muttering something that sounded like 'the wise arse' in English under his breath.

"True but he's still a thief." Shinichi frowned.

"No one ever gets hurt during one of his heists." Mustang said as he held the front entrance door open for the others. "Anyone who does injure others while he's around is swiftly brought to justice. I went to a heist once with my mother and during the heist a sniper tried to shoot the owner of the museum. The police found the shooter hanging upside down with a kaleidoscope of colors covering him."

"Sounds like a criminal with a heart of gold." Shiho rolled her eyes.

"He had also hogtied a few officers and dyed the inspector's hair pink." Mustang said seriously.

"…" Shiho stared at him for a moment before turning to face Shinichi. "Count me out."

"What, really?" Shinichi blinked.

"I'll let you be the one walking around with magenta hair." Shiho patted his shoulder as she passed him. Shinichi rolled his eyes.

"Kind of you."

"Of course, I'm a naturally kind person." Shiho smirked to herself.

"Fine, if Shiho isn't coming do you want to?" Shinichi looked over at Mustang who blinked in surprise.

"… Sure." Mustang smiled. The blond looked up and sighed. "This is my stop."

Shinichi blinked and glanced up. The group had already made it to the market, the odd antique shop standing over them. He glanced at the new student in surprise, he could honestly say that that wasn't what he was expecting.

"I will see you tomorrow, Fujimine-san and um… I don't think I've been told your name." Mustang smiled charmingly at Shiho.

"Waizu Shiho." The girl raised an eyebrow.

"It's nice to meet you, Waizu-san. Fujimine-san." Mustang turned and made his way to the door of the shop. As he stepped inside Shinichi could hear him shout, 'I'm home Kuroba!'

Shinichi stopped completely, the name ringing in his head. 'Kuroba, Kuroba, Kuroba' and from some part deep in his mind came the word 'Kaito.'

(… POV change: Saguru)

"And how was your day, Sagu-chan?" Kaito asked as he draped himself over Saguru's shoulders. The blond, too used to Kaito leaning on him, took on notice.

"Fine." The boy muttered as he flipped through the photo album on his lap. "You wouldn't happen to have a picture of your Tantei-kun, would you?"

"Why?" Kaito's voice was light but Saguru could feel the flinch that was caused by his question.


"… Riddle!" Kaito jumped away. "Wee wee man in a red red coat. Staff in my hand, stone in my throat. What am I?"

"… Cherry." Saguru raised an eyebrow.

"… Fine." Kaito snapped his fingers and an old photo appeared in his hand.

Saguru took the picture gently, gazing down at the people. It was a freeze frame of Kaito kissing a young man on the cheek. The other boy was laughing happily, half-heartedly trying to push the magician away.

The other boy looked exactly like Fujimine.

Saguru internally smirked as he handed the photo back.

'Found him.'

(Now are you going to tell Kaito, Sagu-chan?)

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