A/N: This new drabble series was spawned from the 32nd drabble in my Sweetly's 100 Kaishin Shinkai Drabbles. Many thanks to Foreverandeveralone for the help in planning out the boys' teams. This won't be my most important story to update but I will try oh so very hard not to abandon this fic because I know I hate it when authors do that. I will not update as frequently as I do with the Kaishin drabbles but when I do I'll update three or more chappies at a time. All of the drabbles will be short.

(And now introducing Poké'verse!Shinichi!)

Shinichi couldn't remember a time when Launce hadn't been with him. The two of them had always been together. Born on the same day, the two had experienced the same things and had been each other's best friend through it all.

Honestly, 10-year-old Shinichi thought to himself, I doubt I would be who I am today if I didn't have Launce in my life.

A slight weight on his leg made him snap out of his musings to glance at the Growlithe beside him. The fire puppy was looking at him with a fond kind of exasperation, his paw resting on Shinichi's right leg.

When his human looked down the dog brightened, teasingly tipping his head to the side.

"I was drifting off again wasn't I?" Shinichi smiled to himself and shook his head. "Sorry, I was just thinking."

The paw lifted before swipping at his knee.

"Yeah, yeah. 'Don't apologize for thinking', right?"

A huffing sigh was his answer as the Growlithe turned to look out at the slightly waving grass of the hill they were sitting on.

"We'll be leaving soon." Shinichi's eyes glazed over in thought again before he chuckled. "I'm sure 'Kaa-chan and Hanako-chan are going to try and keep us at home."

Launce shuddered at the thought of the human and Delcatty pair and their always slightly evil grins.

"'Tou-san will offer one more game of chess."

The dog grinned deviously then blinked before whimpering.

"Yeah, this journey is really the ending of a lot of familiar things, isn't it?"

Launce moved over and snuggled his nose into his trainer's arm.

"'But it's the start of something great', right?" Shinichi laughed when the Growlithe let out a confirming cheer and tackled him.