Michi hadn't really thought much about battling. Sure, she'd known that she would have to sooner or later but it had never pressed her as much as right now.

"Michi! Dodge!" Kaito threw his hand up, a learned cue for the bud Pokémon to lunge to the right. Her sudden movement made the attacking Psyduck stumble a bit in confusion as he had expected her to jump up.

"Absorb!" Kaito grinned; his flamboyant tendencies making him fling out an arm as he ordered.

Michi concentrated and the opposing water type started to glow bright yellow. Suddenly bits of the light fell away and the Psyduck slumped a bit as fatigue set in. The lights surrounded Michi, the bits of energy healing scratches from earlier hits. The Psyduck wobbled for a moment before tipping back, collapsing in a faint.

"We win!~" Kaito cheered. A surprised squeak made Michi glance back to see her silly trainer squeezing Haine like a Teddiursa plush.

"Thanks for the battle." The Psyduck's trainer crouched next to his fallen Pokémon.

"No problem, it was fun!" Kaito crouched too. He held out his hands, making a show of rolling up his sleeves, before there was a sudden puff of green smoke. When the colored cloud dissipated it revealed a spray bottle filled with a purple liquid.

"Cool!" The boy exclaimed at the show of magic. Kaito grinned and started spraying the Psyduck's wounds until it was sitting up.

"There you go! Need any Michi?" Kaito offered the remaining solution to the Budew who shook her head (or body when you think about it). "Oh? Then maybe you should hang onto it, Koori."

"Eh? Really? Thanks!" The boy, Koori, took the bottle and stuffed it into his bag.

"No problem." Kaito laughed. Michi shared an affectionate grin with Haine at their trainer's selfless nature, something that balanced out his pranking habit.

Suddenly Michi felt very warm as her form began to glow bright white. She distantly heard Kaito yelp in surprise. She was rapidly growing taller and her head-bud split, lowering to her sides as the red and blue petals bloomed outward. Soon enough the glow faded.

"M-Michi?" Kaito stuttered, his Poker Face crumpled a bit in shock.

Michi cooed in wonder as she examined her new roses. There was an odd clicking sound before a robotic voice made them look over to see Haine sitting beside Kaito's Pokédex.

"Roselia, the thorn Pokémon. Its aroma brings sincerity, but its thorns exclude a vicious poison that is different on each flower."

"…" Kaito glanced back at Michi before a large grin stole across his face and he launched himself forward to hug the newly formed Roselia. "You're so pretty, Michi!"

Michi whistled happily and hugged him back. After a moment she blinked and glanced up at her trainer, curious as to why he didn't say anything.

Kaito's face was frozen in his normal happy grin but an odd purplish tint had over taken his skin. A second later he collapsed onto his back. Michi let out a surprised shriek.

"… What did that thing say about poison?" Koori asked after a moment. They all looked at each other before scrambling toward Kaito's bag. "He has an Antidote, right?!"

A/N: Oh dear. Someone forgot about Michi's Poison Point.~

Ahem. I know it seems a bit odd that Michi evolved so early but if you think about it, it isn't really. Michi has been with Kaito her whole life and hasn't really ever battled. Budew evolves into Roselia with a level up and high friendship.

I know Kaito has smothered Budew before and didn't get poisoned but things have to be at least a little out of whack after that big of a change.

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