X-Men, please assemble in my office.

Logan smirked as he let out one final puff of smoke. No matter how urgent the situation may be- and Wolverine sensed from the Professor's mental tone that it was urgent- Xavier never forgot his manners.

The burly man turned and reluctantly began loping back into the mansion, ignoring the children who warily watched him.

It had been four months since Jean's death. Two months ago they had discovered their beloved Xavier inhabiting the body of a cancer patient, waiting for them to find him. It had taken time, but just two weeks ago the X-Men had found a man who had been held in a comatose for a year after a car accident. After shaving his head and transferring the Professor to this new host, everything had run smoothly. Logan had silently watched Storm hastily rub the tears from her eyes when those oh-so-familiar blue eyes had opened. And even the ex-assassin himself had felt a small twinge in his heart when Xavier had proudly strode into his school on two fully-functional legs.

Things were finally starting to return to normal in the school; at least for the children.

As expected, Logan was the last to arrive to the meeting. In the absence of Jean and Scott, Xavier's team now consisted of Storm, Hank McCoy, Angel, Bobby, Kitty, Peter, and finally Logan. Hank was still actively pushing for mutant's rights in politics, but his home base had once again become the mansion.

"Ah, Logan, glad to have you join us," Xavier calmly said when the clawed mutant stalked through the door. Wolverine merely nodded.

"What's up?" Kitty finally asked when the silence began to drag out. This was the first official meeting the X-Men had had since they had found the Professor.

"I've received word of a very powerful mutant, in San Fransisco. I would like Storm to bring the mutant here. Angel, Kitty, Peter, and Logan will accompany her. I advise the utmost caution and…diplomacy."

Funny how the old man's gaze landed on Wolverine as he added that last part. "Logan…"

"No promises, Chuck."

"Well, please try, at the very least."

"That's up to him."

"Her, actually." The older man turned to the rest of the team. "You're looking for a woman."

"What kind of mutant is she, Professor?" Hank wondered.

The grave look that suddenly appeared in Xavier's eyes put everyone on edge.

"She's a Class Five."


The word echoed through Logan's brain. And from the looks on the others' faces, they were hearing the same damn word.

"But, Professor…" Storm murmured in shock. "Surely not…If her powers have indeed manifested, how could she stay undetected for so long?"

Xavier sighed. "My child, I know little more than you. Her mind was blocked from me in a most peculiar manner. And, as you all know, my abilities have lessened since my return." His words were spoken calmly and without resentment; the use of a new body and pair of legs had come at a relatively small price in comparison. But the Professor could only just control Cerebro now.

Logan snarled low in his throat. "I ain't allowin' a damn Class Five in this place, Chuck! Not with all the kids here." He fought the urge to bring out his claws just for emphasis. Ever since he had decided to stay at the mansion indefinitely, the Wolverine had become fiercely protective of the grounds and anyone in it. His baser instincts had marked it as his territory, and he'd be damned if he was gonna let a walking nuclear bomb stroll right in.

The bitch better stay far away, his inner voice growled. And Logan wholeheartedly intended to keep it that way.