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"And the winner is Paul from Sinnoh!" the announcer said loudly. The crowd cheered having seen a very intense and fun battle as it reached its conclusion. With the battle fought, the audience left the battle stadium to move to the award ceremony, taking place in another building.

Paul looked over at his defeated opponent, who was looking at the ground kneeling down, with a defeated look on his face.

"I win Ash." Said Paul, walking over to Ash. "Like I said you're weak, your Pokemon are weak, and your training methods are weak." When he neared so close to loom over Ash, he picked him up roughly by the collar of his shirt. "Remember this Ash, you're weak. And you will never be able to beat me." And with that, he threw Ash back into the ground, with a painful crack. Pikachu ran up to his friend growling fiercely at Paul.

"See you later weakling." Paul taunted, as he walked out of the arena, living a quiet, and defeated Ash. For Ash, he was in deep thought, having reviewed the battle he had with Paul, trying to find any mistakes he did with his tactic, trying to figure out how he lost so badly. All he found was small factors that he messed up on, but –overall - wouldn't have affected the outcome. His only answer was one word 'weak'. The word continued to repeat in his head.


'Weak Pokemon.'


The word played in Ash's head like a broken record, continuing to repeat word after word, over and over again.

"I'm weak." he mumbled, mournfully, to himself, only for him to hear it. Pikachu, with his enhanced senses, heard what his friend said and turned towards him with a worried look on his face.

"(no you're not Ash.)" Pikachu said to his friend, trying to cheer him up. It didn't work as Ash seemed to be more down.

"Yes I am Pikachu. Look at me! I've been on my journey for eight years, went through four different region! Caught many Pokemon, fought many trainers, I even beat all the gym leaders of each region, even the badges of the Orange Island, making it 36 in total! I even won the seven symbols of the battle frontier. All for what? To lose to Paul? All my hard work, my training to lose to someone who just started his journey two years ago. This only shows that I'm weak!" Ash said to Pikachu in a loud voice.

Pikachu remained silent. It was true. Ash has spent eight years traveling the five regions, training to hopefully become a Pokemon master. But every time he entered a tournament he would reach the top trainers in the tournament, only to lose in the end. The only league he won was the orange league. It was a routine for Ash and Pikachu could easily tell that he was tired of it. He could only watch as Ash stayed there, still thinking of his defeat.

In the distance stood a couple of figures. All of them were looking at Ash with a sad expression. They were the Champions of each region, minus Kanto, with their respective Elite Four members. All of them looked at Ash with a sympathetic look. It was a sad thing to see a trainer that had so much potential, like Ash, to be down defeated, all contemplating what he might've been thinking. It almost looked like Ash wanted to quit being a trainer.

With the Elite Four and the Champions, there were also the Gym Leaders of each region. They all came to watch Ash battle, seeing how much he'd grown throughout the years. They were impressed with the way he battled, but at the moment, they could only feel sorry for him. Seeing him in the state he is in… it hurt them. Seeing someone as strong as Ash who was able to beat them. To be defeated and acting like this.

Though throughout the group of well-known Pokemon trainers, only four of them felt truly felt sorry for Ash, and were truly worried for him. These four are some of the most top looking females throughout the regions. Sabrina, Clair, Cynthia, and Elesa. They were known as the most beautiful female in their respective regions, and the top females throughout the four regions combined.

Sabrina is the sixth gym leader of the Kanto region. She was a beautiful teenager, being around the age of nineteen. She had long purple hair, reaching all the way down to her knees, with straight bangs not passing her lower forehead. Already her body was developing into a mature state, with her noticeable curves, and her developing bust, which was a B-cup into C-cup. Her clothing consisted of a light purple blouse and blue jeans.

Clair the eighth gym leader of the Johto region. She was also a teenager, though a year older than the physic. Her hair had a different style than most, having light blue hair with one bang going down her forehead, while her side bangs reached the end of her face and it stuck out at the end, and had a ponytail that reached her mid back. Her clothing was the same color as her hair. She wore a tight outfit that hid nothing, showing her nice curves and well developed bust, being around low D-cup. Along with her clothing she wore gloves with black rings at the end, and high heel boots with two rings at the top. Lastly finishing everything is a black cape that is red in the bottom, and a large pearl necklace.

Elesa beauty of Unova region, also a super model, and the regions fourth gym leader. She looked to be around eighteen year old, with short blond hair, with the front just above her eyes, and the back her neck. She was also tall for her age, with long slim arms and legs. Her clothing consisted of a short yellow battle dress, that was open in the middle, with three black fabric coming across it to connect it together. It showed some skin, mainly the abdomen area and covered her low B-cup breast. For pants she wore black tights, and finished it off with yellow high heels, with yellow ankle wraps.

Lastly is the Sinnoh Champion, Cynthia. Cynthia is what many call beautiful. She didn't need makeup to make herself look nice, making many females jealous of her, since she has pure beauty. Being a woman in her late teen years to early twenties. She was famous throughout the Pokemon world, not only for her beauty, but being a Pokemon Champion at a young age of eighteen, holding the record for youngest Pokemon Champion, beating Lance who became Champion when he was nineteen. She has long blond hair, reaching all the way down to her ankles, along with two black hair decorations. The ends of her hair were also wavy and it covered her left eye, showing only one hair to the public. She wore a black trench coat, with a black shirt in the inside, and black pants. Her clothing did reveals some cleavage of her low D-cup bust, with ends of her trench coat having fuzzy puffs, and she wore black high heels with yellow outline.

All four beauties looked down at Ash slowly. They noticed that the rest of the Gym Leaders, and Champions are beginning to leave the stadium, most likely to the next battle. Minutes passed, and eventually it was only them left, with Ash. Slowly they left one by one, each one of them with a sad expression on their faces.

Time passed slowly, and the stadium had become empty, leaving only the defeated Ash to himself with his Pokemon by his side. Finally Ash tiredly picked himself up and returned his Pokemon. When he finished he slowly walked out of the stadium, Pikachu along beside him.

"Let's go heal everyone." Ask told his friend sadly, and walked towards to the Pokemon Center, where he could heal his Pokemon. Also he knew his friends were waiting for him at the Pokemon Center.

Entering the Pokemon Center he found Nurse Joy, at her counter. He walked over to her handing his Pokeball, the ones he used to battle with.

"Come back later and I'll have your Pokemon healed." Nurse Joy told Ash. Ash nodded and walked away from the counter, towards the exit with Pikachu. During that time Ash decided to relax by a lake nearby. After a few hours he picked up his Pokemon and took a ferry back home.

The trip took a few weeks for Ash to reach Pallet Town. The trip from Unova, where the tournament was held, to Kanto took about two weeks. Then, the trip from Vermilion City to Pallet Town took another week since, since Ash decided to travel by foot.

Reaching Pallet Town he could see his hometown still quiet and peaceful as ever. Nothing has changed since he last visited this place, which was about a year ago before he left on his journey to Unova. Ash continued to walk towards his house. Upon reaching his home, he saw several figures through the window. Though he couldn't see who it was since they were all shadows to him.

"Wonder who it could be." Ash mumbled to himself. He approach the front door, and turned the handle opening it.

The door opened revealing Ash's friends. There was Brock, Misty, Max, May, Dawn, Iris, Cilan, Gary, Professor Oak, Tracy, and lastly his mother, Delia. Surprisingly there was an extra figure. He looked at who it was and frowned. With them was the one person he didn't want to see at the moment, it was the same man that he lost to earlier.


"Paul…" Ash growled out in a low voice, no one able to hear him. Paul, seeing the anger state Ash is in started smirking, further angering Ash.

"Hey guys." Said Ash turning his attention to his friends and ignoring Paul. They turned around surprised to see Ash.

"Hey Ash what took you so long?" asked his mother Delia.

"Sorry, I took a ferry here, and walked the rest of the way from Vermilion City." Ash responded. He decided to take this time to look around the house to see what was happening. He saw the house normal, but there were tea cups and plates on the table. Ash guessed everyone was meeting up and eating at his house, like he usually did back when he came home from his journey. Though what confused Ash was why Paul was here. He decided to ignore him and talk to him friends instead.

"So what's the special occasion?" Ash questioned.

"Well we're having a small barbeque with everyone." Gary responded. Ash looked at him for an explanation, so Gary continued talking. "After the tournament, we left early, and all of us stayed here in Pallet waiting for you."

"Me? Why me?" Ash asked a little curious.

"We'll tell you later after lunch." Gary replied, Ash nodded not wanting to press on it too much, since he was going to know soon anyways. His gaze then turned to Paul.

"Then why is Paul here?" Ash asked pointing at Paul who was in the background.

"He arrived in Pallet town a few days ago, asking me to update his Pokedex so that he could get information of Kanto and its Pokemon." Said Professor Oak, adding into the conversation.

"Kanto? Why Kanto?" Ash asked to no one in general.

"Because I want to become stronger." Said Paul in a tone of boredom. "Unlike you loser, I'm stronger, and can actually win."

Ash fist clenched and his teeth were grinding, holding the urge to want to beat Paul up. Paul smirked seeing Ash's reaction, only to make Ash more mad.

"Whatever at least I don't treat my Pokemon like crap." Replied Ash.

"Hmph. Doesn't matter, all that matter is that I win." Paul countered. Everyone around them noticed the intensity in the air. Brock being the brave one jumped in hoping to lower the intensity between the two.

"Foods ready, let's eat!" he announced. Ash and Paul glared at each other before walking over to the table and sitting far away from each other. The others quickly followed behind them. As the food came, everyone was happily talking and eating with each other, enjoying their time. Even Paul and Ash were having fun. Paul was talking to Professor Oak, and Gary about Pokemon in Kanto. While Ash was talking with the rest of his friends.

When they finished they had a quick dessert and was now in the living room. Ash decided to stay back in help Mr. Mine with the dishes, while everyone went to the living room to enjoy themselves. When Ash finished, he and Mr. Mine walked into the living room. Upon entering the room Ash noticed everyone stopped talking and looked straight at him.

Ash stood there confused not knowing what to do. He scanned over the room and saw an open spot next to Brock so he walked over and sat there. 'is there something on my face?' Ash thought, as the stares were starting to make him feel weird.

"So what did you want to talk about?" Ash asked trying to get a conversation starting. Everyone was quiet, no one said anything for a good minute, causing Ash to be wary of what is about to come. Suddenly he heard a cough and turned his head to the right to see his mother making a noise.

"Well… Ashy… it's about your dream." Said Delia, being the first one to talk. Ash was now confused, what about his dream to be a Pokemon master. Was there something wrong with it?

"What about it?" asked Ash.

"Since your older now…"


"We were thinking…" Delia trying to finish her sentence but kept stopping.

"Thinking what?"

"Thinking that you should give up on your dreams to be a Pokemon master, and focus on your future." Said Professor Oak jumping into the conversation, seeing Delia's inability to tell her son to give up on his dream, though who could blame her. Ash hearing this made his world shatter.

"WHAT!" he yelled at the top of his lungs, mad the fact that they would even mention something like this. The same people he trust to most telling him to give up on his dream!

"Ash we want you to give up on your dreams and think about your future, like getting a job so you can have money. And finding a girl to start a family with." Said Delia trying to explain their reasons to her son.

"What do you mean?"

"We mean you give up on your dreams to become a Pokemon Master, and start thinking rationally. Start thinking about your future as you cannot pursue your dreams anymore." Said Brock. Ash remained silent not knowing what to say, as he still didn't know why they would say something like this in the first place.

"Look there are many jobs that still involves Pokemon. You can become a Pokemon research like me, or a Pokemon Ranger, or…" said Professor Oak listing down possible jobs Ash can do.

"Why…" mumbled Ash, barely able to keep his feelings together.

"What?" asked Professor Oak.


"Why what?"

"Why must I give on my dream! Huh! Why do I have to stop wanting to be a Pokemon Master! Tell me! Tell me why!"

"Because you suck as a trainer!" someone yelled, making Ash eyes widen and turning to the owner of the voice. He turned around to see Gary standing there his mouth a bit open, indicating that he just spoke. Ash stared at Gary in shock, not expecting him to be the one to say that.

"You have been on your journey for eight years Ash. During those eight years you were able to collect the eight badges of each region, and a few in Orange Island, and the Battle Frontier. You even won the tournament on Orange Island though it doesn't really matter much as it's not a major tournament. Every single tournament you've been in you always make it to top trainers but you would then lose. You never won a single major tournament. The last tournament you even lost to Paul who had only been on his journey for two years! That just proves that you aren't cut out to become a Pokemon master. Look at me, I've given up on that dream and now focusing on Pokemon researching like my grandpa." Gary added. Ash remained silent throughout the whole explanation, listening to every word and processing it.

'This is what they thought of me.' Ash thought sadly, but he couldn't help but feel angry through the whole conversation. It felt like his friends and family didn't believe in him, and just gave up on him.

"Look Ash we know you want to be a Pokemon Master, but not everyone achieves their dream." Said Professor Oak signing, seeing the silent form of the teen.

"Look Ash it's what's best for you." Added Brock.

"What's best for me? What do you know what's best for me." Ash argued back.

Paul who was watching the whole scene had a smirk on his face the whole time. "Oh would you be quiet. I told you you're weak. Even your friends and mom think so." He added into the conversation at a bad time. Ash broke out of his thoughts and glared at Paul with absolute rage.

"Shut up Paul." Ash growled.

"Or what, what can you do?" taunted Paul.

"I'll beat you in a Pokemon battle to make you shut up."

"Hah. Let me see you try loser. You didn't beat me last time, what makes you think you can beat me now." Ash attempted to punch Paul in the face, only to be held back by Brock and Gary.

"Ash calm down." Said Brock.

"Yeah Ashy boy, don't start causing trouble because you didn't win." Gary added. His other friends pretty much said the same thing to Ash.

Ash have had enough, and shook himself loose. He gave a hard glare at everyone in the room.

"You know what! Screw all of you! I'm leaving, and I'm going to accomplish my dreams and prove you all wrong!" Ash yelled storming towards the door with Pikachu in tow.

"Ash honey wait!" cried Delia finally realizing her mistake. Ash ignored her and when he reached the door he turned the knob and swung it open. His friends tried running after him, trying to get him to stop. But they were too late as Ash step outside the house.

"Next time we meet, I'll prove you all wrong." He announced to everyone and slam the door shut.

"ASH!" cried the now sobbing mother. Brock reached the door seconds after Ash slammed it shut. When he opened it all he saw was the road that was in front of the house, Ash nowhere in site.

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