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"Charizard!" Ash roared. Charizard roared out fire, causing the temperature in the arena to go up substantially.

Paul stared at the Pokemon in front of him. He could see the heat coming off the Charizard. Charizard gave him a cold, hard glare; like a lion ready to attack at any moment. His body was sweating from the unbearable heat. He felt defenseless feeling the immense power that was coming from Charizard.

He looked at Ursaring, to see if his Pokemon could stand up to such a powerful Pokemon. His confidence plummeted when he saw Ursaring sweating. By the way Ursaring was standing; Paul could tell that he had taken a step back in fear.

Paul looked over at Charizard's trainer, Ash. Ash's face remained completely devoid of emotion, something Paul had never seen on Ash's face before. Since Ash was more focused and less outgoing with his facial expression, Paul couldn't read Ash's emotions. But there was one thing he knew for sure, and that was fear. There was the absolute fear of facing someone stronger, stronger than him. There was the absolute fear of someone who had reached a level of strength he could never have dreamed to achieve. It was a strength he had rarely felt before.

He couldn't fandom at how Ash had become so strong. Nothing, absolutely nothing, came to his head. He had no explanation on how Ash could have gotten that much stronger, someone who he thought was beneath him, weaker than him, someone who he believed was among the weakest of trainers. He, considering himself to be an elite trainer, couldn't even imagine the harsh training that Charizard would have had to undergo to become that strong.

"Let the battle between the Ursaring and Charizard begin!" the referee quickly announced.

"Ursaring use Focus Punch." Ursaring's right hand glowed white and he charged at Charizard, his arm arching back, ready to land the punch.

Ash watched as Ursaring's arms arches forward at Charizard. "Stop the attack" Ash simply commanded. Charizard opened his palm and stopped the attack with it, shocking everyone who was watching. "Now fling Ursaring into the air." Ash added. Charizard's grip tightened and he tossed Ursaring high into the sky. "Fly up and finish it with Seismic Toss" Charizard launch himself at Ursaring, grabbed onto him and performed the incredibly strong move. Charizard slammed Ursaring into the ground, hard, creating a small crater.

Charizard landed by Ash's side, waiting for his next command. Seconds later Ursaring struggled to stand up, but eventually got to his feet. He was breathing hard, but still managed to glare at his opponent.

"Charizard use Aerial Ace." Ash said calmly. Charizard disappeared in a blur, charging at Paul's Ursaring.

Paul snapped out of his stupor and started to focus on the battle.

"Ursaring dodge by jumping to the side." Ursaring quickly jumped to the side, dodging what look like a large air bullet. Charizard zoomed by his opponent creating a large gust of wind.

Paul turned around to find Charizard at the other side of the arena, standing sideways on one of the walls.

"Charizard use flamethrower." Charizard fired a large flamethrower across the arena, heading towards Ursaring at a surprising speed. Before Paul could even command him, Ursaring was hit and blown back, smashing into the wall. "Now launch yourself at Ursaring and hit him with Mega Kick." In a quick motion, Charizard flexed his legs and pushed himself off of the wall, making himself look like a bullet flying at Ursaring.

Paul couldn't believe Charizard's speed. He watched as Charizard landed the attack on Ursaring creating a deep spider web-like dent on the wall. He could tell the attack was stronger than a normal Mega Kick, especially because of the extra momentum from the speed. The momentum made the attack seem a lot for heavier and stronger.

Charizard pulled out his foot from Ursaring stomach and watch as Ursaring body slumps down in defeat. Ursaring remained unmoving for a minute and the referee rose up his flag.

"Ursaring is unable to battle; the win goes to the Champion," Said the referee. The crowd was silent, seeing the one sided battle that took place, and the strength of the Champion's Charizard. Charizard was totally different from the Pokemon that Ash used before. It was stronger and powerful, in a different class than the previous Pokemon the Champion used. They couldn't help but think if this was the true strength of the Champion of Kanto, and couldn't help wonder if there was more to come.

Paul Support Area

"Arceus his Charizard is still a monster." Brock commented in awe and fear. It unnerved him, seeing such power.

Paul growled in anger, he truly wasn't expecting this from Ash. He couldn't believe that Ash could be so strong. It made him incredibly mad seeing how easily he was defeated by Charizard. Ash, the weak fool, who he believed couldn't win anything, the one who just defeated one of his stronger Pokemon in his party. He was furious. How could he, a stronger and better trainer than Ash, lose to a fool? No he wouldn't let that happen. He would win in the end, because he believed he was a better trainer.

"Challenger please send out your next Pokemon." The referee told Paul, shaking him from his thoughts. Paul took out a Pokeball and tossed it in the air.

"Go Torterra." Paul announced as the white glow started to fade showing the grass type Pokemon. Torterra gave out a loud roar to try and intimidate his opponent, but he only received a louder roar from Charizard, immediately shutting him up.

"So you decided to summon one of your best Pokemon." Ash commented to himself. "I thought you would save him for last or not use him at all because of the type disadvantage." He added only to get a growl from Paul.

"Type disadvantage means nothing when it comes with my stronger Pokemon. You shouldn't be talking yourself since you fight against type disadvantages all the time like an idiot." Paul replied hoping to get a response from Ash, but Ash only gave him an emotionless glare.

"Enough talk lets battle." Ash told him in a cold voice.

"Charizard use Slash and aim for Torterra's eyes" Ash commanded. Charizard instantly charged at his opponent, his claws shinning white. Paul quickly noticed this and called out an attack.

"Torterra use Stone Edge to throw Charizard off of its path." Paul ordered. Torterra roared and launched the attack at the incoming Pokemon.

"Charizard dodge it." Ash ordered. Seeing that Charizard easily dodged the attack he yelled, "Now quickly fly behind Torterra." In a swift movement, Charizard suddenly appeared behind Torterra shocking everyone in the stadium.

"Use Fire Fang on Torterra's tail and grab onto it." Ash said quickly not wanting Paul to retaliate. Charizard followed his orders and his teeth started emitting fire as he bit onto Torterra's tail. Torterra cried out in pain and tried to move shake Charizard off of his tail. However, every time Torterra moved his tail, he winced in pain since Charizard would only tighten his already tight grip on Torterra's tail.

"Now flip him over." Ash ordered. Everyone's gasped and their eyebrows shot up.

Paul Support Area

"That's impossible! There is no way Charizard can flip Torterra. Torterra is like over 600 pounds!" Max shouted from his seat. His family and those that have not seen Charizard before nodded their heads in agreement.

Delia shook her head at their ignorance, knowing how strong her baby's Pokemon can be. Charizard, the one that fought against the Legendary Pokemon Entei to save her, was one of Ash's most powerful Pokemon. The memories of Ash saving her caused her to frown. After remember the strength Charizard had shown to save her, it caused her to remember fateful day when Ash left her. Why did she think Ash was weak when he and his Pokemon saved her?


"Still making stupid decisions I see. No wonder you're still weak. You've done nothing to show that you're a Champion. Why don't you just give up and give me the title." Paul said trying to get under Ash's skin "You won't be able to even carry my Torterra a single inch," He added with a confident smirk. A Pokemon, that weighed less than his Torterra, was trying to flip him over. Such a thing was unheard of! He had never seen his Torterra been lifted, much less be flipped over before. So where does this fool get the idea that his pathetic Pokemon could flip his Torterra?

"Charizard do it." Ash ordered, completely ignoring Paul's comment. He didn't really care about what Paul had to say, plus it was more satisfying to shut him up rather than replying and having a pointless conversation. Like they say "Actions speak louder than words" and he was going to make his point through Charizard's actions.

Within a second Charizard jerked his neck, to the opposite side, and everyone's eyes started to widen as they saw the incredibly heavy Pokemon being lifted into the air effortlessly. In about five seconds Charizard had Torterra in the air, his neck straight, showing no struggle, while Torterra was moving around in the air trying to break free, but failed because of Charizard's extremely tight grip on his tail.

"Wha-, "Paul said to himself, unable to comprehend what was happening. Never in his life has he seen any Pokemon carry his Torterra and handle his Pokemon like a mere ragdoll. Paul broke free from his thoughts when he heard a command come from Ash.

"Now slam him to the ground." Charizard moved his head in a swinging motion and Torterra followed falling at a fast pace. With an extra jerk, Charizard finished and slammed Torterra into the ground. "Now finish him with Fire Blast." Ash commanded before anyone could react. Seconds later Charizard's mouth was brimming with fire and, with a loud roar, he released the fire from his mouth, hitting Torterra at point blank range. In an instant, everyone's eyes widened in fear at the loud sound caused by the flames. A large pillar of fire erupted from the attack, causing everyone flinching away from the intensity of the head and brightness emitted by the flames. The only person who didn't flinch was the Champion, who watched with impassive eyes.

Minutes later the flame died out and in its place was a fainted and burnt Torterra.

"The Challenger's Pokemon is unable to battle. Please send out your last and final Pokemon." The referee said sweat rolling down his body. His clothes were drenched in sweat.

Paul Supporting Area

The supporting group of Paul was staring at the battlefield in pure shock, amazement and horror.

"W-w-w-what just happened…" Iris gasped out unable to comprehend the power level of Ash's Charizard. Sweat was rolling down her face from the intense Fire Blast Attack. She knew how strong a Champion could be since it was one of her dreams to become the Champion of the Unova region. But, the power of Ash and Charizard showed her just how far she was behind. There was no way she could reach such a level. Battling Alder, she knew he was strong, but Ash was at a much different level. Charizard's strength was one of a Legendary Pokemon, and maybe could surpass it.

"Such Power…" Gary mumbled out in shock. His grandfather, as well as Misty and May, nodded in agreement. They were just as shocked as anyone, if not more.

Brock was amazed at the strength Ash and his Pokemon. Being a Pokemon breeder, Brock was extremely impressed by how healthy and how well-trained Ash's Pokemon were. He wanted to ask Ash how he was able to keep his Pokemon so healthy, and, hopefully, get some tips from him. Then, breaking out of his stupor, he remembered about the confrontation and couldn't help but feel ashamed. He told Ash to quit his dream. He didn't believe in his own friend, and after years of solidarity and exile, not only had Ash proven himself right and everyone else wrong, but he also exceeded a power they have never seen. It brought a bitter sweet smile to Brock's face because he was happy that Ash achieved his dream, but bitter because he didn't believe in his friend.

Delia found herself grinning happily. She grinned when she saw her Ash wipe the floor with one of Paul's strongest Pokemon. She only wished that she could have the same strength as Charizard, so she could ask her son for forgiveness.

V.I.P Room

The Champions and Elite Four member's eyes were wide in shock. The power of Ash's Charizard was ridiculous! Sure they have seen some strong fire Pokemon before, but this was taking it to another level. Even Flint, a fire type specialist, was impressed, if not scared of Charizard.

"I don't think I have a Pokemon that can do that…" Flint said to himself in awe and slight jealousy. Who could blame him? He was known for being a fire type specialist and here comes Ash with his Charizard outclassing his own fire Pokemon.

"This just makes me want to battle him some more! I'll need to work my Pokemon harder than ever to take down his Charizard." Lance declared. His eyes were firing, and those who were near him scooted away.

"Wow…" Alder whispered quietly. The others in the room only nodded their heads in agreements.


Ash looked over at Paul, a small smirk plastered on his face. "By the look of your face it looks like you've totally given up. I thought you said you were going to beat me easily." Ash taunted causing Paul to scowl.

"Shut up Ketchum, you've just been lucky that's all." Paul countered and grasped another Pokeball. "Go Blastoise," He called out, slightly shocking Ash. The light cleared and showed the water Pokemon ready for battle.

Ash noticed the reaction he got from his Charizard. Charizard's eyes narrowed a bit and his mouth curled up in a small smirk. Curious he looked back at Blastoise intently. He felt that the Pokemon was familiar. Before he could remember where he had seen Blastoise, Paul cut in.

"You should remember this Blastoise." He said to Ash, getting Ash's attention. "After all you fought against Blastoise during the tournament against Gary." Ash eyes widened a bit at the sudden realization. 'Wait…then that means'

"Yes Gary gave me his Blastoise, he told me to help train his Pokemon because he was becoming a Pokemon professor and wouldn't have much time training his Pokemon." Paul announced with a smirk. "I know last time Charizard won, but that monster's win was pure luck. This time, though, I will win. I've trained Blastoise to become one of my best Pokemon in my party. He is a lot stronger than he was back then. I will win and become the Champion of Kanto!"

"We'll see about that." Ash simply replied.

"Blastoise start with Water Gun." Paul commanded, Blastoise opened his mouth to launch an abnormally fast water gun attack.

"Dodge it. Then, Charge in and use Dragon Claw" Charizard flew up to dodge the attack, and instantly charged at the water Pokemon with glowing claws.

Paul seeing the fire Pokemon smirked, "Blastoise counter with Aqua Jet." In a heartbeat Blastoise headed toward Charizard, his body covered in water, and charging at a blinding speed. Charizard was already too close to Blastoise to dodge the attack and was hit directly. Blastoise follow up on his attack and pushed Charizard around even more.

"Now finish this fake with a powerful Aqua Tail." Paul added believing that the attack would be his finishing move. Blastoise cancelled his attack and both he and Charizard were in mid-air. Blastoise's tail changed colors, turning a bright aqua color. With a twist, Blastoise landed his attack on Charizard's stomach hitting him directly into the ground with the powerful blow. The impact of Charizard hitting the ground created a large smoke cloud.

Blastoise landed on the ground, causing the debris around him to jump for a bit. Paul smirked, seeing the smoke. "Guess I'm the winner." Paul announced.

"You should really wait for dust to clear before you announce anything." Ash replied unimpressed. "You should also be alert when there is smoke. You never know what can come out of it." The moment Ash finished, a red blur shot out of the smoke and headed towards Blastoise like a bullet.

"Now then, how about I finish this and show you a real combo." Ash said to his opponent. "Now Charizard toss Blastoise in the air." Charizard followed his command, grabbed Blastoise's arm and swung upwards tossing the water Pokemon in the sky. "Seismic Toss" Ash ordered. Paul's eyes widened his eyes when he heard the command.

"Blastoise use Hydro Pump and make sure it doesn't get close to you." Paul frantically commanded. Blastoise set its cannon and shot the power water attack in an instant. Ash saw the attack and a small smirk etch on his face.

"Charizard use Fire Spin on yourself." Ash commanded Charizard, seeing the attack coming closer to his fire Pokemon. Everyone's eyes widened. Even his Elite Four raised a brow in curiosity. Charizard did as he was commanded and a wall of fire circled around him. When the water hit the wall of fire surrounding Charizard, it quickly evaporated, stunning everyone.

Ash Elite Four Stand

"Woah, never seen that before." Michael commented from his stand, whistling.

"Oh Ash you're soooo awesome!" Sonia cried out dreamily, causing the other Eilte Four to sweat drop.


"I've never thought of doing that before." Lance commented, obviously impressed Ash's tactics.

"Impressive." Steven thought out loud. "He used an attack that is normally used for trapping your opponent, but instead he used it as a defense against a super effective attack. Such a tactic is effective against type disadvantage. But then that would mean your Pokemon would have to be stronger than the other Pokemon. But the Pokemon would have to be significantly stronger than other for it to have no effect. If only slightly stronger than type advantage would usually win, since it would mean both Pokemon are around the same strength and the type advantage would give the extra push over the other Pokemon." Steven finished his analysis.

"If that is true, then that would mean water Pokemon would have a hard time fighting against Ash's Charizard. Also, from what I could tell by watching Charizard, he is one of the strongest Charizard's, if not Fire Type's, that I have ever seen. I would even say that his Charizard is stronger than your fire Pokemon Flint." Alder added, while the others agreed with him. Flint nodded in agreement, but was slightly mad knowing there was a trainer with a fire type Pokemon stronger than his.

"He's always full of surprises." Cynthia mumbled quietly, hoping no one heard her. No one heard her, except for Bertha who was sitting next to her and smiled.


"What how… how did you do that." Paul asked in complete shock.

"My Charizard's flames are hotter than any normal flame. His flame could melt an iceberg in mere seconds. Evaporating your attack is nothing; even Hydro Pump, a strong water attack, could get evaporated, especially if the Pokemon isn't stronger than my Charizard. I used Fire Spin as defense, so he wouldn't get hurt by your attack." Ash explained getting a look of understanding from the audience, while he got a glare from Paul. Paul was glaring daggers at Ash for one, making his attack worthless against his Pokemon, and two for saying that his Pokemon, one of the strongest in his party was weak compared to his.

"Now it's time I finish this." Ash said out loudly, causing Paul to break out of his thoughts. "Charizard use Seismic Toss" Charizard shot towards Blastoise who was still in the air, and grabbed his body. Charizard started to rapidly fly in a circle. Then he launched both himself and Blastoise towards the ground and expertly executed the move by slamming Blastoise into the stadium ground. A large crater was created upon impact.

"Now let's finish this. Flamethrower. Max Power." Ash called out to his Pokemon. Charizard nodded and flew upwards into the sky directly above Blastoise who was lying on the ground. Charizard's mouth started to glow red with embers and when he opened it a line of hot flame roared its way towards the water Pokemon.

As the flame made contact with the ground, a large fire erupted from the ground and spread throughout the whole area. Soon the audience could only see a sea of flames. Those who sat near the dome where drench in sweat and those furthest away were sweating a good amount, all cause by the heat of the fire.

The audience then turned to the only thing that could allow them a view of the battle, which was the large screen. The screen also showed only fire for a few seconds until it showed the battle inside the dome. What it showed shocked everyone watching. Inside the dome could be what is called a fire room. Every part of the room was covered in the flame from Charizard's Flamethrower attack. Strangely enough, the fire only outlined the dome, so there was still empty space unoccupied by the flame.

Then the camera zoomed in a bit for the audience to see the two trainers. They found the two Pokemon one lying on the ground extremely burnt, and another standing proud and unaffected by the flame. Then their attention turned towards Paul. Their eyes widened a bit seeing the trainer on all fours, but it wasn't due to being defeated. No, he was panting and was trying very hard to find any air due to all the smoke. Then they looked over towards Ash and their eyes widened in complete shock. There they saw Ash standing tall and proud, much like his Charizard. He looked unaffected by the area around him. He looked as if he was fine, breathing normally and was calm. The only thing they would see if there was anything wrong was the couple of sweat rolling off his face, and they assumed that was because of the heat caused by Charizard.

Before Paul passed out, water started coming from the stadium walls to wash away the flame. Five minutes later all the flame were gone. The water drained everything besides the two trainers and the two Pokemon. Paul, still on all fours, was panting and trying to get the oxygen back into his lungs now that all the smoke was gone. His clothes were burnt, or what remained of his clothes, were burnt. His long pants became into now became shorts and a sleeveless jacket. Both of which as well as his shoe were now black. His hair was also burnt. Blastoise wasn't in any better shape. He fainted and his body was also covered in black soot.

Ash watched his opponent quietly, letting him get some air before he did anything. About five minutes later, deciding that Paul was a little better, he walked towards him. Everyone watched as the unharmed Champion walked towards the challenger. They were all anxious to see what he would do.

"It seems I win." Ash simply announced when he reached Paul. He towered Paul and Paul growled when he saw Ash's shadow. "Do you see it now." Ash continued. "Do you see the difference in our power. The other Pokemon I used aren't even part of my strongest party. I used them to test how strong you are and they simply wanted to battle. The only Pokemon I used that was in my strongest party is Charizard and he wiped the floor with your strongest Pokemon."

Ash then grabbed Paul by his shirt and picked him up, making Paul face him. His glare caused Paul to flinch. "I'm not the same 'loser' as I was all those years ago. So you best know your place. If anything, you're the loser now, since I not only beat you, but I utterly humiliated you. Just because you've beaten a couple of Elite four from other regions does not make you the 'best'. You couldn't even reach the Champion of each region. What makes you think you could challenge my league with the mindset that you are the best and can beat this league easily. Remember this. I'm the Champion of Kanto and my league has recently known to be the hardest league of all the five regions. You only made it this far because I let you. I told my Elite Four that when you or any of my, so called past friends came here and challenge this league to let you guys win so I can face you myself. They agreed even though it would hurt their record as well as this league, but they didn't care. They didn't agree at first since they wanted to beat you instead, but they knew how much I wanted to fight you. I wanted to show you as well as those from my past the difference in skill, and power between us. And let me say I wasn't disappointed since I was able to get my point across." Ash ranted as he took a deep breath before continuing.

"Before you say that I am lying. That you won with your own powers. I'll say this my first Elite Four could destroy you much like my Charizard has done to you." He told Paul before dropping him, Paul landed on the ground instead of his two feat.

"Next time you hurt my Pokemon I won't hold back." Ash told him as he walked back to his Charizard.

The ref looked at the scene and raised up his flag "Blastoise is unable to battle, Charizard and the Champion is the winner." The ref announced loudly getting cheer from the audience from seeing such a great battle.

Paul stared at the ground, Ash's words playing through his head over and over. He couldn't get over the fact that Ash beat him. The weakling Ash beat him. Not just beat him, but utterly humiliated him. It was outrageous! He believed he would beat Ash and become the Champion of Kanto. Not only did he not win, but Ash told him that it was his will that allowed him to reach the Champion, and that his Elite Four could beat him. It showed him that he didn't get far because of his own strength, but because someone let it happen. Not only that, but Ash told him he was holding back, telling him he didn't even use his full strength against him. He also told him that his First Elite Four member, which was considered the weakest out of the four, could easily beat him.

Paul looked up and glared at the retreating form of Ash. Paul smirked as he saw Ash returned his Charizard back into his Pokemon. Quickly he pulled out four Pokeball and released them.

"Go Magmortar, Aggron, Electivire, Drapion. All of you use max power Hyper Beam at Ash." He snarled, causing everyone's eyes widen in fear, terror, and shock. Delia who heard Paul was horrified at Paul and scared for her son. She had just saw him again after so long and this fool was going to take him away from her. She wanted nothing more than to murder Paul.

The V.I.P people were also wide-eyed and were scared for Ash. They just met the Champion and wanted to talk to him after the battle, the other Champions more so than the Elites. Lance wanted to challenge him in a Pokemon battle, Alder and Steven wanted to talk to Ash about meeting rare Pokemon and Cynthia… well that is a secret.

Ash himself heard the attack but made no move. He didn't look back, but surprisingly, he just stood still, causing everyone to yell at him to run. They watched as the four beams made contacted with each other, causing a large dust cloud to form, covering the area making it so no one could see what happened. Delia couldn't hold it in anymore and started crying at the loss of her son for real this time.

"Wait look." One audience member yelled out loud pointing towards the dust cloud. Everyone looked at the directly to see four blurry shadows. Then dust cloud cleared revealing four Pokemon as well as each of the Elite Four of Kanto. It was four different types of Pokemon so everyone assumed it was the respective types of each of the Elites.

In front of Mike was a large Metagross, Sonia a beautiful and elegant Milotic, Lisa a powerful looking Salamence, and Josh a powerful looking Kangaskhan. The audience's eyes were wide seeing such strong Pokemon in front of them. They knew the Pokemon took the attack for Ash but looked unharmed.

"You shouldn't have done that." Mike growled out.

"No one hurts my Ashy." Sonia added.

"Young people these days." Lisa sighed.

"Let's finish him and show him how strong we are." Josh finished, each of the Elite Four nodded and called out their attack.

"Metagross Giga Impact on Drapion."

"Milotic Hypro Pump on Magmortar."

"Salamence Dragon Rush on Electivire."

"Kangaskhan Hammer Arm on Aagron."

Each Pokemon did as they were commanded. Metagross charged at Drapion causing the Pokemon to slam into the wall, and made an indent in it. Milotic's Hydro Pump directly hit Magmortar in the chest sending, him flying towards the wall, also made an indent in the wall next to Drapion. Salamence charged at Electivire with unbelievable speed and landed his attack perfectly. With a swing of his tail he made Electivire fly at the wall and created an indent deeper than both Magmortar's and Drapion. Kangaskhan swung her arm at Aagron. Aagron was sent flying towards the wall. His indent was the deepest of the four.

Everyone watched with wide eyes at the power of the four Elites. Being able to beat a Pokemon in one move took incredible strength and power. Paul watched with wide eyes seeing his Pokemon quickly defeated. He looked up to meet Ash's face behind the Pokemon.

"Like I said I win." Ash reminded him and continued his walk to exit the stadium his Elite Four following behind him.

As he was walking with his Elite Four following him, he would help but think how cool the scene must have looked to everyone else. He could imagine it in his head. Being followed by four strong trainers, behind them four Pokemon stuck into the wall, Paul on the ground in shock and defeated, Ash inwardly grinned at the badass scene. But sadly, all good things must come to an end.

"Ashyyyy!" Sonia cried out dreamily and jumped onto his back, forcing him to give her a piggyback ride.

"Hey get off me!" Ash replied in a child-like voice, trying to shake Sonia off him.

"Nope!" Sonia happily responded and gripped onto his back even tighter to prove her point. Knowing when he was beaten, Ash sighed.

'Of course she had to ruin such a cool, badass scene…' Ash mentally cried out.

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