Author's Note: Hello my dear readers! Here is a short story I wrote for the Labyrinth. Keep in mind that I have opted out of writing every scene from the movie as I feel they don't always contribute to the main plot. If you choose to review, no flames please, as they never help anyone. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy! :)

It was just like any other night. Having finished my classes for the day, I had come home and done the work assigned. When I was talking with Mom was I reminded she and Dad had been invited to the neighbors' annual party. They'd be leaving around 5:30 and wouldn't be home until well after midnight. "So don't party too hard!" my mother jokes…

"No worries, Mom," I reassure her, "nothing happens around here. I'll probably play Portal or watch a movie or something."

They leave shortly after 5:30, as predicted.

After putting in some laundry, I sit down in the living room, glancing at the skylight above me. I sigh. Let's face it: I'm bored.

"What can I do, Lord?" I mummer aloud. "I could play Portal, watch some TV, read… Ack, who am I kidding? This would be the perfect night for an adventure—Kingdom Hearts, fighting Schmidt, or even Labyrinth!" I rise from my slouched position and make my way to the kitchen. "Well," I reason, "let's get something to eat in the meantime."

I go to the pantry, reaching for a peanut butter bar when I hear a clap of thunder—and the shattering of glass. I freeze. Quickly grabbing the phone, I race towards the sound. The living room! I inch forward before flattening myself against a wall. Leaning around the corner, I see one of the windows has been shattered. What the…? My senses alert, I scan the room. I don't hear any movement or see any one. Maybe it was a freak accident, I think as I move forward to gaze at the shards in the carpet. I begin to dial Mom's number to tell her the situation when I hear a sound. Stiffening, I whip around mid-dial.

No one.

Okay, seriously creepy. Now I know someone's here. Aware of my surroundings, I move to the center of the room. If I'm in the center, I'll have enough time to react should someone jump me. I scan the area again, dialing 911 as I do so. I need a weapon, anything I can defend myself with.

My heart sinks when the call doesn't go through. Oh no…

"Don't waste your time," a crisp voice says behind me. "The line's been disconnected."

I whirl around in shock.


Impossible, and yet, dressed in his billowing, bat-like attire, the Goblin King stands before me.

Without a word, I turn and rush to get Dad's pocket knife lying nearby—and am met with an invisible barrier.

"Leaving in the middle of a conversation isn't very polite," he snickers.

"So sorry!" I reply, using sarcasm to mask my fear. I turn to face him, seeing he appears amused.

"You're being remarkably calm," he remarks. "I think you're taking my appearance rather well."

"Why are you here?" I demand, crossing my arms. "Besides showering the place with glitter."

"Don't seem so surprised, Christine. Moments ago from my throne I heard you wish for an adventure. I am here to grant it." Jareth smiles, showing his sharp teeth.

"Let's get one thing straight," I reply, holding up a hand, "I didn't wish for this."

"The principle is the same."

I stand my ground. "Well, I'm not going anywhere with you," I step into the all familiar fighting stance, "and I will fight if I have to."

Jareth, not fazed, cocks his head to the side and smirks. "Cute. You remind me of a certain young woman I used to know. She was just as determined as you. However, do not think you can intimidate me that easily." In a flash, he towers over me, causing me to involuntarily gasp. Noting my reaction, he says more to himself, "I'll keep that in mind."

Fighting to maintain my composure, I meet his eyes. "Leave." I growl.

He seems disappointed. "As you wish," he replies sullenly.

By the time I catch the meaning of his words, I'm too late. As I step back to flee, his hand shoots out and grabs my arm. There's a white flash—and then nothing.

Groaning, I find I'm on the ground. I grip my head, disoriented. What a weird dream. I dreamt the King of the goblins was real. Slowly I sit up, opening my eyes to see Jareth standing over me. He looks positively ecstatic. Never mind.

"Let me guess," I moan, "the Underground."

"You're a sharp one!" He taunts. Stooping down to my level, he sneers, "And from the moment you arrived here, I gained access to your mind. Now that I know you've seen the movie, I know you're aware of what's at stake. You have 13 hours; my castle has the way home. If you fail to get there in time, you will suffer dire consequences. See you then!" He vanishes before I have a retort ready.

Fine. Looks like I'm fighting for myself. I stumble to my feet. Finding there to be nothing but wilderness in front of me, I cross my arms in thought. So, for whatever reason, it appears Henson's movie isn't just fiction. Which is actually majorly cool. With that fact established… "The Labyrinth shouldn't be too hard to find. Where could it be, Lord?"

I turn around. "Oh."

Jareth had brought me right to the entrance.

How thoughtful of him to save me all the trouble, I think. "Okay, let's get started."