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Cybertron, Elite Guard HQ
Shorly after Yuma discovered the AllSpark fragment.

The Elite Guard and Autobot Council gathered together for an urgent meeting. Most of the Autobots in the room chatted amongst themselves in curiosity why they were here. Some assumed that the Autobot Ministry of Science had another project idea to share. Others claimed that the Decepticon spy, Shockwave, had been found and finally arrested. The Elite Guard sat poised in their seats as they waited to the meeting to begin.

"Ahem, may I have your attention?" chirped a monotonous voice, which was very unusual for an Autobot.

All talking ceased when a red Autobot with a microscrope part on his back and a stocky white mech with green and red stripes stood up at the podium. Right by the two mechs, a much older red Autobot with a beard-like piece coughed, then spoke in a wise tone, "You are all wondering why we have summoned you here today. Before you ask, no, the Autobot traitor, Shockwave, has not been found."

"We know that, Alpha Trion! Just get to the point already!" barked an impatient Sentinel Prime, a blue Autobot with a snowplow on his chassis.

"Sentinel…" grumbled Ultra Magnus, a ginormous bulky blue-white Autobot. "Now is not the time for your impatience. This is very urgent for Cybertron." After berating the hot-blooded Elite Guard agent, Ultra Magnus looked back at the red Autobot. "Alpha Trion, please finish telling us what you were about to say."

Alpha Trion nodded, before glaring at Sentinel. "The Autobot Science Guild have decided to be here today to discuss the real reason we are here today. Perceptor, if you will?" he addressed.

Perceptor, a red Autobot with a microscopic appendage spoke monotonously, "Another AllSpark fragment has been found, but according to our sensors, it is not in the Earth city, Detroit. The fragment has been found in Heartland City, Japan."

One orange Autobot raised her hand, maintaining eye contact with the stocky white Autobot with stripes next to Perceptor. "Wheeljack, sir, where is Japan on the organic planet?" she asked in curiosity.

"That is an excellent question, Stellar," remarked Wheeljack, the noted Autobot, typing at a very fast pace on a keyboard. "Japan is across the ocean from the continent North America. Japan seems to be a lot more advanced in technology, which is why the United States and Japan cooperate together forbusiness. The country is known as 'The Land of the Rising Sun', and the red circle in their flag represents the sun. More so, the AllSpark fragment had been traced to be found by a human boy. Please pay attention to the monitor so you can get a good idea of the boy's appearance."

Perceptor turned around and typed rapidly, everyone lost track of what he searched through. After various files, the scientist clicked a red file. "Everyone, please pay close attention, as you will observe what the human boy looks like. Observe his appearance," noted Perceptor.

With just a click, a picture of the boy who found the AllSpark fragment popped up onto the monitor for everyone to see. He had very unusual appearance for a human, his hair spiked with shades of dark blue and pink-red. His eyes emitted a ruby red shade, and his skin was tan. A golden pendent hung from his neck above a purple T-shirt. All of the Autobots stared wide-eyed at the picture of the boy. Autobots whispered amongst themselves while they continued to stare at the boy's picture. Then, the whole room burst into laughter. The Autobot Council lost it when they looked at his hair. Some practically fell out of their seats laughing on the floor so hard. Even Ultra Magnus cracked a laugh at the boy's picture.

"Never before have I seen a human with very unusual hair, but this one is very peculiar," Ultra Magnus admitted between slight laughter.

Upon the Autobot Council members, Alpha Trion turned to find an Elite Guard Autobot waving his hand. He was a tall Autobot, with an orange colored armor. A pilot hat-like helmet sat on his head, along with goggles. Yellow optics made contact with Perceptor as the young mech's arms waved rapidly.

Reluctantly, Alpha Trion made eye contact and sighed, "Yes, Jetfire? Do you have any questions?"

Jetfire, the said Autobot, nodded. He surprisingly spoke in a heavy Russian accent, unlike most Autobots. "Yes! Uh… What was it? Oh yeah! What is being wrong with human boy's hair?" he asked between laughter.

"He look like he be coming from organic shrimp farm!" joked a blue Autobot with an identical body type to Jetfire.

Behind the Jet Twins, a white Autobot with a hat-like helm nudged Sentinel. "Yo, SP, that human's hair reminds me of a food Sari called shrimp!" he joked.

"I could say the same thing, Jazz!" replied Sentinel, laughing loudly at the boy's picture.

At that moment, Wheeljack started to grow very annoyed. Perceptor felt nothing due to him being completely emotionless. The amount of laughter was basically ruining his and the Autobot Science Guild's presentation. This was meant for observing, NOT laughing at for mockery! Having enough laughter, the Autobot scientist spied the nearest megaphone by his feet. He picked it up and checked for the sound. Once it became clear, Wheeljack took a deep breath. He faced the Autobots (who were laughing like crazy) and positioned his mouth to the megaphone.

"HEY!" Wheeljack snapped loud enough for everyone to hear.

All noise ceased, including Perceptor's monotonous voice. Everyone put themselves back together and hushed themselves. Once the room became quiet, Wheeljack felt at peace. "Ahem, I understand that some of you were amused by this human boy's hair, but that is NOT the reason why you have been summoned. Need I remind you that there is an AllSpark fragment that needs to be found urgently?!" he snapped.

Ultra Magnus stood up and nodded in agreement. "Wheeljack is right. There are more important things than laughing at a human's picture. We cannot let the Decepticons find this AllSpark fragment before we do! Wheeljack and Perceptor, if you please, what is the name of this boy?"

Perceptor pulled up a data of the human on the main computer and scanned it. "The name of this human boy is…. Yuma Tsukumo," he read.

Alpha Trion then added, "Ultra Magnus, do you think you and your team can handle this mission?"

"Aboslutely, Apha Trion. We must protect that boy and that fragment, before the Decepticons find him. We cannot do it alone, however. Sentinel Prime's team will accompany me to Optimus Prime and his team in Detroit. We will have Optimus' team ally us in this quest," declared Ultra Magnus. Facing Sentinel, he then said, "Sentinel, your team I will be departing to Detroit tomorrow. Have everyone ready. This mission will not be like all other Allspark fragment hunting."

"You have my word, sir," Sentinel replied, bowing in respect.

Alpha Trion rose along with the rest of the Autobot Council. A look of approval spread onto his face. With great reason, he announced for the entire room, "It is decided then! Ultra Magnus, Sentinel Prime's and Optimus Prime's crew have been chosen to lead this mission. All in favor of this say 'Ay'."

Surprisingly, nearly every Autobot in the room all said "Ay" unanimously in agreement.

"It appears that Cybertron trusts you with this important mission," the elderly Autobot remarked to Ultra Magnus.

"We will do whatever it takes to protect Yuma at all costs from the Deceptions. You have my word, Alpha Trion," vowed Ultra Magnus.

Inside a hidden base on Earth's moon, Starscream sat perched on his computer eavesdropping on the Autobot's discussion. He smiled evilly as he took in every single information about the boy who had found the AllSpark fragment. "That's right, puny Autobots, that fragment will be mine before you know it." The Harrier jet observed Yuma's picture very carefully, taking in every detail. "I've got my eye on especially you, Yuma Tsukumo…"

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