A few days later, Kiba informed Gaara of his decision to help him.
Two weeks after that, Gaara told Kiba he found a place to host the fights. Since telling Gaara he would help, Kiba began working out at the university gym.

The night of the first set of fights, Kiba wore dark red basket ball shorts and a gray muscle shirt. Gaara drove.

The first bet was of 500 yen, his opponent was a large man, beefy, more than half Kiba's height.
Kiba's speed won that one, he was able to slip around the larger man and bring his clenched hands down upon the man's neck, he crumpled to the floor and did not get back up.

The second fight was worth 5000 yen, his opponent was a semi famous fighter. The boy was about Kiba's age, taller by a head, and slim, his arms slightly bigger than Kiba's.

The kid feinted to the left, Kiba slid to the side just barely as the kid's foot came up to Kiba's right. He dropped to the floor, planting his hands on the cold ground as if to do a push-up, he twisted his lower body and kicked up hard, catching the kid under the jaw, sending him up a few feet. Kiba jumped into the air, spinning and kicking him solidly in the cheek, the spectators parted as he flew towards them.
He didn't get back up for a long enough time for Kiba to be declared winner.

Gaara announced that would be the last fight of the night, and every one but two people wandered out.
Kiba leaned against a wall, watching the three. They spoke and finally all nodded to each other and the two left, Gaara walking over to speak to him.

"They have proposed a fight for next weekend. The prize will be a quarter of a million yen. They will handle promotion, by the time it is time for the fight, the prize will likely be at a half million."

Kiba stared at the redhead.

"That will be enough for my needs. I have no doubts that you will emerge victorious. It will be you versus two others. Every man for himself."

Gaara nodded, thinking. He was deep in thought when they returned to campus, going their separate ways.

Over the next week, Kiba increased his workouts and sparred with the two best martial artists in the university, Rock Lee and Hyuga Neji.
Most times, Gaara would come observe and then he and Kiba would retire to Kiba's room.

The night before the fight, Kiba returned from the bathroom into his room, Gaara sitting on his bed, himself, he wore only boxers. Gaara was fully dressed in black cargo pants and a longsleeved dark red shirt.

Kiba laid down on the bed behind Gaara, eyes closed, arms folded behind his head.
Gaara's eyes traveled down the toned, tanned body of Kiba, a blush heating his cheeks.

"Gaara, I've noticed that whenever you're with me, you blush, especially when I'm closer than normal. And I was wondering... If I make it through tomorrow night, would you like to go out with me sometime?"

Gaara's mouth was dry, his face burned even more fiercely.

"Unless, of course... I'm wrong, in which case I apologize," Kiba said after a few moments had passed and Gaara hadn't said anything.

"I... I would like that, yes," Gaara finally managed, his voice even softer than usual.

"Great," Kiba grinned.

- The fight -

His opponents were taller than him and more muscular. They circled. One lunged at him and he ducked out of the way, that one crashing into the other who was going to jump on his back. He backflipped over them, grabbing them by the necks, he slammed their skulls together, breaking both of their noses and probably knocking a few teeth out.

One staggered to his feet but fell back down, Kiba was declared winner. With angry mutters, the crowd left, the fighters dragged away. After Gaara received the prize money they returned to his car.

"So, tomorrow night, dinner and a movie?" Kiba asked cheerfully.

Gaara blushed but agreed.

When they returned to the university, and Gaara had cut the engine, Kiba looked over at the red head. Gaara looked over at the brunette, slightly confused.
"Thank you Gaara," Kiba whispered, leaning closer.

"It wasn't-" Gaara started but was stopped by Kiba's warm lips upon his own.
Shocked Gaara merely sat there, in shock, but enjoying the warmth spreading from Kiba, spreading through his body. Finally, he returned the kiss as Kiba slid his arms around the slender teen and brought him closer.

When Kiba broke the kiss, his whispered to Gaara, "I can never properly thank you for what you've helped me do, but, anything you ask me to do, I will not hesitate to do it Gaara. I think, I'm falling in love with you..., and I'm sorry if it's too soon, but I had to tell you."

Gaara said nothing, he merely kissed him again, pressing his body into Kiba's.
Kiba's arms tightened around him, he kissed back harder, dominating the kiss.

"I think I fell for you a month ago," Gaara told him softly after they broke the kiss.
Kiba smiled and kissed him one last time.

"Tomorrow," Kiba nodded.

"Tomorrow," Gaara agreed.