A Whole New World

Chapter One: Dillon, Texas

Julie Taylor is the new girl in town, only Julie isn't the perfect good girl she is in the show, her getting into trouble is the main reason she's even living in Dillon. A few football players have set their sights on Julie, but only one will be able win her over. Who will it be? If you don't like AU stories then I wouldn't recomend this, but give it a shot, it could suprise you. Sorry if the summary sucks. This is my first fanfic so I am sorry if it's a little rough in the begggining, but I promise it'll get better as it goes on.

It was a new state, new town, practically a whole new world. Julie Taylor just finished helping her parents unpack and decided to go to the Alamo Freeze for a milkshake. As she walked by all the houses she couldn't help but notice all the Dillon Panther signs, from #7 Matt Saracen QB1 to #33 Tim Riggins Starting Fullback. Julie mentally groaned wondering why her dad just had to torture her by making them move to the most football crazed town known to mankind. Julie at arrived at the Alamo Freeze, after a walk that feel like hours, but couldn't have been more than ten minutes. The second she was done walking, she was immediately regretting her decision to wear distressed denim skinny jeans, instead of a pair of shorts, the hot Texas sun of August was beating down on her like a drum. She took her hoodie off and threw it over her bag, showing off the somewhat reveling tank top Julie was walking through the door towards the counter she was met with a solid chest of muscle, it was safe to say she was very happy about it.

"Why don't you watch where you're going next time?" She barked, walking past the tree in front of her, without even bothering to look back, but she could feel his eyes on her as he walked to a table that was sounded like it was surrounded by a bunch of idiot jockos. As she walked up to the counter she was warmly greeted by a guy that liked to call himself 'Smash' but the whole time she was at the counter he couldn't take his eyes off her breasts. What a pig, Julie thought. As she was handed her strawberry milkshake, she caught Smash looking at her chest once again, smirking, only this time she decided to say something about it.

"Word of advice, if you want to get into a girls pants, at least try to make them think you're into them, not just their body and don't get caught looking at their breasts." She said with sickly sweet smile, seeing she whipped that smirk off his face. She found a seat by the window and sat down pulling her phone from her pocket.

Hope you're behaving and being nice to your parents and not giving them anymore trouble, don't forget the real reason you're there. Love you sweetie! Aunt Shel. Julie read, cursing under her breath. Aunt Shelly doesn't even know the whole story! She can't lecture me on shit that wasn't even my fault. Julie thought, but she wasn't about to tell her aunt that, especially not after she stood up for Julie and told her parents they were overreacting about the whole situation.

I'm trying Shel; it's harder than I thought it would be. I think I completely lost their trust. Well, I have to go, I'm about to get enrolled for school, Love you. It wasn't a complete lie, Julie was getting enrolled for school, just not until her dad had to go to practice. OK sweetie, I'll talk to you later. Julie read her aunt's finally reply. Signing, she grabbed her headphones and played her first On-The-Go playlist on shuffle, the first song to play was Don't Let Me Fall by B.o.B.

Just as Julie was finishing her milkshake and getting ready to leave, a somewhat lanky looking guy wearing a Grey Panthers t shirt walked up to her.

"H-hey I'm Matt. Matt Saracen." He stuttered, a shy smile playing on the corners of his mouth, hand extended.

"Julie." She replied shaking his hand.

"It's nice to meet you Julie, I was wondering, are you going to Dillon High?"

"Uh, yeah I am. Why?" Julie asked, wondering why the hell he wanted to know what school she was going to.

"Umm, I-I was just curious. Maybe I'll see you around then, it's not that big of a s-school." He said giving her another small smile. She Just now realized that he was trying to hit on her. Great, first "Smash" can't take his eyes off my boobs, now I'm being hit on, in just the short span on 30 minutes. I already hate it here .Julie thought with a slight roll of her eyes.

"Yeah maybe, but I wouldn't plan on it. I try to fly below the radar. Look, I gotta go, but it was nice meeting you Matt. She said, only lying a little, it was nice to meet a decent guy, but she recognized the name Matt off of one of the football signs she saw on her way over here and she refused to date another football player. They were all just a bunch of fucking jerks. She mumbled a goodbye before walking past him and out the door to start her walk back home.

About half way back to her house, Julie saw an old vintage store and went inside. She saw two things the second she walked in the door that were practically calling her name so she picked them up and when to try them on. The first item was a cropped denim jacket, for both hot and cold days and the other item was a pair of denim shorts they both fit perfectly and were great for the current weather so she bought them. As she approached the counter, she noticed a help wanted sign.

"What type of job are you trying to fill?" Julie asked, looking for a way to make some extra cash.

"Just a part-time job, we need another person working behind the counter, and you might have to do some inventory here and there." The tall blonde said.

"Great, has the job, been filled yet?"

"No, not yet. You want it?" She asked.

"That'd be great but don't I have to, like apply or something." Julie asked, thinking it couldn't be that easy.

"Have you ever worked in a clothing store before?" Julie nodded. "Great then you have experience, you're hired."

"It's that easy?" Julie asked, confused. The blonde nodded. "Ok… When do I start?"

"How's tomorrow?" She asked.

"Tomorrow's great." Julie said smiling bright, glad for an excuse to get out of the house and not be forced to sit through one of her dad's brutally boring practices.

"Fantastic! See you tomorrow at 2. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Tyra." She said.

"I'm Julie." She replied shaking her hand. "I'll see you tomorrow." she said walking out and waving over her shoulder.

The second she got home she went straight to her and put on her new shorts, a form fitting tank top, and then throwing on an old t shirt over it, waiting for her dad to tell her it was time to go to the field, or as she likes to call it hell.

"So, how was your day Jules." Julies father, Eric, on the way over to the school for practice.

"It was fine. I gotta job, so I won't be coming with you to practice tomorrow."

"Oh, a job. What type of job?" Eric asked, trying to be nonchalant, but he really sucked at that, she could tell he was worried she got a job doing something that would get her into more trouble.

"Working behind a counter, at a vintage clothing store." She said, looking out the window at the passing scenery.

"That's good, and to think I was about to offer you a job as the equipment manager." Julie rolled her eyes at his lame excuse of humor, he knew the last thing she wanted to do was spend more time doing something involving football. "So are you ready for school on Monday?" Eric asked, Julie just turned up her music to the point that it was playing through her headphones, hoping that he understood that she wasn't in the mood to talk.

She was glad that he didn't say anything else until they got there and that was just to tell her to wait at the bleachers until he got back from enrolling her into school. She did what he said and waited by the bleachers. After about ten minutes she sprawled out across the bleachers holding herself up with her elbows, eyes closed, soaking up the hot Texas sun and listening to music.

It wasn't until she noticed someone blocking her sun, that she chose to open her eyes.

It was Smash. She groaned, taking one headphone out not wanting to deal with the jackass again today.

"Hey there, remember me? I don't remember getting your name before, so I thought I'd come over and ask." Smash said, a sly smile on his face, telling her he wasn't there to just ask her name.

"It's Julie." She said putting her headphone back in her ear. She realized he wasn't done talking when he waved his hand in her face, and now she was pissed that he was getting in her personal space.

"There's a party after practice, at Tim Riggins place, you should come." He said smiling down at her, as if he thought he had her eating out of the palm of his hand.

"Sorry, but I'm busy." Julie replied glad to see his smile fade. Before she could put her headphones back on, he snatched the end of the headphones and took then, along with her iPod. She stood up at the speed of light, it was obvious she was ready to punch him but he would easily overpower her. "What the hell! Give me my iPod back you fucking jackass!" She all but shouted at him.

"Such dirty language coming from such a sweet mouth, Temperature by Sean Paul, that's a pretty fast beat song. You ever dance to that song? I would mind seeing that." Smash said winking at her. Julie's face was burning red and she was shaking with anger, she did the first think her instinct told her to do before she had a chance to stop herself. She kicked him were it would hurt the most; hoping he wasn't wearing a cup otherwise it would just hurt her. Thankfully he wasn't, and she kicked him hard enough to where he fell to the ground with a load groan, holding his now very sore nuts. She heard some of his teammates make sincere noises obviously knowing what it was like to go through that type of pain, while others were laughing that the fact that he got shot down and got kicked in the balls. Apparently things like that did not happen to Smash Williams very much. Everyone loved him; he was the star running back for the Dillon Panthers for Christ sake.

There was just one person in the back of the group that didn't laugh or groan, he just watched, a smirk on his face. He had long shaggy brown her that fell into his eyes, but she did manage to catch a glimpse of his eyes, they were a warm hazel green like hers. The type of eyes that you just wanted melt into, she soon looked away and bent down to retrieve her iPod back, after that the crowd had cleared and they all got on the field ready to start their warm-ups. There was only one person left standing there and unfortunately, it was her dad.

"Uh, hey dad… how's it goin'?" She asked, knowing she wouldn't be able to get off that easily.

"Don't 'hey dad' me young lady. What the hell were you thinking? You could seriously injure a boy doing something like that!" He yelled his voice rising more and more with each word. She knew she was in deep shit for what she did but she didn't regret what she did, that sleazy douche deserved it, and she knew that by the end of practice her dad would be over it.

"Sorry, but the guy was being a total fucking jackass. He deserved that kick, plain and simple." She said regretting it the second it came out of her mouth. She didn't sound apologetic at all, just annoyed, and that was defiantly going to piss her dad more than ever.

"Bleachers." He said, Julie gave him an unbelieving look. I can't believe he's doing this to me, I wouldn't have don't shit if that guy weren't being such a dick, she thought. "NOW! You're going to run until you've realized that what you did was wrong."

"You're such an ass!" Julie yelled earning a few shocked glances from the team, as she starting to run up the length of the bleachers, one benefit to being a dancer is that she had strong legs so this would be that hard, or so she thought.

"That's twenty that you just added on yourself, keep this up and you'll be running the whole damn practice." He yelled in his authority voice that only worked on his players, it never worked on his daughter.

"I fucking HATE you, you suck!" She yelled still running up and down the long bleachers, as coach Taylor's team watched in utter shock, if they talked to him like that their ass was grass.

"That's another twenty! You want to go for a hundred? The way you're going it's a great possibility you'll be here all night." He yelled, Julie didn't say anything this time just continued running the bleachers, she knew from experience that he would keep her out here all night, if he felt it was necessary. "That what I thought, and give me your iPod." Julie stopped and shot him a glare, he gave the same one right back, she had after all learned it from her dad. Angry and frustrated that she got in trouble and not that ass hat Smash she grabbed her iPod from her back pocket and threw it passed him, into the grass behind him.

"That's five." He said trying to keep his voice calm; she just chose to flip him off and start running again. "That's another five, anything else you want to get off your chest while you up there?"Coach Taylor said his voice shaky with angry. She chose not to reply, her way of telling him she was finally done. He turned around to find all his players staring at him and his daughter with shock and wide eyes, not only realizing that Julie was coach's daughter but that she seemed pone to get in trouble, and she was definitely a person that will be talked about in the locker room.

"What the hell are ya'll looking at, get to work!" Coach Taylor yelled walking away from the bleachers and over to the field.

About half way through practice coach Taylor told the players to take a five minute water break and went over to his daughter who was now sitting at the top of the bleachers, in only her tank top and shorts, hair in a ponytail, with sweat on her face. He tossed her up a water bottle and asked her to come down; she reluctantly stood and walked down to her father. "Are you ready to admit that what you did was wrong?" he said, she didn't bother replying with an answer, she merely shrugged her shoulders as she took a long sip of water. "Jules answer the question." He said getting upset. She put the bottle to her head trying to think of a way to say the truth and not get in more trouble.

"What do you want me to say? Oh, I'm so sorry I kicked you because you said, 'Temperature by Sean Paul, that's a pretty fast beat song. You ever dance to that song? I would mind seeing that.'" Julie said using her best impression of a meat head jock. "Sorry dad I just don't apologize to people like that, and you were the one that told me not to, it's not my fault he chose to be a dick, it's his." Julie said, her dad didn't seem very pleased with that answer but he let it slide once found out what Smash had said.

"Why didn't you tell my Smash said those things?" Her dad asked trying to keep his temper down after finding out about what really happened.

"I tried but you wouldn't listen to me! You just told me to go run the bleachers fifty times!" Julie said her voice rising.

"I'm sorry about that, if I had known what happened he would have been the one running not you."

"Whatever, it's cool. Can I go to a friend's house tonight?" Julie asked planning on going to the party tonight, but if her dad knew that was what she wanted to do tonight he would automatically say no.

"What friend?" He asked nit believing her.

"Tyra, I met her today, she was the one that gave me the job she said I could come over tonight and she would tell me about the school and the town and things like that. So can I?" Julie asked hoping her would say yes.

"Fine just don't get into any kind trouble." He said.

With that he blew his whistle signaling the end of the water break, and walked back over to the field. Julie had a huge smile on her face as he walked away, knowing she got what she want, and that she was going to have a lot of fun tonight.

After Julie was done getting ready, her phone went off, she walked over to her bed and picked up her phone. See ya soon ;) S.

"Shit!" she whispered/yelled at the text she received, deciding that she was definitely going to that party tonight. And she was getting wasted.

As she walked into the party, most of the male attention was on her, but that's because most of the guys there are footballers and saw the little show she put on. First, with Smash, then with her father. Some guys even clapped, while others threw themselves towards her direction, hoping to get a piece of the coach's daughter. She quickly dodged them going straight for the kitchen, hoping to find some beer or any type of alcohol. She wasn't disappointed, the second she walked into the empty kitchen she was greeted with a keg, several 12 packs of beer, and shots, lots of them. She downed two shots of vodka, loving the burning sensation it caused as it went down her throat, and grabbed a cup and filled it up from the keg. She chugged the beer like her live depended on it, but little did she know someone was in the kitchen getting ice out of the freezer, it wasn't until he said "hey" that she finally noticed.

"Oh umm, hey…" she trailed of realizing she didn't know his name, he most have noticed because he let out a small chuckle and then said,

"It's Tim." He said. That's when it hit her; this was his party, the guy that she ran into at the Alamo Freeze – literally – the only guy just staring at her at the field when she kicked Smash, he was #33 Dillon's starting fullback, and the host of the party she was currently at.

"Julie." She said leaning against the counter, taking a long swig of her beer. He really does have the type of eyes you can just melt into. Julie thought, but soon knocked the sense back into her, he was a footballer, and Julie could not date another footballer. She had one telling her what to do and hurting her, the same one that was texting her saying 'see you soon,' she didn't need one doing the same here.

"I know. That was quite a show you put on earlier at practice. I honestly thought you kicking Two-Zero was poetic justice, Smash needs his ass kicked every once in awhile. His ego'll get too big if someone doesn't punch him, or in your case kick him." He said with a smirk, moving over to lean next to her on the counter.

"Yeah, well thanks. This is a great party by the way, the music sucks, but other than that it's pretty good." Julie said with a mischievous smile on her face, daring him to call her on her remark about his taste in music.

"Hey, the music is fine; maybe you just don't have good taste in music." He said, nudging her in the side.

"Oh is that so? We'll see about that." With that Julie got up pulled her iPod out of her bra, earning an appreciative glance from Tim, and hooked it up to the iPod dock a played the song Temperature by Jay Sean. Within a matter of seconds the floor filled up and Julie turned to look back at Tim. "Now who has bad taste in music?" she said grinning before finishing off her beer, going from buzzed turning into drunk.

Two and a half hours, three shots, and two beers later Julie found herself making out with Tim, and then in his bed. After that everything was a blur.

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