A Whole New World

Chapter 3 – The Reunion

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Julie was in the store hanging up clothes from the dressing rooms when she heard the bell on the door ring. Assuming it was Smash and Tim she just said to sit at the tables in the corner of the store, without looking up. When she finally looked up to see it wasn't them, instead it was the person that she'd been dreading on hearing from again ever since she got that text on Saturday night. It was Shane. He looked the same; he still had the long dark eyelashes, bright blue eyes, and short black hair, only now he had stubble on his face making him look a somewhat older than seventeen. Seeing Shane brought so many memories back into Julie's head, of the party he took her to, of him getting wasted, and the worst memory of all, his naked body on top of her as she screamed, hoping someone would hear and come to help her. Nobody ever did.

When he had finally passed out, Julie ran the hell out of there. She went to Lynn's and told her what happened, she let Julie spend the night telling her everything would be okay, Julie stayed up that whole night crying. Lynn kept telling her the same thing over and over, that everything would be okay and that she loved her, trying to calm her down and comfort her. Nothing Lynn was saying helped get rid of the pain she was feeling at what Shane did to her.

When Julie went back to school after that he hadn't even remembered anything about what he did to her; Lynn told Julie she should forgive him and that he was just drunk, she said he would never do anything like that unless he was on something or completely tanked. That was the day Julie stopped talking to Lynn and she hadn't talked to her until Lynn had texted her last night.

With the rush of emotions she was feeling at seeing Shane again, everything started to become blurry more and more memories of what happened between them came flooding through her mind. Of how he tried to talk to her after she told him what he did to her, all the times he tried to apologize to her, and when he'd gotten so angry at her for ignoring him that he grabbed her by the wrist and slammed her into a wall, telling her to listen to what he had to say.

Julie left after that, scared of what he might do next, begging her parents to let her stay with her Aunt Shelley in Dallas. They said it was okay, but not to expect anything permanent. Julie was there for a month, until she started acting out and getting into trouble, her parents had Shelley drive her back to Houston after she got sent home from school for cussing out a teacher. Shortly after that, Eric got a new Job, as the head coach of the Dillon panthers. Julie tried to hide her relief but she was having a hard time doing so, her parents never knew about what happened between her and Shane, they still. Julie only told her parents that they had gotten into a heated argument and she decided to end things. She could tell they thought there was more going on, but they didn't push her to talk about it.

Julie couldn't control all the memories coming back to her, things were getting louder, blurrier, and the room was starting to spin, but then everything went black. The last thing Julie heard was her body hitting the cold floor, another ring of the bell on the door, and the sound of four people running to her side.

"Julie! Shit is she gonna be okay? Should we call the hospital?" Julie heard a voice that she soon recognized as Tyra's.

"No, look she's waking up." Julie heard Smash say, as she slowly started to open her eyes. Once everything stopped moving and her vision was no longer fuzzy, she noticed it wasn't just Tyra and Smash next to her, but Tim and Shane too. Seeing Shane that close to her had her bolting up in a second, she was immensely regretting that when everything started to spin again. Taking a second to steady herself, she realized she was no longer on the cold floor, but instead on one of the tables with an ice pack being pressed against her head by Tyra.

"How long was I out?" Julie asked, removing the ice pack and slowly standing up, moving as far away from Shane as she possible could in the process.

"At least ten minutes, maybe more." Tyra said, following Julie's line of sight to see that it was Shane making her so uncomfortable and almost scared looking.

"Who moved me to the table?" Julie asked hoping it was anyone but Shane.

"I did. Are you okay?" Tim asked, speaking up for the first time, concern evident in his voice.

"I'm fine. Thanks." Julie said giving him a small smile, which he returned. Julie noticed Tyra seeing the exchange and saw her become even more confused. Tyra can Julie a look saying 'we'll talk about this later' before getting back to work.

"Hey, Jules, can I talk to you for a minute?" Shane asked, staring right at her, making Julie squirm under his uncomfortable gaze. She looked anywhere but at him, hoping to avoid the question. After several moments Shane cleared his throat, this time when Julie looked up into his eyes, all she saw was angry and irritation.

"Fine, guys get started on your work; I'll be back in a minute." Julie said, turning away from Tim and Smash, following Shane outside.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Julie shouted, turning red with angry from all the things he did to her. She looked up at him to see the same look in his eyes as the day he slammed her into a wall, pure rage. Seeing that look in his eyes caused Julie to quickly to a few steps back.

"I came to see you! You haven't taken any of my calls or texts since you left Houston to stay with your Aunt Shelley in Dallas for like two months, I wouldn't have even known you were in Dillon now if it weren't for Jake!" Shane yelled getting angrier by the second. Dammit Jake! I knew I shouldn't have told him anything. Julie thought.

"That doesn't mean you have the right to just show up, expecting me to take you back! Not after you hurt me! Not after you raped me." Julie screamed, she lowered her voice on the last part worrying she might be heard, tears threatening to stream down her face.

"What do you think their talking about?" Tyra asked, watching Julie quickly back away from Shane, before continuing the heated discussion with him.

"Shit, I don't know. From the looks of it, I'd say it's pretty serious though. It looks like she's screaming at him." Smash said, squinting, trying to read their lips.

"Dude, she went outside to talk in private, not to have you trying to read her lips. Tim spoke up, staring at the couple arguing.

"That guy gives me the creeps. Did you see how freaked out Julie was to see him here?" Tyra said watching Shane grab a hold of Julie's wrist, pulling her to him. Tyra was half way to the door, ready to kick his ass when he let go, but she stopped not wanting to make a scene.

"She's scared, you can tell. Can I go get her before something bad happens?" Tyra asked, looking at the two boys pretending to focus on their homework, and then back to Julie and Shane.

"I'd give her a few more minutes. She can handle herself. Trust me; my kids are still paying the price for my stupid mouth. One thing I know is to never say anything about her dancing all sexy, or her perfect body again, or at least never in front of her again." Smash said with a small smirk, Tyra groaned giving him a look of disgust. Tim just stared at him, anger flickered in his eyes for a split second, but nobody noticed as it was gone in an instant.

After that everyone got back to work, or at least pretended to work.

"Look, I'm sorry! How many times to I have to say that before you'll just fucking forgive me? Shane shouted, grabbing a hold of Julie's wrist, pulling her closer to him. She shoved him off her, he let go seeing Tyra walking toward the door.

"You took something I can never get back! I was saving my first time for when I fell in love! You took that from me, I'm never going to forgive you! I hate you. Julie said, the tears finally falling. She turned to leave, only to be grabbed by the elbow, and violently turned around.

"I wasn't done talking." Shane said, letting go of her elbow and looking toward the door to see Smash and Tim staring directly at him, both shaking their heads, warning him not to touch her again.

"Well I was." Julie said walking into the store without looking back, until she was inside, and that was only to lock the door to make sure he didn't follow her back inside.

Once she saw him walking away she grabbed her elbow rubbing the spot where he grabbed her, knowing it was going to have a bruise later. She whipped her tears away before turning around to find Tyra, Smash, and Tim looking at her, all with equal looks of confusion and shock, wondering what the hell just happened.

"Are you okay Julie?" Tyra asked walking toward Julie, pulling the small blonde into a hug, which she returned. Julie only knew Tyra for a few days now, but was surprised by how comfortable she made her feel; she knew that Tyra would have her back no matter what. She found out today that she actually has at least half her classes with Tyra; she's a junior, but even though Julie was only a sophomore she was in most of the junior classes. She had a few classes with Smash and almost all her classes with Tim, the only classes she didn't have with him were art and dance.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Julie said, letting go of Tyra to go to the counter and grab her bag, she pulled out her phone to block Shane's number, something she realized she should have done a long time ago. Before she could do anything, she saw she had a new text from him. It's not gonna be that easy next time. You won't always have your friends around to bail you out. – Shane. In that moment Julie threw her phone across the room without thinking and saw it hit the wall before falling to the floor in pieces. She saw Smash and Tim flinch while Tyra gave her a 'Yeah you're fine alright, we're so going to talk about this when they leave' look. Julie just nodded and went back to putting away clothes.

"I need help." Smash said looking up at Julie, who had just finishing cataloging the clothes on the shelves. She walked over to see he was working on an Algebra II/Trigonometry question, math wasn't exactly her best subject, but she knew enough to be in the advanced class. She also saw Tim's work to see he was working on Pre Calculus.

"Alright what do you need help with?" Julie asked, he already got through over half the assignment without her help. Why would he need help now?

"Well, the problem is, Graph - 435o in standard position. I have no clue how the hell I'm supposed to do that." Smash said looking down at his paper frustrated, then back up at Julie looking for help. Julie sat down next to Smash grabbing his paper and started to do the problem, explaining how to do it so he would understand.

"Start from the initial side on the horizontal axis, positive direction, rotate 435 degrees in the negative direction to locate the terminal side which is in quadrant four. It helps to note that 435 degrees = 360 degrees + 75 degrees" Julie said walking him through the problem, watching him start to slowly understand what he was supposed to do on the next problem.

"Okay, I think I got it now. Thanks." Smash said looking at Julie, who had a small smirk on her face, before he looked back to Tim winking. Tim just rolled his eyes. Julie saw this and wondered what he was rolling his eyes at.

"How are you doing Tim?" Julie asked, looking over his shoulder at his paper, he looked like he was struggling on his last problem. She sat down next to him and waited for him to say whether or not he needed help.

"Okay, I may need a little help on this last one." He said, Julie looked at his book and read the problem in her head. Determine whether the equation for the graph shown has the form y = A sin Bx or y = A cos Bx (with B 0) Then find A and B. She studied the graph for a moment before grabbing his paper, explaining step by step the answer to the problem.

"Okay, so step one. From the graph of y = A sin Bx, you see that the function has one maximum and one minimum in a period. Similarly, from the graph of y = A cos Bx you see that the function has one minimum in a period. Using that, the given figure has the form y = A cos Bx." Julie said slowly going through the problem, seeing Tim nod, slightly understand what she was saying.

"Okay, but what about finding out what A and B is?" Tim asked looking at Julie, she told him that was step two and three and went back to looking at the problem in front of her.

"Step two, from the figure, we can see that the amplitude is A = π. We know that half of the period is 4. And so: ½ (2 π/b) = 4" Julie said, looking down at the book to start working on the finally step.

"And step three, B = π/4, so the equation is: y = π cos π/4 x. Do you understand it now?" Julie asked, looking at Tim as he nodded, smirking at her.

"Yeah, thanks for the help." Tim said as Julie got up and went to the counter seeing a customer walk in.

"Hey, I'm done so we can leave now, right? Smash asked, looking at Julie as she was getting ready to help Tyra lock up.

"Yeah go ahead, you don't have to ask me when you can leave." Julie said going the back room to make sure the door was locked.

"Okay. Are we meeting here tomorrow?" Tim asked, gazing after Julie as she gracefully moved around the store, checking that everything was ready for closing.

"No, tomorrow's my day off. I figured I'd just meet y'all at the field and then we would go to the library of something." Julie said, turning to look at them as they both nodded, agreeing with her idea.

"Okay, see you tomorrow." Smash and Tim said walking out of the store. Julie turned around and was met with Tyra staring her down. She tried to shrug it off, but even in the short amount of time she knew Tyra, she knew that she wouldn't back down that easily.

"What the hell was that earlier? You were practically shaking, you seemed so scared." Tyra said concern in her eyes, but her words were stern, expecting answer. Julie wasn't prepared to tell her everything, so she chose to tell the truth, leaving out some major details.

"He's my ex, his name is Shane. He came to see me to talk about getting back together, when I said no, he grabbed my wrist and that freaked me out, I was scared because of that not because of him." Julie said lying hoping Tyra couldn't tell. By the look she had in her eyes Julie knew that Tyra thought she was lying.

"I don't believe you, there's no way you're telling me the whole story." Tyra said, eyeing Julie looking for more answers, truthful ones. Julie looked down, not wanting to tell Tyra what happen, but not wanting to lie to her either. Tyra has been there for Julie in the few days she's been in Dillon, and she doesn't want to ruin their newly formed friendship by lying to her.

"No, I'm not. I'm not ready to tell you everything yet. I promise I will though, eventually." Julie said, grabbing her bag, giving Tyra a small hug promising to see her at school tomorrow.

"So how did the tutoring session go?" Tami asked as she helped her daughter but the dishes away. She looked to her daughter expecting an 'appropriate' answer. Julie just smirked, knowing what was going through her mom's head.

"Honestly? It wasn't as horrible as I thought; I was expecting them to be loud and obnoxious, but they were quiet most of the time, they only spoke when they were going over work or needed help." Julie said, thinking this tutoring thing may not be so bad after all; it's only been one day though, she's not expecting them to be like that all the time.

"That's great. Where are y'all meeting tomorrow?" Tami asked as Julie handed her the last dish to dry off and put away. Once she put the last dish away she turned about to Julie who shrugged.

"I don't know, I figured I would meet them at the field, and then we could go to the library or something." Julie said, walking toward the door to grab her bag, then headed to her room. She just got in her room when she realized she forgot to tell her parents about her phone. She was dreading this conversation since she broke the damn thing; she can't imagine how it'll actually go down.

"Oh, and I thought I should let you know, I broke my phone today. I wasn't my fault though; I accidently dropped it in the sink at work today." Julie said, hoping it was a reasonable enough lie, so that her parents wouldn't question her on it. Thankfully her dad had decided to put on a game when she mentioned this and he hadn't even noticed what she said, he just nodded. Her mom on the other hand knew better, she saw there was more to the story then she was leading them to believe.

"Julie bear, can I talk to you in your room for a minute?" Tami asked as Julie winced and the childish nickname her mom had for her. She just nodded, not wanting to make a scene in front of her dad and get into any more trouble. Once they were in her room and the door was shut, Tami turned to her daughter with a knowing look. Julie groaned, sitting down on her bed. Why does she always have to be so observant? Julie thought, her mom sat next to her, waiting for Julie to tell her what really happened.

"Shane came to see me, and we talked about the possibility of getting back together, which is never, just in case you were wondering." Julie said looking to her mother; Tami just nodded looking at Julie waiting for her to continue. Julie took a deep breath not wanting to go on; she knew her mom would be disappointed in her. Even though she was mean and sometimes cold to her parents, she always hated seeing that look of disappointment wash over their faces, when she did something she knew they wouldn't have approved of.

"And?" Tami said, looking a Julie, wanting her to continue. Julie looked at her mom for a brief moment before looking the patterns on her covers.

"And, I got pissed that he just showed up like that. After we were done talking I grabbed my phone to see if I had any messages, I did, only one from Lynn telling me that Shane was going to be coming to see me. I got mad at him for being an ass and at her for not telling me sooner, so I threw my phone against the wall without thinking, and it broke. I'm really sorry, I knew I should have told y'all the truth but I just didn't want you to be disappointed." Julie said in a rush, it wasn't a complete lie; the only thing she said that wasn't truthful was the text. She didn't want her mom to know that the text was from Shane, if she did then she would know that there was more to the story. When she looked at her mom she didn't see the disappointed look she was expecting, instead she saw that she understood and that she was grateful to see her finally digging out of the hole she buried herself in by telling her parents the truth about something.

"Okay, I understand sweetie. I'll talk to your dad about getting you a new phone, but this time; try not to throw it against a wall." Tami said with a smile as Julie let out a small chuckle, it had been a long time since she had an actual conversation with her mom, and she forgot how good it could feel to just have her mom listen and not judge. She missed talking to her mom about things; she hadn't had a conversation that didn't involve some type of yelling since she got back from Dallas.

"If you ever need to talk, whether it is as your mom or your guidance counselor, you know where to find me." Tami said getting up to leave. Julie stood and embraced her mom in a warm hug, something she hasn't done in a very long time.

"Thanks mom. I love you." Julie said letting go of her mom, her mom smiled grabbing the doorknob.

"I love you too sweetie. I'll talk to your dad before we go to sleep tonight." Tami said walking out of the room a bright smile on her face.

Julie turned to lay down on her bed, feeling that weight she had on her shoulders lighten, she felt better then she had in months. She felt like she might finally be ready to talk to someone about what happened to her, she knew she still wasn't ready to talk to her parents, but the fact that she was ready to talk to someone was a start.

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