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The katana sliced through her, exiting just as quickly as it entered.

She was on a solo A-ranked mission, requested by none other than herself. Why, you might ask; because she lost her will to live anymore. But she was not just going to commit suicide; that would just be sad and frowned upon. If she was going to die, it was to be the way she wanted to go.-by the hands of her enemy.

She could hear their rambling footsteps trailing off into the distance and she waited, until there were no other sounds in the forest, excluding her broken breaths.

'So this is what it feels like to die...'

She began to ponder on her life, and how it could've been if there was one little change. If she had met her parents, maybe the kids back in her Genin years wouldn't have thought she was a freak. Maybe if she took up taijutsu instead of using her weapons. Maybe she would've told Neji what she felt about him before he chose to marry Hinata. Well, he didn't choose to. His clan forced him to. She knew that really pissed him off. But he couldn't argue with his clan elders. In order to preserve the byakugan, one must marry their relative. It was odd, but it was also needed.

She didn't want to disrupt the marriage, because she expected this sooner or later. But she never knew that it would hurt her this much. This wound gushing out cold, bitter blood was nothing compared to the pain Neji put her through. But now he'll never know...

And maybe that was for the best. Lee will probably tell him a few years from now, when it's too late. He suspected something anyway. In a few years, he'll tell Neji what he thought she felt when she looked at him, when they came into contact during sparring, and when he looked at her with those piercing byakugan eyes. Neji will know, and he wouldn't care. Or at least that's what she thought. By the time Lee tells him, she'll be dead, and he'll probably have an heir to the clan. Something she could have never given him.

She started to feel numb. But her arms and legs were no use to her now anyway. She was free. Something Neji always wanted to be.

'But he is now...' She thought to herself.

The Hyuuga clan discussed that since Hinata is their true heir to the Hyuuga, Neji will be in the main house, resulting in the removal of his curse mark. That green symbol branded on to his forehead that he always covers up during sparring. She never felt that Neji truly trusted her, even when he told her about his blind spot. He probably told Hinata by now.

She could never learn to hate Hinata. For she was too nice and kind. They were good friends, but when she married Neji, that all changed. She knew that Hinata was in love with Naruto, and Hinata knew that she was in love with Neji. Hinata just couldn't look at her straight knowing the fact that she stole her lover. Damn, she was nice. And there was no changing that.

Her vision started to feel blurry, with occasional black splotches here and there. Oh, what she would've done to see Neji one last time. With those cold, frigid eyes. But he was most likely in the Hyuuga Manor training with his wife, or Lord Hiashi.

So, in her last moments she was alone. And that's what she wanted. You could say that this mission was suicidal, because she knew that she couldn't handle an A-rank by herself. But she wasn't the type of person to just throw her life away. Oh no, she was going out how she wanted to go out since she was little. And, as mentioned before, her enemy was the one that ended her life. Ended her suffering.

She knew that death would overcome her. She could feel it in her loosening muscles. After all, love is painful, and death is peaceful. Maybe she could see her parents for the first time. She started to let herself relax, knowing that she was going to end up dead anyways, so why not enjoy it? Neji will be at her funeral (she hopes) and say his respects. Maybe Hinata will be there too! No one asked for this to happen, but it just did. There's nothing anyone could have done to change this cruel reality.

The harsh breeze swept across her face, and she winced, soaking in all of the bitterness it had dwelled upon her. The Cloud nin had left already, leaving her wounded body on the blood-stained grass, probably so she could rot away and be forgotten.

Problem was, she was already forgotten. Well, at least that's what she began to think. And so, she lays here, a large, clotted gash on her chest; letting the majority of her blood pour out. She didn't have much time to live anymore; that was inevitable. She didn't want to get back up and face the world anymore. Maybe it was best if she died. Besides, who would even care? Everyone would forget about her, anyways.

She smiled grimly as she counted the birds above her. Eight. She wanted desperately to recall the memories that were conjuring up in her mind. But she wouldn't. She couldn't remember what had happened back when she was a Genin. Hell, she couldn't even remember her own team!

But what did it matter, anyways? The blood-loss was taking over her, leaving her with one lone thought still drifting in her mind.

'I love you, Neji.'

And she died like that. With the eight birds circling around her, protecting her as she left for a better place.

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