My locker was stuck again.

Just flipping fantastic.

Now, not only was I going to be late for my family's monthly get together, but I also couldn't get the keys for my truck out of my locker.


Suddenly, I heard a loud thud and I quickly turned around to see what it was.

The thud had come from none other than popular boy Edward Masen. He seemingly dropped his books, I realized, noticing papers flying everywhere.

I bit back a sigh. His hair was windblown and his cheeks were flushed from the cold. That's when I noticed that he had his soccer uniform on. Dang, he looked good in it.

So, maybe I liked him. But hey, I was just bookworm Bella. A girl can dream.

He seemed to notice me as he began to gather some of his papers.

"Need help, Masen?" I asked him.

He nodded at me, looking grateful.

I bent down and began picking up papers. Soon enough, I had a neat pile in my hands.

"Here you go, Masen." I said, handing him the papers.

Our fingers brushed for a moment, and chills ran through my body. The good kind of chills, that I'd only read about in books.

"Thanks, Bella." He said with a dazzling smile.

I nodded dumbly.

He turned to leave, but I heard myself call out to him.

"Hey, Masen!"

He turned back around.

"Could you maybe help me open my locker?" I asked, biting my bottom lip.

He nodded, grinning at me. He walked over to me and I told him the combination.

He opened it on the first try.

Well, I just absolutely sucked at opening lockers.

"Thanks." I said, grabbing my things out of the locker.

"No problem, Bella."

I grabbed the rest of my things and he left, saying nothing else.

When I grabbed my bag, an envelope fell to the floor.

I picked it up, not knowing what it was. I opened it, wondering if I'd payed my lunch bill last month.

But, instead of a lunch bill, I found a letter addressed to me.

I began to read it.

You're like a child

So beautiful and pure.

You could be the one for me,

That much I'm sure.

One day I'll reveal myself,

And you will finally see.

Until then you can read this letter,

And guess who I may be.

Sincerely, Your Secret Admirer

Oh. My. Gosh.

Someone liked bookworm Bella?

This could not be real.

I shook my head and stuffed it into my bag. I caught sight of my watch as I did so, and I mentally cursed.

Charlie and Renee were so going to kill me.

Okay, so new story. My last Twilight fanfic was a flop, and I just couldn't continue it. Anyway, I think I'll enjoy writing this. It's going to be light-hearted and cute, unlike most of my fanfics. Let me know what you think.