Ninjago Special Story Chapter 4

Ember and Kai went to a fancy resturant. So Kai lead Ember to a table and pulled a seat for Ember.

"Thanks Kai." Ember said

"No prob." Kai said and he sat down with her.

Then Kai and Ember ordered food.
"So you never been on a date before?" Ember asked.

"Nope." Kai said and smile. "How's your food?"

"Good actually." Ember said.

She and Kai were done eating and they paied their dinner and they went outside and walked around the block. Kai couldn't stop staring at Ember.

"She looks so beautiful, I can't stop saying that." Kai thought

"Kai are you ok?" Ember asked and smile.

"Yeah I'm ok it's just that you look so beautiful Ember." Kai smile.

"Thanks Kai that's so sweet!" Ember smile at Kai.

"So do you want to go to the movies?" Kai asked and Ember smile.

"Yeah sure." Ember said and they went to the movies.

Inside Kai and Ember sat down in their seats and began to watch the movie. As they watch the movie. "This could be my chance." Ember thought. "I'll make the first move and then Kai definitley fall for me."

Ember leaned against Kai and he blush red. He scratched his head in confusing. "What is Ember doing?" "Um Ember do you mind?" Kai asked and Ember was disappointed. "Man! This was suppose to be a perfect date."

"Sorry." Ember lift her head. Soon the movie ended and Kai and Ember was coming out.

"So where do you want to go now?" Kai asked "Well theres a festival downtown do you want to go there?" Ember asked. "Sure I love festivals." Kai smiled at Ember. They went to the festival when suddenly it started to rain.

"Oh man its raining!" Ember angerly.

"Here." Kai said, taking off his jacket and puted on Ember's shoulder.

"Thanks Kai." Ember sighed. "You know this is all wrong."

"What the rain?" Kai asked

"No! I mean yes! This date is all wrong Kai!" Ember cried.

"Whoa calm down Ember." Kai said "What's wrong tell me."
"No I'm going home!" Ember yelled and threw Kai's jacket down and ran home.

"Ember wait!" Kai said and went after her but then stopped. "What did I do wrong?"
On the Bounty...

"What you asked her to take her head off your shoulder?" Cole asked in shocked.

"Dude why would you do that?" Jay asked in shocked too.

"What?" Kai argued.

"Dude you're suppose to let the girl lay on your shoulder! That's part of the code of romance!" Cole said

"Alright alright you guys." Kai said and looked at his friends. "Ok the truth is I never been on a date before."
"Wait you seriously never been on a date before?" Jay asked and when Kai nodded his head Jay and Cole laughed.

"It's not funny you guys." Kai whined.

"No wonder you don't know romance." Cole said
"Well what do you guys do on a date?" Kai asked.

"Well with me and Nya I take her to someplace nice when I took her out on our first date." Jay said

"With me and Aqua, we talked about anything but you want to keep it slow." Cole said.

"Why slow?" Kai asked

"Because that way the girl would understand." Cole said

"And you would have to give the girl her favorite flowers." Zane said walking in with Airiana.

"Ok what does she like?" Kai asked

"She likes tiger lillies and orange roses." Airiana said.

"And the most important rule on a date is never..." Cole said

"EVER!" Jay, Nya, Zane and Airiana said

"Get the girl upset." Cole continued.

"Ok I think I got this whole dating thing." Kai said.

Meanwhile Ember was in her room upset about the date going wrong when suddenly she heard a tapping on the window. She went to the window and saw a note tapped on the glass.

"What's this?" Ember said and opened the note.

"Dear Ember,

Come on the roof I have a surprise for you.


Ember went to the roof and was amazed at what she saw. There was a table covered with a white cloth with food on it with lantern lights decorated on the railings and hunged above.

"Wow this is amazing." Ember said.

"Glad you like it." Kai said stepping from behind Ember.
"Oh hey Kai." Ember said and smile.

"Hey Ember." Kai smile and offered his arm. "Care to take a seat?"
"Yes." Ember said and slipped her arm with his and Kai lead them to the table.

"Please allow me." Kai opened the chair for Ember and she sat down and Kai push her in.
"Wow Kai you really did well to this place." Ember smile.

"Heh thanks." Kai said and sat down with Ember.

They ate and talked.

"So the guys helped you with dating advice?" Ember asked and Kai nodded.

"Yeah I'm sorry our 1st date didn't go so well." Kai said.

"It's alright Kai." Ember said and smile.

"Oh almost forgot." Kai turned on the music. "Wow this is nice music." Ember said.

"Care to dance?" Kai asked.

"Yes please." Ember said.

Kai and Ember danced to the music and Kai spun Ember and continued to dance.

"My Ember you look so beautiful." Kai smile at her.

"Thanks." Ember said and sighed "You look cute and handsome."

"Heh thanks." Kai chuckled and spun Ember. When suddenly it began to rain.
"Oh man why?" Kai said and took off his jacket and put it on Ember. Then Ember started to make a noise.

"I'm sorry Ember this is all my fault. Please don't cry." Kai said, feeling bad for her.

"Heh I'm not crying Kai." Ember said "I'm laughing I'm having a good time."
"You are?" Kai asked and looked at her.

"Yeah Kai I'm totally fine." Ember smile. "Really."

"I'm glad you're happy." Kai said then he sneezed. "Achoo! Let's get out of this rain."

"Wait." Ember said and Kai looked at her. He stared into her brown black eyes and she leaned in and Kai leaned in as well. Soon they kissed. After a few minutes they pulled away and blushed red.

"Um Ember." Kai said

"Yeah?" Ember said

"I think I'm in love with you." Kai smile at her.

"Kai you." Ember said

"I love you too." Kai said and they kissed again.


"So tell us what happened?" Jay asked

"Did you guys kiss?" Cole asked

"Do tell us." Zane said

"Guys lay off will ya." Kai said and looked at his friends.

"Well did you kiss her or not?" Jay asked

"Fine we kiss happy." Kai said blushing red.

"You told her that you love her didn't you." Cole said

"Cole!" Kai blushed red even more. His friends kept asking questions.

Meanwhile Ember was in bed sleeping, dreaming about their first date.