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Was a little bored today... so I thought i'd write this! I know the beginings a little boring, but I know it'll get better!


My flip-flops slapped on the stone on the busy Manhattan sidewalk, people chattered and walked by, I hardly noticed. I had my eyes glued to the map in front of my eyes, and was it confusing. I never knew that my parents could function in such a bustling, abundant city as New York. My ankles ached, and my lips were terribly dry. The streets seemed to blur into a big maze of chaos. Gosh, I hate this! I thought as I wiped my sweaty brow from the 102 degree weather. Why'd my Fashion Designer parents have to drag me to this horrible place?

I sat down at a Starbucks, my iced Carmel Frappuccino in hand. Chatter caught my attention. Oh no. I turned to see them. They're laughter awaited me, "Oh, look girls! It's 'Sucky Sienna'!" That witch from my school, Larissa, was here. And I thought I'd gotten away from her at least for 82 hours. Her friends cackled with her. "So Sienna got any dates with your boyfriend this weekend? Oh wait, you don't have one! Unless you count that nerd with that pizza face who keeps tripping over you in the halls! Honestly though, even he wouldn't dare date you. And even if someone did, they'd have to dial '1-800- LOSER!'" She laughed manically at her petty jokes. And I sat there sipping my coffee taking it all in like an absorbent sponge. She knocked the cup out of my hand onto the tile floor, "Oops! Oh well, Miss Sucky with her Knock-Off parents can buy another one!"

"My parents don't sell knock-offs Larissa!" I retorted I wasn't really mad about their comments; it was the coffee that brought my anger. "It's your fake attitude that you should be worried about, cause it smells up this coffee house. Oh, I'm sorry it's your cheap perfume that stank this place."

She rolled her perfectly tan hand into a fist, "Ahaha, this perfume is French and its worth more than your parents pay checks. Besides, I actually have a life. A life with a hot boyfriend, rich parents, well richer than yours, skinny thighs, and flawless hair. What do you have? Nothing." She spat. She flipped around and headed for the door, she stopped and turned. "Oh, and those wedge lace-ups are total fakes." With that, the Wicked Witch of the West left with her flying monkeys.

I kicked myself for always taking what those losers always said to me. But, they were right. I was a loser. And nothing would change that.

For the next two hours I wandered aimlessly around the downtown area, only driven by avoiding people. That soon turned to finding air conditioning. I climbed up the marble stairs subconsciously, and opened the rotating doors. I slumped down onto a bench, and basked in the cool air blowing onto my face. I opened my eyes, and surveyed my surroundings. I was in the Museum of Natural History. I'd only heard about in the news, and sometimes in class, but never in real life. I sprung to my feet, I'd always wanted to go, but mom and dad never had the time. And I hated to admit, it felt nerdy at the idea just to walk in and look at dead things. Besides, you never knew when Larissa would pop up.

The exhibits were actually very cool, and interesting. Not matter how I hated to admit it. I mean, there was the Egyptian area with the Sarcophagus, and the animal exhibit, and the Hun's, it just kept going. I sat down on another bench, to rest my now agonized feet. I laid back on the wall, and sighed. Mom and Dad wouldn't be home till' tomorrow. They don't even know I'm gone. Some parents who leave their 17-year-old girl home alone, while they go to a fashion show in Paris. Some parenting. I blinked my eyes open, I gotta stay awake. But soon, I wanted to keep my eyes closed. The noises of the world seemed to fade into silence, "Attention ladies and gentlemen, the museum will be closing in 2 minutes…"

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