Inexcusibly short. Hopefully, it's insightful enough for me to get away with it. ;)

Okay, cut to the basics. I was inspired by a tip-off from: Warlord-Xana, who wanted me to write something based on Hiccup wondering if Boark the Bold didn't just study dragons. It really got me thinking, so, here it is.

Lots of people tell stories. But only the truly remarkable ones become remembered as time goes on, and they pass into legend.

As I figure it, one day I'll be legend. The way my people see it, I'll have done everything, and Toothless nothing.

In one way, they're right. My morals, my weakness – or strength – decided everything from the beginning. I was the mastermind.

No one will ever believe a thousand years from now that I never wanted to do it for my tribe. I wanted to be something different from the odd Viking I was. But I did it selfishly. Even when the tides had turned and I realized the truth, I kept it to myself.


I spend a lot of my time reading nowadays. The Dragon Manual. How wrong it was. But surprisingly, almost all the information – facts – were right. Numbers and depths and colors, migratory habits (gods, if that was in there before Snoggletog) species and class – all immaculately correct.

Disposition, however, is another matter. I don't have the luxury of spending as much time with Toothless anymore as I'd like, but spend hours indoors, copying and rewriting everything they got wrong into a new book.

It took a lot of deliberation to decide to redo it separately. Even when I realized how appallingly wrong the book was, I didn't want to get rid of it. It was history. Our mistakes. If we remember them, there's a chance they won't happen again.

There was a time when the blank pages at the very back held me spellbound. Now I can laugh and truthfully say I know more about Night Furies than anyone on earth. Personal, up close information. Meaningful. I couldn't fill those up, not when the mystery and fear of the Night Fury was so revered, meant so much.

I also spend a lot of time thinking these days, about the other people who worked on the Book of Dragons before me. Others, mislead as any other Viking.

But Boark the Bold… Gobber's ancestor, kind of explains why he turned out the way he did. I guess it runs in the family. Or, he could have been completely normal and it's Gobber's fault we have this perception of him.

Maybe one day people will think completely that I was heroic, or brave, or strong. Now, that wouldn't be so bad… but it wouldn't be the truth.

I used to think anything written down was the truth. But then I realized that lies can be written just as easily – maybe more easily – as truths. And there's nothing stopping anyone from tampering with it.

If the Vikings from a long time ago knew about the truth of dragons, would they have done anything? I was surprised how quickly my peers and the adults of my tribe swallowed their bloodlust and accepted our peaceful new life.

Would it have turned out differently? If someone had started something at the beginning, would I be who I am?

Could our culture have survived the change?

Maybe Boark the Bold would have fought to defend his home. Not fought against the dragons, but fought against the stubbornness ingrained in the people.

Maybe he could have changed our way of life.

But that didn't happen. Instead, three hundred years passed, and I did.