Descent Into Darkness
Genre: Drama, Suspense
Rating: R (Story contains violence, strong language, sexual situations, and all that other bad stuff that makes it R, and NOT PG.)
Author's Note: While the fic will contain some of the series' storylines, it does not follow the series timeline.



He stood in the center of the crowded street, as the harsh rain pelted his skin like a thousand steely knives. Staring up into the apartment building, he began to realize that the betrayal was complete. His mind began to process all that had happened, and he silently wondered how he had let it get this far. How had it all slipped from his control so quickly?
He should have seen it before. He should have read the signs. He should have seen it coming, the day that he had come home, only to find his roommate—his friend consorting with his girlfriend. They had both denied everything, but he knew. He knew that things were not as they seemed.

Then, weeks later, he heard her moans, coming through the thin wall that separated their rooms. How could they think that he was so stupid? How could they lie to his face like that?

Never again.

He picked up his belongings, now soaked through with rain, and shuffled down the street, vowing revenge. He would never let anyone hurt him this way again.
They would pay for what they'd done.


He watched her. She was as stunning as ever. Her hair was so shiny, and the sunlight made it almost sparkle. He could watch her hair, soft as silk, brush against her shoulder softly, for hours. She walked into her dry cleaners, and picked up her black suit. She always looked amazing in that black suit. It hugged her figure perfectly. He longed to see her in that suit once more. She made her way down the street, stopping briefly to pick up a newspaper. The Times. She loved doing the crossword puzzle in the Times. Sometimes, on Sunday mornings, they would lay naked in bed together, working on the crossword, sometimes even the Word Jumble. She was so gorgeous in the morning light. Her skin would glow.
His eyes darkened, when he recalled her betrayal, and he wondered if he had seen her in the black suit. She was nothing but a common whore. A whore in a black suit. She was an evil, manipulative bitch, and she deserved to go straight to hell.


He awoke suddenly, and realized that he had spent the night asleep in his car. He slid upright, and looked up at her apartment. Her shades were drawn. She was at work. Or perhaps she was whoring. He would wait. He would wait forever to see her in that black suit again.

Night was falling. The sun began its descent, and he watched her front stoop intently. Hours had passed him by, unnoticed. Then, as if on cue, she appeared. She was wearing the black suit. The black suit that hugged her body so tightly. He'd give his own life to be that suit. To hug her again.

She slid her key into the front door, and he slipped out of his car. He watched her enter the building, then rushed to catch the door before it closed completely. She began her ascent up the steps to her apartment, and he watched her silently from the building lobby. He listened, as she arrived at her second floor apartment. She unlocked her door, and opened it, entered, and closed the door behind her. He made his move, slipping silently up the steps. He listened through the door, as she flipped on the television. It was Entertainment Tonight. She loved that damn show. He smiled, as he thought back to all of those days that he had put up with it, just to make her happy.
He was not surprised that the door was unlocked. She was sometimes absent- minded, and would forget to lock the door behind her. He stood behind her for several minutes, as she settled into the couch, unaware of his intrusion. He pulled a large knife from his bag, making his presence known.

She turned quickly, startled.
"Wh-what are you doing here?"

He smiled, and lunged toward her, covering her mouth with his large hand before she could cry out. He watched her eyes, as they widened in terror. She struggled to free herself, but the attempt was futile.

The knife slid into her stomach smoothly. Once, twice, three times…and then he lost count. She cried out in pain, as he continued his assault. Her eyelids grew heavy, and her body began to soften. Her warm blood ran down his hand, then dripped slowly onto the floor. She collapsed onto the floor, and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Her suit was ruined. Her life was fading quickly.


His mission was almost complete. He walked down the street slowly, peering up toward the apartment building that he had once called home. He watched, as the Other One walked out of his building, and toward the coffee shop below. He was always in that damn coffee shop.

So he sat, for an hour, watching him drink coffee. When he finally left the shop, he watched him wave goodbye to his friends, the ones he had yet to betray. Then he walked down toward the Subway.
He followed him, onto the Subway, and downtown. He watched him walk into his office building. He followed.

Never again.

He watched him walk into his office, then waited for his receptionist leave her desk. He walked into the office, where the Other One sat, playing video games at his desk. He looked up quickly, his brow furrowed in confusion.
"Hey, man, what are you doing here?"
"I've come to tell you that your girlfriend is dead."

He watched, as shock and then horror crossed his face.

"What? No! I...I just saw her!  What happened?"

He opened his mouth to answer, but thought the better of it. He was finished talking. There was nothing more to say. He approached the desk, then pulled out his knife. The man yelled out, and tried to make his way around the desk. But he was not fast enough.

The knife did not slide into his back as easily as it had slid into her stomach. But it had the same effect. He cried out in pain, and collapsed to the ground.

And everything was as it should be.