Awhile later,Sara speaks.

"We're here,Jack Bruno."Sara says.

"Here?There's nothing here."I say observing the mountains.

Then,an old,run down house comes into view.

"Nevermind."I say.

"Somebody's expecting you two,right?"Jack asks as we pull up to the house.

"Don't worry,Jack Bruno. We'll soon be reunited with relatives."Sara says smiling at the house.

"Ok. Seven hundred and twenty dollars and fifty cents. But after everything that went down today,how about I knock off twenty-five percent and I also..."Jack says before Seth shoves the lump of cash into Jack's hand.

Seth and Sara hurry out of the taxi and into the house.

"Ok,then. Goodbye to you,too."Jack says before he looks through the money.

"Five hundred percent tip?That's reasonable."Jack says.

I hit him in his right shoulder before I get out.

"You two overpaid!By a lot!"I yell at the door of the house.

Jack gets out and looks at the side of the car.

"Unbelievable."Jack says before we hear glass shattering.

We look in the direction of the house. Jack slowly makes his way over to the door and I hesitantly follow.

"Everything ok in there?"He asks.

He gets to the door and opens the door. He goes in and I do the same.

I shut the door behind me and he quickly grabs a broken chair leg off the floor.

"It's just me."I whisper. He relaxes and we look around the trashed house.

"Hello?"Jack calls out to receive no answer.

I walk over to the couch and I get pulled down by Seth.

"Shh."He whispers when I open my mouth to speak.

"Angel?"I hear Jack whisper.

He comes to the couch and gets pulled down by Seth. Frightened,Jack hits Seth with his broken chair leg.

But it doesn't hit Seth.

Instead,it goes through him and hits the couch.

"What just happened?"Jack asks before Seth puts his hand over Jack's mouth.

"Jack Bruno and Angel Bruno,neither of you should have jeopardized your lives by following us."Sara says.

"What sort of trouble are you in?"I ask quietly.

"I suggest you both return to your vehicle. Your services are no longer required."Seth rudely says.

"Seth,their just trying to help."Sara says to him.

"We don't need their help. Somebody's already been here looking for it. We simply cannot trust any of them. Just us,Sara."Seth says to her.

Sara nods before looking back at Jack and I.

"We appreciate your efforts to assist us,but my brother is right. We can involve you both no further."Sara says.

"Got it!"Seth says rushing up from his spot on the floor.

"Let's go!"Sara follows him.

"Hey!Just tell us what's going..."I start before they get out of sight.

Jack and I stand up and Jack grabs the broken leg chair. We slowly follow them but not before I hear something.

I stop in my tracks and look around. I see nothing so I start following Jack again.

We end up at a fridge. Seth opens the refrigerator door and places his blue,handheld device on the side of the fridge.

"What is that?"Jack asks.

The device buzzes before the back of the fridge opens to reveal a tunnel. Seth grabs his device before he goes in.

Sara goes in a few seconds after.

"Whoa,Hey!"Jack calls after them.

"Don't go in the pimped out fridge,Jack."Jack says to himself.

"Jack's going in the pimped out fridge!"I say before I go in.

A few seconds later,I hear him following. We come upon a bookcase.

Seth does what he did with the fridge and another tunnel opens up. He gets his device and we go in. The tunnel leads us to a forest escape. I marvel at it's beauty.

"What is this place?"I ask.

"This way."Seth says looking at his device.

He and Sara leave Jack and I at the entrance.

"Hey,Hey,Hey."Jack says following them.

"Hay is for horses."I tease while following him.

"Stuff it."He says making me laugh quietly.

Seth goes a different way than us and I follow him. We come upon a big glob thing and he waves his device over it.

The device starts beeping crazily.

"Sara,it's here!"Seth yells.

"What's here?"I ask.

Sara and Jack break through the bushes and trees to where we are. Sara takes off her necklace and places the necklace on the glob.

The glob starts to swell and turn pink. Sara puts her hand in the glob and I surpress the urge to barf.

She pulls her hand and a device out.

"What is it?"Jack stutters out.

"It is what we came for Jack Bruno."Sara says to him.

"Is anyone else looking for it?Say,the person who trashed everything upstairs?"I ask.

"We think so. It is very valuable. Which is why it was vital that we locate it first."Seth answers me.

"Well,what makes you so sure that whoever else wanted it,isn't still looking for it?"I ask.

A look of realization hit Seth and Sara's faces.

We then hear a door slam.

"Shh!Shh!Go. Go. Go."Jack says to us.

We all slowly walk away from the glob and through the forest. Jack stands in front of us as we stop. We hear something break and Jack yells.

"Run!Run!Run!"Jack yells before Seth,Sara,and I all run.

Sara,Seth,and I hide in a bush. Something nearby gets shot and we start running.

"Jack Bruno!"Sara yells stopping.

"Kids!"I hear Jack yell.

Something bursts into flames and we start back running.

"Go,Go,Go!"Seth yells as we try to shield ourselves from the flames.

Something bursts and we're a thrown back into the air. We land and groan.

"Come on!"Seth yells getting up and helping Sara get up.

I get up on my own and I follow them. We stop and I yell.

"Jack!"I yell coughing from the flames.

Something pushes Sara's arm forward,causing her to throw her device down.

"Seth!"Sara yells.

I look and see the intruder is a robot with a suit of metal.

Seth comes at the metal robot thing and it throws him back.

How dare he!Wait!Do I actually care about Seth?I mean,he was and still is rude to me. But he's so cute and...bad time to think about this,Angel!

I jump on the back of the robot. It bucks me off and I hit a tree.

"Ouf!"I groan.

"Angel Bruno!"Sara yells coming and helping me up.

"Come on!"Seth yells.

"Where's Jack?!"I yell.

I look around and see him battling the robot.

"Do something!"I yell at no one in particular.

Sara somehow gets a fireball to go at the robot. It blasts the robot back and Jack gets up and follows us while we all run back to the entrance.

We run through the tunnel to the bookcase. We go in and Seth tries to close the bookcase/tunnel door. I then see there's a blue ball of light coming towards us. Seth's able to close the bookcase but there's still a blast.

Seth gets thrown from the bookcase to the floor. Sara gets thrown firstwards into the wall while Jack and I both get thrown backwards into the wall.

"Seth!"I yell when I see that Seth is lying unconscious on the floor.

Sara and I go to where Jack is picking Seth up and putting him over his shoulder.

"Seth!"Sara yells.

"Keep moving!Keep moving!"Jack yells.

We follow him out and I can't help but worry about Seth. I hope he's okay.

We make it out of the tunnel and and into the front room of the house. Things explode and erupt into fire as we try to get safely outside.

We get outside and more stuff explodes. We make it in the taxi and we all buckle up(Sara doing it for Seth).

We drive off right before where the taxi was parked explodes.

"How's Seth doing?"I ask after getting all of the debris out of my hair.

"His system has the ability to..."Sara is cut off by Seth.

"I will be fine. It is important we gain much distance from this location."Seth says the last part to Jack.

"I'm happy you're feeling better,'cause you're gonna need your strength when you explain to us JUST WHAT HAPPENED BACK THERE?!"Jack yells the last part.

Jack stops the taxi and turns to Sara and Seth.

"Alright,here's the deal. The cab doesn't move until your mouths do,so start talking."Jack says annoyed.

"The information you are seeking is not within your grasp of understanding"Seth says."We are dealing with issues outside the realm of...your world"Sara says. I lift one of my eyebrows in a questioning way.

"Hey,I'm a cab driver,ok?I have has plenty of worldly experi..."Jack trails off and stares behind the taxi.

I follow his gaze and see a blue light. Sara and Seth see it too.

"Sara!We have to go!"Seth yells before Sara pushes her hand out in front of her.

The taxi starts moving. Jack takes control of the wheel.

"What is it?!"I yell.

The blue light is a spaceship looking thing. It shoots lazers at us and in front of us.

"Hang on!"Jack yells.

We try to avoid the blasts and we end up on train tracks. We go into a train tunnel and we stop near the exit of it.

"We can't let him destroy it,Sara."I hear Seth whisper.

"Who is he?And this time,we'd like some real answers."I say.

"It's a Siphon."Sara answers.

"A what?"I ask.

"He's an assassin trained to pursue his target until his mission is completed."Seth says.

"And his mission is?"I question before a blue light appears at the entrance of the tunnel.

"Us."Sara finishes.

I grip the edge of my seat and I don't dare take a breath. The blue light reaches us before retreating. Everyone lets out a sigh of relief.

Jack starts the taxi again and we start driving. We leave the tunnel and stay on the tracks. I look out my window and see that if we get off the tracks,we'll fall to our death.

"Is there a safer route?"I ask nervously.

"Not unless you know how to fly."Jack says staring at something out my window.

The spaceship appears and starts shooting at us again. I yell with the others as we are thrown into the side of the barrier we're at.

We're jostled from side to side and it doesn't feel very good. We make it to another tunnel and the spaceship gets in as well.

"Jack Bruno!"Sara yells.

"Come on,Come on. Hold it together!"Jack yells.

We then hear a train horn.

"Oh,come on!"I yell.

I duck down with my eyes closed,not wanting to see the end.

"Faster!Faster!"Seth yells.

"It won't go any faster!"Jack yells.

"Sara!"Seth yells.

I then feel as if we're going the speed of light. I then hear an explosion.

"Watch out!"I hear Jack yell.

After a few minutes,we come to a stop.

I lift up from my position.

"Are we still alive?"I ask with my eyes still closed.

"Yeah."Jack pants.