Author's Note: I needed some more Jotch, so here's a little two-shot. (Could be three, we'll see)

Thanks to Herky Illiniwek for the idea! She's wonderful, check her stuff out.

"JJ?" came Garcia's concerned voice, through the stall.

Moaning, JJ tried to answer but instead threw up again. She winced as she tasted it.

"JJ, honey, are you okay? Maybe you should take a sick day," Garcia suggested, leaning against the counter, her worried eyes waiting for her friend to come out.

"I'm fine. I just have that flu going around," JJ said dismissively, leaning against the toilet.

"What flu?" Garcia asked in confusion, just in time to hear JJ gag again.

Suddenly, JJ felt a wave of fear.' She hadn't been this sick since...Everyone knew she loved kids, that wasn't what the panic was from. She and Hotch had just settled things down... They were approaching their one year anniversary. Were they ready for a kid? Was he? How would he feel? Things had been quite rocky lately... Would this make it worse?

Don't get a head of yourself, JJ thought anxiously. You don't know you're pregnant. You've been careful. You've been safe. But still, the nagging feelings in her head... And no matter how careful one was there was never a guarantee.

"I'm fine," JJ repeated, getting up off her knees. Somehow, despite the pounding in her head, she managed to make it to the sink where she began greedily scooping water up into her mouth. Anything to try and get that terrible taste out of her mouth.

Sighing, Garcia let the matter drop and watched worriedly after her friend as they exited the bathroom.

The next hour passed very slowly. Each tick of the clock felt like an eternity, and before she knew it, the desk was coming up to meet her. If she'd been more awake, she'd have realized she was falling down to meet it.


The voice startled her out of her almost peaceful sleep. Her head flew up and soon it registered where she was. "Oh my god, Hotch I'm so sorry," she said in a panic, her eyes flickering quickly around the room, trying to take everything in.

"Go home," was the only response she got.

"But-" she began, her hand flying up to push a stray strand of hair out of her face.

"No buts, go get some rest. Go see a doctor. When you're this sick you can't be of use here, so go rest, please."

She hated it when he looked at her like that. She caved, every time. Nodding reluctantly, she began to grab her things and she watched as her husband left her alone in the office.

She longed for a hug, for something. But she knew that he had to remain professional at work. It was part of the deal that he'd made with Strauss, whom had been about to send one of them to another team.

After Strauss had caught them making out in her office last week, they had to be extra careful. If she heard one more lecture about being unprofessional and how it was hard to pull strings...

JJ sulked as she glared at the table. She was damn good at her job! So what if she didn't hide that she and Hotch were together? Everyone knew they were.

Bitterness overwhelmed her features when she remembered Erin's words. "It's very professional when the folders of victims are on your desk. I'm sure their families would love to hear that you made out on top of the folders containing pictures of their dead loved ones."

She'd hit a nerve. JJ had felt guilty, and the expression on Aaron's face. She cared. That was the problem. She cared. And sometimes it was really hard. She'd never meant any disrespect. But Hotch was the one thing, besides Henry and Jack that made her happy. It was wrong but sometimes in those moments, his comfort was what kept her sane. She had no idea how she lasted all those years before.

She'd always care about the victims. She'd always feel sympathy for the families. And she did feel guilty.

All these thoughts overwhelmed her the entire drive home. The first thing she did was head straight into the bathroom, where the tears spilled. She and Hotch had been going through a rough patch lately, and that was the main reason she was so worried about his reaction if she was pregnant. The signs had all been pointing to pregnancy lately. She just hadn't told him. She wasn't sure. She didn't want to be sure. Leaving it until the last moment, when she had to be sure had been the thing keeping her sane, but also the thing driving her over the edge.

And now, she really had to just figure this mess out and quit playing games. Deep breaths were hard to come by, but finally she managed. Her nerves slightly settled down, she got ready to do it. For once in her life, she wasn't sure if she wanted to pass or fail this test.

A few moments later, she walked out into the living room, not bothering to head over to the phone. It wasn't needed, not right now. She didn't need a doctor to tell her why she was sick. Not when the answer was on three pregnancy tests in the bathroom.

Once again, she was left feeling each passing second drag on. Now she had to tell Aaron. How on earth was she going to manage that?

Anxious, she swallowed slowly. It'd be okay. She knew he wouldn't leave her to raise the baby alone. But what if he wanted her to get rid of it? What if it caused more problems in their relationship?

She left to worry for another five hours before he came through the front door. In that time, Jack and Henry had been dropped off at their place, she'd managed to cook dinner, have a bubble bath and even start on her new book. But nothing made the time pass more quickly.

"How'd the doctor go?" Hotch asked the second he walked in, looking at his wife and hoping she was feeling even a little better.

"I didn't go," JJ admitted softly, twirling hair in between her fingers.

"JJ," Hotch groaned, "Your health is important."

"No, Hotch, I didn't need to go."

"Are you feeling better?" he asked, confused. But then he looked at her. And it was written all over her face. He'd knew... He'd known before she'd answered him, before she even opened her mouth...

"I'm pregnant."

Thank you to SpencerReidFan7 for looking this over for me, as always. What a lovely beta!