Author's Note: Thank you for those that have read this story! This shall be the final chapter and I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this.

I also apologize for JJ's mood swings, if they seem out of character.

I've been witness to quite a few labours and am just taking an educated guess.

"JJ, you're not due for another week or so," Hotch said sounding a bit uncertain, his eyes glancing over his wife whom had doubled over.

Her eyes narrowed after a moment, having finally realized what he was implying. "Hotch. I think I know when I'm in labour. You're not the one with the baby inside you." She stood up, using the dresser to aid her, her eyes full of determination.

"You're right," he said having caught sight of her look. He nearly scoffed. He caught serial killers for a living and he was afraid of that look of hers? Though, in his head he was sure Morgan would understand. Rossi, not so much. "I'll get the car started and grab your bag." He figured it best not to argue with her though he was certain that this was one of those fake labours some women experienced.

When he returned, JJ was on the phone. She hadn't wasted any time in getting a hold of Garcia and Emily. All that certainty of this being a false labour went out the window when he saw her facial expression. This was most definitely the real deal.

Despite her mood swings and his hidden panic the ride to the hospital was seemingly uneventful. The relief set in on JJ's face when she saw the tall, overwhelming building before them. Aaron's jaw twitched as he circled around the parking lot twice. With each frustrated sigh JJ made, he began to feel a bit worried that she was going to lose her marbles.

"I'll let you out here and find parking," he suggested, glancing over at her quickly.

"Oh? So you expect me to get there all by myself?"

Luckily for him, he saw both Garcia and Emily by the entrance. "They can help you and I'll be in as soon as possible." Ignoring the look on her face, he stopped the car and as he suspected, both Garcia and Emily crowded around trying to help her out.

"Baby?" Garcia gushed excitedly.

By the time he found parking and got inside, JJ was already in a room all set up.

"I changed my mind," JJ said in a panic. "I've decided, we don't want to have another baby."

"JJ!" Emily exclaimed. "One, it's too late for that and two, you're going to see her face and instantly regret those words."

Grumbling, JJ caught sight of Hotch. "You did this to me!"

"I'm going to go get a cof-" Aaron said quietly, his eyes wide. His profiler instincts said nothing about how to deal with a pregnant woman going into labour.

"Oh no you don't," Garcia objected shaking her head. "You get to hold her hand now." Pulling her hand out of JJ's grasp, Garcia shook it quickly trying to get rid of some of the pain.

"Of course," Hotch said instantly, changing places with Garcia. He tried not to wince as JJ immediately began squeezing.

"How are we doing in here?" Rossi asked, poking his head in.

"You have no idea how much this hurts," Hotch groaned thinking about his hand, but one shooting glare from JJ made him instantly regret that statement. "I meant for JJ." Both Emily and Garcia shook their heads at him.

"Sure you did," Rossi laughed. "Morgan and Reid are out in the waiting room."

JJ started to speak but was interrupted by another contraction. There was a sharp pain in Hotch's hand that made him wonder if he'd have feeling in his hand after this whole ordeal, but then he gave her a small squeeze back to let her know that he was still there and he could have sworn he saw a flicker of a smile on her face.

"Everyone but the husband out," a small Doctor said, walking in with her clipboard.

"We'll see you soon," Emily said reassuringly, while Garcia leaned forward to kiss JJ's forehead.

Rossi gave Hotch a quick, 'hang in there,' glance before walking out the door.


It was eight hours later when the team was allowed back in the room. Reid reached over to hand Garcia a kleenex whom had begun sniffling. There, in the room, was JJ holding a precious bundle of blankets while Hotch had squeezed onto the bed next to her.

"Oh, JJ," Emily said excitedly, being sure to keep her voice low. Jack and Henry let go of her hands and ran over to the bed to see their new sibling.

The smile on JJ's face told them that all that stress and pain had been worth it, and she protectively altered the baby's position. Hotch had a similar look on his face, and from the glances the two were exchanging all their bickering from earlier was long forgotten.

"Guys, meet Samantha Addison Hotcher-Jareau." And JJ turned so that all could get a look.

"Oh, look at her little hands!" Garcia exlaimed and there was no hesitation when JJ extended her arms so she could take the child.

"And little feet!" Emily added.

Even Morgan and Rossi had smiles on their faces as they watched the scene unfold.

"Softies," Spencer whispered, a huge smile on his face.

"Quiet, Pretty Boy," Morgan replied reaching to take a kleenex for himself.

"The Hotchner family has grown, so tell us you two, any plans to make that family bigger?" Rossi questioned, glancing back and forth between JJ and Hotch.

Both parents exchanged a quick look, before turning back to him. "Not for awhile," they said in unison, before laughing.

And little Samantha made her way around the room. She'd only been in the world for about an hour and she had no idea how loved she was and the joy she brought to a group of people that were often together in the worst of times. A team that often witnessed the worst of humanity. A team that often struggled to deal with the emotional turmoil they felt on each case. That team was there, smiling, laughing and felt so much happiness at the new life and it was all because of her.