"Harry, we won't hurt you." Sirius pleaded, trying to break past the strong barrier that the boy had built up between the two.

Harry himself gave the man a fierce glare, before directing his gaze at the floor. He was proud of the massive black eye that he had gifted that man when they had stormed into the mansion, leaving his family and him scrambling for their wands and the floo. But Goddamn it, his parents had been taken down, as well as his uncle, and he had been slammed against the brick wall by a rather powerful hex, courtesy of Moody. And now, he had been dragged down to this dark, mouldy house, wandless and with a magically bracelet clamped around his wrist that sent a rather painful shock through his system-each and every time he attempted to leave the boundaries placed for him.

The only thing he had on him was the cloths on his back, and the hearing aids in his ears-the ones he spent his life growing up with. The Dark Lord's attack had injured his hearing, leaving him partially deaf. His father, Rodolphus, had created a pair infused with magic to keep them from ever falling out, water proof as well as some other handy runes and spells.

"Screw off," He mumbled, the pain on his back distracting him slightly. He could remember the way his mother had howled insanely when he had been thrown against that wall.

"Listen, we're going to keep you away from those monsters. You're safe now!" He was kneeling now, hands outstretched, as if Harry was a frightened and injured animal.

Thing was, he wasn't frightened. He was severely pissed off.

"Those monsters, as you ever so nicely put it, are my family. I was safer with them." Harry frowned, looking back at him. "How the hell did you even find us to begin with? We were on Russian soil. Your government had no right to barge into our home and attack us."

"You're my godson. I had every right to reclaim you from those death eaters. And, you bumped into the Weasleys down at the World Cup. They recognized you and placed tracking charms on your luggage."

Outraged Harry shot back, "They were never convicted of anything, and you know it. Your Government has nothing to blame them for. And for your information, we have lived amongst the muggles for years now."

"They have the Dark Mark."

At that, Harry laughed. "Muggle Surgery removed it from their arms. You have nothing on them."

"What?" Was the ever so intelligent response from Sirius.

"When we lived in America for a few months, they had it done. I had my scar removed as well." He paused, a fond smile breaking across his face for a moment. "It's a lovely thing, you know."

"God. Where have you lived in the past years?" Sirius's eyes were wide open now.

"Greece. America. South America. Canada. Russia. Spain. France. Australia. Various parts of Europe for short periods of times." His smirk became wider. "I can speak each and everyone one of those languages, as well as Latin."

Sirius backed away and frowned. "Why?"

Wicked smile now ruled his face. "You're damned Government. That's why."

At that very moment, there was a loud screech from an Owl, and Harry looked over at that window and saw his Aunt's owl, Neddia, with a letter and a rather large parcel. Sirius frowned as he opened the window, and the owl went over to him immediately. Shooting the man a glare when he tried to snag the letter before Harry got his hands on it, he opened it. Sirius flushed in anger when he chuckled after reading the first paragraph.

'Dear Harry-

When I get my hands on that cursed, infernal Headmaster, I will wring his neck for all that it is worth. Figures. I'm gone for three weeks, and your darling parents and my husband managed to get captured, and you get taken into custody. That meddling fool will find my wand somewhere he will not appreciate it.

In the parcel I have sent you, I have some items you might wish to have shrunken, along with your second wand. I decided that they must have knocked you out and dragged you away, without allowing you a moment to gather your items.

Albus left a letter for me, telling me of the events taken place. Your first wand was snapped and burned, as well as your parents and uncle facing trial for so called Justice.

He also told me of the cuff. Do not under any circumstance attempt to leave any boundaries set for you. It is a physical manifest of the Cruciatus curse, and will harm your magical core, and leave it weakened for days. I swear, if I get word that it has harmed you somehow, I will break every law just to get even. I am currently working with a set of lawyers to find a way to free you, and our family. What a fool those people are, harnessing dark magic in the name of light. Goddamn them all.

If I could be there with you, I would. Believe me. But legal matters have been disregarded, leaving me to try and find a way to break the hold they have on you. I currently have each of the Lestrange Housings under lock and key until this issue has been sorted out.

I will send your knives when it is safe to do so. The dark magic rituals placed on your weapons will place you in danger if your 'suitable' guardians find out. Damned fools.

I love you, be good.

And do not let any of them try to boss you around, or even attempt to have you playing the role of the Boy Who Lived. You are more than a damn sacrificial pig, and I will not tolerate them trying to stuff you for death.


Aunt Rose'

Folding the note, he carefully placed it in his pocket, and gripped the package tightly. He had noticed Sirius eyeing both of them, and refused to let him even touch them for a moment.

"Harry, I need to see that note."

"Fuck you."



"I am in charge of your welfare. I have a right to know who is communicating with you."

"For your information, that was my Godmother. My Aunt Rose. Part of the Spanish Pure Blood Femme Squad." Sirius groaned at the sight of that smirk. It resembled Bellatrix's smirk exactly, all knowing and wicked.

"The what?"

"Think of Assassins. Bounty Hunters. Tomb Robbers. They're all of that, and legalized to do so." Harry's eyes gleamed. "They are also Head of an Old Political Party, which deals with laws and legal matters, as well as defend the Pureblood ways. My mother was accepted into their Legion two years ago."

Sighing, he frowned. "Harry, Bellatrix, Rodolphus and Rabastan are not your family. The kidnapped you. I was supposed to look after you when your parents died."

"That's rich. You gave me off to some stranger because Dumbledore said it was best. And then, you were sentenced off to Azkaban for five years. Those people gave me a home, love and more than I could ever ask for. They cared for me, protected me. They taught me. When I needed someone, they were there. They have always loved me."


"Fuck off."

Sighing, he stood. "You're in no mood to talk. Fine. Would you like to go see your room?"

"Whatever room you have prepared for me in the short time I will be staying here will be fine." He nodded as he stood in turn.

They walked in silence, Harry's eyes flickering towards every door, every window. By the time they reached his room, he found a headache starting. He longed to remove his hearing aids from his ears, but the idea of cutting off one of his senses off when in the presence of this stranger unnerved him.

The door swung open, revealing a moderate sized room with a large bed. "The Weasleys will be staying for a month here, but we all decided it might be best if you didn't have to share with any strangers. They'll be arriving in an hour."

"Smart choice."

Stepping into the sparse room, he set the package down on the bed, and with Sirius's eyes glued to him, he unravelled the string tying it shut and unwrapped the paper, revealing numerous boxes shrank, and large, thing box that held his wand. Grinning, he rushed to remove the wand from its package, and immediately unshrank the first box.

"Harry!" Sirius shouted. "That's Illegal! You're underage!"

"I'm not a British citizen. I can do whatever magic I want."

Frowning, Sirius lapsed into silence.

Inside the box he had unshrank were objects shrunken yet. A large book shelf was removed to place against the wall, with hundreds of books magically growing the proper size and being placed in order on the shelves prepared.

"One Hundred and One Ways To Use Light Magic Darkly? The History of Dark Magic and Its Origins? How to Murder Legally?" Sirius snorted. "A little light reading?"

"You missed 'Fifty Ways to Strangle a Person with Light Magic'." Harry commented, removing his dresser from the box and resizing it, and placing his violin case on top. It had been his mother's. It was a lovely instrument, made with black wood and strings made from Unicorn Hairs. A silver rose had been carved into it, a trademark symbol for their family. Their parchment had a tiny silver rose in the upper right hand corner, their robes had the seal as well as their trunks all had it burned into the sides.

"Why the hell are you reading this rubbish?"

"I find it amusing."

Continuing on, he ignored the man's protests as he removed his guitar, his art supplies, his money bags and vault key, family pictures and albums, stationary as well as Posters of art and Countries he had lived in. Soon, the room was assaulted with posters spelled onto the walls, covering the dark wallpaper efficiently, and books on every surface suitable for a shelf, and his musical instruments.

"You play?"



"Mum's idea. I ended up liking it."


"Aunt Rose." Pausing what he was doing, he continued. "One of your people destroyed our Piano, but I can play that as well."

Sirius shrugged. "Sorry," He mumbled, not sounding sorry in the least.

Harry went over and placed a picture on his dresser, in a black frame with the trademark silver rose, and admired it. Sirius looked over his shoulder at it, and he could practically feel the distaste towards it. It was a picture fairly recent, with his mother leaning over his shoulder, and his father's hand on his arm. They were beaming, as his uncle and aunt had their arms wrapped around the trio, and every few seconds they would break off into a wave. It had been taken the summer before in Italy, where they had stayed near the coastal areas. In the Lestrange Manor, they had spent five months in it, relaxing and remaining at ease.

And now, this man had ripped him from his family and home, and dragged him here. He was looking with such hate at his parents and Uncle and Aunt, assuming and not listening. He wanted to go home.

He hated. He hated. He hated.

He hated this cuff preventing him from leaving. He hated this man from hurting him so much. He hated Albus from bringing his family in.

"Get out."

He could never remember when he had last said those words with hate. Loathing. Venom.

As soon as he was left alone in silence, he assaulted his door with advanced warding and charms, ones is father had taught him, as well as a few defensive spells that his mother had taught him. Taking the last box he resized it, and opened it up. Inside his box was a Vibrating Alarm clock, created to work in a Magical environment. A second set of hearing aids were inside as well, ones that were his spare pair that he always kept with him when the traveled.

Frowning, he was hit with a pain of sadness. He had the ability to talk in sign language, read lips and body language. His family had always aided him in conquering his disability, whether it meant dragging their feet to see a Muggle specialist, undergoing tests on him, and finally accepting the truth. His hearing would never be magically fixed. The way the curse affected him fried his sense almost entirely. His hearing level had been lowered by almost eighty percent. Every year they took him in, it range from twenty percent to thirty percent. It never stayed stable.

Ripping out the pair in his ears, he placed them carefully on his night table, and began to rub his forehead, trying to relieve himself from the stress and the pain. The headache was a wicked one, and soon he was curled up in a ball, burrowing himself away under the blankets.

He woke to frantic vibrations. Groaning, he reached over for his hearings aids and placed them back in his ears. The rather loud and obnoxious voice of Sirius Black was filling the house, demanding that he come down and greet the Weasleys.

The charms he had placed on the door preformed vibrating alerts. If someone was calling him, attacking or if someone was knocking, it would alert him. His Father spent two years designing the spells for him, and knowing they were there comforted him. Somewhere, he had his father who cared so much for him he devoted time to ensure his wellbeing.

Harry slipped free from the sheets, the headache having receded, and he wandered down the halls until he discovered a room full of red heads, one bushy haired girl and an impatient Black.

"Yes?" He drawled, leaning against the doorframe.

"You're the Boy Who Lived?" Bursted out of the tiny red head female. He could see the sick glow of hero worship and devotion gleaming from her eyes. Disgusted, he frowned.

"My name is Harry Lestrange."

A loud, angry response erupted from a rather tall, gangly red head. "Why the bloody hell would you want your name associated with a bunch of filthy death eaters, mate?"

The plump, older woman gave a rather dark look towards her son, but before she could even open her mouth, Harry beat her to it.

"Shut your damn mouth." He growled, stepping forward. "My parents have remained innocent since they have taken me in, and I will not stand for you insulting their names. I will cause harm to you if you do not learn to control your damn tongue."

Red in the face, the boy glowered. "They're murderers! Mate, come on. Surely you have common sense to understand the difference between light and dark."

"I'm not your bloody mate. My parents murdered previous Death Eaters to keep me safe. They are the ones I call parents, and I will continue to do so. And I am not stupid, unlike you. As I said before. Shut your fucking mouth, before I do it for you."

"Language!" Sirius roared. "Those ill-bred fools kidnapped you! They are not your parents, and never have been!"

"Shut up!" Harry raged back.

"Ever since you have gotten here, you've been rude. This is going to stop right now, or so help me God," Sirius growled, leaning down to meet Harry.

"Ever think that I never wanted to be here with you in the first place?" He spat. "I was happy with my family but, thanks to you fools, I am now forbidden from leaving, by using dark magic."

Looking away, he frowned. "It was for your own safety."

"Lemme take a wild guess. Albus Dumbledore. Correct?"

"He conducted the spell, yes." Sirius frowned.

Chocking back a wild sob, he allowed his hands to curl up in tight, trembling fists. "And God forgive him to ever be wrong."

"Harry. Albus Dumbledore is a good man. Your family trusted him with their lives."

"Goddamn it!" Harry roared. "Do any of you have common sense? James and Lilly died under the promise that they would remain safe and unharmed. I grew up happy. And now you're all trying to claim me and tell me lies about people you have never even met, far less ever understood?"

Stepping back, Sirius glared. "Bellatrix was a cruel woman and a horrid child when she was younger."

"Mother was also abused when she failed to become equivalent to the standards of pure blooded ways set before her. My father and she were arranged in marriage, and they were lucky to fall in love with one another. My father had suffered cruico from failing to uphold the family name. Don't you think you'd be a little messed if that happened to you? Does anything make sense to you?" Harry hissed. God, his headache was returning swiftly and with vengeance.

"Harry James Potter. You will hold your tongue this instant, young man." The plump woman spoke, horrified. "I understand that you are confused, and upset. But this is no reason to talk of things that you yourself have no idea of."

"Who the bloody hell are you?" He spat.

"Language!" Sirius yelled.

Smirking, he stepped away. He had accomplished what he had wanted. Pushing buttons, over stepping boundaries.

"I'm going to my room." Waving a middle finger at the group, he walked away, suppressing the laughter.

Harry did not like people over stepping his own boundaries. He had no issue with creating a loathsome relationship with others, but when those were currently trying to open his warded door, he found himself rather angry.

And the sight of the red haired girl, the bushy haired girl, and the annoyance of a red headed boy trying to frantically open his door would have created an amusement deep down, if he was not so enraged.

"Keep it down!" The bushy haired girl hissed.

"Shut up Hermione and help us. We don't have long before he comes back!" The boy shot back. "Ginny, pushed harder."

"What do you want me to do, Ron?" She glowered.

"What's that unlocking spell you did once in First Year?" The boy replied. "That'd be dead useful."

"I can't do magic in the summer, Ron!" The girl hissed horrified.

God. That was offensive. Thinking he would leave his door so unprotected that a mere first year spell could break past his complex structuring of spells?

"We do something!" Ginny whispered, stepping back.

"I only wanted his books. Sirius mentioned he had some really rare stuff in there! He'd never notice it missing. Why the hell does he leave his door locked like this?"

"Books? Sirius told me that he had a bag of money on his desk!"

"Will you two shut up? This is my future husband you're talking about!"

"First of all, I would notice if my books disappeared. Second of all, I would stop while you're ahead, Ronald. Be a shame to lose whatever you got between your crotch. And don't even get me started on what's wrong with that statement, Ginny." He called out from where he was leaning against the wall, twirling his wand.

"I told you we should have done this in the morning," Hermione groaned.

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