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He woke slowly, feeling the warm sun rest on his face when he felt something different.


Swearing softly, he sat up and looked around, to see the rather tactfully blue room that had been covered with posters, just as it had been before at Sirius's. His violin rested across the desk, and his picture of his family on the beach beside it. Tonks was perched on the chair, reading a note with a blush invading her usually pale cheeks. An owl was waiting for her on the window, and he smirked. Amelia Bone's owl.


He had been greatly amused with the name for the gentle bird, and had laughed for a great deal of time. When Sirius had found him doubled over at his home, he had gazed helplessly at him, caught in the memory of James. The mere thought of being compared to a dead man had sickened him, and with a few comments, had effectively ended any sorrow filled look.

"Whatcha reading that has you so red?" Harry asked, slipping his hearing aids back in. He shot a quick smirk at her.

Jumping, she glared at him. "Don't you know when you wake up; you should give a warning so you don't give harmless witches heart attacks?"

"Harmless? You pinned Ron to the wall because he irritated you. Under ten seconds. With your knife." Harry rolled his eyes. "If it makes you feel better, you have my apologises."

"I seem to remember a couple of broken noses from a certain Lestrange." She shot back, throwing the letter over to him. "Amelia sent this to us. Apparently things got a little heated." Groaning she leaned forward to rest her elbows on her knees and cover her eyes.

"You're scaring me Tonks. Should I be scared?" Harry frowned, slightly nervous. The sight of the amusing woman like this was not something Harry like, or appreciated. He was still trying to find a way to let it slip in that there was a Hogsmead Weekend, and he was wondering she would want to go with him.

Groaning, she mumbled to read it, and she had nothing to do with it.

Dear Harry and Tonks,

I wish to send you my deepest and most sincere apologies to you, and hope you may forgive me for what I have done.

First off, in two weeks, you will be reunited with your family for two hours before they are removed from the school grounds. Old scars from the war have not been healed yet it seems.

Last night during a rather ill prepared meeting, between the Russian Government, your Aunt whom was representing the Spanish Government as well as the Spanish Pure Blood Femme Squad, Dumbledore and the Minister, a rather disturbing conversation was brought up. The Headmaster is drawing up a Betrothal Contact between you, and the youngest Weasley girl. I have suspicions of potions that may be used against you to make a false love between you and her, to help improve your relationship.

I was informed that she had been told of this news, and is also delighted at the news, and in this contract would essentially enslave you to Britain, and would create a few unbreakable vows and promises, I devised my own contract. As a Goblin Contract, it is essentially unbreakable, and creates a barrier shielding you away from Britain's control.

I was prepared to use my daughter for this, but I chose Tonks. I know, the right I had to do this was non-existent, but your Aunt begged me to do something, and the Russian head had his sword to Fudge's neck. The Betrothal Contact I placed the two of you in will dissolve at the end of two years, and from there, you two will be free to move on. But, while under this contract, no one else may attempt to use this form of trickery upon you.

Again, I wish to tell you I am deeply sorry for any issues I have brought up before you. I hope though, that what I have done will help aid you during what will hopefully be your very short stay here in Magical Britain.


"Wow. This changes things." He muttered, taking the piece of parchment and placing it securely in the bedside table drawer.

"Wow. Wow. That's all you think?" Tonks shot back at him. "You've just been betrothed to someonewithout anyone asking you for your opinion."

"In all honesty? I'm glad she did it. I happen to like you a lot more than Ginny, thank you very much." Pausing, he shrugged. "Besides. Why would I have a problem with it? Do you?"

The look she shot him was rather violent and promising. "No, you bloody wanker. Why the hell would I have a problem with being betrothed to you? It doesn't seem right though. You're fourteen and you've been basically promised to someone five years older than you."

"Five? I thought it was ten." He grinned widely.

"Shut up."

"Wanna go to Hogsmead?"

"I hate you sometimes," She mumbled before ruffling his hair.

"Taking that as a yes? Because you can't deny my good lucks and wonderful charm?"

"Charm my ass. And yes, I will go with you."

Being escorted to Dumbledore's office rather forcefully by Minerva was not something he was thrilled with. For the entire morning, he had been dizzy, and almost sluggish with some of his movements. He wasn't sure why, but he was rather annoyed because of it. After Tonks had slipped away, effectively changing her appearance to someone younger and less dangerous. All of her knives had been more concealed, rather than placed upon her body as visible as she had preferred.

He hadn't exactly told her of this dizziness issue, but had continued on his morning routines as always. Half an hour of playing his violin after getting dressed and washed up, collecting his needed books and weapons-seeing as he never left his room without at least three knives and his wand- before meeting his guard at the Great Hall.

But, he had just managed to eat a piece of buttered toast when he was dragged away, with Tonks darting after them. He had been rather pissed when the door had slammed shut in her face, leaving her screaming insults at the gargoyles. He had seen the door shake from her hexes, a rather strange feat considering the fact that it was said to be unbreakable and one of the most warded areas of the schools.

Without even looking at the headmaster, he threw himself down on one of the chairs, and arched an eyebrow. "Any reason for locking my body guard out?"

"Ah, Mr. Potter, my boy-" He began, leaning back.

"May I say something?" Harry cut off.

"Of course, my boy. Carry on." Albus waved a hand, giving a wave of his hand.

The glare given to the elder was fierce and heated. "First of all, I'm not your anything. Second, calling me your boy gives a rather naughty impression to others. That was just a little hint. Third, I believe Amelia Bones went over the whole Potter issue, seeing as how I had been assured I would be able to continue being called the name of my family."

Giving a small smile. "I can assure you I meant nothing. And, yes. Amelia Bones. You brought up a rather small issue."

"I'll bite. The betrothal issue and how you were trying to sell me to a slut? Yes. That is a rather 'small' issue." He smirked. "Or how you threw my family in Azkaban to try and protect the image of the 'Boy-Who-Lived'. Anything striking a bell here, sir?"

"Mr. Lestrange!" Gasped the outraged Transfiguration Professor. "Twenty points from Ravenclaw!"

He snorted. "Yes. Despite the fact that Meddling Headmasters have interfered with laws and common sense, as well as displayed dark magic to force me against my will to remain in this blasted school, you are more concerned about my language used to describe the waste of a Headmaster. Rather intelligent." Rolling his eyes, his smirk grew. "At least you have enough brain cells to call me Lestrange."

"I must insist it had been for the Greater Good. I had done what I had done for your safety and the sake of the entire world."

"No. You just wanted a gullible sacrificial lamb to lure into an easy death after facing down old 'Voldy, leaving you to cry over my miserable remains, saying 'It should have been me' and inherited a shit load of fame. Close?" His face was blank, but his voice was enraged.

The heavy silence was thick. The outraged expression was a tell-tale sign of the truth.

"Harry, I have to train you." Albus attempted.

"No. you wish to fill my head with meaningless riddles and hopeless clues. And the truth is, I'd rather have nothing to do with you." Harry glared. Standing, he forced himself to leave the room despite the rather strong head rush he felt. He could still hear the violent outrage of a certain heavily armed witch.

"Hold still." He murmured, smoothing the clear gel over the small hands.

"It's cold." She croaked. Her throat was rather hoarse after screaming bloody murder, and attracting a rather large and stunned group of students. No one had heard such a large range of insults; swear worlds and threats, as well as them being repeated in three different languages.

Looking up at her, he rolled his eyes. "Perhaps trying to break pure stone and magic with bare hands wasn't such a brilliant idea."

"Shut up you wanker." She glared.

"Oh! Wanker. Now there's a good insult. So much better than the ones I heard earlier."

He dodged the kick before going back to fixing her bloodied hands. "You're lucky you're cute, Lestrange."

"Cute? That's it?" As he finished up the last of the gel, he looked back up. "Why the hell were you trying to break a warded door down with your hands? You know that is impossible right?"

"Yes, I do know. I just got rather peeved. The fact that there's a need of a caution because of love potions and spiked drinks, I wouldn't put it past the old fool to force God knows what down your throat."

"Aw, Tonks- never knew you cared so much," He gently began to wrap those battered hands with bandages. "You know, you have really tiny hands."

Jerking away, she turned around. "You are a freaking pain in the arse. Here I was freaking out over if you were alright, if you were in trouble, and all you are doing is making jokes."

Sighing, he frowned. "I'm not trying to annoy you."

"You're doing a bloody good job of it then."

"Will you stop for a moment?" He snapped back at her. He could tell she was losing control of herself, her hair was beginning to darken and her eyes were going green to brown within seconds.

Before he could say another word he fell to his knees, clutching his head. "Oh God," He whispered, feeling everything blur. He found his body swaying side from side, and he tried to block out the sickening feeling that was overwhelming him. For the past weeks, he had been feeling like this, and couldn't tell what it was.

"Harry, what the hell is going on here?" She murmured, quickly grabbing his hands before he attempted to claw his eyes out.

"Dunno," He groaned out.

"Why didn't you say anything earlier?" Tonks swore. "You've been hiding this from me, haven't you?"

"Yes," He managed before wincing in pain.

Tonks released his hands in order to steal his hearing aids, which resulted in him attempting to grab them back. "Hey, relax. Calm down. I'm going to give you this potion, alright?"

He was deafened, but could feel the rumbles from her chest as she had his arms pinned to his sides easily, and he was jerking back and forth. "How' you do that?"

"Your magic is equal to mine now," She told him, despite the fact that he couldn't hear. She knew any wards and shields wouldn't matter now, because the Betrothal Contact had combined the magical signatures in the way that the defensive magic would be muted.

Accioing the potion from his little stock on the bottom shelf, she helped him drink it. The Pain Reliever would help him deal with whatever pain he was in and help force him asleep.

"I'm sorry," Squinting, he focused on her lips.

"For what?" Her lips formed the words carefully, making sure he could understand in his state he was in now.

"For making you mad, b'fore," He mumbled before drifting off.

"You have a lot to explain," A soft voice called out, with a muggle gun pressed against the Headmaster's forehead. "And I want answers now."

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