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Maura Isles uncharacteristically fell onto the hotel bed fully clothed with a heavy sigh. Of course she didn't stay there very long for fear she'd wrinkle her dress but she did indulge herself in childlike petulance for a moment before rising to her feet to change and unpack.

She'd gotten a call the day before from the FBI. They needed her to consult on a case for them and she'd be gone for the foreseeable future. They had said it shouldn't take more than two weeks but she didn't always trust the FBI's timetable. She was in Washington DC and Jane was in Boston. She didn't want to be there. The hotel room was too empty, the bed too big, the whole space too quiet and far too lonely. Maura wouldn't have been so up in arms about it if it hadn't cut into her plans.

It had been three weeks since that first night together, since they confessed their love for each other and Maura had grown accustomed to Jane's near constant presence. They argued over little things like instant coffee and vegetables with dinner, but rarely was it anything tremendously life altering. Jane had spent so many nights at her house that Jo Friday and Watson, the baby tortoise, had taken up permanent residency in the house as well. They'd even installed a doggie door for Jo. The detective had a steadily growing collection of clothing accumulating in Maura's bedroom, a room Maura now thought of as their bedroom, their bed. Jane was everywhere in her house. Her shoes were by the door, her toothbrush in the bathroom, Lucky Charms and Coco Puffs and instant coffee in the kitchen.

Maura had a flashback to the moment so many months ago when it was Jane's apartment she was asked to analyze, when Jane asked that 'why aren't we dating' question. Back when they were only best friends, when the idea of dating Jane was just starting to occur to her, she didn't see it in Jane's apartment but she saw it in her house. She saw it everywhere she looked. She noticed it when Jane wasn't there, when they were sleeping in different beds. Something as simple as left handed scissors left her feeling at home and safe, knowing that Jane was in every inch of her house, their house, their home. Everything about it just felt right. There was no other way to describe it.

But of course they both avoided asking the question, they skirted around the issue like they skirted around everything. She didn't know why they had a need to do this, no idea why they were making it such a big deal by trying to not make it a big deal. But Maura had been determined to change that.

It was Angela, Jane's mother. The woman had been popping in and out of her house more so than normal and like moving in together, they avoided that conversation too.

Angela's intrusion upon her house was beginning to be too much for Maura to handle. She never had the type of parental supervision in which parents were constantly bumping into her life, cooking her dinner and breakfast, and telling her what to do or what she should wear. Not that Angela was doing all of those things per se but it just wasn't something she was used to. And as the days wore on she found herself growing tired of the early morning intrusions, especially on the particular mornings where Jane had spent the night and was lying naked next to her on the bed. She knew in Angela's heart that her intentions were pure, but she missed having her mornings alone with Jane or even just alone with Bass. She wanted to walk around the house in nothing but her underwear and Jane's shirt. It was never even a thing she wanted in her life but she found herself wanting it with Jane. She found herself wanting a lot of things with Jane.

She didn't want to have to worry about waking up extra early to beat Angela to her living room so she could pick up all of the discarded clothing from the night before. When she voiced this to Jane the brunette laughed and said "Welcome to my world." She'd told her to just leave the clothes out there, it was her house. It might even teach her mother not to walk in so early if she did end up seeing something she ought not to have. Maura did not understand Jane's passivity to such a private topic. She'd thought the detective would be butting her mother out, would've been just as upset about it. But Jane grew up with Angela Rizzoli, so she was used to the butting in.

Her plan was, she had thought anyway, completely foolproof. She was going to hit both issues in one swing. She had an entire weekend planned to butter up Jane to the idea of living together. It was going to be a whole weekend of sports and unhealthy food and Jane's favorite beer. She even bought tickets to the Red Sox game that was happening at that very moment. Then Sunday she was going to ask the question and they would set up rules and boundaries. It was supposed to be flawless. Except, because there was always an opposition to any solid plan, the FBI called requesting her presence. She then found herself on a plane to Washington DC while Jane was getting ready for a Red Sox game with Frankie.

Maura sighed before turning off the main light and pulling down the blankets on the overly large bed. She sat so she was leaning against the headboard and turned on the lamp by the bed. She spread the contents of the case file she'd been handed across the bed. She began reading and making her own notes on a note pad. Work always helped clear her mind and the faster she could help the FBI the faster she'd be back home.

After she'd written about a page of notes about the deaths she was supposed to be investigating her phone buzzed beside her. It was a text from Jane. Immediately she could feel her lips curl into a smile. She sat back rubbing her eyes before reading the message. Still at game. Korsak sent me this though. That was a fun night, huh? ;) Miss you and love you!

Attached was a picture of the two of them. It was from the weekend before, after the championship touch football game. All of the different units played multiple games against each other until it was between the homicide unit and the drug unit. It always seemed to be between the homicide unit and the drug unit. There was a friendly rivalry between the two, Maura guessed, because many of the detectives in the homicide unit transferred from the drug unit and a few the other way around.

It was a terrible day for sports or any outdoor activity. It was cold and rainy. The 'field' was covered in slick mud and standing water. It was a mess, but it was also the most fun Maura could remember having in a long time. The game went back and forth for a while like good rivalry games did, when both teams were tied with one goal to win the whole thing the rain picked up, the sunlight was virtually gone with dark gray clouds taking its place, and the field conditions were just getting worse and worse. But both teams kept pushing each other, pushing for the win. It was remarkable, really. Maura had never been on such a team style sport or participated in such. It was exhilarating to be a part of that, to see the detectives which she worked with and those she didn't smiling and laughing and smirking as they all slipped in the mud and missed a few catches because the ball was slick. Playing in the rain seemed to bring out everyone's childish sides. It was a nice change of pace.

In the end, homicide, of course, won the game off a Korsak fake to Frost and a Frankie touch down. They all went to the Dirty Robber afterwards. Maura had been reluctant to go without changing but somehow Jane talked her into it. All she could recall was a look on Jane's face that was very similar to Jo Friday's when she wanted a treat, Jane's soft brown eyes and the way her bottom lip slightly stuck out left her with no choice but to step into the bar drenched in rain water and covered in mud. And now that one moment was evidenced clearly in picture format, but she didn't mind.

At the Robber Frankie and Frost had presented her with a silk sash with the words 'Rookie of The Year' on it and a plastic tiara. (She ended up scoring several touchdowns for homicide during their time playing.) There was clapping and cheers throughout the bar that only grew when the captain of the drug unit team presented Jane a small trophy and a slight bow. Maura wasn't quite sure how it happened but the trophy was filled with champagne. She and Jane both drank from it before Jane passed the trophy to Frost. Before Maura knew it Jane had her arms around her waist, her feet left the ground and Jane's lips were on hers right there in the middle of The Robber in front of all of their friends and coworkers. That was the picture Korsak had taken.

Maura touched the screen with her fingers already thinking about getting it printed out and framed. For the first time in her life she had pictures that told a story, not stuffy portraits or publicity appearances. It was the type of picture they could show their children one day. (She realized she was jumping ahead a bit but she couldn't help the thought of children one day in the future with Jane.) Jane brought fun to her life and she absolutely loved her for it.

Two weeks, that's how long the FBI needed her around. Not only did she consult on the case but she was also asked to speak at a seminar to other pathologists. It had been an entire two weeks of federal bureaucracy and DC and an entire two weeks of playing phone tag with Jane.

Jane and Frost caught a big case and with her own business with the FBI it inevitably led to one of them calling the other while they were working or asleep. But it was all over, at least on her side. She was walking out of Logan Airport in the middle of the day lugging her suitcase behind her very tiredly. She just wanted to go home and sleep in her own bed. She looked up from the ground expecting to have to hail a cab only to find Jane standing in front of her unmarked with a cardboard sign that had POINDEXTER scrawled across it in her messy handwriting.

She stopped walking right where she was and let out a laugh. Jane was supposed to be at work, it was the middle of the day and she was in the middle of a case as far as Maura knew. But she wasn't. Jane, her Jane, was standing just a few feet in front of her with a smile as wide as she thought hers was. Why was she still standing there? She shook her head at herself and took a few quick steps forward before she fell into Jane's arms.

It didn't matter to her that Jane was obviously wearing day old clothes or that they were outside of the airport she could've fallen asleep right then and there. "I thought you were working?" Maura mumbled into Jane's shoulder.

Jane laughed pulling Maura closer to her. God, she missed her. "Just caught the guy literally an hour ago. I've worked so much overtime on this case that Cavanaugh and Korsak both literally shoved me out of the door and told me not to come back until Monday."

"So we have all weekend together?"

Jane nodded. "You'll be happy to know that everything is in tip top shape on the home front. Bass is his normal Bassy self." Maura laughed into Jane's shoulder and Jane finally felt at ease. "Watson is good and I think Jo Friday has me trained."

"Oh, dear." Maura laughed again still refusing to move her head from its perch on Jane's shoulder.

"Yeah, well you say no to that puppy look of hers." Jane said. "The house is still standing and it's not a complete wreck either."

Maura finally pulled away. "I'm glad to hear it." Jane beamed at her. "I'm happier to see you though." She finished with a quick peck to Jane's lips. She willed herself to step away from her detective before they got carried away. "Let's go home." Jane opened the passenger side door of the car with a flourish as she tipped an imaginary hat at Maura before grabbing the suitcase and putting it in the trunk.

The next morning Maura walked down the stairs in her underwear and Jane's shirt from the night before knowing full well that the banging and clanking of pots and pans downstairs meant there was full company. As soon as she reached the kitchen she felt eyes on her. For her part she kept her eyes straight forward and on the coffee machine which she noticed was whirling to life. "I'm sorry." She yawned walking towards the coffee maker. "I'm just going to get two cups of coffee and I'll be out of the way." She picked up two mugs from the cabinet before turning back to the coffee machine. She worked the machine a bit before filling the two cups with the perfect blend of coffee.

"Is Jane here?" Angela asked.

Maura poured the allocated amount of sugar in Jane's mug and stirred. "Yes, she's sleeping though." She put the spoon in the dishwasher where the other dirty dishes were.

Maura walked back into the bedroom to Jane's bare back. She grinned slyly to herself. Walking her way she set both mugs on the nightstand, on coasters of course. She perched herself with one knee on either side of Jane's hips. She brushed the other woman's hair to the side and in a feather light touch allowed her fingers to dance down the lean, sculpted musculature of her girlfriend's back. She heard a delicious sounding moan come from Jane's mouth at the touch. Maura leaned forward placing a kiss right in the square of Jane's back and again further up at the base of her neck. "Are you going to get off me so I can kiss you properly?" Jane's voice was thick and muffled by the blankets and pillow her head rested on.

Maura grinned mischievously. This morning style banter had been a kind of game she enjoyed playing. She lay down so her front was pressed into Jane's back. She moved the hair away from Jane's ear. "I quite like the view from up here." She whispered letting her hands run underneath the covers and over Jane's heated skin. "And you haven't brushed your teeth yet."

The detective groaned as the hand traveled over her body. She hated that she'd ever used that excuse before. "You're feeling frisky this morning."

Maura laughed saucily in Jane's ear loving the goosebumbs that popped up across Jane's skin at the sound. "I was gone for two weeks." She rubbed her nose along Jane's slender neck. "I missed you."

"I missed you too." Jane mumbled getting lost in all the sensations that were swarming her body.

Of course in that moment with Maura lying on top of her practically naked and she actually naked underneath, the door opened. "Hey, Ma says breakf – aaaaahhhh!" It was Frankie. Jane groaned again but that time for a totally different reason.

Maura removed her hand from where it was pressed into Jane's abdomen. "I want to change the locks."

"You want them out of the house?"

Maura nodded into her bare shoulder before she got up from the bed.

"Okay." Jane sighed before moving to a sitting position. She dug in the nightstand for her pajamas and shrugged them on before walking downstairs.

Maura stared curiously as Jane walked out of the door. It didn't occur to her to just tell Jane what she wanted until then. That was foolishness on her part. She took a drink of her coffee as she decided what to wear for the day. She was so engrossed in this she didn't hear Jane leave or come back until she heard running water in the bathroom.

Jane told her mother and her brothers that she and Maura were adults who wanted to spend time alone so could they please go to the guest house and stay there. Her mother rolled her eyes and told her all she had to do was say something and they all left for the guest house. Jane didn't know if it was too easy or if she was just being skeptical of the situation but either way she and Maura were alone, at least for the moment which was infinitely better than having one of her brothers or her mother with them. She ran her toothbrush under the tap just as Maura walked into the bathroom.

Maura looked at Jane. The way the black tank top contrasted with her olive skin tone, the way the boxers hung loose on her slender hips. "You should move in with me." The sentence just came tumbling from her mouth with no plan to back it up. Her eyes met Jane's in the mirror as thoughts began to circulate in her mind. "Your mother could move into your apartment. Or she could stay here and we can get our own place." Maura couldn't help herself and took a step forward wrapping her arms around Jane's middle and resting her head against her back. "You practically live here already." Jane tried not to choke on the toothpaste in her mouth, some of it dribbled down her chin. "But really I just want to go to sleep with you every night and wake up next to you every morning." Maura continued talking into Jane's back. "I want to make two cups of coffee and split the paper with you."

"Even if one of those cups is full of sugar and you never get to enjoy the sports section?" Jane mumbled through her mouthful of toothpaste.

Maura nodded with a slight laugh. "Especially then." She kissed Jane's bare shoulder where the tank top didn't cover.

Jane grabbed a cup and filled it with water. She rinsed out her mouth and washed out her toothbrush. She leaned into Maura's touch their eyes met in the mirror. "I love you." Jane said smiling softly.

Mara smiled back. "I'll never get tired of hearing you say that." She wrapped her arms around Jane's waist and nuzzled her face between Jane's shoulder blades. "I love you, too."

Jane maneuvered herself so she was facing Maura. "Do you mean it? You want to live together? Argue about food choices and late hours at work and…"

Maura looked at Jane seriously. "I mean every word."

Jane's smile broadened. "I want that too."

The 'really' died on Maura's lips as Jane's mouth covered her own in a heated kiss. She pushed Jane back until she was sitting on the bathroom counter. Jane wrapped her legs around Maura bringing her closer. She let out a moan as the tank top was pulled over her head and Maura's fingers danced along her skin. The last coherent thought she had was that this was what love was supposed to be.

It wasn't just about one moment or a slow burn or a raging fire. Falling for her best friend, falling for Maura, was about all those moments. It was about all those weak points where Maura was there when no one else was, when there were more bad times than good. It was about waking up and realizing how important, how ingrained Maura was to life itself. There wasn't some divine answer, or some clearly drawn out plan or blueprint for how it was supposed to go. It just happened. It happened gradually, slowly and one day it all just clicked together and no matter how Hallmark, how cheesy, how utterly cliché it sounded Jane couldn't see herself with anyone else, couldn't see a future that didn't have Maura in it. It was always supposed to be them. And that was the beautiful thing about it.

A/N: Well, that was a commitment. Wow. I'm just going to pat myself on the back for a second for finishing this, cause good grief was this a lot of work. I first started writing this because I was going through my own 'it's complicated' (like the facebook status) with my best friend and I wanted to hit all of those things I was feeling, all those things I'm sure other people feel when they have such an important relationship on the line. Originally, the story was supposed to be darker, more complicated, with more angst, more yelling but you see how that turned out. Hah. No, but I'm happy with the way this developed and I do want to sincerely thank all of you for leaving such amazing comments and alerting/favoriting this story (and the author favorites/alerts too) and even if you just read through it, thank you for taking the time.

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