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Finally coming to, I slowly opened my eyes, trying to blink away my blurry vision. My head was killing me though . I sat up a little too quickly, which earned a pounding in my head. "Uuurgh," I groaned rubbing my temples. I really wish I had some Pamprin or something right now. After a few seconds, the memories from last night (I presume) came drifting to mind. Was it a dream? Looking around without moving my head, I scanned my surroundings for anything that resembled Kasey's game room. Wood panel walls, wooden stairs, a bookshelf crammed with books spanning the wall to my left, a wooden desk with some items on it, and a mahogany chair in front of it.

Okay, this definitely is not Kasey's house.

Taking my time to stand up I then began to gather my thoughts. I realized where I currently was.

This was Yensid the wizard's domain. I knew he was in Kingdom Hearts, which helped me recognize him in the intro movie. I made my way to his desk. Like in the game, there sat the world he created for the Forgotten, all kept in this small little paint based model of Disneyworld. Or, at least I think it is. Then I switched my gaze to the jars of Paint and Thinner. They were full. Untouched. But the brush, however, sat next to the mini universe. It had nothing on it. Looking back at the little model, I looked to see that something was…


What was supposed to be the castle of the Magic Kingdom had looked decrepit. It did not have a baby blue sky in the background, nor did it have the feeling you get when you see it as a kid. The sky was dark purple, nearly black. The castle looked as if someone had chipped away at it bit by bit. Large cracks, holes in the brick walls, the brick's pristine white color was replaced with a dim gray.

This was not like in the game.

Then I remembered Amanda. I have to go find her. She probably wasn't here. "I've got to go look for her," I muttered to myself. Amanda was my best friend, we were almost sisters. She'd act stupid for me just to make me smile. I'd take a bullet for her, and she would me. I was lost in my thoughts thinking about where she could be, and I seemed to be oblivious to the footsteps approaching me from behind.

"A visitor, I presume?" A deep and somewhat gruff voice cut in as I nearly jumped out of my skin. I whirled around to see who had snuck up on me.

"Y-Yensid!" I exclaimed. Yensid didn't seem surprised at all by me identifying him. Was he expecting me?

"Correct, child." He replied.

"Oh… Wh-what am I doing here?" I asked. I thought I'd end up in the game. Like, the Wasteland part of the game. Not at the other side of Mickey's mirror.

"As much as I would gladly answer child, I cannot," Yensid responded calmly. "But I am certain you have a purpose for entering this world unbeknownst to the mortal world."

"…A purpose?" I said, looking again at the desk's contents. Yensid nodded. "Yes. Come seat yourself whilst I make us tea." The Wizard stated as I complied. Waving his hand, a teapot and two teacups appeared, the tea kettle pouring hot tea into each teacup before disappearing. I gazed in awe. "That was fast," I said sort of jokingly. Yensid chuckled as the teacups sat themselves on the saucers in from of the both of us. Taking the teacup, I took a sip. It tasted a lot like Earl Grey. "This tea is wonderful," I commented politely as I sipped a bit more, ignoring the slight burning sensation. I actually spoke really informally, and I didn't want to come off as stupid... even though I could be sometimes. The wizard smiled. "Thank you. Now, for the answers you are looking for," He shifted his gaze toward the desk's items sitting atop it. "Not long ago, Mickey, Oswald, and Gremlin Gus restored the Realm of the Forgotten, the world I so precariously created. But some time after, something dark had gained dominion over it again, resulting in the destruction of many of the lands there. But this force is much darker than the Blot. I have not seen the menace, but trying to undo it even with my magic is fruitless. Mickey, Gremlin Gus, and Oswald then rushed to fight it. But they had not returned to Mean Street. The citizens there had called the monster The Destroyer. It was known for using Thinner to get Wasteland to its current state of disrepair."

He sighed in melancholy. "I then had given up on repairing the catastrophe on my own. I had been awaiting the arrival of others to try to enter Wasteland in hopes of restoring it to its original state. I also thought it was near impossible after no such luck, until now. How had you arrived to my living quarters, child?" Yensid asked me. Brushing a lock of wavy brown hair out of my face, I sighed. As long as something good will come out of me telling him the story it should help me. Looking into his eyes, I said, "Well, my friend and I somehow ended up here. But we split apart, she went one path and I went another. Telling you how I got to this forked path in who knows where would be useless."

Yensid gave me a suspicious look, but nodded in understanding. "I see. Then you must face your destiny." He said, gesturing to the nearly destroyed model that reflected Wasteland's calamity. I gave him a 'you're serious?' look. I wasn't sure that I'd be considered destined to do something like this. This was all just a bunch of computer generated pixels! Were they really a world different to mine?

I stared at the model for a minute or so before sighing. I couldn't say no, could I?...

"Alright, I'll go, but I don't have a weapon or anything to get rid of any creatures there." I said matter-of-factly. Merlin handed me a paintbrush. It looked like Mickey's, only this brush was the one soaked in Thinner to keep it clean. He smiled. "Now you do."

Then I remembered I hadn't introduced myself.

… What? It's not like YOU would politely introduce yourself when you've got about a thousand questions racing in your mind about where and why you're in a freakin' videogame.

… That's what I thought.

"Oh! Uh, I'm Hannah by the way," I said holding my hand out. "I had already known your name, young one," Yensid chuckled as he grasped my hand firmly and shook it. "H-How?" I asked.

"A wizard does not reveal his sources," Yensid said, smirking. I'm pretty sure he has some crystal ball somewhere that showed him the near future or something. Or maybe he's got ESP...

"Anyway, how am I going to get into Wasteland? The way Mickey did?"

Yensid moved his right arm and paint from the blue far had risen and swirled like a small whirlpool. It wasn't menacing, it was inviting. I reached my hand out to touch it out of curiosity, but it then expanded and nearly swallowed me. I shut my eyes to prevent them from getting burned in it. "The Guardian will guide you!" I heard Yensid's voice echo as the whirlpool closed behind me.

And as the paint stream opened up in front of me, I again hit my head on the wall and to the concrete floor. Whatever wounds that had closed seemed to open up again, because I felt a wet sensation at the side of my head before my vision blurred heavily and my eyelids slid closed into my state of unconsciousness.

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