"Jane." Maura said as she gently shook the woman she was practically on top of. "Jane you need to wake up. If we're going to help your mother we need to leave soon." The lanky detective had fallen asleep at some point during their third movie that day. Maura wasn't normally one to sit and do nothing all day long but she'd been so content wrapped in Jane's arms as they watched that she couldn't bring herself to complain about it.

Jane mumbled something that the medical examiner couldn't understand but otherwise showed no signs of waking. She pulled Maura into herself more.

"Come on Jane. Your mother hates it when you're late." Maura said as she tried to fidget her way out of Jane's hold. "Jane, wake up." Maura sighed and leaned in to kiss the detective in hopes of rousing her that way.

"Since when am I the sleeping princess?" Jane mumbled while Maura's lips were still lingering on her own. Jane opened her eyes slowly.


"Sleeping Beauty. Well not the real version, the Disney version." Jane stretched out and sat up as Maura moved out of her lap. When Maura just looked at her with confusion Jane sighed. "You've never seen Sleeping Beauty?"

"It wasn't a part of my childhood, no. And as a grown woman with no children I saw no reason to watch children's movies." Maura said with a half smile. "Anyway you are beautiful no matter what. But we can discuss how aesthetically pleasing you are some other time because if we don't go now Angela will not be happy. You know perfectly well how much she hates it when you're late."

"Alright we're going just let me get my shoes on. We won't be late." Jane chuckled. "Anyway she's my mother what does it matter if she's upset with me?"

Maura couldn't keep the light pink blush from staining her cheeks. "I want her to know that I'll take care of you." Maura said softly. "Because that's what she wants for you more than anything else. She wants to know someone will take care of you and if she knows that I'll take care of you then she might be more accepting of the change in our relationship."

"Don't worry about that right now Maura." Jane said reassuringly. "First of all she doesn't need to know yet. Second she loves you to pieces and she already knows that you take care of me."

Maura nodded. "We should still be on time in any case."

Jane laughed and led the way out. Maura drove so that they only had to take one car.

When they got to Maura's house they could already hear Angela in the kitchen. "Hey ma." Jane greeted kissing her mother on the cheek. "What did you need our help with?"

"Actually I was planning on teaching you how to make my lasagna tonight and I thought Maura might like to learn. It's your favorite after all."

Jane grinned. "Alright!" Wait, why is she teaching Maura how to cook my favorite foods? She couldn't possibly know anything. We've only been on two real dates. "So where do we start?" Jane asked trying to maintain an outward calm.

"Maura are you going to come over here and learn?" Angela asked before answering Jane's question. She'd noticed that the blonde woman was staring at her curiously.

"Of course." She smiled quickly.

"So first we have to cook the sausage, ground beef, onion, and garlic over medium heat until it's browned."Angela said as she proceeded. "Stir in crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, tomato sauce, and water. Now season it with the sugar, basil, fennel seeds, Italian seasoning, one tablespoon salt, pepper, and two tablespoons parsley." Angela smiled. "We have to let that simmer, covered, for about an hour and a half."

Maura concentrated on the instructions Angela was giving her. Jane smiled and watched. God she's adorable when she's concentrating like that. I bet she's never had a cooking lesson like this before. I should ask. I mean I know she knows how to cook, she's done it a few times before that I've seen. She went all out cooking for her mother that one time. Even though she ended up having to order in because of the case.

They'd started on the noodles before Angela said anything to Jane. "Are you just going to stand there and watch or are you going to help sometime soon?"

"What do you need me to do?" It's obvious you really just wanted to teach Maura. Jane added in her head.

"Fix the salad. You can listen while I talk Maura through this."

Jane listened to her mother give Maura very detailed directions as she mixed the salad together. So what she meant to say was not that she wanted Maura and I here, just that she wanted Maura here.

Jane looked up at Maura who was grinning at Angela. She was doing a perfectly good job at fixing everything. Jane couldn't help but smile.

"So Maura, why are you wearing Jane's clothes?" Angela asked as if it were the most common thing in the world to ask. Jane practically choked on the air. That woman is going to be the death of me.

Maura blushed. "We went jogging this morning. I didn't have a change of clothes at her place so she loaned me some of hers."

"Why's it matter Ma?" Jane asked before Angela could question Maura further.

"I was just wondering. She has all of these beautiful clothes and yet she's wearing something of yours."

"She didn't feel like going home after our run. It's not a crime to wear clothes that are less than perfect. I mean I love that she wears those pretty dresses all the time too but I don't question her when she doesn't" Jane knew she was being much louder than she needed to be but she couldn't seem to help herself.

Maura saw the questions in Angela's eyes about Jane's defensive behavior so she did the only thing she could think to do. She provided a distraction. "Angela? What temperature did you say the oven was supposed to be set to?"

She looked at the younger woman contemplating her for a moment before replying. "375 degrees. I thought we already preheated the oven."

"You're right. I was just wondering for future reference. I suppose I could have looked." Maura flashed her most charming smile.

I wonder if her charm works on my mother as well as it works on me. Ma isn't going to drop it if she suspects something is going on. I love her. Her powers of deflection are amazing.

Jane smiled at Maura, she didn't notice that her mother watching her. Neither did Maura it seemed. Angela managed to suppress a grin. "Alright Maura, now we just have to put it in the oven and wait."

Maura looked back at Jane's mother with a bashful smile. "That was surprisingly easy."

Angela nodded. "Why don't you two sit down while I clean up in here? I think there is a game on."

Jane eyed her mother suspiciously. "Alright. But don't complain about us not doing anything."

"I just told you to go sit down. Why would I complain about you doing what I told you to do?"

Jane smirked as she led Maura to the couch. "I have no idea. But you've done stranger things." When they were both settled onto the couch Jane looked at Maura. "She's up to something." She said soft enough that she knew her mother couldn't hear them.

"What makes you say that?"

"It's just a gut feeling."

"I don't listen to my intestines Jane and I don't know that you should listen to yours either."

"Why would she want to teach you how to make one of my favorite meals?"

"I don't know Jane." Maura laughed. "Why does it matter?"

Jane grumbled but turned on the game that her mother had previously mentioned. "My gut is never wrong." Jane said with an uncharacteristic pout. It was something she would've been mortified to do around anyone else but she found that Maura was the exception to many of her self imposed rules.

Maura laughed. She barely resisted the urge to kiss the detective. "It's okay sweetie." Maura smiled gently and gave Jane's hand a squeeze. Neither of them realized that Angela was watching the interaction very closely.

Maura let her head fall comfortably to Jane's shoulder. She wasn't interested in the game but she did enjoy watching Jane watch, even so she was glad that it wasn't 'Jane's team' playing because she liked being close to the detective without having to worry that Jane would jump up cheering at any moment.

Maura jolted a bit when she heard the door open and close louder than necessary. "Hey ma, smells really good." Tommy said with a lopsided grin. "Hey Janie, Maura." He greeted. His gaze lingered on Maura. Jane's jaw clenched. I can't believe he even thinks he has a chance. He looks at her like she's a piece of meat or something. If he doesn't avert his eyes I swear I'm gonna pop him in the jaw.

"So Maura you up for a quick game of Chess? I know you aren't too interested in watching the game."

Maura smiled politely. "Not today Tommy."

"Tommy, come set the table for us will ya?" Angela called easily.

Jane gave a triumphant grin before frowning. That woman knows more than she's letting on. But she doesn't seem angry. She seems encouraging actually.

"I think ma knows." Jane said softly. "And she approves. But I think… she's waiting for us to tell her."

"How could she possibly know?" Maura asked easily. "Whenever she's been around we've been the same as always."

Jane frowned. "She's my mother. If she wants to know something she'll know it."

"So maybe we should just tell her." Maura suggested. "If what you're saying is true, and she already knows, then she seems to be encouraging us."

"Do you really think we should tell her?" Jane bit her bottom lip nervously.

"I think that we can do what makes you comfortable." Maura smiled at Jane.

If I tell ma, and I'm right about what she's been up to today then she'll be fine, happy for us even. But what about Tommy and Frankie? Frankie probably wouldn't care, but Tommy likes Maura too. Maybe if we just tell Ma for now it'd be okay.

"Maybe… we can tell ma, just ma for now." Jane said nervously. "That might be okay."

Maura was beaming. She knew it was a big step for Jane to want to tell anyone especially since they'd only been dating for a week, and only just had their first real date the previous night. "We can do whatever you're comfortable with."

"We'll tell her."Jane resolved more firmly. "Tonight after Frankie and Tommy leave."

Maura nodded.

It wasn't too much longer before Frankie showed up and they started dinner. Over all it was a pleasant affair not that anyone was surprised by that. Frankie left rather quickly after everyone was finished claiming that he needed sleep. Tommy offered to stay behind to clean up."I can help, it's really no trouble and I know you gotta go to work tomorrow morning Janie."

"Don't worry about me Tommy. You go home." Jane tried not to glare at her youngest brother but she couldn't keep a bit of bite out of her tone. You just want to be alone with her. She's my girlfriend. Mine.

"Really Jane." Tommy began to insist.

"I said go home Tommy, Maura and I got the clean up." She practically growled.

Tommy sighed in defeat. He turned to leave but before he did he turned back towards Maura. "Maybe we could go get coffee sometime Maura, I miss spending time with you."

Maura looked nervously at Jane.

"Tommy. Out. Now." Jane said in the least threatening tone she could manage, even so it was still quite menacing.

Angela was lingering in the kitchen. "Jealousy isn't very becoming on you Janie."

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