The Hunger Games: Sibuna Edition

Chapter 6

After everybody changed, they all met outside of the house. Trudy was standing there, as well as Mr. Sweet. They thought this would be good for the kids.

"Alright guys, ready?" Mr. Sweet asked, and everybody nodded. He took out a bag, and handed them each a cell phone. It wasn't a very good one, but it would do.

"This cell phone is very important, do not lose it! At the end of the day, it will message you with the list of people who were "killed" that day. It also works as a GPS for us, so we can track you. And if any kind of emergency happens, my number is on there, so don't be afraid to call!" Mr. Sweet said. "Now for the rules!"

Trudy was to tell the rules. She smiled, and began.

"Since Mr. Sweet covered the cell phones, I don't think I have to cover that. Anyways, you guys will spend two nights in the woods (It is Friday afternoon, the game ends on Sunday). Every player will have a marker with their name on it. To "kill" a person, you have to get their marker. Please, no major violence here, we don't want anybody getting severely injured. And also keep the marker, so we know who "kills" who." Trudy said. "If your marker is taken, you are to come back to the house. Your cell phone will help you get back."

Mr. Sweet cut in.

"And the game will end either when one person is left, or on Sunday afternoon. If there is a tie, we will have some sort of tie-breaker." Mr. Sweet said. "Now follow me!"

The kids quickly followed Mr. Sweet, who was leading them to the entrance of the forest. The forest was pretty big, big enough to get lost in. And it wasn't far from Anubis either, it was in walking distance.

When they reached the forest, the kids noticed that there were ten backpacks on a table.

"There are ten backpacks, each with your name on it. Please, only take your backpack! It has everything you'll need. This includes a sleeping bag, a ration of food, water, and a first-aid kit. There should be enough food and water to support you through the days." Mr. Sweet said. He then handed them their markers, which they could clip onto their shirts or jacket.

Mick soon ran over, and joined the crowd. Nobody knew he was coming, so everybody was shocked when he came over.

"Mick, you are late! We just finished instructions!" Mr. Sweet said, a bit angry.

"Sorry, my plane was late, and I already know what to do. Trudy told me." Mick said. Mr. Sweet sighed, and handed him his marker and cell phone.

"Are you guys ready now?" Mr. Sweet asked, and everybody nodded. "Then on your marks, get set, go!"

Next chapter is the Hunger Games! And I think I mentioned this, but this story is already finished, at around 5,400 words. And I think there is around 26 chapters that will be here. It does focus on everyone though, not just 1-2 people :)