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Shield data base 12:34 am

Alexandra Barnes: (age) 17, (gender) female, (hair) raven, (height) 5'4, (weight) 102, (eye color) purple. My eyes aren't just purple they match my mood aaaaand I'm 5'6 (just putting it out there). I thought to myself as I checked out my file on shields data base. Ok you might be thinking "how did she get on there," and "why do her eyes change colors", but we'll get to that so shhhh. I'm Alexandra but you can call me Alex, I like pizza, am allergic to metal, and I'm a "fallen angel" of sorts. You see my dad, his name is Hades and my mom is Persephone your probably thinking "wait that's Greek mythology", well guess what there other "realms" besides Asgard Ok. And since my so called "dad" just happens to be "the god of death and other stuff like that" I get kicked out of Mount Olympus (how rude)! Anyways I was born again and sent to earth but somehow the spell got mixed up and I kept all my memories (YAY). I'm not allowed back home until I do some kind of "World Saving deed" to prove I'm not just a bad "seed" hehe. Ok before I can tell you more you have to hear more of the story so get some popcorn this may take a while.

Why is shield always on my ass I mean don't they have other things to do like oh I don't know prevent the world from further DANGER like that Loki guy who caused some mayhem a few weeks back. I live in New York (yes the city) with my cat Melody; she's the only thing I have left from my home. Shields been tracking me down for years now (maybe it was my fault) when I was ten I may have accidentally blew up a small town in Georgia when my adoptive father tried to run test on me after seeing my so-to-say (gifts). In my defense I was only trying to protect myself , that and what else could a ten year old do besides blow up a small town (ok maybe a lot of things) but he's never messed with me again, mainly because shield took me hostage but that's beside the point. I successfully got away and they've been on my case ever since.

"Who is it? I sang mainly because someone was banging on my door quite loudly. "hmmm no answer better go check it out," I yelled to my cat before grabbing my robe and answering the door. "Hey you know you don't have to ba-"I said before I saw who the visitor was, Director Fury.

Hello Ms. Barnes we would like to take you to shield headquarters for some questioning regarding your "gift", interrupted Fury who was putting infancies on gift.

"What if I Say no", I asked cockily.

"We don't take no for an answer Ms. Barnes," he replied just as quick.

"I'll go on two conditions, one I get to bring my cat melody, and I can change first." He looked down at my unicorn slippers and nodded.

"How old were you when you found out you had these power?." Asked agent Coulson who supposedly faked his death.

"I was born with them."I replied simply (for the seventh time I might add) trying to tier him out.

"Are you always this difficult or is that just an act?" He asked while cracking a slight smile. "I am not!"I responded. "I'm just answering the questions you ask."

He rubbed his temples as he spoke. "I'll be back I need some aspirin." I watched the agent sprint out of the room.

Score one for team Alex!

"I can't do this Nick, I'm not paid enough to deal with her." Said Coulson with a tiered look on his face.

"If we can't get anything out of her than we may as well keep her close." replied the furious leader. (I know that joke sucked )

At the newly renovated "avengers tower"

The team was arguing, again how are we supposed to save the world together when we can't even decide what toppings to order on a pizza, thought Hawkeye.

"Mr. Stark director Furry is coming up," said the al instantly quieting everyone.

"But I don't want toooo." Whined a female voice who was almost immediate responded with a "would you shut the Hell up for five minutes GOD!"from Furry.

Whoever was annoying him should be lucky that there even alive, almost like Stark. I was surprised to see a girl who was about fifteen come out the elevator with Fury.

"What happened Furry, you got stuck with baby-sitting duty?" Mocked Tony."

"Nope but you did." he shot back. Then tossing a piece of paper to Stark and getting back on the elevator. "Watch the girl for two hours."

Tony looked at the paper then Alex. He raised an eyebrow before walking over to his computer. "You don't look very dangerous kid. What'd you do that got the big bad Fury shaken up?" He spoke only to the girl, but looking around I knew we where all wondering the same thing.

Steve walked over to Tony and picked up the piece of paper reading slowly. "Hmm says her name is Alex, and she's very dangerous."

"Are you mourning lady Alex?"asked Thor who was confused as to why "Alex" was dressed in all dark clothing.

"No and I don't judge your "interesting" attire Thor." she replied while plopping on the couch next to me.

"How do you now my name mortal!?" Asked the god ready to attack.

"How would I not? You guys are like the freaking avengers." Replied Alex almost sarcastically.

"Tell us why your marked more dangerous than Loki on the shield data base and more irritating then Stark over there? If you know who we are then you won't play around." Said Nat who seemed slightly aggravated. Now to think of it Nat probably already read her file.

"Let's just say I'm "not from around here" and leave it at that." Said Alex who was trying to change the subject but alas it was my partner she was speaking to.

"And why are your eyes blue when there supposed to be purple", added on Natasha.

"My eyes change color sometimes.. And I kinda want to go home now." Pleaded Alex.

"I'm sorry Alex, but we can't let you go home. Fury wants us to keep a close eye on you. And if it wasn't totally necessary, you wouldn't be here." I spoke slowly. I was just as curious as everyone else on why the child was here, but she didn't look so scary.