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(Alex's P.O.V for this chapter)

I kept looking at the door trying to see If there was an easy escape, I don't like answering questions I ask them an-

"There is no escape princess so you might as well get comfy." Said stark who instantly got on my bad side.

Well there goes my plan, time to make a new one.

"I just want to go home is that so much to ask?" I say as I start expertly crying on the spot. Until I could figure a way out I needed them to think I was harmless.

"Brat", murmured Agent Romanoff. "We are highly classified shield agents do you really think that we would let you go after you shed some tears", asked agent Romanov who looked with disbelief.

I wiped my face on my sleeve then looked across the room. Bingo, why hadn't I thought of that before? "Of course not agent, but what I didn't expect was you guys to take the distraction." I said as I started to dash towards the elevator. I put my hand on the access pad.

"System over ride."Said the Al as the lights started to flicker on and off with a new red gleam to it.

Tony just stood there, "Did she just do what I think she did?" He asked looking like he was ready to cry himself.

"It's going to be ok Metal Man." Said Thor while giving tony a hug.

I closed the elevator after saluting to the awe stroke avengers. Next stop freedom.

I started running like a bat out of hell trying to find a place to hide without anyone noticing me. I saw an abandoned looking building and went to hid inside. Once I enter the building I see none other than the avengers. "What the.. How'd you?" I whispered a little too loudly.

"You underestimate us Alex, plus you weren't exactly hard to find. Ever heard of a tracking device?" Said Bruce who spoke softly.

"Yeah, now would you so kindly tell me. What you did to my Al!?" Yelled Tony.

"I simply put a virus in him to let me escape, If you just reset his system them he'll be good as new." From the looks of it Tony was about ready to kill me. But I knew I wouldn't be severally hurt. Fury wants me for something. And I could use that to my advantage.

"Wait a minute, aren't there six avengers? Where's-" I didn't get to finish my thought as Hawkeye shot me in the leg. I started to feel woozy and my vision was getting fuzzy. Knock out arrow. I would have to get the master archer back later as my legs couldn't hold my weight anymore. I collapsed, my vision going from blurry to just plain black. "Fuck..." I muttered as sleep consumed me.

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