I wish I could say that I wasn't miserable right now but well... What was the point of lying? I haven't been outside in what? A week? And I was bored out of my mind. The only thing fun in this stupid place to do was bother the so called god, Loki. Which after about an hour of being here I had gotten him to admit who he was. But what he was up to, I was still working on. But Loki was out doing 'business' and said that I shouldn't worry my pretty little head about it and that he'd be back, which left me to my own devices. Actually, that wasn't quite true. He had assigned me a guard, since apparently I had a tendency to escape. PUHLEASE. Escape sounded so desperate, so not me. If you had to call it anything I'd say that it was more of a bad ass get away in a blaze of fire but of course, that was just me. But at the moment there were no blazes of fire or anything that might make an epic getaway or even at the very least an boring one.

I admit that I shouldn't have underestimated Loki but I mean come on, the guy wears freakin antlers on his head as a fashion accessory. I thought he'd be at least somewhat of a nut but nope, he actually knew what he was doing and this annoyed me. I also was beginning to suspect that he knew that.

The guy that was assigned to stand outside of my door when Loki couldn't be bothered to himself was named Joshie. Well I called him Joshie anyway. He was a beefy brunette male that stood about a foot over my five four frame which kinda freaked me out. Between that and his freaky blue eyes this dude did not look like he wanted to be messed with. I actually talked to him once or twice on my way to the bathroom, aka the only other place I was really allowed to go on my own and it went pretty boring so I had given up on him being my source of entertainment.

I laid back on the squishy Tempur-Pedic mattress, making the metal bed squeak with my movements. Besides the bed there was nothing in the room. The walls blank besides it's annoying beige color. I was bored out of my mind with nothing to do. I sware in a matter of minutes I'll explode if I stay in he- I was startled, but didn't actually jump as I heard a slam to the door down stairs. I had grown accustomed to the sound merely because that's simply how Loki entered a room, angry and loud as hell, at least from what I've seen.

I could hear a slight thudding leading up the carpeted stairs, the footsteps soon drew closer to my room. I held my breath as the steps stopped in front of my door. I heard a faint whisper that I could not really make out before the door opened. "I'm back." The male said simply. He was wearing a dark pair of jeans and a green t shirt that had been washed so many times it looked faded. He almost looked normal in a sort of cute artsy hipster way with his hair in a loose ponytail that let a few fly aways stick to his forehead. Well besides his scowl which seemed to be his favorite accessory ever. "Stop staring at me girl and get dressed. We need to go now."

I blinked hard and got up. I hadn't noticed my analysis of his outfit today took so long that it warranted him to say I was staring but whatever. "Where are you going? As far as i'm concerned i'm in the appropriate attire for the day." I gestured to the big tie dye shirt and black sweats that he had dug out for me to wear. Confiscating almost all of my clothes leaving me with my underclothing which even if he tried to take i'd say bitch please to.

He legitimately growled at me. Baring his teeth some before speaking. "We're going out. Now hurry up and get dressed so we can leave. Your lucky i'm even wanting to take you with me today so don't vex me."

I snorted and flopped back onto my bed. "I'm not going." I ignored the annoying part of me that wanted to actually go outside because well, that'd make him seem like I was going to listen to him. Any minor victory against him right now would probably be more entertaining on my part then going outside.

His mouth formed a small o for a moment. I swear in that small bit of time his eyes went from neutral to thunderstorms. He slowly bent down so that he was only inches away from me. His eyes baring into mine to the point where I actually considered looking away. I didn't though and kept the nonchalant smile on my face but at this point it was so tight that it had probably left it's light breeziness that I had took pride in mastering. "I said it was time to get dressed. We will be leaving in five minutes, understood."

Said nothing but nodded once. He smiled and began to rise, dusting off his jeans and walked to my door way. He looked back at me once more and mouthed five minutes before letting himself out. Once the door was slammed shut and I heard him walk away I got up. I hadn't noticed it until now but he had brought a small black bag inside of the room with him. Peaking out of the bag was my favorite shirt. I could tell it was mine from about four feet away because of the hint of purple from Raven's hair. I walked closer to the bag and picked up the shirt admiring it. It was wrinkled but still smelled like the vanilla that everything in my house smelled liked. I tugged off the tie dye shirt and quickly changed into the t shirt, balling up the pj's and tossing it onto the bed. In the bag there was also the pair of white skinny jeans that I normally wore with the shirt. The only thing that was missing from my outfit was my rainbow splatter painted sneakers. As I tugged on the jeans I wondered not only if it was an coincident that he had picked out my favorite outfit from what had obviously been my house. But what else had he taken.

"One Minute!" Yelled Loki from outside of my door. I pushed my curiosity aside because currently I had bigger fish to fry. Loki had never said where he was taking me and what for. I decided instead of freaking myself out I'd put my hair into a new ponytail and figure out my plan as we walked.

Loki entered the room without knocking to see if I was still changing or not and I sighed. He looked me up and down almost surprised. "You're ready?" He asked in an surprisingly low voice.

I shrugged and pushed past him to get through the doorway, nodding at Joshie before walking slowly down the stairs that lead to the outside world. I tried really hard not to show that I was happy to actually get out of this stupid house because that would show him that I was being effected by him keeping me here. I wouldn't let him see that I was pleased with his outfit choice for me either because that would be encouraging him.

He grabbed my right hand and yanked me back into him as my left reached for the front door's knob. I staggered back into him and steadied myself quickly, getting a few feet of distance between him and myself before turning and looking at him. His hand still tightly, although not painfully clenched onto my wrist. "What the fuck was that for?!"

He rolled his eyes. "Swearing is not becoming for a young lady, although I could barely call you that... But I stopped you to say the rules of this, trip." He noticed my attention had gone to his hand and he loosened his grip. Pulling a metal bracelet from his pocket out he slipped it onto my wrist then let it go. The bracelet shrunk immediately, to the point that it squeezed my wrist as tightly as he had. "No running away. Believe it or not I do not intend on killing you, at least not yet so if you do not vex me I plan on keeping you alive for sometime. But your fate can and will change like this," He snapped for emphasis. "if you do something stupid like try and run away."

I twisted my wrist to look at the bracelet and it's weird engraving. It was only five characters long but I didn't know what language it was in. The bracelet itself was made from what I assumed was silver and something else. I said something else because was something was making the bracelet considerably warm.

"That as you may have figured out is a tracking device. Try and take it off and it'll burn you, bad. So I suggest you don't try to take it off. With that being said lets go. I do not wish to waste anymore time on this." He held the door open for me and I walked outside. It was a fairly warm day, probably around sixty and sunny. When I heard the birds chirping around the house I was slightly surprised. Surprised because in a place that I have come to know as a prison in such a short time normal things still happened like birds singing, sun shining, ect. In movies the villains house was always dark and morbid and scary but all around me was a surprising amount of beauty and growth. From the front door I could see a flower bed about twenty feet away. I squinted and could see that the flowers were actually roses, although they looked like they were being deprived of live. I frowned. Flowers, specifically Roses were something that shouldn't be left to die.

I hadn't noticed but Loki had been watching me take the place in. His expression not quite blank but no longer angry either, he just was... Watching. After a moment he spoke again. "Do you like the um, flowers?"

I nodded not sure if saying that they looked sickly would help my situation and he almost smiled. "Come along, it's time to go." I began walking beside him in silence, which I think he though was because he scared me but I was actually thinking. What I was thinking about was not an escape plan, well not yet anyway. But actually how ironic it was that a person who was said to be one of the most twisted things alive, could have such a beautiful home. Hell maybe this wasn't even beauty but I thought it was because I was a city girl.

Yeah. I think that was what it was.