Based on the novels more than the Manhua. Only real change (I think) White Bird=Swan Beauty.

"It just isn't fair!" Prince royally declared. He had whined… er, declared this during one of the meetings held by the department leaders of Infinite City. The meeting had almost reached its completion when he had declared this.

"You don't listen to my suggestions, you don't seek my advice." Prince counted off two fingers here as he stood impressively (not slouching, a liege lord didn't slouch).

"I'm supposed to be the lord Infinite City but I'm always the last to know about the plans." A third finger counted.

"I can't go out and just slaughter mobs." Four fingers now.

"I always need to keep up the blood elf façade." He stuck out his thumb to emphasize this point, but realized he had run out of fingers as Meatbun was happily snoozing in his other hand. Not wanting to break the flow of his moaning… or rather of his proclamations, he put his used up hand away and continued on.

"None of my friends treat me the same, calling me lord all the time." The famous blood elf was not pouting like a petulant child.

"You dress me up like a decoration and parade me around." This remark was especially directed at a certain thief but she feigned ignorance of that and continued to clean her nails with a knife.

"I am the liege lord yet what do I even do?" Finally Prince finished his royal proclamation—or tantrum if you will.

"Do?" White Bird parroted back after several minutes of silence. "You are the face of Infinite City."

"But what do I do?" Repeated Prince insistently.

"You take care of the ceremonies and you uphold the reputation of Infinite City," said White Bird

"That's it? That's got to be the simplest job in the entire city! Why can't I help with something else for a change?" Prince was still insistent.

"Because that is all you are capable of," Lolidragon replied simply, insensitive as ever.

The Odd Squad felt quite sure that they knew Prince better than anyone there and they felt that they could predict with near certainty all his actions. Yet none of them had ever seen Prince truly angry. They had seen him depressed and guilty. Happiness seemed more or less a usual state of affairs for him, but anger they hadn't seen. Prince had been annoyed before (usually directly preceding Wolf-dágē having to heal Gui) but the Odd Squad had all just assumed that by now he had resigned himself to his fate and would go along with whatever came. This being said, they were all noticeably surprised when Prince neither stormed off in a huff, beat up Gui or commented back. He just logged off.

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