"Tony, when you said cheeseburger first, you didn't mean that—"

"Pepper, I've been held captive for three months, trust me when I say I want a cheeseburger," Tony muttered as hopped into the plane. It seemed that the plane had already been prepared for his departure. There were wrapped boxes everywhere, in all shapes and forms. There were bright-colored balloons and signs, all ready for an ostentatious surprise. "I didn't tell you where to get the cheeseburger though."

"Really? You couldn't have made a better excuse to go to New York?" Pepper sighed, "You know, she wouldn't like all these gifts. She'd only want one." She didn't know what to say. She couldn't believe that he actually remembered. There was also part of her that though maybe this was all planned. That he planned to be home by this day. The man has been gone for three months and this is the first thing he does. She took a seat and smiled to herself. There was something different in him, something that changed him in that cave and she just doesn't know what, but there were other things that were just the same.

"I know. The others are just decoration."

"Well, right after this, we have until 3 pm to go back to Malibu and have that press conference you wanted. Then I'm guessing Obadiah would want to talk to you privately after so I'm estimating you'll be free by 7pm. I'll have everything arranged for you then."

Tony responded with silence and took a seat across from her, and looked to view outside the window. There were so many things to do and it was only his first day back. But it didn't matter. He has everything on schedule and he was determined to follow every second of it. "What's the date?"

"What?" Pepper knitted her eyebrows, "It's the 24th. June 24th." Tony replied with nothing and coolly made himself comfortable in his seat. He took a glance at his watch and inwardly smiled.

"I'm right on time."