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Chapter 1

(A small inn, Bagdad)

After I closed the 5 year old Daily Prophet, someone must have forgotten here in this old run down inn, a tear ran down my cheek. I couldn't believe it… my whole world just crashed and burned around me yet again. I left England only a few days before it all happened to follow some leads in the Middle East on some Templars who had gotten their hands on one of the Eden Splinters. It should have only taken a few days or weeks to get the splinter away from them, but sadly things weren't as easy as they looked and the time I had planned for this mission turned into a five year long hunt, but finally it was over. I killed the Templar who had found the splinter just yesterday and then hid it safely, because those things were just too dangerous for mere humans to handle.

After that I planned to rest for a few hours before I finally would return to England to meet up with my friends and so I found this inn for wizards and took a room. There I found this damn paper which just ruined all of my hopes and plans. One of my best friends and his wife were killed, another was killed while chasing the third who had betrayed us all, which was quite unbelievable and that all had happened five years ago.

All thoughts of sleep gone from my mind for the moment I quickly left the inn and began the long trip back to England. I would stop in Germany to use a plane from there to return home. I planned this simple precaution because I had no clue about the current status of the British Wizarding World and I wanted to arrive back home without the Ministry or others knowing.


(Four days later back in England in a small flat near Diagon Alley)

I'm been back in England for nearly a day now and spent most of the day in the Alley and in the archives of the Prophet to learn what had happened in the last five years and to say I'm shocked would be the understatement of the year.

After the defeat of Voldemort my former school friends Alice and Frank Longbottom were tortured to insanity, no one but Albus Dumbledore seemed to know where my friend's son Harry was and the will of James and Lilly was never read. While a lot of former Death Eaters went free because they claimed in their trials they were under the Imperious Curse, I couldn't find a speck of information about Sirius's trial, only that he was in Azkaban and I also found a lot of other things that were more than strange.

After thinking about all that stuff I let out a deep breath. "Damn my 'to-do' list is quite large", I muttered under my breath. "First I should find out where Harry is and if he is still alive and safe," I said to myself. "Being in Azkaban Sirius was off the list of possible guardians the Potters had for their son in case of their deaths. So I should talk with Amelia first," I mused aloud.

I stood up from the chair I was sitting on and quickly put on my armor which was still the best available even after several centuries, but that was thanks to the Eden apple I got from my mentor Al Mualim after I killed him for betraying our credo. After that I put on all of the weapons I normally use, which were my two hidden blades, my old trusted sword, a few throwing knives, a Glock 19 I started to use a while ago as well as my wand.

I looked into the mirror and could only smile. 'Damn Altaïr, for a man of over 900 years you still look damn good,' I thought and then with another thought I activated the beautiful charm on the armor Lilly had created for me and in the blink of an eye my armor and all weapons looked like I was wearing only a normal wizard's robe. After that I left my small flat via apparition.


(Manor of the Bones family)

I stood before the grounds of the Bones family and could feel the wards protecting it, not wanting to alert anyone beforehand of my presence I concentrated for a moment and activated my Eagle Eye Vision and then looked over the wards before me. It took me quite a while because the wards here were really professional, but after half an hour I finally found a weak spot in the wards were some of them overlapped and so I quickly slipped through the spot and entered the grounds without triggering them.

With a smile I turned the Vision of for now, because it was good to spot things like magic, enemies and other stuff, sadly a side effect was that it blend the rest of the world out more or less and once I hid a tree in a full run because I forgot to turn of the Vision. Damn that had hurt.

Looking over the building I noted all rooms were dark except one on the 3rd floor. I smiled and quickly start to climb the wall up to the window. The good thing about old building like this one was that you could climb them quite easily because you had more than enough points to grab on, but trying to climb up a modern skyscraper….that's a different story altogether.

Without any problems I reached the window and carefully looked through it and nearly lost my grip on the wall. Behind the window was Amelia and she was still quite as beautiful as I remembered her from school and working with her in the war afterwards.

If you think now that isn't a reason to nearly lose your grip on the wall three stories high you would be right, but seeing her nearly undressed and in the process of slipping out of the rest of her clothing it sure would be, or not? Even for me after my long life a nearly nude woman is something I can't dismiss.

Being the gentleman that I'm I gave Amelia the time to completely undress and slip under the covers of her bed. 'Who would have guessed that this beautiful woman was a nude sleeper?' I thought amused. I gave her a few more moments and then I carefully knocked on the window.

Only a moment later a red bolt exploded through the window, luckily I anticipated this and wasn't in the line of fire any longer. I quickly swung myself through the now open window and without hesitating jumped to the right which saved me from the second spell heading my way.

I quickly took note of my surrounding and spotted Amelia behind her bed muttering spell after spell. I quickly rushed towards her and with a sidestep here a small muttered shield there, which saved me from her spells, I somersaulted of her bed and her and with a light kick against the back of her head I catapulted her forwards. With the bed before her legs she lost her balance and she landed on it, losing her wand while trying to lessen her crash.

With a quick move I was behind her and pinned her arms behind her back so that she couldn't move much and I was more than aware that she was dressed only in her Eva costume.

"Whoever you are, you will pay for this," Amelia cursed.

"Tsts…Amelia. Is that a way to greet an old friend who has knocked politely?" I asked while slowly letting go of her and taking a few steps backwards out of her reach.

She turned around and stared in disbelieve at me while I had to gulp at the beautiful sight she presented to me.

"Remus?" she then muttered in disbelieve. "I thought you were dead," she said in a quite tone and then she jumped up and exploded like a Banshee. "YOU BASTARD….. Where were you the last five years? And where is Harry, what have you done with him?" she yelled and then slapped me before I could even try to block her.

"Harry?" I asked confused.

"Yes Harry, you know the son of your two best but sadly dead friends," she yelled.

Even more confused now I had to appreciate Amelia, as she stood enraged and completely nude before me, she was really a sight to see and damn just now I really felt how I had missed her in the last five years. I couldn't help myself and quickly stepped forward pulled her to me and gave her a kiss. After enjoying this and her return kiss for a moment I let her go and asked. "Why do you think I have Harry?"

Amelia's eyes were still a bit glazed over after the kiss and it took her a moment to reply. "Dumbledore told us all he had given him into your care, but later found your dead body and Harry was missing."

"Dumbledore? That damn old fucking bastard," I cursed loudly. Taking a deep breath I calmed down and took a small risk as I told Amelia at least in part what I did the last five years and that I only learned of James and Lilly's deaths a few days ago.

"So Dumbledore lied to us all about you and Harry, the question is why and does he know that you are a member of the Assassins Brotherhood?"

"I have no clue why he lied and no, I never trusted him enough to tell him this. Damn now we have to find out what has happened to Harry," I said.

"How?" Amelia asked. "I don't think Dumbledore will tell us even if we confront him about him lying of giving Harry to you."

"Indeed, so we'll follow the money," I said with a smirk.

"Money?" Amelia asked and then with a smile she said, "The Goblins."

"Right," I said with a smile, always knowing Amelia was a bright one. I stood up to leave when her voice stopped me.

"Where do you think you are going Remus?" she asked.

"Gringotts," I replied.

"The bank won't open for several hours and I don't think breaking in would be wise, even for a member of the Brotherhood. We will go there together and have a talk with them," she said and then stepped forward and placed a long kiss on my lips. "You don't think I'd let you go again this easy? I haven't seen you for 5 years," she whispered as her hands started to wander over my body and kissing me again.

I smiled and showed her the next hours that I had missed her as well.


(Next morning in Diagon Alley)

Tired, but more energized than I felt in years, Amelia and I walked up the stairs to the bank entrance. I nodded friendly to the goblin guards as we entered the bank. Nothing had changed since I stepped last into those halls and being quite early we were lucky that the bank was nearly empty and we only had to wait a minute to step up to a free teller. "Good Morning Master Goblin, we would like to talk to the account manager of the Potter family."

Having dealt quite a lot with goblins over the long years I could easily see the surprise on the goblins face as he replied. "The Potter account? And who may I ask are you?"

I smiled friendly at him and said, "Sorry, my identity is a secret for now, but Auror Bones here can vouch for me." Seeing Amelia nod her confirmation to the goblin I pulled out a silver eagle feather and lay it on the desk before him. "Give this to the account manager and he will certainly agree to talk with me."

Amused I watched as the goblin's eyes widened in recognition as he took up the feather and without another word hurried out of the hall.

"What was that?" Amelia asked surprised.

Smiling at the beautiful woman I replied, "A sign from the Brotherhood. We have worked with the goblins for centuries now."