Bethesda Ruins. 6:00 P.M. The Capital Wasteland.

"Fyrus! Fyrus wake up!", A voice said out loud.

"Wha...?",He mumbled as he took off his helmet.

"What are you standing around for? The super mutants are coming any minute!"

"Sarah? Are you all right? What happened?", he called out.

"One of the bastards managed to slip a grenade in and sent you flying. You had us worried.", She replied.

"I'm fine, he said as he charged his Tri- Beam Laser Rifle to full capacity."lets finish this, shall we?",He said with a smirk.


The two got up and made a dash for cover cover as a Super Mutant Master was hammering them with a Light Machine Gun. Fyrus made a quick dodge to the right and blasted the mutant in the chest with his rifle, and soon enough the hulking freak was down. They both moved on to the next pair where they saw Vargas and the rest of the pride ducked behind a torn up train.

"Sarah? where were you?", Vargas said in a rush.

"Helping our friend back in the fight. are those the last of the mutants?" Sarah said with curiosty in her voice.

"yes. So, what's the plan this time Fyrus?"

"Have Kodiak and the paladin Artemis make a distraction while me, Sarah, and the rest charge them head on."

"Sounds good to me." Vargas said.

"Alright pride attack!" Sarah shouted.

The pride's plan proved effective. Kodiak and Artemis got up and got their attention.

Fyus had one and the rest got the other two. Fyrus ran up and tackled one straight in the chest and shot it dead in the face. Within 5 minutes pride took out the other two and it was all over.

"Ehhhhh...not bad." Fyrus said as he reloaded his rifle.

"Alright, pride, I'll call a Vertibird to pick us up and take us to the Citadel. Lets hole here and make sure none come back." Sarah told them.

The Citadel. 1 hour later.

Fyrus was in his quarters in the citadel making repairs on his power armor. His armor was one of a kind. It was a T-51b Winterized with the Brotherhood Of Steel emblem on the chest plate. On the head, arms, shoulders, and legs he had blues streaks painted on and the underlaver was a black cotton polymer shirt and pants. He made the helmet's visor have a polarization feature that allowed to see in the dark. along with that and the blue HUD and embedded Pip Boy in his left arm plate.

He was fixing the casing on the chest plate after the blast made it crack internally when Sarah Lyons walked in. She was a striking women with blonde hair put into a small pony tail and had green eyes. Her personality reminded him of a Deathclaw. Kill first. Talk later.

"You coming with us to Megaton to get a drink? The prides coming, are you?" She asked him.

"Sure, let me finish this repair on the armor and I'll be there shortly." He told her.

"Cool see you there, "Lone Wanderer." She said as she left the room.

The last two years had changed Fyrus more than anyone could have imagined. He was never the smiling, happy type since he saw his father, James be killed by the Enclave during Project Purity. He changed into a cold, lonely, and depressed person. He cracked a joke every now and then. But he rarely did that nowadays.

The Lone Wanderer. Ironic, actually. He thought.
He set his tools down and walked out of the room to have a drink with his friends. Little did he know this would all change drastically.

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