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"Truth or Dare Derek?" Emily smiled sweetly but in a wicked sort of way. "Dare" Derek smirked. He was always known for completing his dares and enjoyed doing them.

"I dare you to...sleep with Casey, not just "sleep" with her but to have sex with her". Derek went completely numb. "I'm not sleeping with Derek in anyway, shape, or form" Casey told Emily. "Are you to chicken to sleep with Derek, Space Case?" Emily giggled . "I'm not afraid to do anything, Derek is my step-brother, he's gross, immature, and I will not lower my standards for him just because of a stupid dare you came up with" Casey replied in a firm voice. "I'll do it" Derek said loudly. "DE'REK, what the hell are you thinking? we're step-siblings, that's gross" Casey couldn't bare the thought of her actually having an intimate night with the guy of her dreams, of course she was always thinking of it in the back of her mind. But to actually do it? What was she to do? Could Casey actually do this? One night with the love of her life..So tempting.. "When does this take place Em?" Derek asked impatiently. "Right now, Casey's room, you have to stay up their all night and all morning till 12 pm." "EMILY. What are you thinking? We can't do this" Casey implied. "Oh yes you can or you can run through the school Naked, take your pick" "GAHHHHHHHHH, Let's go Derek" Casey said pulling him up the stairway into her room. Derek sat on her bed, taking in Casey's sweet smell. It was everywhere, it haunted his mind for years that he never acted on his feelings for Casey, but now he has this one night to make sweet passionate love to her..of course, Casey doesn't like him. She couldn't. She's only doing this because she doesn't want the entire school to see her naked...But she's allowing me to stare and touch that lucious body of hers? "Space Case, let's get this over with" He impatiently said.. "Derek..I..." She didn't have time to say anything, Derek pulled Casey into his arms and planted a kiss on her lips...She opened her mouth to say something but his tongue was playing with hers and then as if time stopped, Derek pulled away and took off his shirt.."Derek..before we continue, you should know that I'm a .." Derek interupted her by placing his finger on her peachy lips and replied "Casey, this is just a dare, we can talk after..since I know you girls like to talk after sex" Casey stripped off her shirt and bra and Derek was completely taken back by the fact that Casey wasn't wearing any underwear underneath her clothes. "Casey..I" Casey interupted "Take me Derek, just take me" Derek did as he was told and Grabbed hold of Casey and pushed her back on her bed. Derek kissed Casey hungryly from her lips to her torso. He looked up at her to make sure that it was okay, Casey was moaning so Derek took that as a yes..He finished taking his clothes off and put his arms over her.."Derek, please, just do it already" Casey moaned hungryly. Derek without hesitation, took Casey in, all of her. He looked at her face and saw some discomfort and realized that "Damnit Casey, you're a virgin" He whispered. She looked at him and kissed him "Not anymore Der" And smiled sweetly. The next morning, Derek woke up to see that it wasn't just a dream last night. He had actually made sweet love to his sweet virginal (not so now thanks to him) Casey. He was happy that he was the one who had her. All of her. Casey was beautiful, smart, sassy, and so confident in herself. He loved that about her. Hell, he loved everything about her. But of course, She didn't know that. Last night was the best night of his existence. "Mhm..
Casey moaned.. "Casey" Derek whispered softly to her... "DEREK, Oh DEREK, I love you.. ah, right there. Derek..oh Derek" She moaned. Derek was so soooooo wanting to wake her up and kiss her. But instead, he walked out of there, seeing as how it was 12 pm. Casey awoke, wondering if everything had been a dream.. She looked to her left and Derek wasn't beside her. "I guess it had been a dream" She thought sadly.. But how come she was sore and naked? "OMGOSH, it wasn't a dream she yelped" She quickly dressed and ran downstairs.. tripping on the last stair. Casey's world was spinning and starting to fog..the last the she thought was "I made love with Derek" she fell happily to the darkness that awaited her.

6 weeks later

"CASEY, we're going to be late for school" Derek yelled from the bottom of the stairs. "Coming" Casey hollered through her door. She grabbed the little tablets, the pregnacy test, then brushed her teeth, she wouldn't want to go to school smelling of vomit now would she? That'd be a disaster. She walked down the stairs and stared at Derek who wasn't paying her any attention. "Derek, we need to talk" Casey stated matter of factly. "Casey, I can't..I've got this hot date..mhm..she's gorgeous and funny" Derek said, lyingly as he watched her expressions. At first she looked pissed off, then sad, now hurt. Dangit. "Like I would care Derek, you date whomever you want to date, just like I'll date whomever I want to date" Casey stated. They rode to school in the prince in silence. When they got to school, Derek and Casey went their seperate ways. "Casey, did you get the test?" Emily whispered. Casey bit her lip, "Yes Em, I'm going to the bathroom now to take it" Casey was nervous and scared, never before did she think she would be standing here about to take a pregnacy test in high school, her senior year no less. "Do you want me to come with you Case?" Emily asked anxious. Casey knew that whatever happened, she would be okay. "No thanks Emily, you better be off to class, I had mentoring this morning but it was canceled. So I'm free to rome around" Emily looked at her best friend, pulled her in for a hug. "I love you Casey, no matter what happens, I'm here for you." Emily let her go and walked away hurridly so she wouldn't be late for class. Casey knew it was time to face the music, as slowly as she could, she entered the bathroom.

"So Derek, how's things between you and Casey?" Sam asked. Derek was lost in thought, he missed Casey. The way they fought, lately after Casey's accident, Casey has been ignoring him. He didn't know what to do, he loved her so much but I guess she didn't love him the way he did her. "Sam, there's nothing between Casey and me" Derek replied momentarily. "So, I could ask her out?, I really care for her Derek" Derek felt angry "Do whatever you please Sam, as long as she's happy" Derek watched Casey go into the girls bathroom which was strange because Space-Case never used high school restrooms. Mostly do to the fact that she was a germ freak. Weird..Wonder if she's ok..Derek thought to himself.

5 minutes later Casey looked at the test she was holding "DAMN, how could I have been so stupid, I'm 18, I can't raise a baby...especially Derek's baby...Oh God..God..Wait, I'm having Derek's baby" Casey thoughtfully touched her stomach "It's okay baby, Mommy is here for you, I love you angel, I can do this..for you"

Casey had just came home with Nora from the doctor's appointment. The doctor confirmed that Casey is 6 weeks pregnant and the baby is healthy and growing well. "Casey, I'm very disappointed, but also very proud that you are making a good decision, for you and the baby. You will be a great mother" Nora pulled back from Casey's embrace" Casey wiped the tears from her eyes "I love you Mom" Nora smiled at her baby girl "I love you too Case"

At dinner it was quite, by now, Nora had already told George, George, Nora, and Casey explained that there would be a new addition to the family soon to Edwin, Lizzie, and Marti. "I'm having a sister Daddy?" Marti asked excitedly. "No Smarti, you're going to be an auntie, I'm having the baby" Casey said patiently. "OMGOSH" Lizzie squealed. "I can't believe I'm going to be an aunt..but Casey, you're still in high school for a few more months, but regardless, we're all here to help you get through it, we love you so much, but one question Casey." Casey tilted her head to the side "who is the father of the baby?" Saddened, Casey put her head in her hands and started crying. "Derek is the father" The room got quiet , Casey turned around and Derek was staring at her.

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